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    Not optimization, not content, not meta/balance changes. WW3's biggest issue to this day, IMO, is the October 2018 launch. Somewhere over 10K people tried to play, and very few could get in. It left a very poor and defining reputation on the game. I still see this issue referenced above all others in forums/reddit when anyone mentions WW3. It was very unfortunate and arguably poorly handled, regarding the launch. But I think it's a real shame that people are ignoring the game because of that. The EA period hasn't been totally smooth, and that hasn't helped. But I really think if that launch issue didn't occur, the game would have grown a decent-sized core community that stuck around. In a gaming industry of billion dollar corporations (and even some indies) compromising their games to sell MTX, ignoring players to chase trends, etc., TF51 is genuinely trying to make an uncompromised game that both they and the players want to play. Black Matter with their WW2 game is doing something very similar. So I just wanted to remind players: Even though launch was poor, even though you may be disgruntled with balance changes or content, even if performance isn't good for you... The Farm 51 are the good guys. Abandoning and ridiculing them is not good for gaming. I know market forces are more powerful than one forum post, but those of you still checking in, please consider this and potentially defending WW3 when you see negative comments on forums/social media. The game deserves critique in certain areas, but it deserves praise in many others and it is very deserving of a second chance.
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    Thank you for understanding! Developers are working every day to bring 1.0 closer to release and you guys will be surprised how many cool things are planned to come with 1.0 and after that.
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    Hey guys, I know game development is no easy thing, but it would be great if we could have some time frame for the next couple of updates. It seems to be pretty much radio silence when it comes to the movement update as it has been "coming soon" for months now. I would like to at least have some idea what "soon" is if that is at all possible, as I am quite hyped for it but am now a little confused as to when it is supposed to happen.
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    Also: We're getting a total sound rework, happening right now.
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    Lets try to build really ridiculous weapons! Tiny SMG with a big sniper scope, Super shorty sniper shotgun and triple-laser SMG! Add some country music and lets go!
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    Day by day we are getting closer to deadline of "release date" (1st half of 2020) and there is still no 0.9 update. I`ve got it... As it was with iPhones - there was no 9th (6, 7, 8,... 10!), same for Windows (7, 8, 8.1,.... 10!). The same for ww3, so stop waiting 0.9, lets just wait 1.0
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    Why there are air conditioner outside units placed inside?
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    Damn that virus panic - grocery stores shelves are empty!
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    Hi, I'd like to post a question regarding devlogs, which were announced it the Weekly Raport #48 10/02/2020. Could you provide a link to a subpage or a dev-stream [twitch/any other platform] on which we could receive answers/news on the current game development? The [small] playerbaes is awaiting your reply. ================================================================================================================================================ Chciałbym się dowiedzieć gdzie na bieżąco można śledzić devlogi, które zapowiedziane zostały w raporcie tygodniowym #48 z 10.02.2020 słowami "Witajcie w epoce Devloga!". Czy istnieje jakaś podstrona lub czy są prowadzone dev-streamy [eng/pl] gdzie będzie dostęp do informacji o rozwoju gry? Jeśli tak to proszę o linki. [Jakkolwiek (nie)wiele osób] Czeka na waszą odpowiedź....
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    o____O No, math doesnt work like that 0.07 and 0.7 are not the same
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    Hey Folks So needed to take a bit of a break to relax my gears a bit before I start my next big suggestion series where I will be covering the WW3 Meta game. Before I get into that though, I wanted to do something a little special for my 300th forum post and I figured I would give my 300th forum post to a gun suggestion post since It's what I've done the most. That and I already have the third round of gun suggestions of mine completed. So, we have the 300th suggestion post, for the 3rd round of gun suggestions, 3rd Submachine gun to suggest, and on the 3rd month of the year. A lot of 3s going on here... Anyways! I figured I had not covered a South American country just yet in my recent weapon suggestion posts and I would be nice in keeping my North American biasness in check for once (I know, I'm a horribly bias American), Today I will be covering the Venezuelan prototype Bullpup Submachine gun, the Caribe. One quick thing to note though before we get started- Ignoring the controversial politics surrounding this gun. I'm not going to talk about all the Politics currently revolving around Venezuela or the Caribe SMG itself. This is a gun suggestion post for WW3 and the real life problems of Venezuela are a separate matter from this post. If someone wants to talk about the problems Venezuela is currently facing, here is a link to the off-topic section of the forums. Don't bring Venezuela's political matters to this post, please. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Caribe. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The Caribe- Real life information behind the Caribe Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game SMGs and suggested SMGs with the Caribe. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the Caribe should have Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the Caribe should have ---- Section 1 - The Caribe Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the Caribe. Caribe - Armament Research Caribe - VeneArmy Extra Information sources. Caribe - Gun Wiki Caribe - Armament Research The C-Caribe or CAVIM-Caribe, was first revealed in 2018 when the President of CAVIM (Compañia Anonima Venezolana de Industrias Militares) presented a replica to the General Commander of the Venezuelan Military, Jesús Suárez Chourio. Though little is known currently about the weapon, it features an obvious bullpup design using a hammer fired system, has select fire, fires standard 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition, capable of a fire rate of upwards of 1,200 rounds a minute, only weighs in at 3.42 kilograms or 7.53 pounds, and has a threaded barrel that allows for suppressors to be attached to it. Though a rather aesthetically pleasing sub machine gun, Bullpup sub machine guns are rather rare as the design takes a type of weapon that is usually small (Sub Machine Guns), and attempts to make the concept even smaller using a Bullpup design which tends to result in design problems that are both hard to work around & resolve. So, as it stands currently, it's hard to say what the future has in store for the Venezuelan Caribe. So if the gun was to be added to the game, what playstyle would the gun favor, and most importantly where exactly would it stand when compared to the other SMGs? ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons In terms of playstyle, the Caribe should favor both the highly aggressive attackers and defensive attackers that are experienced SMG users at very close to close range engagements. While the gun should boast both a high automatic fire rate and near laser beam like accurate semi-automatic fire mode because of it being a 9mm Bullpup. It should come at the cost of the weapon lacking in the full auto precision department, having a slower reload speed for being a bullpup, and most importantly lack the ability to attach any grips/bipods (because of the weapon's design.) The "experienced" aspect of all this comes from players just generally knowing when it's time to switch to semi-automatic fire mode, when to fire in short, controlled bursts of full auto fire, and when to slam that trigger back to let rip a storm of lead. All three of which is only obtained through...well, time. Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the Caribe vs. other SMGs in the game and of course any gun with (S) in it's name is a suggested gun I've suggested and it's not actually in the game itself. Like always the color coding works as shown below. Green - The gun is better compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Yellow - The gun is equal or competitive compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Red - The gun is worse compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and avoid making a massive amount of variables to take into consideration. Caribe proposed and compared stats. Caribe Effective ranges: 35m (28 damage.) Damage decreases at 36m - 135m (27 damage) SIG: 60m (28 damage.) Damage decreases at 61m - 135m (27 damage) DMG Nine-Milli: 45m (26 damage.) Damage decreases at 46m - 135m (15 damage) Glauberyt: 60m (33 damage.) Damage decreases at 61m - 135m (25 damage) VITYAZ: 60m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 61m - 135m (20 damage) (S) APC45: 50m (36 damage.) Damage decreases at 51m - 135m (22 damage) (S) SCAR-SC: 30m (36 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 135m (24 damage) Caribe Weight: 7.43 SIG: 6.5 DMG Nine-Milli: 3.45 Glauberyt: 4.2 VITYAZ: 5.4 (S) APC45: 6.5 (S) SCAR-SC: 8.95 Caribe Recoil: 0.35 SIG: 0.64 DMG Nine-Milli: 0.8 Glauberyt: 0.68 VITYAZ: 0.7 (S) APC45: 0.7 (S) SCAR-SC: 0.43 Caribe Spread: 0.58 SIG: 0.35 DMG Nine-Milli: 0.55 Glauberyt: 0.54 VITYAZ: 0.4 (S) APC45: 0.3 (S) SCAR-SC: 0.6 Caribe Reload time: 4.5 Seconds SIG: 4.3 Seconds DMG Nine-Milli: 3.1 Seconds Glauberyt: 3.1 Seconds VITYAZ: 2.8 Seconds (S) APC45: 4.6 Seconds (S) SCAR-SC: 4.0 Seconds Caribe Rate of Fire: 1000 RPMs SIG: 770 RPMs DMG Nine-Milli: 780 RPMs Glauberyt: 650 RPMs VITYAZ: 700 RPMs (S) APC45: 800 RPMs (S) SCAR-SC: 580 RPMs Caribe Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum SIG: 9x19mm Parabellum DMG Nine-Milli: 5.7x28mm Glauberyt: 9x18mm Makarov VITYAZ: 9x19mm Parabellum (S) APC45: .45 ACP (S) SCAR-SC: .300 BLK Caribe Muzzle Velocity: 450 m/s SIG: 425 m/s DMG Nine-Milli: 525 m/s Glauberyt: 360 m/s VITYAZ: 380 m/s (S) APC45: 330 m/s (S) SCAR-SC: 675 m/s Caribe Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 SIG: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 DMG Nine-Milli: HDPE: 5 / PTLN: 6 / Cer: 8 / STL: 10 Glauberyt: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 10 / STL: 14 VITYAZ: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 (S) APC45: HDPE: 4 / PTLN: 5 / Cer: 13 / STL: 17 (S) SCAR-SC: HDPE: 4 / PTLN: 5 / Cer: 6 / STL: 8 With this out of the way we move on to special features. ---- Section 3 - Special Features No Lower Options - Self explained in the name, the Caribe clearly was not designed in mind of People being able to add different frontal grips to the gun, if it actually was...I don't see it. So, I would suggest the following in exchange- Caribe Unique "Grip" - Have the Caribe's "grip" reduce horizontal recoil on it's own behind the scenes sort of speak. Reduced First Shot Recoil - Again like I stated up top way prior to this; the Caribe should have a very accurate semi-automatic fire mode because the gun is both a Bullpup and a 9mm gun. No 60 Round Magazine - To keep the Caribe from stepping on the toes of both the DMG Nine-Millie & VITYAZ, the Caribe should only have access to 20 & 30 round Magazines. It makes it a little more like the "bog standard SMG." But, with a 1000 RPMs, a 60 round Drum is just asking for the magazine to become a no Brainer choice. No Long Barrel - To keep the Caribe in that close-medium range engagement zones, I would completely forego adding a Long Barrel option. Short barrel stock for the most effective CQC option and Medium barrel for getting a bit more reach. ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything like that. Just a quick mention of what customization options the Caribe should and should not have access to in my opinion, Primary Sights All Sights optional Secondary Sights All Sights optional Barrels Medium Barrel Short Barrel Muzzles All Muzzles optional Lower None Side All side mounts optional Magazines 20 Round Magazine 30 Round Magazine Ammunition All (Gun) Ammunition Types optional As for bodyparts, the gun is a Prototype currently, so no aftermarket parts I'm afraid. And with that we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of the Caribe, or at the very least the general concept of it. I know Asia is where the Theater of War is expanding into next. But, I wanted to suggest something nobody else had before and it be something from South America where we tend to rarely see weapons from (not saying we don't EVER see weapons from South America, just saying that we rarely tend to.) The hour grows late though and I still have to get my metaphorical ducks in order for the WW3 Meta Game suggestion series. Till the next suggestion post however... Have a good one folks!
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    players are the biggest issue, just players. Those who cant understand what "Early access" means. Those who froze onto a minor bug a year ago and checked only the same minor bug recently say that nothing changed since the launch. Like "ohmagad! this grip on my gun is shifted 2 inches closer than it should be! This bug is in the game since 0.1!!11111111111 Game is ded nothing changeeeed!111 Im gonna make a fckn deadly review on steam right noww!11111"
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    I've disabled the visual hitmarkers because I like the realism - PUBG is one of the few mainstream shooters out there (mainstream only because of its role in popularizing battle royale shooters I reckon) that doesn't feature any hit markers. I kind of want an option to disable even audio feedback now that I've noticed it.
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    Hey Folks Time for another "Weapons that could enhance WW3" and this time around I figured I would cover one more Revolver before looking into some non-Revolvers. But, importantly I wanted to find something from France as the French currently don't have any weapon representation in the game. Well, what better French "Revolver" than the most highly regarded one around, the MR73? That and I also needed a little break from trying to think up suggestions for the WW3 Metagame...Seriously the WW3 Metagame suggestion stuff is currently kicking my backside...But, anyways! If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the MR73 ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The MR73 - Real life information behind the MR73. Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game Pistols and suggested Pistols with the MR73. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the MR73 should have. Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the MR73 should have. ---- Section 1 - MR73 Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the MR73. MR73 - Forgotten Weapons (Looking for more after some rest) Extra Information sources. MR73 - Modern Firearms MR73 - Wiki The Manurhin MR73 combat revolver was designed by the Manurhin company in 1973 and currently stands as one of, if not the single most highly regarded Revolver in the world. This is do in part to the fact that the company designed the MR73 around a list of demands put forward by GIGN (or maybe the French Gendarmerie.) One of those particular demands was that the gun needed to be able to withstand having 100 or more rounds of full power .357 magnum, fired out of it every day, for the entire life span of the Revolver. This was achieved with the Revolver barrel being created through a cold hammering process which not only gave the barrels much more notable longevity in their use, it also made the Resolver exceedingly more accurate as well, and in GIGN's line of work accuracy is key to getting the job done right. Though the MR73 is primarily seen now as a ceremonial revolver of GIGN, the weapon hasn't actually been officially retired, and given the amount of freedom of weapon choice GIGN operators have...the weapon is very likely to never officially retire till it simply cannot keep up with the times anymore and even at that point the weapon will probably still be held as a ceremonial weapon. So if the gun was to be added to the game, what playstyle would the gun favor, and most importantly where exactly would it stand when compared to the other Handguns? ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons In terms of playstyle, the MR73 without a doubt needs to favor players that are precision shooters, not players that like to put large volumes of lead into the air. Featuring high accuracy, damage, and modest recoil. But, at the cost of being slightly heavier than the average pistol (mainly for balance reasons), slightly slower rate of fire than average, and slower than average reload speed. Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the MR73 vs. the other Pistols. Any gun with (S) before it's name is a gun I have suggest that isn't actually in the game and like always the color coding works as shown below. Green - The gun is better compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Yellow - The gun is equal or competitive compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Red - The gun is worse compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and avoid making a massive amount of variables to take into consideration. MR73 proposed and compared stats. MR73 Effective ranges: 25m (46 damage.) Damage decreases at 26m - 135m (30 damage) G17: 60m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 75m - 135m (20 damage) Ragun: 60m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 75m - 135m (20 damage) Lebedev: 60m (31 damage.) Damage decreases at 75m - 135m (27 damage) (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 15m (36 damage.) Damage decreases at 16m - 135m (18 damage) (S) VP70M: 30m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 135m (20 damage) MR73 Weight: 3.10 G17: 1,33 Ragun: 1.55 Lebedev: 2.35 (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 2.00 (S) VP70M: 1.80 MR73 Recoil: 0.55 G17: 0.95 Ragun: 1.0 Lebedev: 1.1 (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 0.55 (S) VP70M: 0.75 MR73 Spread: 0.2 G17: 0.3 Ragun: 0.2 Lebedev: 0.25 (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 0.36 (S) VP70M: 0.3 MR73 Reload time: 3.2 Seconds G17: 2.6 Seconds Ragun: 2.6 Seconds Lebedev: 2.6 Seconds (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 3.6 Seconds (S) VP70M: 3.6 Seconds MR73 Rate of Fire: Depends on the Shooter G17: 600 Ragun: 600 Lebedev: 600 (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: Depends on the Shooter (S) VP70M: 450 (Semi) / 2000 (Burst) MR73 Caliber: .357 Magnum G17: 9x19mm Parabellum Ragun: 9x19mm Parabellum Lebedev: 9x18mm Makarov (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 7.62x42mm SP-4 (S) VP70M: 9x19mm Parabellum MR73 Muzzle Velocity: 674 m/s G17: 375 m/s Ragun: 360 m/s Lebedev: 319 m/s (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: 300 m/s (S) VP70M: 274 m/s MR73 Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 8 / STL: 12 G17: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 Ragun: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 Lebedev: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 10 / STL: 14 (S) OTs-38 Stechkin: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 8 / STL: 12 (S) VP70M: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 With this out of the way we move on to special features which we have a little to work with. ---- Section 3 - Special Features Short, Medium, & Long Barrel Options - The MR37 should have access to all three types of barrels with the Medium barrel being the Stock barrel. MR73 2.5x Scope - The "Sniper Scope" of the MR73 and it should require the Long Barrel to be attached in order to be equipped. MR73 Bipod - The Bipod of the MR73 and it should require the Long Barrel to be attached in order to be equipped. No Muzzle Options - Self explained and mainly for balance. No "Magazine" Options - It's a Revolver...A Speed Loader maybe, but no increased "magazines." WW3 isn't an Old Cowboy Show/Movie after all. One Hit Headshot - Should a player hit someone in the Unprotected Head with the MR73, it should result in a instant kill. ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything like that. Just a quick mention of what customization options the MR73 should and should not have access to in my opinion, Primary Sights All Pistol Options Barrels Long Barrel Medium Barrel (Stock) Short Barrel Muzzles None Side All Pistol Options Magazines 6 Rounds Ammunition All (Gun) Ammunition Types optional As for cosmetic bodyparts, maybe some Developer creative made grips. But, it's a Revolver and there isn't really a lot you can do with a Revolver in terms of making it look really unique without performance changes, especially a slightly older revolver like the MR73. And with that this brings the post an end. I hope everyone likes my suggestion for the MR73, or at least the general idea of it even if not exactly what I'm suggesting. I have a feeling the Devs have already looked or possibly added this weapon to their "Secret Developers list of Guns to add." But, all the same I wanted to put it forward "just in case" sort of speak and really the France could use a little more representation beyond some Voice Overs & Uniform. Plus the Community really wants a Revolver, this thing would ideally pack a big punch, and People can meme with it if they wish to attempt to use it as a Sniper Pistol. Anyways, I'm dog tired and need to get some sleep. After some rest I will look into making fixes, corrections, and all that jazz. For now though, sleeeeep. But, till the next suggestion post... Have a good one folks!
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    Let me guess: u r relatively new to WW3, right? Otherwise u'll know that current WZ maps are MEDIUM size maps. And that there are WZ Large maps for 60 players. How they look like u can see if u connect to a Breakthrough mode servers. Because the map size was reduced. Current WZ maps are for 40 players. Player count was reduced to 30 due to server performance issues and closer to release it will be(?) reverted. WW3 is closer to old pre 2008 year Battlefield games where running up to a minute wasn't something unusual. Here u can enter any fight in half of a minute. Yes, it's not the modern CoDlike pace. U can always call in quad bike or buggy. It's only 500BPs. And lastly, devs have said that current maps are being reworked to make them more balanced.
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    Was reported many times and long ago. Too lazy to add links though. Infra BW is "whiting out". Infra BW inverted is "blacking out". Thermal View is "blueing out".
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    I'm finally butthurt enough to create this theme even though I was thinking about it for months. There is one problem with my "dear" "team"mates. These... morons often use MRAP as battle vehicle. And why not? U have armored vehicle that wouldn't be destroyed fast and u have mounted 7,62mm MG with sniper rifle accuracy and 200 rounds. So, we take MRAP, even if it was hid behind something, and go fighting. Yuhuuu! And here appears one problem. I don't know is it rly because of this, but from my observations when 1st and 2nd seats are occupied - u CAN'T spawn in MRAP. This is how it looks like. Take into account previous part about ppl like to use it as battle vehicle, so they are sitting in it for quite a significant time and u can't spawn in it all this time and u'll understand why I'm suggesting to: make the 3-8 seat to be a default spawn place. First, ppl who will spawn in MRAP would not see the RCWS's crosshair and there would be much less temptation to sit in MRAP and shoot at ppl. Second, even if 2 first seats are occupied - u still will be able to spawn. Plz, it's among the few things that are rly pissing me off when playing WW3. BTW, 2 guys in MRAP on the screenshot rolled into the C1 CP and were blown up with RPG 10 secs later... Vote up or I'll curse u so that all the MRAPs in ur game will be like that one above!!!
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    got new record today: 22 fps on Smolensk, 24 on Polarny... wow...
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    @DoctorMcBatman - Iam not saying I don´t have a +2k PC rig, which took me four years before I could spare the money to buy it! Iam saying NOT everybody can do that. - You said it, mixing ram GENERALLY works, I personally don´t like to risk money especially on something that is bound to be obsolite sooner then later. When I bought more ram, I only had one PC, but knew it´s not going to hold up to much longer. Spending €100 on more ram was quite a decision, because I could basically build a new PC with €300, that´s if I had another €200 to spare at the time. Which brings to the next decision, if I did build a new €300 PC, my simulators would not run smoothly either, so the benefit was not in cue with what I wanted to do. Putting in ram was just a band-aid that cost me €100. Here´s the exact store and ram, but cost was €100 8 months ago... G-Skill Sniper 1866MHz DDR-3 DCL-9 Do you really think Iam going to spend another €60 just to play WW3? Just for the record, I don´t buy from eBay or used. Flight simulators may, or may not be considered games. Most civil flight simulators are used for training, and or to practise procedures, or to practise ATC protocols (see PilotEdge), because real flight hours cost money! Not everybody has a full blown homemade cockpit like the video I posted, but what alot of serious flight simmers have in common is a dedicated flight PC. That could be with 1, 2 or 3 monitors, added modules or what ever configuration they can afford, all the way up to a full blown B737 cockpit. I doubt anybody who spends thousands of $ on a home built cockpit like that will think his simulator is a simple game... There´s a reason why flight simmers go through all that trouble, the least thing they need is there PC to crap out on them. World photorealistic scenery, real world elevation data, real-time true weather engine, now add a fully modled working B747, air traffic and possible real-time ATC controller. All in real-time, ALL the world and no loading screen trasitions. Happy now? @Enigma Kai Tak (HGK) that´s a tricky landing, especially if you never landed there before. DCS in VR and a bit more
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    macros are almost undetectable. But "almost" doesnt mean 100%... And usage of such bullsh!t is a shame
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    @DoctorMcBatman I don´t know were you get you´re prices, but here in EU they are NOT the same. First, you need the same RAM, and if your set up is 2x4, that means you need another 2x4 stick set to get to 16GB of the same exact brand/type/speed/CL of RAM. Then you have to find it, and pay for it if you were lucky to find it, and I mean NEW sticks. My case some months ago, and paid €100 for a pair of 4GB of G-Skills Snipers. It´s NOT my first built BTW. One stick went bad for some odd reason which had me going crazy trying to figure out what was going on with my PC, and yes I did check to remove my RAM stick to see if that was the cause at first. Bottom line.... - Unless this i5 blows up, I wont use my other rig for run of the mill games (sorry FPS lovers). - If I can play all the mentioned games and have as much fun or more, why should I bother with WW3. - Dealt with fanbois many times, so don´t bother cuz I wont continue this pin-pong. A question was asked (Why you don´t play WW3 anymore) and I gave my opinion, of which I think I extended long enough. I don´t need strangers questioning me about if it´s true or not. Meet me on some HLL, Squad, Insurgency SS server to find out... BTW they ALL use the same engine! Red...out
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    I have no screenshots, but today I destroyed enemy quadcopter with first aid kit...
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    Having absolutely zero experience in game developing I'm curios: Devs, when u r adding identical objects, how it looks like? 1. U create an object, set ALL the properties/parameters, and the copy-paste them in the places u want them to be. 2. U create an object, put it in the place where it should be and then MANUALLY start to set the properties/parameters. Why I'm asking this: one of the main problems with maps in WW3 is that many objects are bulletproof. For example. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10982-082-breakthrough-bulletproof-bushes-near-b1-b2-stations/&tab=comments#comment-52251 https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10540-bulletproof-trees-and-bushes-on-warsaw/&tab=comments#comment-50521 https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10983-082-bulletproof-tree-on-a2-station/&tab=comments#comment-52252 And some bushes give u cover that can save even from tank shells. And as u see, all these objects are more or less identical. But some are bulletproof and some aren't. It's just today 1 little flower in pot saved enemy's live by blocking my sniper rifle's bullet. And he was with AR... So I've spent some time running on Warsaw TDM shooting at these flowers. And being visually identical some are blocking the bullets and some do not. And it's confusing me. So, is it 1 or is it 2? Pots with "lifeguard" flowers. There are many of them on Warsaw TDM.
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    Es freut mich sehr, that in WW3 weapon camo patterns have so-called "Different Materials" part. And having the golden weapon in WW3 means... nothing. Sorry, BF/CoD guys. BUT! Even though WW3 has all these color sets and patterns it IMO lacks particular one. One that is for tough guys with balls of steel. Yes, there is no steel camo for tough guys. Some weapons, Pecheneg for example, have steel set as default, but the problem is that majority of weapons in the game are blued/oxidised and their default color is Black. Tochnost' rifle below. And again BUT! I definitely know that under this coating there is steel. I mean in game, not in reality. I was able to make rifle's receiver out of steel. But only in menu, in game it'll be back to black. It means that this "steel color" exists and can be applied to all weapons. Devs, PLZ, could u add the "steel" to "material" part of the camo customization menu? So I would be able to make it as the coating is worn out and my scope or rifle's barrel now have their natural steel color.
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    To me as well!! Even the Smolensk NO FOG bug still works I also now get hugh FPS drops even in TDM i have to use FPS lock now. Did something changed at the Servers tickrate as??? With every Patch we get a little bit closer to NO RELEASE it feels like...is it on purpose??? As the game was so much fun back at Patch 0.6!!! But now... even more crashes,jumping around people,texture errors still,fall under map in TDM,wrong attachment stats,stupid double reload your weapon after using medkit and many more.There are so many bugs that are so anyoing but game related and important for gameplay.To me instead of fixing the repair pad crash bug other things are more important. FIX bugging vehicles maybe would be great cos they are game related.You can not kill with them sometimes.Or even worse when you get out you are not realy there but you can kill everyone I have this bug since Patch 0.4 Just watch till 1:30 then i teleport back to where i entered the RCWS If you now ask me how i do it...i just get in when somone is driving. Then when i get out i am invisibel and sometimes NOT able to cap flags. Then i start kill people at the flag till i teleport back to where i entered the vehicle. To me it looks like they pay attention to bugs that could be fixed later but real bugs ....Naaa it´ll be fine I dont know how to say but Patches should make thing better i thought??
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    Hallo Leute, nachdem mein erster Post verschwunden ist nun Anlauf Nummer zwei ich möchte einfach mal was positives los werden nachdem das Game leider viel Hate ab bekommen hat ^^ ja es gibt viele Legg‘s, Server zusammen Brüche und Bug‘s, aber mal ehrlich, ihr seid aufm richtigen Weg, ihr habt ein klasse Game geschaffen und es macht mega Laune Es sind vor allem die kleine Dinge die euch von Konkurrenten wie Battlefield, CoD und anderen unterscheiden, besonders das taktische Vorgehen ^^ klar sind noch viele Verbesserungen zu schaffen, aber es ist nun mal auch noch Early Access!!!! macht weiter so, freue mich noch auf viele tolle Stunden ^^ Gruß Toostrong
  27. 1 point
    OK, I honestly believe this is a HUGE issue that is plaguing the game and no one is noticing. The maps are absurdly ginormous. It was a good idea. WW3 is a war that would be grand in scale, and grand 60 person battles deserve grand maps. But this game suffers from little to no player count. If the game is on the verge of dying because no one is playing it, then it is too small to support maps of this size. Also the outer portions of the maps (including the areas that have the spawns) are a wasteland of useless area. There are vast areas that players NEVER fight in at all. Some maps have the spawns of one team much further from the capture zones than the other team. These areas have no useful purpose to the game. And the biggest reason that this is a major problem, is that it forces the player to spend endless time traveling form location to location. There is already a low player count. You cannot have players running around empty maps just HOPING to run into someone to shoot. This is the type of thing that is ruining the gameplay experience. Even with the ATV's and other vehicles, the spaces are just too large. And there is usually not a vehicle around when you need one. It would be easy to modify the current warzone maps to cut out the useless dead areas of travel. Either consolidate the maps themselves (ie delete the empty areas in between the spawns and the capture zones). Or move the spawns closer to the capture zones. This would instantly force players up against eachother, and give the illusion of a far more populated game world. P.S. I know that you are planning on bumping the player count from 30 to 60. But doing that won't be enough to eliminate the pointless traveling from spawn to the combat zones. It will only make the battle at the combat zone more exciting.
  28. 1 point
    When u lie down on the ground while looking at the A2 CP through the archway - u'll see that the distant wall is disappearing. It doesn't block projectiles and u can attack ppl on the A2 CP. When lying down no-scoped distance starts from 110-115m. When ADS u have to be a little closer, wall is disappearing ~90m far from u.
  29. 1 point
    everytime i get near the jeep car i get stuck with it, my movement laggy and sticky. after i active any skill like dron or anything my main weapon go invisible, all left is my hand
  30. 1 point
    Seriously? After all this time you still have not learned that this is the wrong sub forum for a QUESTION? Disgusting... Good question though!
  31. 1 point
    Awesome video! I have shared it to other devs and they like it!
  32. 1 point
    there are no cheaters in WW3 because there are no players. Once the game become popular there will be cheaters as well. For now there is no reason to make them, because there is no one to buy them
  33. 1 point
    Who needs MW when you have Halo MCC on PC ... Halo for life by the way EAC sucks too i can easily make no recoils with c++ and it never get detected i have seen lots of cheaters in games with EAC it only bans cheap and bad cheats and WW3 doesnt have lots of player base i see everyone every day xd there is no need to cheat in WW3 if game had like 120k players you will see cheaters!
  34. 1 point
  35. 1 point
    The good idea to solve that is to rework scoreboard and get rid of KD from there, but add "CP captured / CP defended". And give more BPs but only for objectives
  36. 1 point
    as I said before.. So dont even try to teach them. Dont ask them to play how it is intended. Just relax, you can do nothing. And this is not WW3 only, but 99% of games. Thats just people
  37. 1 point
    I think of it in reverse. 0.7 as in 0.07 if you will. Where 0.70 is just 0.70. I suspect I need to go in and correct all my posts after I get some sleep in me.
  38. 1 point
    Dude don´t get me wrong we loved this game my friends and I sticked to the game since launch!! I played some hours i guess 1300 We liked it from the first moment even with the bugs. Because we all know that it is EA game but then all my friends quit playing one after another. Because to some of them(as the game performance gets worse by Patches) the game gets unplaybel after engine switch. So 13 of my friends decide to go back to Squad ,Arma, Insurgeny Sandstorm,Hell let lose what ever . So there was then only 7 friends left to play with then came the High Pinger Merge ...oh sry Server Merge To get the game more populated but the opposite is the effect, As you can see here https://steamcharts.com/app/674020 just take a look at the times when servers get populated10-11 o´clock ALL EU PLAYERS!!!! But at 13 o´clock german time it is time to leave the servers because China is coming home from works and they join the servers with 350ms minimum latency.They do NOT join SA Servers or try to fill them up NO. They join EU Server on purpose because they know they will rape them with names like this "Chinese high-ping camper"or this "Visual Studio Code". This makes me leave the game and play something that is fair and dont give high pingers this advantage...i mean why should i play against people with a latency of 400ms??? You can shoot at them but you can not kill them!!!! To me it only makes fun when you have Laoge and friends as Chinese high-ping camper or "Visual Studio Code" on your Team! Other games will kick you for a latency above 150ms!! We have 2020 not 1990 where you have 65k woodmodem!! If your internet sucks than you should NOT play this!!! Then i come to bugs... i mean i still have the same anyoing bug as in patch 0.5 Not able to use vehicle turrets or drive with others as a gunner, teleporting,be invisibel,textures,weapon stats ...(i stay away from vehicles and dont use them) So my conclusion is STOP PLAYING THIS as it just makes me angry and disapointed and before i do any stupid things again . The game at least now feels like a weapon Testrange or Battleroyal what ever. Not a Squad and Teamplay based Tactical shooter... Example:What is tactic to sit as Attacker in a bush 32 Minutes as a Squadleader with ludicrous G29 doing 4:28 Score? Or fly around with minidrone even not marking anything or help!!! Dont get me wrong: To me this is still one of the best game ideas of the last Years!!! I love the Scaling and the look the weapons,vehicles,attachments and how they feel.That was EXACTLY what i was waiting and looking for. Also liked the Team and Squadplay when it works its amazing. I quit playing Battlefield 4 for this and setup new RIG. I hope so much they get this game back on the road to success and make this the Future best Tactical PC Shooter!!!
  39. 1 point
    Look at her thin hand! She obviously has problem with handling. And moreover I've seen u many times running with SA-80. U r on the evil side!
  40. 1 point
    Make it so that enemy's "silent movement" is only heard when you're completely still + no background noise. Furthermore, it shouldn't be tied to stance. Perhaps pressing Caps could put you into quiet mode for whichever stance you're in and make you much slower.
  41. 1 point
    Well, when ur soldier can anytime shout "our SL is dead! What we are gonna do?!" even if u r trying to play splinter cell, I don't think there is much meaning in adding silent moving. IF soldier would also enter "muted mode" when trying to move without making noise - why not? MB ppl would run'n'gun less then.
  42. 1 point
    Sure, but what it comes down to is being able to play. As everything, there´s a balancing act involved in development. If you make the wrong decisions, you might pay a high price for it. If I can play a similar style game, what is it to me that this one has a bigger map? More players in-game? I already have that in BF 4, and works very smooth. The games I mentioned also had some optimization issues at first, but not any more. If you´re going to sacrifice optimization for bigger maps, then you just might get a lower player base. I would balance this issue out, thus maybe more people could play, and maybe more people happy about it too. As with regards to WW3 having bigger maps then those mentioned, you sure about that? Maybe one, which dosen´t justify it´s performance either.
  43. 1 point
    Basically because it´s my worst running game since launch, it runs a bit better now but still not like other FPS games I play, those are Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad, Arma3, Ground Branch, SCUM, Day Z, Miscreated. All those run alot better then WW3 sorry to say. To play a bunny hopping game, I just rather play BF 4. If it ran better then I would rather play WW3.
  44. 1 point
    hello everyone...how are you all...?
  45. 1 point
    Performance became even worse for me after I might be wrong, but it seems that even in 0.8.6 it wasnt that bad. On Smolensk I got drops down to 30 FPS in average, and sometimes down to few frames per second: like I see someone shooting at me, literally 3 frames, dead. I had the same only when Smolensk was added in 0.6 and wasnt optimized yet. On Warsaw yesterday it was... meeh, playable but not good enough
  46. 1 point
    Oh I didn’t know that well umm... maybe he’s rusty? So he gets less rusty as you play or something?
  47. 1 point
    Seems strange. My experience about BF4 is, that recoil and spread are absurdly high. Especially spread, you cant operate with assault rifles above 50 meters, when maps are like 1x1 km. That forces people to camp with DMR, which ever class can use. And tunnel maps... yes Metro-Locker is the biggest map cancer ever. They should be played 10x10 max, not 32x32.
  48. 1 point
    If anything like this will be implemented I'll delete WW3. I'm serious. Curse EA and DICE and DICE that introduced progression system in BF2142, where u were starting with main weapon, alternate weapon and ur class gadget. Grenades? Well, u can unlock them by earning points. But r u sure u want grenades? There is defibrillator for assault as 1st unlock. Or a shotgun. So, playing BF2142, if u want to have decent soldier, u need to spend ~6-8 unlocks. But there was a problem, if u were playing infantry and have full packed assault class, when trying to play Conquest, u'll find urself on the battlefield with only SMG, repair kit and Rocketlauncher. Okay, I'll drive tank then. And there are mines all over the map. Oh, u want to defuse them? Defuse kit costs 1 unlock. But unlike on the start now 1 unlock costs not 100-200 points of progression(today 15000-20000), now u r lieutenant and u r going to grind 3000-5000 to achieve next unlock. And 55000 of BF2142's max rank when u have everything unlocked now will be 5 000 000. So ppl, who were late to the party were not only outclassed but outfarmed too. It's genuinely wrong to give gameplay/gunplay advantage to players who've spent more time in game. Hello BF3 with aircrafts with only aircannons in loadout. I love current WW3's system: u like it - u have it. I don't want to "grind points to unlock the challenge completing that would allow me to buy a weapon". The only progression system I'm agree to see is like this: Ur ranks do not affect unlocking ur weapons/vehicles/strikes. U can pwn dem noobs while staying private for a year. But if u want to rank up to sergeant - u must play on all maps and some amount of BPs. Lieutenant - u must play all game modes on all maps and some amount of BPs. Colonel - win on all maps in all gamemodes at least 1 time. General? All above and all unlocked weapons/ strikes/vehicles and at least 10 kills with all of them. I'll happily play as a Lieutenant or Colonel at max and DGAF about all this progression and dickmeasuring. There is a question though. Will devs launch a stats site were all the dickmeasuring could be done?
  49. 1 point
    it would be nice to play on a map set in an airport (parking, runway, luggage storage, checkin, gate) all the games create the usual maps. Shopping centers, parking lots, metro. The airport would be a nice big and innovative map. or a large map like this, where you can also use land vehicles in wide open spaces as well as fighting in a closed place.: or a small and simple map:
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    Moin Moin, bei mir sind die gleichen Vorraussetzungen ^^ Mitte 30, verheiratet, Kind und (zum Glück nur noch) im 2 schicht System ^^ zocke das Game auch recht gerne, da dein Beitrag doch schon paar Tage älter ist versuche ich dich nachher einfach mal bei Steam zu adden
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