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  2. Can you provide me a link to WTF is going on..? I was playing PTE yesterday and later in the day I went to play PTE and it started to update... and update.... and update... and update... I unknowingly have downloaded 16g, 4 times in a row last night. The process is in some kind of loop. My PTE desktop icon also disappeared...
  3. It's not really trivial I just read on the forums a lot
  4. Hello, I thought this is known issue but I didnt found it in known bugs. I am having this problem like since I bought the game in October 2018. Its very annoying that after the game match ends my mouse is freezed to 1-3FPS until I click on Satellite map and have instantly 60+ In game for example map Warsaw today, my FPS is around 80, I use FPS counter from Steam and I didnt measured maximum/minimum/average.
  5. ryzen 7 2700 podkrecony na stabilne 4.0 8 rdzeni 16 wątków wyłączony profil SMT ( dodaje to w grach jakieś 10 fps ) nie piszcie tylko ze to wina procesora bo kilka miesiecy temu grałem w ww3 i miałem super fpsy od 90 do 120 i ostatnio chciałem pograć a fps spadł do 60 44 30 nie idzie grać może był jakiś update gry i mi popsuł fpsy
  6. Witam, od jakiegos czasu nie mogę grać w WW3 a chciałbym bardzo, mój sprzęt to gygabyte aorus x470 ultra gaming karta to asus strix 1060 6 bg 16 gb ram dwie kości hyper x predator zasilanie corsair 850 w gold plus. Mam podkrecone ramy i procesor, wszystkie inne gry chodzą mi idealnie i poprzednio ww3 na maxymalnych ustawieniach chodził mi bardzo dobrze po 120 110 90 fps na wszystkich mapach, i od jakiegoś czasu mam fpsy 40 50 20 i bez znaczenia czy dam ustawienia na najniższe czy najwyższe, może wtedy jest minimalna różnica 3 klatek na sekundę do góry, mam najnowsze sterowniki do karty zaktualiziwany bios itd. czytałem też poradnik powyżej na tej stronie i w sumie mam podobnie porobione wszystko, i jak wspomniałem w innych grach nic sie nei zmieniło a ww3 sie zepsuł poradzcie coś proszę, robiłem też spójność plików ale znalazło to zadnych problemów właśnie odinstalowałem grę i pobiorę od nowa ale na inny dysk, może to coś da ale raczej nie. Pozdrawiam
  7. OH thanks for info. I need to catch up fast.
  8. I don't know if this helps in the investigation, but friday I played 0.7.4 and I had a crash. After that crash I didn't play that day. I came back Saturday and it was already impossible to get to the game.
  9. Thanks for the info, will be investigated.
  10. This is known issue - under investigation. Thanks.
  11. I got exactly the same issue. It was happening with every single opponent shooting at me on other map (Berlin) with me having different weapons (Scar and msbs). Sudden freeze, gun disappear and death.
  12. And for that weird little argument that y'all's are having, you're all wrong in some ways and right in others, and a lot of opinions too. Gun balance is mostly good at the moment, barring any bugs. Sway, eh, who cares? The sway in this game is such a non issue, stop being babies. Go play Arma 3 and come back here and you'll forget sway exists anymore. That's a good thing, btw. Why would you want more sway? What's that gonna do but make it universally more difficult to kill the guy you're aiming at? Idk about you, but when I'm sitting there in a rough place and there's multiple enemies pushing me, I need my bullets to go where the hell I'm aiming, and to do their job. And sniping takes skill, don't act like it doesn't. If it took no skill you'd be doing nothing but sniping yourself. Nothing to do with morals. The reason it always looks cheesy or unfair when someone is repeatedly killing you with a sniper (especially in cqc) is because they're outplaying you. Here, once you can do this you'll understand horizontal recoil isn't fun, luckily new attachment system has horizontal recoil reduction and stats for that, altho it's not fully implemented yet it seems, but it should be a way to optimize recoil on a gun-by-gun basis.
  13. He said an iMac, which is more like a desktop than a laptop. But, it's an iMac, which is the real problem there.
  14. Go play 4 games, 2 with using shotguns only and 2 with ur favorite/best gun. Average your kills/deaths then come back and tell me that shotguns are still OP. I'd maybe agree if there was an unbalanced skillfloor/cap, but there really isn't. You have the MCS, pump action shotty, does what you'd expect. Tends to work pretty well, if you have dead on aim at closer ranges it's usually a consistent kill. If your aim is off you gonna have a bad day. Medium skill floor, medium ceiling. It's the definition of a weapon you gotta earn your kills with. The MCS is balanced in that it allows a player with good aim and positioning to get a one shot kill, but because of the low rate of fire, it doesn't scale well into encounters with multiple enemies or where you can't kill on the first shot. It's the equivalent to a bolt action sniper, but good at close range and bad at long range. The vepr tho, it's also exactly what you expect from a semi auto shotty. It serves the opposite role to the MCS in that the high rate of fire let's you spam and still get kills. It's a "noob friendly" gun. It's also a pro favorite, too. Low skill floor, high skill ceiling. If you're able to make quick snapshots and move between multiple targets quickly and accurately, the high RoF makes it much better than the MCS at fighting multiple opponents. The downsides that balance it are that the vepr is NOT a consistent kill. The range for it is abysmal, and in general you're just going to be doing less damage shot for shot than the MCS, especially so if you don't have pinpoint accuracy. It also burns through ammo very fast if you spam for your kills, and can quickly force you to swap to another gun. Again, similar balancing concept as semi auto snipers. Fun fact! This balance "schema" (Low Floor/High Ceiling) is very common in games. Not to be confused with LF/LC, such as the classic "noob toob" If anyone wants to discuss game balance it's a topic I really enjoy so hmu
  15. I'll always disagree with wanting to slow it down. Insurgency already fits the "between squad and battlefield" niche in core gameplay. What's fun about stationary gunplay? It's just camping.
  16. Thanks for replying. In my concept, Tandem are less dangerous to infantry. The whole RPG BP suggestion is to prevent their abusive use against infantry. Not sure if I was clear enough, but I meant that tanks start moving after two seconds. I do like this game, but I think it would benefit from going a bit more realistic (the arcade community is getting sucked into the big titles anyway). That's why my suggestions are axed alot on that. I also think that armor vs armor combat isn't enjoyable and is very random and wonky right now, that's why I'm suggesting that ammunition rework, and ricochet/engine damage. It's just my opinion tho, devs do what they want. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  17. Logic dictates that the less is on screen, the higher the FPS. Put this in Bug Reports and the devs will look into it
  18. Each server has their own single progress. It doesn't carry over to other servers
  19. This has been asked a few times before; I don't think they are going to do it. Movement speed will be reduced next patch though, about a 15% reduction for the heavy loadouts, normal stays about the same and light doesn't go as ridiculously fast. I still think it should scale instead of people trying to keep their loadout just inside one weight limit. I wanna make a very very light loadout (smg, pistol and light armor) and just sprint around the battlefield. yup, here's to hoping they fix it with the animation update (0.8 I think) It says it's 5 seconds but it feels like the 5 seconds start counting after it hits the floor or something, unless you cook it. Shouldn't the specialized rockets be the one costing BP? Idk just seems kinda backwards to me. Depends on the way you use them: Defensive: place them on key points on an objective and wait for the enemies to start capping Offensive: Run towards tanks, attach them, run to cover and BOOM. The CoD way: use them as grenades with shorter throwing distance but greater explosion. The old one does work (live game), but has no visual feedback and is very unreliable, since you need some steam features to be enabled. The one in PTE seems to work very well according to reports from the community. This might be implemented with the customization menu rework, been suggested and kinda confirmed. At least they're looking into it. Good point, never thought about that one. Maybe they never seen a tank accelerate from 0 to 40? Just pop all 3 of them on the rear of any vehicle and it will almost 90% of the time instakill the vehicle. Been asking for destroying tracks on tanks as well, but that was too mil-sim to them. Shell ricochet would be amazing, but seems out of place for an arcady game like this imo. I do still want the game to curve back to the tactical side of things (think Squad) but from the way things are looking it's gonna try to appeal to appeal to the masses to get more players.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Well I guess I never noticed, or I'm stupid. Anyway, do you have something to say about some of the other points?
  22. Nevermind, I didn't know you could press F. Is it recent? It wasn't there when I played before.
  23. Lower weight and recoil is better of course but what about the multipliers? Question: Are higher or lower values better for Spread Multiplier and ADS Speed Multiplier? I assume lower is better as well?
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