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  2. Pfff. 99% it will be on consoles. Otherwise the wouldn't be both controller support and this ugly ass "console friendly" new UI implemented.
  3. I haven't seen any news about it either
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    Say Hello!

    Hello guys! I'm glad to join your community
  6. I would like to know if the next beta coming in the next month will have SA or Brazilian servers? I'm sure the SA community will be huge in this game, we love FPS and everyone loves the free ones.
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    Hi there, What does "CAPTURES" refer to in ww3?
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  9. The game absolutely needs dedicated servers. The whole Battlefield community would be at the start with you.
  10. In this section we not have vote system so my be i will get the necessary attention from somebody above a player obviously the voting system not working in this community ....
  11. Do not get me wrong i'm very happy the creative team give as some unique things for our dedication i wasn't even hoping for anything im just supporting something what i think it will be above great but i think this is illogicality and need to be fixed before the start or will be remain as shame .... So im verry disappointed and confused because : 1st. i'm not a fan of lmgs i'm fan of assault rifles what is the logic here for the exclusive LMG ? Yes there is AK-15 INTERVENTION (ASSAULT RIFLE) and M4 MWS INTERVENTION (ASSAULT RIFLE) but they are not exclussive for vets. everybody from SERGEANT PACK and up to the last one have it as i understand it all exclusive things for as as veterans are : + WEAPON EMBLEM: VETERAN and and MAJOR PACK have and the VEHICLE BLUEPRINT: WOLVERINE (IFV) -as part of the 3 ARMORED VEHICLE BLUEPRINTS may be because the CHARACTER BLUEPRINT:VETERAN has LMG i thing its UKM VETERAN (LMG) but still it's not have a logic because the dev. team can make picture of the character without the lmg even without any weapon . 2nd. the proposal - we should have somthings as: at least UKM VETERAN (Battle Rifle) 3rt. or to complete the list and make sure nobody will have any chance to argue in future add and : UKM VETERAN (Carbine) UKM VETERAN (Pistol) 4rt. and if you want to be more generous and creative - UKM VETERAN (Grenade) with some special paint - without thinking much of this lets be the EMBLEM as the WEAPON EMBLEM: VETERAN on it . P.S. I'm waiting for some kind of respond at least please ...
  12. Why would you even care about utilization when you are getting 160 fps? Just enjoy!
  13. Not sure why, but my cpu usage is only around 35% when I play ww3. Any other game is much higher... FPS is ok... hovers around 160 on ultra. . Any suggestions? Or is this a good thing?
  14. If there is still someone left reading here ( the forum ) may be this thread will have been accepted ( but I doubt it ) and as logical dude im vote for all you are trying to get attention here .
  15. I agree with you. While I am in awe of the visuals of the game, this location caused me just as many questions. Well, this is not my business. At the same time, I want to say thank you to the developers, you did a great job.
  16. https://steamcommunity.com/app/736220/discussions/0/3128289956327931603/
  17. I have the same problem the game does not start when turned on, the easy anti cheat loading window is displayed and nothing else happens my equipment is: i7 11700k gtx 1080ti FE 32GB of RAM 3200 CL16
  18. Given that the VAT was mainly focused on Server Stability than anything else, I suspect they will seek to add the server browser later, and they wanted People to play together no matter what regardless of the server ping (because lets be honest, every Player will focus in on the closest server to their home region.) So, lets see what they do with the Closed Beta Test first. If the Server Browser hasn't been added immediately or they haven't said anything about it to be added later. Then I think it would be a good time to start complaining. For now though in my opinion, lets give them some time.
  19. Soooo, seeing ur second post with things u aren't sure u like/do not like, and not seeing one particular feature nor here, nor there - does that mean that absence of the Server Browser is to ur liking?
  20. Hopefully it's a later down the road plan. The game would benefit from having a unique or largely unique feature like the Global War Campaign.
  21. I'm glad WW3 is making a come back, but I haven't seen a single mention about this unique feature. Did the devs decide not to include it for the new WW3? Or, are any there plans to implement it post-release? Thanks!
  22. The developers have transferred the game to the free2play model and this will lead to an influx of dishonest players. Make closed servers with access for those who bought the game. We must have a choice with whom to play. You can shove the entire camouflages to those who play for free.
  23. Разработчики вы перевели игру на free2play модель и это приведет к наплыву нечестных игроков. Сделайте закрытые сервера с доступом для купивших игру. Мы должны иметь выбор с кем играть. Всю мешуру в виде камуфляжей можете пихать тем кто играет бесплатно.
  24. Hey Folks Now that I've...largely gotten more or less most of my negative opinions out of the way with the VAT (I may still add more to the list and I also need more time on the VAT to further generate negative/conflicted/positive opinions.) I wanted to start bleeding off some of my negative energy and start working my way towards things I'm feeling a bit more positive towards. But, like any natural progression, I started with the stuff I was negative towards, and now I will progress to the center of the field to touch upon the stuff I'm feeling conflicted about. (Please note: Just because I'm conflicted about these changes now, doesn't mean I cannot be moved from this position. One wrong choice made by the Developers and I will be hostile towards the change even if only slightly. One right choice by the Developers and I will be in favor of the change even if only slightly. Even just more time on the VAT build could be an influence as well, it's truly my least favorite position to be in because of it's inherent chaotic nature.) --- My feedback on the 1st Veteran Alpha Test Links The stuff I did NOT like about it --- #1 - The changes to Weapon Customization So I've been trying to figure out how to best approach this 300 pound pink guerilla in the room. This very clear, very deliberate effort that weakened one of the core foundational strengths of WW3, that of Player customization, but more specifically, Weapon customization itself which has been widely praised by many players. We went years with largely no customization limits beyond the maximum weight limit and it's pretty understandable why the Community would be pretty upset to see it replaced by the Call of Duty pick system. So, if you're someone who has been in favor of unbridled to near unbridled customization in WW3. Yeah, this is very easily something to be upset about and perfectly understandable why you would be. For myself however...I'm rather torn, mainly because I played the old system, grew attached to it, accepted it's faults, and waited for it to be improved/fixed. However, that didn't happen obviously given what the VAT showed us with the Pick X system & Attachments no longer having weight. But, the reason I'm torn about it, is because I think the general goal of the Developers was to simplify the balance, cut back on the Weapon Performance Attachment bloat, worked to prevent "1 meta to rule them all" builds as much as possible, and overall seemed to be trying to encourage players to do one of two things with the new balance; focus your loadout around versatility between lanes of play, or be rather excellent at one lane of play at the cost of flexibility. Am I right in all of this? I don't know. But, personally speaking, I didn't feel hampered when playing the game just because I chose to go without certain attachments. For example my CQC Beryl Notice that there isn't any form of foregrip? In the VAT I did not feel inherently worse off without the grip, but I still had to be mindful I had none of the benefits (nor drawbacks) any of them offered. But, in the live build there was almost never a reason to not use a grip unless- I was trying to maintain a general look I was trying to keep the weight of the weapon down and thus I went without a lower grip or bipod of some sort. In the end though, I want as many playstyles as possible to be viable in this game. I want run & gunners to have attachments that benefit them, I want Campers to have attachments that benefit them, and everyone in between to have their own options. The less attachment bloat there is, the easier it becomes to balance around various playstyles. Maybe in the future we will get even more attachments that do different things from the current ones, but only time can tell there. My main hope above all else though, is that every weapon & attachment will be viable for use so long as the Player using them learns how to best utilize them. Of course if you also take realism into account, you really don't want to load your weapon down with a whole lot of stuff. But, I digress. So, my final feedback response to the Developers would be this- Feedback: I do hope my assumptions are correct (or at least close to correct) on what your plans are for this "Pick X system" and that you all are being very careful with this new approach. To go 2 years of practically unlimited Weapon customization, to suddenly being forced to only pick a predetermined amount of attachments is a rather rough change, especially when it was done to probably the single most widely praised aspect of World War 3. So, I'm not overly happy about this change...But, I'm not going to be outright hostile to it either, if my assumptions prove correct, and we can avoid any one Weapon or group of attachments becoming the flavor of the season that every Meta slave is using. If we can avoid "1 Meta to rule them all" builds in exchange for a fraction of reduced customization options, I think it will be worth it in the long run. But, right now, we're in the short run and only time can tell how this all fully pans out. If I had to make any suggestions at this time,,,I would propose cosmetic only options for Magazines (NOT turning Magazines into a strictly cosmetic option.) So if I wanted to use say..the default 30 round magazine for the Beryl, but wanted a different visual. I would have the stats of the default 30rd magazine, but could choose to make the magazine look like a different 30 round magazine. Example- Magazine AK 30rnd Magazine (Default look) - This determines the stats Cosmetic option 1 - Waffle - This DOES NOT determine the stats Cosmetic option 2 - PMAG - This DOES NOT determine the stats Cosmetic option 3 - Bakelite - This DOES NOT determine the stats Cosmetic option 4 - Slabside - This DOES NOT determine the stats This way you all can keep magazines balanced and players still get their cosmetic visual options (where they can be made of course. Not all Magazines have a large host of different styles.) --- #2 - Field Repair Tool While I am still very happy that we're able to repair Vehicles outside of the Deployment Zone, I think the current system is a little too strong at the moment, especially given how strong Vehicles are right now (which I think is a positive that I will cover in my next post.) If I had to make any changes to how the Repair Tool currently works in game, it would be- Make the Repair Tool only capable of repairing one sub-system on a Vehicle at a time again. Rather than have the sub-systems of the Vehicle gradually repair over time the longer the tool is being used for. Make repairing each sub-system take a different amount of time based upon the sub-system (excluding the general Health of the Vehicle, I will cover this in my next post.) By removing this gradual repair appearance, it will stop Players from being as effective at repairing Vehicles during active engagements with the opposing team, especially opposing Vehicles. (Example) Optics - It should take 10 seconds for the Repair tool to completely repair the optics regardless of the condition the Vehicle's optics are in. --- #3 - New Movement & Animation System With the new Movement & Animation system I'm rather torn with some of the choices made. When directly comparing the old system to the new system, I would say on several fronts the new Movement system is well ahead of the old. However, there are some stuff I personally think need to be worked on more with this new system. Grenade Throwing - While I do suspect it is being worked on, I have to play it safe, and be honest about this. The Grenade Throwing is terrible. It sticks out like a sore thumb with it's exceptionally stiff & robotic looking motion and if I had to prioritize any part of the new movement & animation system for fixing/rework/whatever - it would be the Grenade Throwing for sure. Flat Surface Sliding - We have had sliding in this game for a rather long time time now. But, after seeing it's performance on the VAT, I personally feel the distance a Player could cover through sliding along flat surfaces was exceedingly long, and should be shortened up a bit to make it a little more believable - because right now, it seems like our Characters are almost always sliding on Ice while almost covering a cartoonish distance of ground during the slide. Turbo Sprinting (Double Sprint) - Now this I wish I had focus tested more closely between the different weight classes. But, and I may be wrong about this, the double sprinting seemed to last the same amount of time regardless of the Player's weight class. Again, I may be wrong about this as I didn't focus test it, but it did seem like Turbo Sprinting lasted the same amount of time regardless of the weight class. Next (and this might be something I missed) the UI needs a Stamina bar for the Turbo Sprint and in turn it should not be able to refill till the Player has come to a complete stop. Double Sprint should be a defensive action used very sparingly, not something People just use to get around the map faster because they cannot be bothered to find a Vehicle or are feeling impatient getting to the next fight. Sliding up Surfaces - I had some mix results going on in game. Some surfaces like stairs the slide animation would practically instantly stop (which is good), then there were moments where I seemed to slide right up the steps with no issue. I cannot recall some of the spots right now where this happened, so i can say at the moment is - Maybe take a look at some the ramps/stairways around Moscow & Polyarny that seem to allow longer than usual slide duration. Now to some of the stuff I like about the new system to show why this has reached the conflicted post instead of the "Stuff I DON'T like" post. Sliding down surfaces - If I had to choose one part of the new movement system that I really like, it would be the length of time a Character can slide down a hill for, and seemingly depending on how steep of an angle it is when the slide is activated. To me personally, it makes logical sense, you run at a certain speed while carrying a certain degree of weight, and depending on the angle slope you suddenly choose (or unwillingly choose) to slide down will carry you further than if you slid across a flat surface or stairways. Weapon Animations - A lot of the reload Animations looked exceptionally well, a lot cleaner, and the general functions of the weapons seemed pretty spot on. I may missed a few small details, but overall from what I can tell through my personal experience, everything was looking very good. General Movement - Generally speaking the movement system in the VAT was a lot better than the older system. If I had to raise any complaint about it in general, it would be that it seemed like the Soldier almost felt like they were sliding on ice or were fairly weightless. Take care of those two things and I think the Movement system will be as spot on. Vaulting - Much like above, Vaulting over Objects is a lot better than the older system. But, much like above it feels like it lacks weight and seems to carry almost a "parkouring" feel to it. Though that latter half could also just be me not having focused on the Loadout Weight influence on the Movement system. On the whole though I would say vaulting over objects is a lot better, it just needs some tweaking to feel a little more weighty. Overall in the end I'm torn between the things I like about the new system vs. the things I don't like about the new system. I won't deny it's an improvement over the old system, but not everything about the old system was inherently bad, and ultimately some adjustments to this new system could make it even better (at least in my eyes.) --- #4 - Calling in Vehicles on controlled Objectives Of all the stuff I'm torn on, this is the one I think is an even 50/50 split between liking it & disliking it. Personally, I thought the old system of returning to your Deployment Zone was better for calling in your Vehicles, giving the enemy Team at least a little time to plan on how to deal with the Vehicle, rather than having the Vehicle suddenly get dropped in on their position to decimate them on the charge for an objective. But, at the same time, I would have loved to have seen more Para dropped Vehicles like Strykers, BMD-4s, and the likes that could have been called in on or near the objective points. So I'm pretty much stuck right now on which way calling in Vehicles was the best. --- #5 - Leviathan & Helicopter Drone 3rd person Cameras Now generally speaking the Cameras work just fine. However, there are situations where the Camera will slide under the Leviathan or Helicopter Drone (the latter seeming to happen after it gets Jammed), and it takes a bit for the Camera to reposition itself. I'm not sure how much is intentional vs. how much is unintentional, so I can just say - If this is unintentional, it needs to be looked at. If it's intentional, it needs to be improved so the user can get situated back into proper view easier (unless of course, there is a easy trick for doing this that I missed which is possible!) --- Nothing left at the moment I can think of to post in here. I was really struggling to find places where I was conflicted with the changes, which depending on your outlook is either a good thing or a bad thing. I will post more stuff that I was conflicted about in the VAT if I can think of something else, but right now I think I'm largely just needing to focus more on testing all the different changes a little more closely come the Closed-Beta Test in November.
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