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  3. I also want to trow my name in the hat that this deserves attention.
  4. Gdyby gracz miał łatwy i szybki podgląd do statystyki globalnej gdzie mógłby się odnaleźć i sprawdzić z innymi, śledzić postępy. Statystyki winne być zauważalne z głównego poziomu meny - w statach flaga klan sojuszu. A co do statystyk to najwięcej kili, Najwięcej zabić bronią itp. Proponuje również wyrównać mecze w Warzone drużyna która przekracza 4000pkt nie może używać pkt bitewnych. Tyle ode mnie. Niebawem z Wami na froncie. Soon.
  5. Jest to znany błąd. Deweloperzy pracują właśnie nad naprawieniem tego błędu.
  6. Our developers did investigate the issue, and they are working on the fix. It's a global issue which means. We do not need your ID's. I do apologise for any inconvenience this made.
  7. OPIS BLEDU (wymagane: jeśli możliwe to zrzut ekranu lub filmik mile widziany): Edytowane loadouty nie zapisują się GAME BUILD ID (wymagane: przejdź do właściwości gry w bibliotece na aplikacji Steam potem skieruj się do plików lokalnych i w dolnym lewym rogu będziesz miał ID): 4856289 KROKI DO POWTÓRZENIA BLEDU(wymagane): Wyjdę tylko z edytora i resetuje się wszystko
  8. I have the same problem. STEAM_0: 1: 16662279
  9. okay my steam id is : STEAM_0:1:102631086
  10. Is it me or there is echoing added to action sounds in corridors? Sounds cool.
  11. OFF TOPIC Im just waiting for a Patch that fixes something for me i mean in 1 Year comon that should be possibel?
  12. Last week
  13. It's been disabled due to bad rotation. What I mean by that - if you play on Europe server you will get rotated to Asian or American server and experience high ping. This system will be coming back once get properly done.
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Ok, not really a bug per say but I wanted to know why the auto map rotation is not working after latest update. Was it intentionally disabled? GAME BUILD ID: 4856289 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: after end of game, wait for loading of next map. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: CRASH LOG:
  15. Dude chill out, seriously don't get a high temper its not worth it and not good for your health he just said something
  16. OPIS BLEDU (wymagane: jeśli możliwe to zrzut ekranu lub filmik mile widziany): Jak w temacie. Błąd szybkiego obrotu w pozycji leżącej tzn nie zmienia się kierunek patrzenia przy wciśnięciu klawisza szybkiego obrotu jak kiedyś. Pojawiają się tylko nogi ale kierunek patrzenia bez zmian. GAME BUILD ID (wymagane: przejdź do właściwości gry w bibliotece na aplikacji Steam potem skieruj się do plików lokalnych i w dolnym lewym rogu będziesz miał ID): 4856289 KROKI DO POWTÓRZENIA BLEDU(wymagane): SPECYFIKACJE SPRZĘTU (wymagane przy problemach z wydajnością gry): CRASH LOG (jeżeli wyskoczy Ci informacja z błędem wklej tutaj):
  17. With feedback like this we'll be in 1.0 very, very soon. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, like y'know, that the patch is a small one, and you're also completely oblivious to what the PhysX crash was if you say you never had a problem with it LOL Man, review the changes in a practical manner not "wOw ThIs uPdAtE diDnT fiX tHe eNtiRe GaMe". The crash change was big, and you undermined all thermals not working on an entire map. As Atway said, you're just one guy. Just cause it doesn't happen or affect you doesn't mean it doesn't happen or affect others. Appreciate the fact devs are working and improving stuff, rather than cry because 1.0 wasn't given to you on a silver platter. Besides, you're gonna complain then too, in game, on forums and on your YT channel, so what's the point. P.S. This ain't feedback, this is undermining what you don't understand...
  18. LOL the onyl Dev is see play is Rozmo...sometimes ,maybe once in a month.
  19. First Dude sorry but you do not play the game. So sry for beeing a buzzkill but your oppinion does not count. This Patch is Pointless!!! As to me it fixes nothing real game relevant. The opposite is the case the game stutters and laggs like Hell now and its not Ping related. To me it feels Performance is getting worser with every patch...and the things that are realy important like netcode ,hitreg,balanced gameplay does not work at all. But heeeey new game sounds in Breakthrough...amazing I just recognize since this Patch i have some textures i can shot and see trough on Polyarny,...between A1 and B1 the small buildings. Also on Warsaw and Berlin...when i see it next time i make Screenshot. This is how Laggy TDM @ Patch 0.8.7 TDM looks like with 50ms Ping I have the same stuttering video also with WarZone Berlin 300 Ping...but there it is okay because enemies can not hit you when you lag aroudn like this
  20. Hello mstfvevo, Developers are aware of the problem with the new accounts unable to save the configs. Hope the problem will be fixed tomorrow. We do apologise for any inconvenience this made.
  21. I was limiting PostProccessing to Medium. If it's higher then there is distortion near the screen edge like it's some kind of lens.
  22. Without post-processing game looks better. Less that annoying blur and awful grey filter.
  23. hello guys, I m new in game and I can't chance weapon equipment and I can't select other weapon
  24. this is the feedback section and this isn't any kind of feedback this post is pointless sry for being a buzzkill but it is what it is.
  25. Death

    Say Hello!

    Welcome to the hell lad enjoy your stay.
  26. you are not the only player. If you hadnt these bugs it doesnt mean everyone else hadnt too and its not a major update, just a minor one with bugfixes. And minor bugs are bugs too which are to be fixed anyway
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