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  2. I was talking about tree's leaves colour though... Now they're all green. In the gigapatch video they are "autumn" theme colored.
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  4. Grey filter is problem of a lot of modern shooters. I vote up, but it's only peak of iceberg.
  5. 1st frame from GigaPatch trailer. 2nd nowadays. 3rd frame - ME.
  6. hi i have been experiencing this problem for a whole week now and i have tried everything, i reinstalled the game, i reinstalled the operating system and i even tried to launch it on my laptop but it still crashed. What happens is after the loading screen i get into the lobby for about one or two seconds, the game freezes but there is still menu music running in background then that stops as well and then i get a crash report on my screen. System specs are below CPU: i7-4790kCPU COOLER: H100i V2 liquid coolerRAM: Corsair Vengence Pro 32GBMOTHERBOARD: Asus Vanguard B85GPU: Zotac GTX 1080 AMP Extreme SSD: 120GB Kingston Hyper X SavageHDD: 6TB Segate Barracuda DrivePSU: 1000Watt Cougar CMX 80+ GOLD
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  8. It's hard to believe, but month ago I thought about same suggestion. Bump up!
  9. Believe me or not, but I don't like how UAVs work since the BF2. What is UAV in BF and BF-like games? It's wallhack'ish thing that DGAF how deep u bury urself under the ground, how many meters and layers of concrete is above u - it'll show enemies were exactly u r hiding. That is what I find genuinely wrong with how UAVs work. This is what current UAVs in WW3 are: Flying Eye being the cheapest one is also the most often used. Its weakness is the low altitude and low HP amount, so it can be destroyed with fire from the handheld weapon pretty easily. Barracuda has higher altitude, more HP and its advantage is the ability to mark enemies in the 3D world, showing their position when there was pulse. When this ability was added, there was very mixed reaction. Many called it legal wallhack. Me personally doesn't like this feature as it gives to big advantage to attackers. OTV. Invulnerable, but has 180 secs CD and even though it is scanning all map it's being the least used reconnaissance strike. So, my discontent: even the cheapest strike reveals the positions of enemies even though they can be under the ground. U simply can't hide. And 3D spot is too strong feature. How I'm suggesting to fix this: 1st. Flying Eye and OTV now can spot enemies ONLY if they "see" them. Simplified for Flying Eye - in its AoE it is as if Flying Eye is above evey spot, so some walls would not work as covers. Player is in the open fields and there is UAV above - there is mark on the map. Player is under the roof - player is safe from being spotted. Covers now will matter. 2nd. Barracuda can spot enemies through the roofs, obstacles, under the ground etc. BUT its ability to mark enemies with 3D spot rombs is DISABLED. 3rd. To balance it Flying Eye's cost is again back to 500 BPs. Barracuda has the same stats. OTV now has the same 90 secs CD as Barracuda and its cost is now 1500. 4th. Reaper jammer is now 800 BPs as with the decreased effectiveness of reconnaissance UAVs it will be too good. Add to it its ability to block spawns(when fixed). Why I think it can be implemented? If we will look at icons of the supply crates on the battlefield, we will see, that any obstacle is hiding them from our vision. I'm sure same thing can be implemented for UAVs, where obstacles will hide soldiers form Flying Eye's "eye" and soldier's icon will disappear from the map. So, this is my idea of how UAVs should work. I'm sure it's controversial, but this will bring peace to my mind and I will not ask myself how this Flying Eye is seeing me through the layers of concrete.
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  11. if you find me quad in the middle of game than i'll get u a beer. Where am i asking for this?? I only say "i regret that..."
  12. When u have 12.7mm MGs mounted on ur HeliDrone one of the cameras, one that can move freely, is misplaced. No problems with 7.62mm MG pods; ZF233, Hydra rocket pods.This is how it looks like.
  13. U almost can't see Lock message when ur Strikes are not ready or on cooldown. When strikes are ready to use - u simply can't see anything. Devs, move plz locking message so it will be below/above the strikes bar.
  14. On the gif below we can see what priority have different types of munition. Currently it looks like this: Game consecutively offers u to refill Hand Grenades > Mines > RPG Grenades. 1 full equipment pack allows u to fully refill all ur munition: 2 grenades, 2 mines and 2+1 RPG grenades. But if the equipment pack isn't full and u r trying to defend CP vs some armored vehicle I don't think that 2 hand grenades will help u that much. SO, my offer is to rework refilling a little so that RPG grenades will have highest priority, after them will be hand grenades and then mines.
  15. Hey, I do apologise for any inconvenience this has made. I have a question, what are your specs? and are you using HDD or SDD? Also please let me know what game settings you have set.
  16. Hey, Thank you for reporting this issue. I will forward this to our team.
  17. As the moderators explained a year ago, there can't be helicopters because they are way too hard to balance. They also don't want people to snipe from the roofs, more on that later. And IMO the maps are just not big enough to justify adding such a fast way of transportation. That being said, a Quad can get you across the maps in less than a minute, so I don't see any need for choppers. They also don't want people to snipe from the roofs. While yes, this could be fixed with a death timer or instakill barrier for infantry. It's still something the devs want no chance of people trying to exploit some mechanics. The developers said no, so stop asking...
  18. i disagree, i don't feel this whole flying in a rc bot. I hoped earlier i could spawn a real chopper, hop into, fly around and shoot just like with tanks and LAVs.
  19. This post is for those who say that devs do not listen to us, who post on forum. BTW, soon u'll understand why this particular pic was chosen as the headline. Apparently, my skullbone is thick enough, so I can pierce fabric of space and time and look into the netherrealm. THX, DEVS.
  20. I'm imagining that it could be for performance reasons, but it could also potentially just be a later priority
  21. As an addition to this, allow us to select "random deployment" in TDM at the bottom. It's on by default, but if you select squad leader spawn you can't deselect it if you change your mind
  22. While with weapons we do almost everything we can imagine, with vehicles we are limited to only changing modules that have functionality. Why won't devs give us the ability to change camouflage of the different modules. I've played a little with copy/pasting and this is how can look T-72 if we will change the camo patterns for its chassis armor. I choose the "greenery" theme. Didn't try much to make it visually compatible but IMO if some are somewhat decent, some are undoubtedly good looking. And gif below shows us T-72 with with swapped camo for chassis armor. And I'll repeat it looks no less then decent.
  23. Currently 2 MRAPs have 1 weak zone - their back. But 1 MRAP is for dmg munchkins like me, and 1 is for casual players. What I mean by this: 1st MRAP has the whole back side as weak zone, and 2nd has only its "winglets" as weak zones and shooting it in the back means u r dealing the same dmg as if u were aiming at the sides. It looks like this. Western MRAP. Eastern MRAP. As we can see there is huge difference in how their weak zones look. And while somebody can say that Western has advantage because it can receive increased dmg only from behind, while Eastern can be destroyed with 2 singlestage and 1 tandem grenades from the sides too, I'm sure a) majority doesn't know about this feature b) only rare perverts like me have high magnification scopes mounted on their RPGs that allow them to land perfectly aimed hits. Moreover, I'm sure majority will aim at the center of the rear side where there door is, assuming that it should be the weak zone and will deal normal, non-increased dmg. So, without knowing what are the weak zones on Eastern MRAP it'll require more grenades than 1 person can carry without equipment pack. And that is why even if u've flanked enemies ur attempt to destroy enemy's MSP can be unsuccessful. Yes, noobs must suffer and devs did this to please me or it was unintentional?
  24. As it is in title. No collision for RPG grenades when hitting wooden floors in 2 cafes in-between A2 and C2 CPs. I presume it can be like this for cannon shells too.
  25. Of course I don't know if they will or not. But if I were to guess I would say they won't. So far we cannot really interact with water in the game at all. Thus, I think this would be something entirely new to code. And I would assume that designing swimming objects (or rather how those objects move over water) is a huge task especially if it is supposed to keep up with the standards of the rest of the game. What do you think will boats add to the game?
  26. F51 didn't implement jets - ok, F51 didn't implement real helis only rc shit - not so good, F51 will implement boats? (Both attack and transport) - if not i'm gonna get very sceptical about this game....
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