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  2. Hey Folks Time for the start of round of 2 of "Vehicles that could enhance WW3" and this time around for the AFVs I will be covering the BMD-4. Now, before I get really deep into this, I would to cover something real quick I suspect I will probably be asked and that is- Why not cover the Kurganets-25 instead of the BMD-4? It fits the AFV bill better than the BMD-4. The reason is very simple. Much like the Leclerc MBT I had covered in round 1 of "Vehicles that could enhance WW3". I suspect the Kurganets-25 is a Vehicle that we are very likely to see added to the game at some point. I usually don't cover things that I suspect are already on their way, unless I have a particular reason to cover it like I did with the Leclerc. I will likely cover the Kurganets-25 later on in round 3. But, for now, I really wanted to find something that brings something really different to the table and the BMD-4 brings a lot of differences with it. On top of this, I have another suggestion post coming up as well that will have some connection to the BMD-4... If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the BMD-4. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - BMD-4 - Real life information about the BMD-4. Section 2 - Differing the BMD-4 from other AFVs - Suggestions to differ the BMD-4 from other AFVs. Section 3 - BMD-4 Stats & Comparisons - Suggested Stock Stats for the BMD-4 and comparisons. Section 4 - BMD-4 Customization - Customization Options for the BMD-4. Section 5 - 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Turret Customization & Features - Customization Options & features for the BMD-4s stock Turret ---- Section 1 - BMD-4 Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the BMD-4. BMD-4 - Matsimus Extra Information sources. BMD-4 - Military Today BMD-4 - Wiki In the Cold War Era the Soviet Union had the largest amount of Airborne forces in the world and they needed a Vehicle that could transport those Airborne Troops once they were on the ground. They needed something that was both light enough to be airdropped onto the battlefield and amphibious to cross any potential bodies of water. In 1969, the first BMDs would enter service with Soviet Airborne Troops, bringing with it many innovations that made it a rather unique Vehicle for the time. Fast forward to 2005, the fourth generation of BMDs would enter service with the Russian Military with the BMD-4. Today the BMD-4 serves as the most heavily armed vehicle in the world in it's class, featuring a 100mm gun, 30mm coaxial cannon, 7.62 coaxial machine gun, and can have a 9k113 Konkurs anti-tank guided missile mounted on the Vehicle's hull along with other weaponry. On top of this, the Vehicle's 100mm/30mm weaponry can even be elevated to a point to engage low flying, slow moving Aircraft even while traversing water. Currently BMD-4s are in low production, primarily because BMD-3s are being upgraded into BMD-4s. But, even BMD-4s are being upgraded. In 2008, the BMD-4M was revealed by Kurganmashzavod and in 2017 the new BMD-4M Sinitsa was unveiled with it's modernized Sinitsa turret that adds a top-mounted panoramic sight with a thermal imaging channel. So, if the BMD-4 was added to the game, how could it differ itself from the other AFVs beyond it's stats? ---- Section 2 - Differing the BMD-4 from other AFVs Much like with my previous posts, in order for the BMD-4 to really differ itself from other AFVs it would need some unique passive abilities. Luckily the BMD-4 features a Autoloader system which I've already covered before. But, it also features the ability for the Commander to take control of the main armaments of the Vehicle. However, because of how things work in WW3, I've made a slight modification to that Commander ability I'm calling "Primary Weapon Remote Override" which (in my personal 2 cents) isn't an overly uncharacteristic change of the real life Vehicle. BMD-4 Autoloader System- Increases the reload speed of current selected ammunition by half while decreasing the AFV's ammunition change speed by half as well. BMD-4 Primary Weapon Remote Override - When both the Gun & Commander Optics are destroyed, the RCWS seat is able to fire the Primary & Secondary weapons of the BMD-4 while using the RCWS sights (If a RCWS is equipped.) Once the Gun or Commander Optics are repaired or the RCWS is disabled, will the RCWS seat lose access to the Primary & Secondary weapons of the BMD-4. ---- Section 3 - BMD-4 Stats & Comparisons Because Vehicle stats are a little more tricky to handle than gun stats, I've covered only the stats I felt I could comfortably attempt to offer some sort of balance suggestion to. Yes that means there are stats that I'm leaving off the list purely because I wasn't sure how to approach them exactly and I felt it was better to just leave them in the hands of the Developers to figure out the best path. The stats I have left off the list are as followed. Mobility - Pivot Speed Mobility - Acceleration Main Armament - Armor Thickness Main Armament - Burst Damage Main Armament - Damage per minute As for the stats I did cover, the old rules still apply only in this case I'm comparing a stock Vehicle vs. another stock Vehicle to avoid making an even larger wall of text. Down below you can see the color code I will be using. Green - The Vehicle is better compared to this Vehicle in this particular stat. Yellow - The Vehicle is equal or competitive compared to this Vehicle in this particular stat. Red - The Vehicle is worse compared to this Vehicle in this particular stat. (S) - Anything with a (S) before it's name is something I have suggested, but is NOT in the game currently. Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE. Basic Stats of the BMD-4 vs Ajax, Marder, Anders, & (S) CV90 BMD-4 HP: 840 Ajax HP: 850 Marder HP: 900 Anders HP: 1000 (S) CV90 HP: 870 BMD-4 Frontal Armor: 7 Ajax Frontal Armor: 5.4 Marder Frontal Armor: 5.71 Anders Frontal Armor: 6.35 (S) CV90 Frontal Armor: 6 BMD-4 Side Armor: 4.25 Ajax Side Armor: 4.72 Marder Side Armor: 5 Anders Side Armor: 5.56 (S) CV90 Side Armor: 4.72 BMD-4 Rear Armor: 2 Ajax Rear Armor: 2.22 Marder Rear Armor: 2.35 Anders Rear Armor: 2.61 (S) CV90 Rear Armor: 1.85 Mobility Performance of the BMD-4 vs Ajax, Marder, Anders, & (S) CV90 BMD-4 Top Speed: 43mph Ajax: 43 mph Marder: 47 mph Anders: 45 mph (S) CV90: 43 mph Main Armament of the BMD-4 vs Ajax, Marder, Anders, & (S) CV90 30mm/100mm Sinitsa BP Cost: 1600 Ajax 40mm CTAT BP Cost: 200 Marder 30mm HFLT BP Cost: 0 Anders 30mm HFLT BP Cost: 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A BP Cost: 200 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Weight: 1,350.0 Ajax 40mm CTAT Weight: 1,000.0 Marder 30mm HFLT Weight: 500.0 Anders 30mm HFLT Weight: 500.0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Weight: 1,150.0 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Clip Size: 10 / 1 Ajax 40mm CTAT Clip Size: 10 / 0 Marder 30mm HFLT Clip Size: 10 / 0 Anders 30mm HFLT Clip Size: 10 / 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Clip Size: 16 / 0 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Reload Speed: 3 / 5 Seconds Ajax 40mm CTAT Reload Speed: 3 Seconds / 0 Marder 30mm HFLT Reload Speed: 5 Seconds / 0 Anders 30mm HFLT Reload Speed: 5 Seconds / 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Reload Speed: 5 Seconds / 0 30mm/100mm Sinitsa RPM: 200 / 10 Ajax 40mm CTAT RPM: 100 / 0 Marder 30mm HFLT RPM: 150 / 0 Anders 30mm HFLT RPM: 150 / 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A RPM: 200 / 0 30mm/100mm Bakhcha-U Rotation Speed: 4 Ajax 40mm CTAT Rotation Speed: 7 Marder 30mm HFLT Rotation Speed: 7 Anders 30mm HFLT Rotation Speed: 7 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Rotation Speed: 5 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Smoke Grenades: Yes Ajax 40mm CTAT Smoke Grenades: Yes Marder 30mm HFLT Smoke Grenades: Yes Anders 30mm HFLT Smoke Grenades: Yes (S) CV90 40mm B.A Smoke Grenades: Yes 30mm/100mm Sinitsa RCWS Optional: Yes Ajax 40mm CTAT RCWS Optional: Yes Marder 30mm RCWS Optional: Yes Anders 30mm RCWS Optional: Yes (S) CV90 40mm B.A RCWS Optional: Yes 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Coaxial MG: Yes Ajax 40mm CTAT Coaxial MG: Yes Marder 30mm HFLT Coaxial MG: Yes Anders 30mm HFLT Coaxial MG: Yes (S) CV90 40mm B.A Coaxial MG: Yes ---- Section 4 - BMD-4 Customization Much like with the Gun posts, this section will go on by quickly since I don't plan to cover the actual stats. Mostly because there are little to no stats to work with beyond weight, so just like those stats I skipped above, I leave that all to the Developers to figure out. Turrets All IFV/AFV Turrets optional. RCWS Turret All RCWS Turrets optional. Chassis Armor Basic Armor - Self Explained RPG Nets - Self Explained Hull Plates & Skirts - Adds an additional layer of passive armor to the sides of the Vehicle. Kurgan Hull - Special lightweight armor that is more durable without adding a lot of weight. Active Armor All Active Armors optional. Grenades All Grenades optional. Observation All Observation sights optional. ---- Section 5 - 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Turret Customization & Features Normally I would be wrapping up the post after the customization section. However, because this Sinitsa turret is so unique compared to other turrets that are currently in the game. I wanted to give it, it's very own spot light of mention that way People can get deeper details on what I think it should have, and how I think it can be balanced out. 30mm Cannon & 100mm Gun - The Turret should have both of these in one turret naturally along with it's Coaxial Machine Gun. 60 degree Gun Elevation - The 30mm/100mm guns should be able to be aimed up to a 60 degree angle, allowing the Turret to engage low flying air based strikes. With that out of the way, lets begin to tame the beast a bit. One type of Ammunition for each Primary Gun - If the Turret was able to bring 2 types of Ammunition for both guns for a total of 4 different types of ammo. That would be a pretty overpowered turret and make it a very obvious choice to take during gameplay. So, I would suggest limiting the 30mm & 100mm guns by only being able to bring one type of Ammunition for each of them. 1600 BP Cost - I know I already stated this above in Section 3, but I wanted to bring this up in the event that someone thinks 1600 is a steep cost. Yes, it is a very steep cost. But, look at it this way; For a 1600 BP cost increase on the Vehicle, you will be able to field a Vehicle with a turret that has a 100mm gun, 30mm coaxial cannon, coaxial machine gun, can have a RCWS mounted on it, and can have the primary weapons elevated into the air at a 60 degree angle to double as a Anti-Air Vehicle. I think that is a pretty fair price for so much firepower and versatility. Hell, one could even argue that maybe 1600 is still too cheap. High Turret weight - By making the Turret Heavier it can ultimately make the Vehicle a bit slower, so players using Sinitsa turret will need to play a bit more cautiously when engaging enemy targets as it makes them slower. This brings us to the next side effect of increased weight- Slow Turret Rotation Speed - By making the Turret heavier, the Turret would ideally have a slower rotation speed as well. This will force players to play a little bit more defensively rather than rushing around recklessly, especially since the BDM-4 has fairly weak armor on it's sides & rear compared to other AFVs. ---- And with all that out of the way we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the BMD-4 or at least the general concept of it even if not exactly how I suggested it. I know, I should have covered the Kurganets-25 instead. But, the BMD-4 was just waaay too cool to ignore and again I already suspect the Kurganets-25 is something the Devs are considering adding (It's a gut feeling kind of thing, no evidence to support it beyond maybe pointing at the 30mm ERA Light turret which both the Kurganets-25 & Bumerang use.) With the BMD-4 being the world's most heavily armed Vehicle, that turret was just waaay too tempting to ignore, and ultimately fills the one major goal I always seek with these kinds of posts; something that brings something different to the game than what we already have. The BMD-4 fits that bill like a glove. But, till the next suggestion post comes around... Have a good one folks!
  3. light loadout was meta since the TTK is so low and gutshots bypass armor. Peakers advantage is increase when you can run faster and if you are moving fast bad players have a hard time hitting you. Even if that shot you in the legs the TTK is so fast people cant really react fast enought for the shooter to be punished for shooting badly.
  4. The game is filled with casuals who are ignorant about skilled gaming, I feel your pain. 60 frames v 120< is night and day and really helps you aim better. The game feels so bad at the 75-100 ping the US players got premerge. Having ping in the 20s must of be nice. You really start to feel the issues in this game with the quick TTK and high ping. With 300 ping is faster then the TTK and even human response times meaning that you can have no way to counter a high ping player using peakers advantage because he will be almost half a second in the future to you perception. When you lag you have a advantage of being in the future compared to other players but you also have the disadvantage of having your reaction all appearing to happen in the past. Its good for those players to have a server to play on but it kills the game for the people who were playing it already.
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  6. Difference in culture among Euros I notice is that they are much more likely to be pro censorship which some even thinking minor censorship is a positive or not so bad thing. Americans love freedom to do say pretty much anything. A lot thought this was going to be more restrictive of speech another thing was that VAC bans for not hacking is a big Yikes. Your game if you think that you should ban a person for TKing because you cant get a good system for it then I disagree but its not unreasonable. If its part of the game its the devs fault but that's a different issue then issuing VAC bans for behavior. If you arent issuing VAC bans and its just perma bans then its not as big of a deal as before.
  7. The base gameplay isnt built to be a competitive game. Its more moved to be milsimy with random gun sway, hyper fast TTK, low skill ceiling, and issues like headglitching. Fast TTK combined with higher latency means abuse peakers advantage will be the peak of high end gameplay. The only competitiveness you are getting is meta level stuff like how to win a gamemode instead of who is the most skilled. The game isnt going to get popular either. plenty of games in better positions then WW3 have died harder with no comeback. Theres worse games out there doing much better with more bugs and worse optimization are bad graphics because the gameplay is rock solid.
  8. I guess that's a valid workaround. Thanks!
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  10. To me changing from Google DNS to one of my providers DNS it changes down to 20-25 Ping. But then I found a DNS Server that is way closer That made my Ping went down from Google DNS 35-40 to 10-15 in Bf4. In WW3 when i join a Server shown with a Ping of 23 after i join i see in the top left corner a latency of 32-35. I down know how and why ?!
  11. In the last 3 months, or more, I have had horrible pings & latencies. It has dramatically cut down on my playtime, due to frustration.
  12. Witaj, Deus Dziękuje za zgłoszenie, prześlę to do QA aby mogli zrobić reprodukcje i zgłosić do naprawienia.
  13. I just can`t understand why u play solo. If u can find teammates. Why u r so unsocial
  14. No not yet, game not ready to be advertised yet. Better if we wait for stuff like new animations
  15. Last week
  16. I thought about YT content creators more than streamers precisely because a YT video can be manipulated to show only the most interesting parts of the game. Also Russian Badger for example always playes the game with his friends which elevates the level of fun to another level (as evenb kicking rocks in a good company can be fun). This way we can prevent the "dominated noob" feel.
  17. Smasher

    [Challenge] broni

    Pomyślałem o wprowadzeniu długoterminowego wyzwania na bronie, stopniowane zadania, które by się kumulowały a nie były tylko "daily" W pewnej grze wyglądało to np. tak: Gdzie: Hawkeye - 3 kille bez zgonu Silver hawkeye - 5 Golden hawkeye - 7 Eagle eye - long range headshot >60m Deadeye - 2 heady z rzędu High speed - 2 kille w ciągu 5s Nagrody to exp w zależności od lvl wyzwania, może hajs, albo jakaś superaśna skórka, ew talon na balon Mi się to podobało, może też zachęcać do wypróbowania każdej broni, zamiast tworzenia jakiś meta op stereotypów. Pozdrawiam devsów, kochane community, kisski, lovki, foreverki! Smasher o7
  18. On the surface it might sound like a no brainer to take. but It's also a system that only minimizes the danger of one major threat to the Vehicle. Hard Kills minimize the danger of RPGs, Soft Kills minimize the danger of Airstrikes/Suicide Drones, and Phantom Jammers minimize the danger of C4/Guided Missiles. The AEDS (or whatever it's ultimately called if it's added to the game) only really minimizes the danger of Landmines and even those can still be dangerous should the Driver drive over them with their Vehicle.
  19. Luckily, they do. Worry not. It's not about anger, anger was mb 10-15 years ago. Now I'm too old for this $hit©. Now it's more about quiet disenchantment. Yup, all my toxicity in chat is me being quiet. Wait... Say No to offtop!
  20. I would love to see that @tynblpb How's your relation to your colleagues at work if I may ask? Hope they live up to your standards, otherwise I would start to worry about your heart's condition suffering from too much anger.
  21. how you verify if they have played a little beforehand or not? Send them a survey about the game?
  22. Well... @Ragiiiiiiiiiiiir! Khem... @Ragir, sorry for bothering u, but could u light it up a little, IF there would be promoting via streaming would streamers be forced to spend some time playing WW3 beforehand, so it wouldn't look like they know nothing about the game itself but are playing it to show u how awesome it is?
  23. Sometimes I'm thinking that having 4 bots that would shoot at enemies in line of sight, follow me and simple orders like "Capture this CP" or "Hold this Position!" would satisfy me much more than having living objects as teammates. And if I would be able to switch to each 1 of these bots and use their loadout strikes there will be nothing more I could ask for. And just a second ago I had a scary thought: Game is ready and devs start promoting. But what about streamers? Would they be forced by contract to play some time without streaming to learn the maps, loadouts, strikes, gadgets and mechanics BEFORE they actually would start showing ppl how game runs and works? Or it would be "some random entered the game and is being pwned" like it was with Zombierus with 10 keys giveaway during the freeweekend stream? It was... kinda pitiful.
  24. very nice idea, but i`d change this: maybe "audio warning and marking explosives on the minimap"? Otherwise it can become musthave "no-brainer mines pointer"
  25. I think F51 should create "tynblpb only gamemode" where you will play alone and always keep calm Just imagine, no more "noobs who must suffer!" As for the topic, I think ANY streamer/YTer, viewers of which like modern FPS games (BF/CoD/CS/EFT and so on). And the regular WW3 joke: any streamer/YTer (even minecraft) because if he will attract at least 1 new player to the game, WW3`s online will grow abruptly
  26. Those, who were streaming EFT. All these "big" "BF" streamers like jackfrags, levelcap. Don't know more as I prefer playing, not watching. P.S. Ofc it'll cost some amount of money. But it's TF51's field and their choice and I don't rly care because the outcome will be always the same - flood of noobs and butthurted me.
  27. hi go to settings, gameplay, Advanced then under Effects set head roll to 0, camera shake to 40. hope this fix it for you
  28. Hello fellow soldiers, I've been watching Upper Echelon Gamers review "the Cycle" and close to the end he said something that got me thinking - he was approached by friendly game developers and asked if he like to review the (F2P) game, and that alone was a big plus for him. Big enough to give them a shout-out in the review video. Which steamers/content creators would you recommend showing the game to? Is the game in a state you'd want to be shown right now? My suggestions would be beforementioned UEG and Legacy Killa (because their watchers are usually shooter/fps players), Russian Badger (because if you sponsor the video he'll make it about anything) and oddly enough - Boris, the slav king. Mostly because the game radiates slavness. Who else from the mainstream creators would be both approachable, and have big enough reach for it to actually matter?
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