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  2. Hello, currently WW3 is not available for purchase and if you do not own it already, your only chance is waiting for it to return to store or sign up for the testing group. All information about that is on discord, but to make it short: It is under a heavy NDA, it is long term testing and only a limited number of people get in. You will know if you are in when you receive a PM on discord. If you have not joined already, I invite you to discuss this topic there. https://discord.gg/5Dhqw5zM Sign up: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/12/04/world-war-3-needs-you-join-our-test-group
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  4. Yes, I'm sure it's a bug. Tried to find it with search and didn't. When somebody forces to explode some gadget like AT mines, Claymores etc. and if in their AOE is staying the teammate, if that teammate was killed - it will be counted as TK and killed person will have the right to punish that one that has planted explosives. EVEN if it was successful suicide attempt, when he was himself triggering the explosives, like on the gif below. If in release version there will be something like kick for excessive TKing implemented, while this bug will stay like this, some ppl(me) will start abusing it to get rid of ppl they don't like. For example sniper lying down somewhere far from fight with Claymores around him. I will happily ruin the round for him. So, to save this guy's gaming experience I hope that devs make so that when some person is forcing the gadget to explode - this explosion and dmg dealt by it will "belong" to that particular person and not the person whom that gadget belongs to. With that if u, for example, will force AT mine to explode by shooting at it with sniper rifle and explosion will kill someone from enemy team - it will be urs fully deserved kill. In the same if it was the ally killing ally, it will be him who will be punished for TK and not the guy who has planted it and now is doing his job on another side of the map and while knowing nothing.
  5. Impact grenade has one absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug in its score list. This one. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9606-0610-disable-plz-attempt-to-roll-system-for-impact-grenade/&tab=comments#comment-46044 And it has one feature that is on par with absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bugs. This one. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9606-0610-disable-plz-attempt-to-roll-system-for-impact-grenade/&tab=comments#comment-46044 This piece of something explodes on impact after flying 0.5ms! DEVS!!! I DEMAND IMPACT GRENADE HAVING 1 SEC COCKING TIME DELAY!!! And the bug itself I want to talk about. Grenade icon on the bottom of the gif. On the contrast with how grenade acts when u toss it, if u drop it when being killed - it will act as the normal grenade and will lie on the ground ALL the fuse burning time duration! Can I have a MORE predictable grenade that will for example ALWAYS explode when hitting the ground? Or will explode on impact only if more than 1 sec has passed?
  6. Have doubts it being reported so I'll create a theme. When teamkilling someone and him punishing u, on the TK punishment deathscreen as the punishing person will be shown guy who was the last to deal u any dmg. And even minimap will show a direction to him.
  7. Dunno, was it noticed/fixed already. Didn't find with search. With servers restarted and me overcoming my laziness I've made few screenshots to show them here. Minor bug that still forces me to open Video Settings every time I enter the server with Berlin TDM map to "fix" it. Long ago Berlin TDM map had the naked ground. Now it has grass here and there. And it seems that when adding grass accountable person screwed up a little. Rly a little, but now on Berlin TDM map day version there is a problem with grass lighting/shadows. Actual for all "instances" of gras on the map. Bug is NOT affected by any settings except the Effects and somewhat Shadows. When Shadows are OFF - whole grass in ur FOV is well lit and is almost glowing. For both all-Ultra and all-Low. Screenshots under the spoiler. When Shadows are On, then Close to u and up to 10-15 meters away grass has "somewhat appropriate" lighting and only far from u starts "glowing". Shadows Settings only affects how sharp is the gradient. And when u move - this gradient is moving with u. Screenshots under the spoiler. And finally - Effects. The moment u change the Effects, doesn't matter what actual value is, game realizes "oh, there is grass in here!" and even if Shadows are Off grass starts having "appropriate" lighting. Screenshot under the spoiler. And finally, some footage from the game. Was too lazy to upload my recording so here is almost the first recording from Youtube search. Video is tamp stamped. Oh yeah, Steps to Reproduce: Enter Berlin map and wait for a Day. Leaving the server and re-entering "recharges" it from my experience.
  8. With u saying this, u'll get the usual soon™ as an answer. And nothing more.
  9. I wish I had time to participate in the closed beta. I really miss this game in its full glory! How much longer do we need to wait until non-beta testers like us get to play the new/improved version? Soon I hope?
  10. Based on old AK platform weapons, such as Beryl7.62 and Vepr-18, that have detachable Upper Receiver can have it to be painted separately from the other weapon parts in general and Lower receiver in particular. Like this. On the contrary, western weapon in their base being constructed around Upper and Lower parts when being painted are painted as a "whole". And Upper+Lower have painting that belongs to ONLY ONE colour set. Even though when applying paint we can see, that Upper and Lower are different parts of the model and can be coloured separately. Like on the gif below. "Dot" camo skin. Green and Steel dot accordingly. As we can see, Lower part is staying "intact", while we change painting for the Upper. Plz, devs, make so that Upper and Lower will be separate parts of the model when painting it in Customization Menu.
  11. For my own complacency. Was too lazy to make a post for a year i think... Mentioned by TS2 in his theme https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/12134-world-war-3-a-compilation-of-external-software-issues-that-destabilize-the-game-and-how-to-fix-them/ case with Steam UI overlay competing with WW3 for resources. For me disabling it fixes the rubber feeling, with FPS still dropping, though not that much. And 2nd issue is that dropped weapon in aforementioned map areas is also dropping my FPS. On screenshots below we can see that with dropped weapon in sight FPS is ~40 and without it it's 77+(capped in settings). It's not obligatory, some weapons do, some do not. So, if this particular case wasn't investigated, plz, do. Note: I'm talking about other ppl, mainly enemy's weapon. And when I pick up enemy's weapon and it's mine that now is lying on the ground somehow it's only ~10 FPS less.
  12. No problem Servers have been reset, this should solve most problems, but I need to point out that some servers will eventually degrade into the Match Ending state. It should nonetheless refresh the map options a bit. Unfortunately there aren't much resources to work on the current servers, so only smaller issues can be fixed. Regardless, if there is ever any server that needs restarting send its name here or a picture of the server browser here, and the restarts should be the next day.
  13. Thanks for the report (With the image, big plus) I will forward it and it should be solved some time tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on issue as it is currently the weekend.
  14. Earlier
  15. Hello everyone who already is playing ww3 i would love to play this game but it does not give me an option to buy or download so how do i go about being able to play the game?
  16. Devs. a lot of your servers are stuck and we cannot play on it. Due to this, we currently cant play maps like Warzone Smolensk. Thanks for your attention to this matter.
  17. Not rly much. It's just I picked up some guy's HK416 with x8 scope and iron sights on TDM and tried to run a little with it. And something felt off. So I decided to re-check that bug with no vertical recoil for SCAR-H I mentioned on Discord, is it only for SCAR or not, and it was kinda easy to spot this difference in behavior. It's just I'm bad with sniper rifles and rarely use high-magnification scopes. Otherwise I could have spotted this "bug" much earlier. BTW, when exploiting this feature MG5 is decent mid to long ranges BR.
  18. Dude, mad respect for putting so much effort into figuring out this behavior!
  19. Long ago I've created a theme about no-magnification scopes "not giving" no-recoil to weapons. Now I think I was wrong. Partially. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9916-about-no-magnification-scopes-giving-no-recoil/&tab=comments#comment-47625 I don't know which scopes recoil is "right" and which is "wrong". Too high or too low, but basically there are few cases with how high/low magnification scopes are working. First. IF u have High(5+) magnification scopes as primary and no magnification as secondary and start shooting with single-fire - u will see identical high recoil uprising bullet traces. But if u will do the same with the identical weapon's loadout with that exception that this time we will use no-magnification scopes u will see that ur crosshair is returning to initial aiming point that fast that u can hit almost the same spot on ¬100m distance(affected by sway, ofc). And it will look like it's on pic below. And we will see that weapon behavior is based on what scope is used as a Primary. And Secondary sight suffers the most. I'll repeat: FOR SINGLE FIRE. And then appears 2nd "problem". In WW3 gun's behavior is often transferred to ur next weapon in use. If u were using weapon with high-magnification scope and then switch to weapon with no-magnification scope there is a high chance that the latter will have high recoil that belongs to the first weapon. And vice versa. And then u can have weapon with high-magnification that literally has no recoil. Luckily reloading usually fixes this problem, but if it was 60 rounds drum? Or M417 sometimes can do it for 3 magazines in a row. It works even for MG5 as it has single-fire mode ATM. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11305-ultimate-battle-rifle/&tab=comments#comment-53407 All u need is to have any weapon with no-magnification scope/sight as secondary(even a pistol), switch to it, make few shots(better when ADS), switch back to ur primary weapon and voila! - u have ur no-recoil weapon. For MG5, for example it works for both ADS and hip-firing. And even reloading/switching to alternate ammo is not interrupting it. Don't remember it being reported. Below is the video. First part about difference in recoils. Second how we create "no-recoil" rifle.
  20. Hi Maximus, you can't download or purchase the game at the moment. It is taken off from steam for the timebeing as it is developed behind closed doors. You can apply for closed testing here: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/12/04/world-war-3-needs-you-join-our-test-group Be aware however, that the testing is long term and the waves so far have been small, so getting in is a matter of luck and time. I cannot guarantee you a time frame. Read the article to find the most important details, including discord. Therefore I encourage you to join the discord (Link: https://discord.gg/MHsTqC8R) and ask for further assistance there. Good luck and have a good one
  21. Guys, where I can download ANY version of this game? I browsed so mane topics, sites, launchers (Steam, Ubisoft etc) and couldn't find nothing from where I could download it! Even on official site there is no link for purchasing or downloading! Just SHOW ME WHERE?!?!
  22. Im for fully blind effect when you are blind you are blind ( and the duration should be serious ) we are not a machines . For smoke grenades in the real world exist smoke grenades with metal particles in it ( this block IR scopes ) so i see here opportunity for another kind grenade let's say with lower range of effect easy peasy and everybody are happy .
  23. Yes. For more info better go to official Discord channel.
  24. There’s a closed beta testing under NDA right?
  25. For more than 1.5 years was too lazy and a little hesitant to create a theme to suggest only that, but let it be. Dunno, how it is "now" in "new" version with reworked sounds, but there is one thing that was scratching me and I was always envious: when having HeliDrone in the sky u clearly hear its rockets explosions even from the other side of the map. U always know that there is HeliDrone bringing pain to somebody out there. In the same time, EXPLOSIONS of the tank shells are deaf, muffled and non-impressive even when they are 20 meters far from u. HeliDrone's rocket sound MUCH MORE juicier(especially Hydra and Z233). So, plz, whoever is accountable for sounds - make so that tank shell's explosions will be juicy, impressive and informative.
  26. U don't have that much of a "unprotected areas" if shooting from the front though. Only groin area and a little part of the chest above vest's plate. U have the chance to OHK, but it's rly minor. IMO, nobody will abuse it even if it will be in-game unless it's 2 situations: 1. Bored skilled player. 2. Dumb dev's move to add it to some kind of challenge.
  27. Regarding the 85 m/s; as I said prior- So, I could see upping it to maybe...100 m/s to maybe...165 m/s region. Regarding the damage dealing potential however of non-MP "Buckshot" grenades...The main reason I do not think they should be able to deliver OHKs to the unprotected parts of the body (excluding the head of course), Is because of the larger impact that would have on the MP "Buckshot." If you could OHK with any Grenade Round simply by shooting the enemy in the unprotected body, why would you ever take MP "Buckshot" over HE or HEDP? Yes, both would ideally be able to OHK at close range in this particular scenario. But, only two would be much more effective at longer range, and that would be the HE & HEDP. Add in the fact that HEDP would also be ideally better against Vehicles as well vs. HE and entirely better against Vehicles when compared to the MP "Buckshot."
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