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  2. This idea fixes a problem I've encountered in some games, but the problem could also be considered a gameplay feature depending on what the intention is with game design. The problem is having spawn blocked when a point is under attack. While I think it's certainly bad to allow players to spawn an unlimited amount of times to defend a point, the current system means that the better strategy in Warzone at the moment is to individually jump on to as many enemy CPs as you can to block spawns. This can be fun but very irritating when it's working against you as you are sometimes forced to spawn far away from where you want to be. If this is an intended feature and I haven't quite figured out the meta that's ok, this is just my suggestion for changing that. The idea is that in each capture point, there's a certain thing you have to do on top of standing on it to block spawns. One idea is to have a smaller capture blocking zone: if you stand on this small area towards the centre of the control point, it stops the defending team from spawning. The second idea would be to have a spawn beacon of sorts (aside from what I say here spawns would work as they normally do with random locations about the point): attacking players have to deactivate it to block spawns for the defending team. It would work kind of like a breakthrough device where you have a timer to deactivate it, and the defending team would have to reactivate it to spawn more players back on that point. If the attacking team captures the point, it is automatically reactivated. The main gameplay benefit I see here is that capturing a control point would require control of a central location that could be decided by the developers - standing in the back corner and working your way in to a CP would still be a viable strategy when attacking, it just means you'd more likely need a squad working together to disable the beacon rather than having one man block the enemy team from spawning
  3. One really effective , cinematic and smoothing the immersion way to slow down this unnatural moment is to finish already added zoom in function as in the video start at 4.34 here we zoom in when the player spawn on the field. I think the process should be completed such as we zoom out when we die - here we can get the delay as much as we need and add some animations . 1. The player view is in fps condition he die start zooming out 2. seeing little bit of soldier head 3. seeing more from the body and same time he falls back on opposing direction of the fire ( we do not stop in the whole process to zooming out ) 4. the zooming process is increasing or not to the skies and finish in the tac map view 5. and here we have to decide are we want to watch how we die ....
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  5. I want to play the game again but I get stuck in the "Authenticating" screen. I have seen that the team needs my SteamID and region to fix it? SteamID: 76561198241737366 Region: Germany, Europe
  6. Ok then. I hope the re-release is imminent. The fact that servers aren't working now might turn some folks off who were reconsidering this game.
  7. They've tried this, but EU servers aren't responding to server restarts anymore.
  8. Please restart them even if it is good for a few days. Lots of people are trying to play but the servers are too unstable.
  9. In the current Live version of the game there is no Spanish dub, subtitles, or interface. Currently English, Polish, Russian, and German are the only fully supported languages while both simplified Chinese and Japanese are partially supported.
  10. Do you just need the invite link to the server again, or do you have the link and said link is not allowing you yo join?
  11. Last week
  12. Hello everyone, excited to be returning to this game and what's to come!
  13. Hi I come with a question whether the WW3 will be implemented Market Skins on Steam?
  14. not even display a kill in a killfeed iis the most realistic solution .
  15. Very interesting idea more logical to me is to have ability to drop the secondary ( pistol,medical injection,the additional grenade or what you chose for this slot ) for additional item you take from the ground and must of course appropriate change your weight ...
  16. One of the best parts in this game is full body awareness gosh i so much love it this idea is for improving exactly this . Right now we have somthing realy good but if we want to be even better ( the character will become more alive ) i hope with minimal effort and minimal performance hit in the game we should have and interacting legs on the environment around us on the walls,stones,increased surface area ,etcetera this is what i mean ( sorry for bad painting i hope you will get the idea ) -
  17. I can't join the discord server I remember exactly what was on the server but then deleted, now I can not connect!
  18. Ok, I would like to see them removed. It would also set it apart from BF a bit (even though I think there the hardcore mode has no hitmarkers, but I'm not sure). I would even go as far and not even display a kill in a killfeed. I would show them at the end of the round or you have to confirm it by checking the body.
  19. Unique

    UI Scale

    Hi, I'm gaming in 4K and the menus are way too small. There is HUD scaling, but that's already at 100% and it doesn't go any higher. Could you please add a UI scale please? In the meantime, I have set my resolution to 1080p and then the resolution scale to 200%
  20. For me, I don't like kill cams at all. It takes away too much of the fog of war and becomes too COD-ish. We currently have hit direction which is a perfect compromise IMO.
  21. All servers it connects to me only Europe it loads a lot of time and does not connect why?
  22. получишь дорогие розовые скины или очков опыта накидают для открытия стволов пока непонятно что с тестированием, на какой платформе. вроде собирались уходить из стим...
  23. I play with hitmarkers off just for realism. I know it's a disadvantage for me but.......
  24. hmmm...może kiedyś grałem na mniej zaludnionych meczach i tego nie zauważyłem? Dzięki za odpowiedź @Smasher
  25. I think you'll just have to wait and see, some nice surprises no doubt on their way, but at the moment there are hitmarkers
  26. Hi, just a quickly question
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