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    Preface: I am not a developer or a staff member of either Farm 51 or My.Games. The info presented in this topic is not a release from or creation by either company, but simply a quick series of explanations thrown together by me to answer questions you may have regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge and will be updated if and when new info is revealed regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. [Last Update: September 25th, 2021] Hey there, all! Excitement is once again bubbling up to the surface for World War 3 in leu of the announcement of the Veteran Alpha Test and it's corollary announcement trailer. This has understandably raised questions from those who have just discovered the game, as well as for veterans rediscovering the game following this announcement. I am writing this post in the hopes of answering some of the most frequent questions that have popped up in one easy to digest article of sorts. If there are any questions you might still have after reading, the World War 3 Discord is a great place to ask any of those burning questions. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Links With the exception of a few topics, all of my source material for this post comes from the links down below. One of these links is a newsletter on Steam from Farm51 and My.Games while the other is a link to the superior 60 FPS Veteran Alpha Test announcement video. While I do boil down the article and video here in this post I would urge you to still take a moment and read them and familiarize yourself with the WW3 news page on Steam, as many major announcements and updates are released via this method with plenty of details that might just answer the questions you have. Veteran Alpha Test Trailer: Steam Newsletter: World War 3 - Veteran Alpha Test Playable from September 30 until October 4 - Steam News (steampowered.com) <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 1. Question: What is the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: The Veteran Alpha Test is an opportunity for veteran players of World War 3 to stress test a portion of the revamped version of WW3 that has been under development by Farm51 with the assistance of their publisher My.Games. 2. Question: Who Has Access to the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: Veterans, or those who purchased World War 3 while it was in Early Access on Steam and did not refund the game prior to it being pulled from Steam, are eligible to participate 3. Question: When Does Veteran Alpha Test Start/End? Answer: The Alpha Veteran Test begins September 30th, 2021 at 12:00 GMT and ends October 4th, 2021 at 12:00 GMT 4. Question: Where do I Access the Veteran Alpha Test From? Answer: Assuming you are a Veteran, the Alpha Test will be accessed via the World War 3 PTE, which can be downloaded from your Steam library. Keep in mind the Veteran Alpha Test does not go live until September 30th at 12:00 GMT so downloading the PTE early will not give you an early peak at the game. 5. Question: Where Will Servers be Located for the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: At this time the locations of servers are unknown as they are provided by My.Games. Server locations will be announced at a later date. 6. Question: Is the Veteran Alpha Test Under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Answer: No, there is no NDA for testing, as such you are allowed to stream and record the test as you please. 7. Question: Can I Stream and/or Record the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: See #6 8. Question: Will Veteran Alpha Testers Have Access to All New Features, Weapons, Maps, ETC? Answer: No. Testers will not be given free reign over everything the game has to offer quite yet. Some customization features, maps, and other elements will not be available to Veteran Alpha Testers. We do not know to what extent the content is limited, but the maps that will be available to play are Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw, and Polyarny. 9. Question: I Did Not Purchase World War 3 During Early Access. Is There Any Way I Can Get Access to Veteran Alpha Testing? Answer: Unfortunately if you did not purchase WW3 while it was in Early Access, or refunded it before it was pulled from Steam, there is no way to get access to the Alpha Veteran Tests. This being said, there are plans to widen the pool of testers beyond Veteran players in the future. 10. Question: Is There Anything for Non-Veteran's Interested in the Game to Look Forward to in the Near Future? Answer: Yes! September 29th, 2021 at 17:00 GMT a live stream hosted by the official World War 3 YouTube channel will give those interested in the game a peak into the ongoing development of the game. 11. Question: How Large is the Update/Download? Answer: For the time being we do not have details regarding the size of the update/download, though they will likely be forthcoming in the near future. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> With any luck this FAQ has answered a few questions you might have regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. That being said FAQ's are never a substitute for questions answered by real human beings, so feel free to stop by the Discord or reply to this post if you want to ask questions! Aside from that, I hope to see you all on the battlefield! Best regards, Citrus
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    Dajcie od razu Gackowi i po temacie XD
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    Hey, the update will be published to PTE. You will know ahead of time when it will happen. All available info right now is here. There still are more plans for testing (not just this one) open to everyone, which will expand in content with each one. For this one, it's mainly for server infrastructure tests, gameplay tests, performance tests as well as access for veterans as one of the bonuses available to them.
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    Enjoy the video! --Things of Interest in the Video-- Face options New Face options With our old Soldier friend making their appearance with our new Soldier John being seen again, we also have two new faces joining the party in the form of Xin & Rafal it seems. Uniform options New Country Identification Tags on Uniform options While this is a very small addition to the game admittedly, this is a very welcome one to someone like me who attempts to (9 times out of 10) keep their Soldier as visually accurate to their real life counterparts as much as possible. Sure some were very obvious like the Bundswehr, Spartan Vest, Polish Combat Pants, and etc etc...It's still nice to have that extra layer of confirmation. New Uniform Descriptions Seems the different uniform parts will also be getting some deeper descriptions as well, that way you could really take some things into consideration when making your Soldier. Want your Soldier to look like they've been in a Mountain patrol unit? OLV might be your ideal pick. New Uniform parts with Jackets, Pants, & Gloves from Korea, Japan, & Poland. (Possible) New Camo Patterns New Veteran Beret(?) Map Stuff Brief glimpse of the DMZ Map? A small glimpse of what looks like a new map coming to the game, possibly the DMZ map based in Korea seen long, long, looong ago. Weapon Stuff K2C1 A possible glimpse of the South Korean K2C1 with a 20 round Magazine PBS-4 Suppressor in Development(?) A glimpse of a possible new Russian Suppressor in the works. New AK Alpha Magazine It seems the Alpha has gotten a new Magazine and it seems like it's the same one as the VEPR-18. The only thing really strange though is that the Alpha shoots a 7.62x39 round and the VEPR-18 shoots the 5.45x39 round of ammunition. It might just be a new magazine for the Alpha, but it might be a sign of possible Caliber Conversion coming to WW3. Only time can tell ultimately. UI Stuff Shop & Battle Pass --- Think I found everything of major note. The video was kind of short, but lots of neat little things to be found in it.
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    Probably asking to much for patch notes... But if there was some way I could see what was adjusted or changed in general from a year or two ago that would be appreciated.
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    Killing publicity of hack on twitch, youtube, or websites will drop cheating. To have video evidence, it's hard to know unless one guy dominates everyone with aimhack, but the person may be mistaken as hacker, when he's not.
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    Enjoy the video! --Things of Interest in the Video-- Full Map Rework General stuff Currently it is hard to tell how far exactly the Berlin Map rework has gone between the different game modes, but we can tell for sure that Berlin's rework is extensive beyond what was originally seen in the Developer Update Video. Areas of the map have been completely reworked with new places for Players to explore/fight in, new lighting & textures (which we already knew), new models & objects placed around the map to offer cover, strong points to hold, and so much more. Here are some screenshots to show some of the changes to the map. One thing I find rather strange is how night & day different the map is designed between the game modes. Here are two screenshots of what I mean, one from the Developer Update video, and one from this recent map spotlight video. Some changes are to be expected to make the map fit the gameplay a bit better, but some of these changes seem like head scratchers. Game Modes Warzone (?) Breakthrough After watching the video enough, I've come to the conclusion that the video is taking place on the Breakthrough version of Berlin as multiple M-Com objective points have been spotted. As to which M-Com points they are exactly, that remains to be seen. Team Deathmatch (?) - Not a whole lot to really bring up, the video was rather short, and we only really seem to have seen the changes made to the Breakthrough version of Berlin rather than Berlin for all of the game modes. I could be wrong also of course, but it does seem that way so far. Overall it looks a lot nicer with the colors popping out, the new lighting, and such. How it's all going to impact gameplay however, that remains to be seen. Still cool stuff all the same!
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    Try what is written in a linked theme. https://steamcommunity.com/app/736220/discussions/0/3128289956327931603/ Lately the problem with Intel 10-11th series CPU was the origin of the 90% problems with connect. And this fixed for all(?) of them.
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    Idea for stoping the growing problem who will become ( destroying the reality of fight ) as every game with it don't getting me wrong kill cam is good thing ! The kill cam should have some delay ( its should be careful decide to not be too long ) and not real time before show you who and from where kill you - in this way the players have a chance to fulfill realistick fight. Otherwise 2 battles out of 3 end as follows - killing a player he told to his friends / squadmates exactly weare you are exactly same moment this automatically eliminate any chance for deviation in any battles and bringing only frustration and elimination for any tactical actions . People please think seriously for about this ( here we have 100% nonsense and the game become arcade style ) i think this is exactly what nobody want here the gunfight is the core in this game...
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    I'm purely just not interested in seeing it added. I already feel players are given far more information than they deserve just because they died (short of who their killer was & if it's a Teammate that needs to be punished.) This new one is taking the extra step by showing Players where their Attacker is, the direction they're currently facing, and where exactly they're moving to (if at all.) It's being pitched as a learning tool for players and apparently as a mean countering Hackusations. Players have adapted just fine without this sort of kill cam and Hackusations will continue no matter what sort of information is given. Some Players just get overly salty and call Hacks as a means of not accepting they either did something dumb or they got bested in the moment. Another reason I have a problem with this coming Kill Cam is that it completely counters one of the core design philosophies of the game and that is the belief of superior positioning on the map. (EG: The person on the high ground is in a more advantageous position to engage enemies on the hill on the opposing side compared to their teammate who is down in the gully between the hills.) The Kill Cam revealing your position actually endangers your superior positioning to the enemy because the People you killed can report your exact location. Now that superior position you were using has become compromised and it's because you killed a Player in it. It's not because they spotted you before they died, it's not because a UAV/Barracuda/whatever was in the area revealing it. No, your position is revealed because you killed a player and they took that information (that they only got because they died) to give it to their team to expose your flank on them. But, if there is no choice but to accept further undeserved information being given, then I will just accept that I will need to try to rally Community support for a "Hardcore", "Authentic", or whatever sub-game mode for Warzone, Breakthrough, TDM, and whatever other future game modes are added.
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    For me, I don't like kill cams at all. It takes away too much of the fog of war and becomes too COD-ish. We currently have hit direction which is a perfect compromise IMO.
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    KONKURS Z OKAZJI "VETERAN ALPHA TEST" DLA POLSKIEGO COMMUNITY OD 30.09 DO 04.10 Administracja Team GiD wraz z administracją grupy World War 3 (World War 3 Polska ✔ | Facebook) organizuje dla Was konkurs w którym będziecie mogli wygrać BATTLE PASS na PREMIERĘ World War 3. Nagradzamy 3 najlepsze wyniki uzyskane w trybie TACTICAL OPS (dawniej WARZONE). Co trzeba zrobić: Trzeba grać i uzyskać jak najwyższy wynik w meczu. Screenshoty z wynikiem publikujecie w tym temacie czyli poniżej . Pracownicy The Farm 51 i My Games nie biorą udziału w konkursie. Powodzenia i miłej zabawy!
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