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  2. Sorry not sorry, this is a WW3 forum about WW3. What Farm51 does with their other games doesn't make up for lack of content updates and community silence.
  3. In 2020, U.S. and Ukrainian security services conducted an operation to influence public opinion and the military-political leadership of Europe through hacking attacks on the Czech Ministry of Health and hospitals involved in the fight against coronavirus. Early in April 2020 the relationships between Moscow and Prague became strained because of dismantling the monument to Marshall Konev. On April 16 Ukrainian special services attacked some facilities of the Czech Ministry of Healthcare. Immediately, American intelligence became involved, who naturally knew that other attacks were being prepared, and on the same day reported it to their Czech colleagues. The fact that Americans completely control all special services of Ukraine is no longer a secret, I know about it completely. It was announced that on April 17 hackers carried a number of cyber attacks on Gavel Airport in Prague and a few local city hospitals. On April 20, the Czech People's Newspaper, a part of the Prime Minister Babish’s media corporation, suddenly accused Russian security services of attacks with reference to (!) unnamed sources in the National Secret Sector. At the same time, the leadership of the Republic and the head of the National Cyber Security Committee, General Rzhech, refused to confirm this information, obviously in order to avoid later accusations of unfounded allegations. On the same day, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic, Eugene Pereyinis, the former chief propagandist of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ex-head of the Department of Information Policy), pleased himself to discover the entire provocation. He was the first of all foreign officials to directly blame Russia and offered Prague assistance to investigate incidents and as well as deter Russian threats. Further, Ukrainian propaganda media were actively involved, they launched their fake press campaign of Russia’s aggression at full power. Ukrainian hackers tried their best to leave traces that could somehow cast a shadow on Russia. What did they do for that? As it was voiced, the main narrative stuck around the Russian ownership of IP-addresses the attack was carried out from. But even I, actually having no sophisticated computer expertise, know that hackers always hide their real IPs. And it is not difficult to do it at all (1, 2) . For this purpose, they, for example, use various VPN services, as ordinary residents of Ukraine do to enter Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. Therefore, Russian IP-addresses are rather a hint to the fact that Russia was framed. Naturally, the security services and cybersecurity experts know this perfectly well. Therefore, I consider the statements of Mr. Dvorzhek, the technical director of the prominent ESET company, so-called “Russian trace” politically engaged. If he was under the rink of the U.S. security services, I can only sympathize with him. They will definitely never get off him. Some Russian-language computer viruses and hacking manuals were also mentioned as arguments. Here Ukrainian specialists showed themselves, for whom Russian is actually the second native language. I can say on my own that no matter how much forced we were in the SBU to make documents in Ukrainian, most employees still spoke Russian. I think all this provocation was dominated by American intelligence agencies. The Western trail was clearly evident when the media, apparently to strengthen the effect, distributed information about the arrival of "killers" from Russia in Prague, who were going to eliminate the head of the Prague’s districts named Kolarge, who was the initiator of the Konev monument demolition. Obviously, readers had to draw parallels with the Skripals case and finally make sure of Russia's involvement and evil intent. But it was a clear outlier. These media injections brought the whole story to the absurd and completely revealed the true goals of the provocation. As to the Ukrainians they must play a role of a “dirt scratcher” in the eyes of American and British intelligence organizations. It would help them not to “foul hands”. Ukrainian propaganda resources, such as Inforesist, Gromadsk, Odessa Courier, as well as the blogger, named Alexander Kovalenko, AKA “Evil Odessa”, who works for the security services, were engaged in the media support. They were the first in Ukraine to publish allegations against Russia and regularly made updates as the scandal progressed. The Centers for information and psychological operations of the Ukrain’s SSO have also contributed. 83rd CIPSO (Odessa), which was recently fully disclosed on the Internet, worked on this topic using accounts, for example, on the Enigma portal.
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  5. Strange question if you askme sshould be pretty obvious that there is none. And what would be to discuss there anyway.
  6. Ohh cool! thanks @tynblpb, I have forwarded this to QA.
  7. Sorry if I was not specific. I’m not sure about other tanks and maps, but it happened to me when I exit an APC (probably a bumerang). The same happened in a T-72, and the match was a game of Warzone that took place in Smolensk.
  8. Can you explain on which tank this happen? is it on any or just specific one? Also only this location you showed or it doesn't matter?
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  10. Whenever I exit a tank, I will be glitched under the world of the map for a few seconds. Not a major bug but it’s clearly annoying. Something like this: (I got this from someone else in the forum as I have no screenshot, since the bug is pretty brief. But you should get my idea...)
  11. BRO I was just asking if there’s any chat activity here! Didn’t mention anything about liking the page
  12. Yo bud, could you stop begging for upvotes and likes. This is just a forum for a game. If people like your idea, they will like it. There's a very little population on the forum, so don't expect tens of upvotes. When a topic is voted for, it's voted for. That's all it's about. It's just a game that's in the ICU and pretty much in a coma.
  13. Hey Folks Time to wrap up round 3 of Weapons that can enhance WW3 and today we have what almost amounts to a modern Anti-Tank Rifle (though not actually, it's closer to that of a Light Cannon than anything else.) the XM109 AMPR, or as I'm simply calling it for the sake of the post & degree of realism, the M109 AMPR. A nasty prototype weapon created from the Barrett M82 or the U.S M107 .50 BMG and is even stronger in terms of damage dealing capability than the M82/M107. But, that is enough bla bla! If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the M109 AMPR. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The M109 AMPR - Real life information behind the M109 AMPR. Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game Special Weapons and suggested Special Weapons with the M109 AMPR. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the M109 AMPR should have. Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the M109 AMPR should have. ---- Section 1 - The M109 AMPR Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the M109 AMPR. - Still looking for videos over this Weapon. Extra Information sources. XM109 AMPR - TFB XM109 AMPR - Gun Wiki XM109 AMPR - Wiki The Semi-Automatic XM109 AMPR, formerly known as the Objective Sniper Weapon (OSW), is a prototype Anti-Material Rifle/Grenade Launcher created by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing (X being a marking for a weapon being a prototype in the U.S Military.) It's design was based on the battle proven M82/M107 Anti-Material Rifle, using largely the same design makeup to create the XM109 AMPR with the largest change being to the upper receiver to allow the weapon system to chamber the 25x59mm Grenade Round that it fires. The 25x59mm Grenade Rounds currently come in two primary types, High Explosive & Armor-Piercing. However, this ammunition is the same as the cancelled XM307 ACSW (Advanced Crew Served Weapon) project which was designed around creating a 25mm automatic grenade launcher that fired smart airburst munitions. This means that, in theory, the XM109 AMPR can also fire Airburst rounds as well, which when partnered up with the BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System) ballistic computer, could mean that the XM109 AMPR can accurately place airburst attacks on target wherever the shooter needs them. But, this is a theory right now and overall the current XM109 AMPR Project is currently in a state of Unknown. The project hasn't been officially cancelled nor adopted. When last updated, Barrett was researching ways to reduce the massive recoil of the weapon as the last registry of it was considered beyond Human limitation. So, if the weapon was to be added to the game, what playstyle would the gun favor, and most importantly where exactly would it stand when compared to generally similar Special Weapons? ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons If added to the game, the M109 AMPR should serve as a bridge between Precision Sniper Rifles & Special Weapons that favors Defensive players above all else. It's damage should stand somewhere between the TOR & RPG-7, though more towards the TOR above all else. Against enemy Infantry, the AMPR should be deadly on direct impact, and have a small 1.5 to 2.5 meter splash damage radius when using it's stock HEDP rounds (It is firing a grenade round larger than .50 BMG after all.) Against enemy Vehicles the damage should obviously vary between the types. But, AFVs & MBTs should only be damaged by the AMPR if the weapon hits them in the rear with HEDP rounds or if it's using AP rounds for everywhere else. To balance out this weapon it should be Heavy, one of the weaker special weapons (in terms of general damage), high recoil & modest spread to dissuade spam firing, small ammo pool, and should be treated as a AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) which requires players to go Prone before they can ADS with the weapon. In turn the Player gets what amounts to a free (BP cost wise) Light Cannon that can be suppressed, placed wherever they feel is best to take up a position in, doesn't generate a smoke trail back to them, allows some the ability to fire rounds in fairly quick succession for moderately quick multi-hits, and reload the weapon without needing to return to the deployment zone of their team via the Ammunition or Equipment Bag. Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the M109 AMPR vs. the RPG-7 and the suggested GM-94 & Spike. I made some changes to my color coding system and I think it will give a better picture than the older color coding system I was using prior to this. (S) - The weapon is one I have suggested but isn't actually in the game currently. Cyan - Suggested Weapon is at a notable advantage compared to this Weapon Green - Suggested Weapon is at a advantage compared to this Weapon Yellow - Suggested Weapon is either equal, at a marginal advantage, or at a marginal disadvantage compared to this Weapon Orange - Suggested Weapon is at a disadvantage compared to this Weapon Red - Suggested Weapon is at a notable disadvantage compared to this Weapon Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and avoid making a massive amount of variables to take into consideration. AMPR proposed and compared stats. AMPR Weight: 31.00 RPG-7: 16.8 (S) GM-94: 17.50 (S) Spike: 28.00 AMPR Recoil: 0.8 RPG-7: 6.0 (S) GM-94: 3.0 (S) Spike: 0.1 AMPR Spread: 0.4 RPG-7: 1.5 (S) GM-94: 2.0 (S) Spike: 0.8 AMPR Reload time: 3.3 RPG-7: 3.3 Seconds (S) GM-94: 4.0 Seconds (S) Spike: Doesn't reload AMPR Rate of Fire: 80 RPG-7: 60 (S) GM-94: 130 (S) Spike: 1 AMPR Caliber: 25x59mm RPG-7: 40mm (S) GM-94: 43mm (S) Spike: Tandem-Charge HEAT AMPR Muzzle Velocity: 460 m/s RPG-7: 300 m/s (S) GM-94: 100 m/s (S) Spike: 150 m/s With this out of the way we move on to special features which is going to be some what short ---- Section 3 - Special Features 25x59mm Munitions - This special Grenade round is all the M109 AMPR fires and should only come in Fragmentation, High Explosive Dual Purpose, and Armor Piercing. Anti-Material Rifle - Should require players to be Prone before being able to shoot while Aiming Down Sight (ADS) just like the TOR will. Three Full Magazines - The M109 AMPR should only have three full magazines (15 rounds in Total) of either Fragmentation, HEDP, or AP. Unique Muzzle Brake & Suppressor - Because the M109 AMPR has a unique Muzzle Brake & Suppressor in real life, the AMPR in game should have them as well to offer some degree of differences. Airburst Munitions - Should the Developers add some form of Airburst munitions in the future to certain weapons, the M109 AMPR should be one of the weapons considered for the Airburst munitions as well for increased flexibility Caliber Conversion - Should the Developers add Caliber Conversion in the game, the M109 AMPR could be converted back down to a standard M82/M107 AMR (Barrett .50 for those that don't know the designations) or visa versa if they want to make the M107 instead of the M109. ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything like that. Just a quick mention of what customization options the M109 AMPR should and should not have access to in my opinion, Primary Sights All Sights optional Secondary Sights All Sights optional Barrels Medium Barrel (Stock) Muzzles M109 Muzzle Brake (Stock) M109 Suppressor Lowers Bipods only (It's a AMR, no point in offering the other Lowers.) Side All sides optional Magazines 5 Rounds (Stock) Ammunition Fragmentation - Anti-Personnel focused rounds. High Explosive Dual Purpose - Balanced Anti-Personnel & Vehicle rounds. (Stock) Armor Piercing - Anti-Vehicle focused rounds. As for bodyparts there is nothing to add since the weapon is still a Prototype. But, the Developers can always get creative with it if they like. And with that out of the way we're done. I hope everyone likes the idea of the M109 AMPR being added to the game, even if not exactly how I suggest adding it. It's rather tricky to find a variety of weapons in this particular category just like Battle Rifles & Precision Sniper Rifles. There is only so many ways one can differ things that explode, or are used to destroy Vehicles, or lob grenades into a target area, and etc etc...Mainly because of both realistic Human limitations & Technological limitations. But, this will wrap up round 3 of Weapons that could enhance WW3. I'm going to take a little break from these posts after this, mainly to get some other suggestions squared away, wrap up my suggestions for the WW3 Metagame, and some other stuff. So, till I see you at the next suggestion post and the future 4th round of Weapons that can enhance WW3... Have a good one folks!
  14. Updated suggestion with additional visualisation of how it should be.
  15. Farm51 is not only WW3. Check Chernobylite updates. Development goes good.
  16. Love this idea, strikes need to be able to land fairly large kill counts to balance them in terms of value proposition compared to vehicles.
  17. Thank you I have forwarded your profile to developer, who will look into this issue.
  18. Same thing imo. They have certain effects for balancing and gameplay reasons and that it is not realistic is know and done on purpose. Edit: This is not to say I am against your proposition. If they would go for a more authentic approach I would be fine with that. But because of the stated reasons I don't think it will happen.
  19. How about the muzzle attachments? There isn't much discussion about that.
  20. Can you send us your SteamID64
  21. Hi, I just buy the game create the profile and can't play because of this bug. Can somebody help me ? No antivirus running, Everything is open for the game to play Setup : i7-3770k GTX970 and 1to space of disk Game build : 84855
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