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  3. This idea is death - f51 say it before several times bots will not exist in this game . I will try to improve your idea and make it reasonable for the both sides - i thinking it alot for this to proposed it but after they announce the forum will be shutdown no point to trying anymore but i will do it last more time with best hopes in the name of the perfect WW3 . The mode will be not possible in this game but players vs Ai in different places on the maps to change the course of the battles at a certain time and conditions wil be serious step in the creativity : - in certain places you should have ability to trigger event to come good or bad AIs ( the creative team should decide it how and what ) lets say if you go too close to the enemy base - close to sensitive tactical objective ( van with military strategic equipment ) will come backup team to push you back to protect it here f51 can be more creative how much and what kind of AIs . - this crisis team can have active zone on all map or not , for limited time or not . - they should be really powerful nearly over powerful or will not fulfill their purpose but enough balanced - the closer you are to the lets say it S.T.O. the harder it is for you to survive their raids ... This will service as protective zone for spawning players and will give to the lone players the fight he nead until come real players in the server .
  4. I hope the producer will make a new mode that is players VS automatic AI In this case, even one person can play the game I think there are many old players in this game But there are still a lot of bugs in the game... So many old players have left So I hope you make a player VS automatic AI mode
  5. This one is one of my verry old comments actualy - July 27, 2019 im improvet it with additional info and decide it to make it as separate proposal because it sank into the depths of our forgotten forum and now im hoping will gain the popularity it deserves : So i thing is good idea let's say to have 1-5 levels more or less after the last level and this levels correspond to your years of service ( with honorable emblems reward for every year playtime not registered player - playing time ) level 1 for 3 years , level 2 for 6 years, level 3 for 9 years etc.. . The benefits from this level increase and optimization are: - we will distinguish the veterans from casualties players with time - will feel happy and proud you got something special for your gaming time and add more better teamwork you deserve + this several in practice secret levels definitely you not fight deliberately for them ( they not unlocking anything - weapons or skins ) but will add a surprise of nothing almost as easter egg ... - the vital ones will choose more comfortable and not raging - this players are bad those players are too serious.... / careless will know what to expect when join in that squad and how to play with this squad are should be more active or not - and there will be much less conflicts in the squads . - and if some crazy dude decide to abuse with the system and start to farm we will have players vote system + auto system against AFKs to open the slots for the NEW active players or reduce server load Very important this additional emblems and level should be visible only from your teammates not the enemies - because will start to hurt the precious balance in the game and the opposing team will see in real time are he is against too good or too bad players and will escape from the server or start to camping ( here we losing players count and we will destroy the element of surprise in other words no fighting team ) . Postscript : Im open for comments to improve this proposal if it's possible and please most important start to voting with vote button top left side of your screen if you want to make the difference !
  6. Do not get me wrong i'm very happy the creative team give as some unique things for our dedication i wasn't even hoping for anything im just supporting something what i think it will be above great but i think this is illogicality and need to be fixed before the start or will be remain as shame .... So im verry disappointed and confused because : 1st. i'm not a fan of lmgs i'm fan of assault rifles what is the logic here for the exclusive LMG ? Yes there is AK-15 INTERVENTION (ASSAULT RIFLE) and M4 MWS INTERVENTION (ASSAULT RIFLE) but they are not exclussive for vets. everybody from SERGEANT PACK and up to the last one have it as i understand it all exclusive things for as as veterans are : + WEAPON EMBLEM: VETERAN and and MAJOR PACK have and the VEHICLE BLUEPRINT: WOLVERINE (IFV) -as part of the 3 ARMORED VEHICLE BLUEPRINTS may be because the CHARACTER BLUEPRINT:VETERAN has LMG i thing its UKM VETERAN (LMG) but still it's not have a logic because the dev. team can make picture of the character without the lmg even without any weapon . 2nd. the proposal - we should have somthings as: at least UKM VETERAN (Battle Rifle) 3rt. or to complete the list and make sure nobody will have any chance to argue in future add and : UKM VETERAN (Carbine) UKM VETERAN (Pistol) 4rt. and if you want to be more generous and creative - UKM VETERAN (Grenade) with some special paint - without thinking much of this lets be the EMBLEM as the WEAPON EMBLEM: VETERAN on it .
  7. If there is still someone left reading here ( the forum ) may be this thread will have been accepted ( but I doubt it ) and as logical dude im vote for all you are trying to get attention here .
  8. 1. Add ability to: - placing a weapons on walls ( and all kind surfaces even on the others soldiers back if possible ) and should have a litle bit reduced recoil almost imperceptibly to not break the fragile balance but add authenticity to the picture . 2. the animations and player position the weapon should not be stationary with one point of moving as in Bf 4 - when we move the mouse or character the weapon position should change interactively up and down , moving left and right and rotating left and right in this way we will change our cover position naturally this picture description best what i mean . This animations will add the necessary huuge maximum immersion in to the game - the natural completion of the full body awareness because the weapon will become almost a live ( realistically moving part from the soldier's equipment like his body ) . more in this sense : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - also when we run and move we have one weapon , 2 hands , torso and nobody count the 2 legs in the equation . When you add them you get tilting not only on the camera ( as we have it on the new version ) but and on the weapon because the legs add tilting on left and right so to summarize the effect : step left - weapon tilting left / step right- weapon tilting right. if you see here start exactly at 0.00 to end 0.13 the dude weapon have perfectly centralized position without change it on the screen position left and right ( see my improvised picture for the motions in 3d space red ones are missing motions ) even more watch on the video how the weapon barrel moving always only in one little box of motions and that lets say it motion box chnage when the player jump over fence on 0.01 ...
  9. Why not both? A 2x, and a 3x magnifier. Customization was the big selling point of WW3 so let's get back to it ^^
  10. drdubs

    Red Dot Magnifier

    The implementation of the red dot magnifier in game is terrible. I understand making an extra animation takes more time and effort, but please make it flip over correctly. Secondly, only 2x zoom on it is too low.....should be 3x.
  11. Please make weapons ambidextrous handed and left/right hand only like in real life.
  12. I have proposal for level of detail in the blueprints - the blueprints should have unique skins not only on the weapons, but also on the grenades/Projectile/bullets when it's possible uforce as i show you here we see it on the grenade launcher : why not and on the bullets when the character check for bullets in the mag i think this little bit touch can make the game much more immersive and personal as the lower receiver will do ...
  13. First, thanks to F51 and My.Games for continuing the developement of this game. I wish you great success with it. The updated maps are awesome and some of the customizations I've used on the guns are top notch. The firefights feel much closer to real than the previous version of the game. The reason I'm writing this is because I miss some of the great features of the original version of WW3. For example, with the introduction of "faster running", the game now feels like COD which is a game I don't think WW3 originally wanted to mimic. It is way too fast paced for it to be considered "Tactical" or even "playable realism". Second, the healing process from health packs is way too fast. In the old version, it was stressful while reloading health because it made you vulnerable and healing time depended on your health level. Now with the healthpack, you heal in 2 seconds regardless of your health level. This really takes away from the stress and suspense of war. Lastly, as a fan of WW3 from the very beginning, I was hoping against the introduction of the killcam. A tactical shooter should have some fog of war but with a killcam, the fog of war is completely gone and again makes this game closer to COD. Update (and here are my suggestions) - Make the faster running ability and killcam a pack (like a health or ammo pack) so they are considered special abilities.
  14. Согласен ! Тоже предлагал уже сделать подобный режим , но судя по тому , что нет на форуме одобренных и отклоненных предложений - форум никто из разработчиков не читает !
  15. Выводы основанные на двух днях игры на "Тесте ветеранов" Хотелось бы предложить и озвучить свое мнение по некоторым моментам: 1.Доработать звуки , звуки стрельбы очень "игрушечные" , ходьба в помещении иногда вызывает ощущение , что рядом кто-то ходит , но по факту ты один 2.Вернуть обратно падение при прыжке с большой высоты 3.Убрать начальную анимацию проверки патронника или передергивания затвора оружия (оставить ее только при первом респавне) 4.Добавить хардкорный режим с увеличенным уроном , в котором нет меток направления ведения огня , нет киллкама , нет прицельных точек и т.д. 5.При управлении техникой не чувствуется ее вес , впечатление супер легкой техники , хотелось бы инерции 6.Геймплей - он стал какой-то слишком быстрый и "мясной" , схожий на COD или BF , в прежней версии он был лучше , более тактический и размеренный как мне показалось 7.Ограничение на использование всего 5 модов в оружие очень расстроило
  16. Citrus

    Helmet Headshots

    Audio is sort of bugged in the current alpha so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was either there and broken or not quite implemented yet. There seems to be a lack of audio feedback on a lot of things right now.
  17. MOBBOB

    Helmet Headshots

    So after playing the new alpha I noticed a FATAL flaw in the game. Take a look at this video and see if you can find the problem. It feels like somethings missing from this clip. And that's because something is. Now just watch the first little bit of this and you will see the problem. Where is the helmet braking sound in the alpha? I know some people did not like it but they just do not understand. Don't make it like before where the whole server heard the noise but please bring it back. Even as an option labeled something like "Legacy Helmet Breaking noise" or something. I'd be more than happy if that was the case,
  18. Ludek500


    Dodajcie dynamiczne cienie proszę.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Isvx5lKB38 this needs to be implemented into the game when the devs claim they are focusing on "playable realism" they better be focusing on "playable realism" adding this toggleable feature would be one good step in the direction in the "playable realism" category if that's what we are going with here... when i aim down a 1x sight it should stay a 1x sight... my character shouldn't have some abnormal cyborg ability that magnifies his vision every time he ads's... it is more noticeable when you run a higher fov since the game has the 1x sights fov set to a specific variable... so once you increase your fov, the distance it has to travel from your current fov to the games set fov is far greater, giving it that horrible magnification effect... i find that if this toggleable feature were to be added, the game would gain little bit more attraction and would allow for a more enjoyable experience given by the preferences that are being met in game, it will as well gain a far better chance of motivation in new players to dive into the game as well as motivate them to stay longer, another thing to note is that [based off of my experience with mw 2019] this would only allow minor balancing issues in the game. i firmly agree that an fov slider does the same thing, you sacrifice some in game balance while on the other hand you are adding a feature that allows for a far more preferred visual experience given by the customization it offers. gunplay would remain mostly the same between each player encounter i believe, only in somewhat rare circumstances would this feature show a minor tactical advantage on the battlefield, like what an fov slider offers, and that is already in the game, so just let that sink in for a minute.... so in conclusion... its just like an fov slider in terms of [similar attributes] and [similar purposes], and is just another amazing feature waiting to be added for a more enjoyable experience on the battlefield...
  20. Will there be an option to disable hit markers? Pubg has me spoiled by the blood mist hits.
  21. hallo zusammen, ich bin auch ein veteran des spiels und zocke es seit anfang an, komme aber leider nicht in den veteran test rein. hat wer eine ahnung, wem gehts genauso?
  22. On some point if we want to make more perfections ( immersive player moments ) in this game we should have some things as this ( finger rest animations ) its should be visible for the view of the other players : In the video you can see finger rest option on one of the weapons as the dude explain it on exactly 2.30 t. My idea is when you aim to shoot your finger should be visible on the right side of the weapon how your finger start to moving from the resetting position to on the trigger position Even more we getting in depth here - no doubt we will make the game alive if du it ! The both hands of the player should move and do something over time should not be so steady ( they are like glued with glue on the palms ) explanation: - we have 5 fingers and palms on one hand they are moving almost separate one of each other depending of the weight and the size of the object and in what position we hold it ( human hand cannot hold object like this without flinching indefinitely ) - if we hold the weapon with right hand on the pistol grip the left hand holds the weapon on lower receiver here this hand should change his position over time randomly from lower reciver to handguard and between - this is a live , immersive , interactive character in game - i have big disagree for the animation when you tilt i'm not understand exactly the Fibonacci curve but - you tilt in a some perfect circle with a well-defined tunnel without any randomness its create feeling of robotic moves ( the weapon should have some deviations in buttstock and barrel position its almost perfectly done when we performing run,moving moving left and right,Vaulting,slide or switching positions or its seem to me ) i will put it simply the deviated animations bring the most live in the game . I hope somebody will read it thanks ...
  23. it is heavier than most handguns. I do not like this.
  24. I would say instead of showing the enemy where he shot from exactly or something like that, the killcam should be a replay of your pov for that exact moment or a 3rd camera replay not too far from your character.
  25. This game is all about being true to realism, correct. Get rid of the kill cam and any direction pointing information about positioning and location. All players will benefit from this.
  26. Yes i'm agree with you its not best gadget in the world but there is but people who want to play maximum as possible stealthy ( as me including ) will have better dedication in this role but as we see it in the link you are not complete invisible - if you have let's say non thermal high magnification optic and wach right on the player or wach tru the IR and the playr with the blanket start to moving hi stand out from the environment in both ways ( yes you can see him this way as in the real world cannot be overpowered but very useful and not for everybody ) .
  27. I'm not too sure about this one myself. The problem is that picking a thermal blanket is a gamble - it is only useful when competing against players who are using thermal optics, and most players with a thermal optic will also have a secondary optic with which they could still see you. I just don't think many people would pick it because it just isn't really that good compared to things like grenades, C4, claymores or the Recon drone. It's too niche in this game to be useful, at least in my opinion.
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