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  2. So it's like I've said, game load resources, and sometimes it's happening or don't, probably depends on what's going on in the actual match. We still optimizing the game as you know, I hope you can deal with it, for now, we will try to decrease the loading time in the future Thanks.
  3. i think this would give more reason for people to actually push flags and defend more since they can also return to a point for ammo and hp sorta how battlefield 5 does it
  4. What I'm trying to say, I can hear the "sound" when you cross the border of the map, that's why I asked where were you finished the warm-up
  5. After glancing over the whole list and doing Nr 10/11 as you said i just realised that i already did the whole list except for Nr 4. Just tried again getting into the game but still staiyng in the loadscreen at "downloading". Drivers/Win up to date. Friend has the same router/isp without problems. Now i was 20 Minutes in the "Downloading" Screen
  6. This is where we need to stop for a while and say this: you're not even good, not even mediocre, whenever I played with you you always had bad K:D and poor amount of points, no matter where you played, Live or PTE you always ragequitted and said how bad this game is and shitted on it and it's developers, without giving any good feedback and how to fix problems except for bragging "how good you are" and how developers should change the core gameplay of the game to more realistic like Arma because you want this game to play like that. I have no clue how have you never been banned on Discord yet David, but I am gonna repeat myself once again: You're literal persona non grata and the most despised user since your criticism isn't even valid but straight up shitstorm. I can agree if it comes to Helidrone that it has really bad hitreg but that doesn't mean that you need to immediately attack the developers and change the whole gameplay of the game just because you want it.
  7. No, this is a community organized event, recon is separate.
  8. Hej, gra jest bardzo ciężka jeżeli chodzi o CPU, i5 nie jest bardzo mocnym procesorem na dzisiejsze czasy, również Twoja karta graficzna nie jest zbyt wydajna (jest to raczej karta do biura i prac gaficznych - ja bym to tak określił). Prosze nie porównuj tutaj takich tytułów jak BF, to gry na zupełnie innym silniku i gry są całkowicie ukończone. Co mogę polecić, to zajrzyj do mojego tematu, są tam najbardziej optymalne ustawienia dla najlepszej wydajności: Gra jest ciągle optymalizowa pod względem wydajności, pracujemy nad nowym systemem animacji który pomoże poprawić wydajność. Z czasem będzie lepiej, ale trzeba troszkę poczekać... Co do freezów, polecił bym również monitorować użycie dysku twardego, temperatury oraz zegar CPU, czy czasem nie zrzuca taktowania podczas ścinek.
  9. Match ended. There was counting before going to next match. After counting ended, game started "searching for new server" and I pressed Warmap button, but game still "connected" to the server where this white screen was waiting for me. Match was ON as I was seeing our SL commands in Objectives Log. Most of my problems with game are right like this. Counting is ended, I press WarMap button and something is happening. Or I still connect to the server, or I'm like this without opportunity to quit the match and only Alt+F4 helps, few times on PTE game crashed, but mostly game normally is quitting to WarMap menu.
  10. It doesn't rly matter where u r. Even if u r in the base, staying still all the duration of warm-up, u have to choose spawnpoint within the ~10 secs game is going "peuuuuuuuuuuu" or in the end it'll be "whack!" and u still will have to choose the spawnpoint.
  11. No i've only experienced it at start and not every game. It's a bit annoying but i mean its only 10 seconds. Its just sad when its a fresh game and you're late at capture points but not dramatic. And i don't really want it on my SSD, i've only got 70 gbs left on it and i don't like when its red lol
  12. I personally don't have any HDD's in my PC so I can't tell how long it takes, for me it takes mostly 1-2 sec. before FPS back to normal after starting a match, I'm using SSD M.2 which is 15x faster than standard HDD drives. What more important, does this happen only when you start the match or every time when you're on deployment screen, for example during a match when you die and need to respawn?
  13. Ja grajac z 8 gb ram wgl nie moglem grac takie mialem sciny. Teraz mam 16 gb i smiga mi na mniejszych mapach TDM plynnie nawet na ultra, ale na mapach typu Smolensk itd juz na ultra nie pogram, a nawet na medium gra mi sie przycina.
  14. Yup like 6 months, its empty, didnt use it until a month ago. CrystalDiskInfo says its totally healthy, its a blue WD HDD 650 gb free space
  15. Thanks, we will investigate.
  16. Hey, at this moment game loading/synchronize resources, is that a brand new HDD?
  17. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : RPG ammo is reset when switching ammo type. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Pick RPG and refill ammo, then switch ammo type. video : https://streamable.com/r0a1g
  18. Hey, first disable AV if you use any, then go to this topic and follow guide number 10 and 11. Then let me know.
  19. Is it Recon? No? I think that Recon is about tactical Battle Royal + a few squads. Or is it another game mode?
  20. Hi, since the start in the EA on Steam i can´t play. I try to describe my problem. I can start the the Game and then comes the Screen with "Loading" in the right down Corner, then it switches to the Screen with "Downloading" in the right down Corner. At this point nothing happens. I waited 30 Minutes and more than 1 Hour and i tried it many times but nothing happens. I tried it on EU, AS Server with the same Result and also by smply starting the Game without choosing a Server. Can someone tell me what happens when the Game says "Downloading" or helping to Solve this problem? I send also an E-Mail to the Support in November 2018 but nobody was answering me until now... I got also the DXDiag and the MSInfo32 but i cant upload it here. If u need Informations from there pls tell me. Regards Ixion
  21. Today
  22. For me personally, this doesn't happen but we had a similar bug in the past when people deploying strikes and open tablet map, it's been fixed, Devs team will try to reproduce this bug, it could be related to some settings, for example, the UI map could load too many resources that are needed.
  23. I'm pretty sure this is not the only spot of the zone where it does that, you might wanna check the other corners Good luck
  24. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Not too sure if that is intentional but the B1 Senate Square zone does not seem complete. I took a clip: https://streamable.com/ivnxd GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): On video. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Not related. CRASH LOG (if any): None.
  25. No problem, are you able to replicate this bug?
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