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    Hello everyone! This one is a biggie! There's a lot of good stuff in 0.3 and we've successfully completed everything we've commited to on the Development Roadmap! More than that, we've actually added some things that were not planned for 0.3, like Berlin TDM map (which was scheduled for 0.4) and item preview in the menu (which was planned for Customization 2.0). There's a new main battle tank, new weapon, two new maps (one of which is a prototype), new uniform, new cosmetics and attachments many more. We've also optimized RAM usage and loading times greatly, reducing RAM usage by over 50% and loading times by more than 60%. This also fixed map joining problems related to network timeout on computers with slow HDDs. Apart from RAM and loading improvements, the game also freezes less and has better texture quality (thanks to more space in RAM for them). We'd like to thank everyone that took part in Public Test Environment testing with us, reported bugs and gave us feedback. We're listening to all of it and make changes accordingly. To prove that, we moved the server browser work much earlier than planned (was scheduled for 1.0). There's a long list of new features - big and small - so take a look for yourself! 0.3 Patch Notes [CONTENT] New TDM map: Berlin Backyards, New prototype map: Smoleńsk Greybox (still WIP), Metagame reimplementation, New main battle tank: Abrams, New battle rifle: Scar H, New uniform: USMC, 5 new USMC Camouflages, 5 new weapon skins, 6 new vehicle skins, Localization: German, Polish and Russian, Help section added to main menu, [FEATURES] Vastly improved load times, Big improvements to RAM usage (8GB is the new minimum requirement, down from 16), New respawn system on Warzone, Quick radio chat [default: Y], Cart Mode in the customization for previewing items, Map autorotation (you can stay on the server and keep playing), Map balancing (you can choose to switch teams and get a reward for doing so!), Warmup / Waiting for minimal and expected players amount in Warzone same as in TDM, Weight limit for loadouts, Added gamemode explanation to loading screens, Sharpen video setting added to game (30 percent is now default value), Implemented buying multiple items for cart mode in menu, Added subtitle in to on-screen messages, Added weight breakdown by item (weapons, armor), Added frame limiter to menu - now you can tell your GPU to stop working 100% while in the menu [default: 60fps], [GAMEPLAY] Tweaked game length to 45 minutes and 5000 points. You wanted longer games so there you have it! After a lot of testing we think this setup, combined with the current victory point income, should be optimal for the current pace of Warzone, Armor HP globally reduced to 50 points (was 100). Equipment packs should be more useful now since the armors should break after a fight or two and require repairs, Global reduction of default ammo AP penetration values to slightly buff the role of armors, nerf overperforming guns (ARs most notably) and increase the importance of AP rounds, MCS damage nerf to 14 max, 10 medium and 7 long range. This shotgun was outsniping ARs and BRs, it should be more in-control now, Added damage falloff to 0 for shotguns at 100 meters; MCS starts it at 85m and Vepr at 60. Shotguns badly needed a max range since, due to their shooting mechanics, you could snipe people up to 200 meters away with them, Vehicle mass and speed 2nd pass, Hipfire tweaks for all weapons (better spread reduction between bursts), [IMPROVEMENTS] Added a number of match progression messages that should help with player awareness and overall flow, Friendly fire is now disabled on vehicle optics, so bad players can no longer steal vehicles this way, Warsaw TDM map blockout changes (semi-hidden part is now open to gameplay), Marking is vastly improved, Improved UAV and Jammer map representation, Tweaked the existing low magnification scopes and red dots; More outlandish crosshairs replaced with realistic ones, tweaked for better visibility, Additional weapon and attachment statistics added to the menu, Attachment balance pass, Weapon screen positions slightly tweaked for better laser sight utility and overall usability, Artillery: Increased effective range of shells; improved the splash damage falloff for shrapnel rounds, Increased MBT, IFV and AFV armor durability, Increased all turrets' durability against projectiles, turrets are significantly thicker than body armor, Increased UGV and Quad durability against bullets, Improved UGV movement, Improved turning for MBT and AFV, Improved particle effects for wheels and tracks, Adjusted MBTs engines' force while climbing, Shorter times for returning to Battle Zone for vehicles - 2 seconds for air vehicles and 5 for land, Better visual of on-screen messages - new font and shadow added for better visibility, Audio: Footsteps and gunshot positioning tweaks, Audio: Occlusion tweaks, Audio: Reload animation timing, Audio: New reverbs, Audio: MSBS-B, Vepr, Scar sounds, Audio: Better sound positioning Added reload animations to leaning, Reload animations improvements, New system for offsetting weapons on the screen - we can change stuff faster, Adjusted default config weights, Adjusted some item weights, Tweaked barrel range modifier, Added updated customization menu translation files, Added a trail to sniper projectiles, Modified ballistics for sniper rifles, Changed smoke material for shell particles, Added language selection at first startup, Tweaked how brightness influences menu and game, Changed connecting screen to reflect 0.3 update, Fixed configs not saving, Fixed visual bug with resetting money to 0 when purchase failed, Boxer- wheel texture fix, Vehicle front collision mesh improvement, Alphabetic order of flags, Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active), RegenPlatform on Warsaw position tweaks, Added holiday flair to the menu, Tweaks in locations of sockets in some magazines, Limitation of player throwed gadgets on level (6 for mines and 10 for packs), Throwable gadgets now dissapear when player logs out or switches team, Many, many more small improvements and fixes, [BUGFIXES] Spawning on leader fixed (again), Users now send minidump files to our internal server instead of analyzing it on their computer, Fixed crashes with vehicle postprocesses, Fixed settings of audio parameters, Fixed out of sync squad leader icon, Matchmaking fixes, Steam profile icons are no longer mirrored, Fixed the "Distance to operator" text which obscured Battlepoints, Destroyed vehicle is no longer seen for Repair Kit as repairable, Fixed hack with exiting drones before end of return to battle zone and possessing again, resetting time before destruction, Fixed camera block on Quad in TPP, Scope performance and bugfix pass, Enemies and world-space markers can be marked while seating in hatch and as passenger in vehicles, Fixed med/ammo/equipment pack textures on low settings, Fixed superbullets - getting notified about multiple hits in one frame, you should no longer have the feeling you got one-hit when it was multiple hits, Fixed a crash with pool manager, MSBS-B bullet particle fix, Fixed 870 shells particles, Blocked the SMG upper minors while using IR sights (they were clipping), Fixed players becoming invisible when spawning on leader in a vehicle, Fixed minimap is not disappearing after using UAV, Laser sights fixed, they should no longer obscure player view, Fixed UGV shooting, Fixed many collision and mesh fixes on various maps, Also fixed many crashes and other bugs.
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    Hey there, we didn't plan on pushing another patch so soon, but we've found some problems that are fairly easy to fix for us. Thanks for your crash reports, they really helped us narrow down what's happening, so here go the patch notes: 0.3.1 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Added autowin - if server empties, the team with at least one player wins instantly, [BUGFIXES] Fixed missing strike customization not saving, Fixed crashing on startup (let us know if this helped, we think it should be much better now), Fixed missing attachments on the summary screen, Fixed autorotation of servers,
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    This is turning into a fistfight, so I'm closing this topic down. We're doing what we can to fix the game and it's public for 8 weeks in which we've made big progress with redoing the whole backend and how our engine loads assets. Game is going to be broken at time to the point of unplayability, this is why there's a warning when you buy it. We'll try to avoid it as much as we can, but if it intereferes with our work it will get broken. This is also why we opened up the PTE which worked great. If we pushed patch like yesterdays onto live, that would be a problem, but luckily we've got PTE. As for the added new content: maybe you wouldn't be making silly posts like this if you stopped and hade a brainwave for a second. Do you really think our designers are able to help with optimization or bugfixing? Would you prefer for them to stop working while the programmers fix the technical problems? Do you understand that designers and artists made the tank? And new weapons? And levels? That's why we're adding it into the game, it's not that hard!
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 Christmas is a special time to enjoy with family and your loved ones. To spread the divinity and cheer around, Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! From The Farm51
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    Another one! [GENERAL] Added Coyote USMC Vest, LWH Helmet added, [BUGFIXES] Fixed invisible players, Battlepoint value fix on strike config list, Glauberyt ammo change fix, Blocked the SMG upper minors while using IR sights (they were clipping), Fixed In-game map not updating after team switch, Fixed Abrams engine socket position, MSBS-B bullet particle fix, Abrams' turret position, Fixed 870 shells particles, [IMPROVEMENTS] Hipfire tweaks for all weapons (better spread reduction between bursts), Marking fixes, Tweaks in weapon tables for skins, Vepr animations, [AUDIO] MSBS-B, Vepr, Scar sounds, Better sound positioning Changed colors on MARPAT USMC, LWH Changed stripes, Positioning fixes, Fixes for occlusion.
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    And another one. This one has a few minor bugs that we know of, but those are being fixed as we speak. If all goes well this version with small patches will get pushed to Live. Thank you to everyone who participated in tests and reported bugs to the forums. We were a bit less communicative this week, but that's because we've focused on the PTE patching, back to normally scheduled posting after this one! [KNOWN ISSUES] Berlin TDM sometimes crashes on load, this will be fixed in tomorrow's update, Changing language works only for customization, [IMPROVEMENTS] Help section added to main menu, Translations update (DE, PL, RU), Marking fixed (please let us know if it's better now), Added weight breakdown by item (weapons, armor), Add a frame limiter to menu only - now you can tell your GPU to stop working 100% while in the menu, [BUGFIXES] Proper map setup for Smolensk, Fixed server crash on summary screen, Fixed soldier barks not ending, Fixed minimap is not disappearing after using UAV, Fixed UGV shooting, Fixed weight bar not appearing, Next metagame fixes and improvements.
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    Всем привет! Рады сообщить, что на серверы World War 3 вышло Декабрьское Обновление – новый крупный апдейт под заголовком 0.3! В нём вы найдете много классных вещей, и даже больше, чем указано в нашей Дорожной Карте! Например, раньше времени мы добавили карту Берлин TDM (была запланирована на Обновление 0.4) и предварительный просмотр предметов (было запланировано для Кастомизации 2.0). Помимо прочего, теперь в игре вас ждут новый танк, оружие, униформа, а также существенная оптимизация RAM, благодаря которой снизилось использование оперативной памяти более чем на 50%, а время загрузки сократилось более чем на 60%! В дополнение к этому стало меньше фризов, а качество текстур улучшилось (благодаря большему пространству в ОЗУ для них). Хотим выразить огромную благодарность всем, кто принимал участие в тестировании Обновления в тестовом клиенте World War 3 PTE, сообщал нам о различных багах и делился отзывами. Таким образом, вместе нам удалось гораздо быстрее и эффективнее справиться со многими серьезными (и не очень) неприятностями. Спасибо вам! Вы крутые! СПИСОК ИЗМЕНЕНИЙ [КОНТЕНТ] Новая карта для режима TDM: Berlin Backyards Прототип карты Смоленск (Greybox), Новая реализация метагейма, Новый танк: Абрамс, Новая винтовка: Scar H, Новая униформа: Морская пехота США (USMC), 5 новых камуфляжей USMC, 5 новых скинов на оружие, 6 новых скинов на технику, Локализация: немецкий, польский и русский языки (первый заход), В меню появился раздел Справки (Help), [ФУНКЦИИ] Значительно улучшено время загрузки, Значительное улучшение использования Оперативной памяти, Новая система возрождения на Warzone, Быстрый радио-чат [по умолчанию: Y], Режим корзины в Кастомизации (предпросмотр и возможность покупки нескольких предметов), Автоматическая ротация карты (вы можете оставаться на сервере и продолжать играть), Улучшение баланса на картах: вы можете поменять команду с меньшим количеством игроков и получить за это вознаграждение, Ограничения в максимальном весе экипировки, Разминка/Ожидание минимального количества игроков в режиме Warzone (по типу TDM), Добавлено описание игрового режима на экран загрузки, В настройках видео появилась возможность настроить Резкость (по умолчанию стоит 30%), Добавлен субтитр в экранные сообщения, Появилась весовая разбивка (оружие, броня), В меню установлен ограничитель кадров (передайте своему GPU, что отныне он может здесь сильно не напрягаться)), [ИГРОВОЙ ПРОЦЕСС] Длительность игры в режиме Warzone установлена на 45 мин. и 5000 очков. Вы просили – мы увеличили! После длительных испытаний мы решили, что данная установка, в сочетании с текущим начислением победных очков, должна быть оптимальной. Armor HP в глобальном масштабе снижена до 50 очков (было 100). Комплекты снаряжения теперь должны стать более полезными, так как броня должна сломаться после одного или двух боев и потребовать ремонта. Глобальное снижение значений пробивной способности дефолтных боеприпасов, с целью слегка усилить роль защиты, немного снизить роль высокопроизводительного оружия (особенно автоматических винтовок) и повысить важность бронебойных снарядов. Урон MCS снижен до 14 в максимальном значении, до 10-ти на средних и 7-ми на дальних дистанциях. Дробовик подавлял автоматические и боевые винтовки, сейчас он должен быть под контролем. Добавлено падение урона до 0 для дробовиков на 100 метрах; MCS на 85-ти и Vepr на 60-ти метрах. Второй заход для массы и скорости техники. Подкрутка стрельбы от бедра для всего оружия (улучшено сокращение разброса между очередями). [УЛУЧШЕНИЯ] Добавлен ряд сообщений о прогрессе матчей, которые должны помочь в информировании игрока и для общего потока, Отключили "Friendly fire" по экипажу техники, так что не самые хорошие игроки-союзники больше не будут воровать технику таким способом, Поправили карту Варшавы в режиме TDM (теперь полускрытая часть открыта для игрового процесса). Значительно улучшена маркировка. Улучшено представление карты для БПЛА и Jammer. Скорректированы существующие прицелы с малым увеличением и красные точки; Несуразные перекрестия заменены на более реалистичные, настроенные для лучшей видимости. В меню добавили дополнительную статистику для оружия и аттачментов. Осуществлен баланс аттачментов. Немного изменили положение оружия, сделав его более удобным, а лазерный прицел более полезным. Кроме того, лазерные прицелы скорректированы таким образом, чтобы не заслонять обзор, Артиллерия: увеличили эффективную дистанцию снарядов, скорректировали снижение урона от осколков шрапнели,. Повысили устойчивость к урону у Танков, БМП и БТР. Повысили устойчивость всех турелей к урону от снарядов, турели теперь значительно прочнее бронежилетов. Повысили устойчивость дронов UGV и Квадроциклов к урону от пуль. Улучшили передвижение дронов UGV. Улучшили поворачиваемость Танков и БТР. Улучшили эффекты частиц у колес и гусеничных лент. Подкорректировали усилие двигателей Танков при подъеме в гору. Снизили время на возвращение техники в боевую зону - 2 секунды для воздушной техники и 5 секунд для наземной. Визуально улучшили отображение сообщений на экране - обновили шрифты и добавили теней. Звук: подправлено позиционирование шагов и выстрелов; звуки MSBS-B, Vepr, Scar; правка окклюзии; синхронизация с анимацией перезарядки; новые ревербации; общие улучшения позиционирования. Добавлены анимации перезарядки в склонении. Улучшены анимации перезарядки. Новая система смещения оружия на экране - мы можем менять вещи быстрее. Скорректирован вес конфигураций и предметов. Tweaked barrel range modifier. Обновлены файлы с переводом меню кастомизации. Добавлен трассирующий след пулям снайперских винтовок. Модифицирована баллистика для снайперских винтовок. Изменен материал дыма для частиц снарядов. Добавлен выбор языка при первом запуске. Изменено воздействие яркости на меню и игру. Изменен экран подключения на отображение Обновления 0.3. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой не сохранялись конфигурации. Исправлена визуальная ошибка с обнулением денег при неудачной покупке. Исправление текстуры колес для «Boxer». Улучшение фронтального столкновения сеток у техники. Флаги в алфавитном порядке. Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active) Подправлена позиция восстановительной платформы для техники на карте Варшава. В меню появилось праздничное настроение. Исправлено положение некоторых магазинов относительно приемника магазина. Ограничение количества гаджетов, оставленных игроком на уровне (6 для мин и 10 для сумок). Брошенные гаджеты теперь исчезают, когда игрок выходит из системы или меняет команду. Очень много мелких улучшений и исправлений. [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ОШИБОК] Исправлено возрождение на лидере отряда. Анализ мини-дампов, которые отправляются клиентом игры, теперь анализируются на внутреннем сервере, а не на компьютере пользователя. Исправлены краши с постпроцессами техники. Исправлены настройки аудио параметров. Исправлена синхронизация иконки лидера отряда. Исправлен подбор матчей (матчмейкинг). Иконки профиля Steam больше не отражаются. Исправлен текст "Distance to operator", который скрывал battlepoint'ы. Уничтоженная техника больше не рассматривается как ремонтопригодная для владельцев ремкоплекта. Исправлен баг с покидающим зону дроном, когда можно было сбрасывать обратный отсчет. Отключен блок камеры на квадроциклах при виде от третьего лица. Scope performance and bugfix pass. Враги могут быть помечены, находясь также в люках техники или в качестве пассажиров. Исправлены текстуры медицины/боеприпасов/снаряжения на низких настройках. Исправлены "суперпули" - ошибочное ощущение смерти от одной пули, в то время, когда ваш персонаж на самом деле получил их несколько (другими словами, нам удалось обуздать TTD - Time to Death). Исправлен вылет связанный с менеджером пула. Исправлены частицы пуль у MSBS-B. Исправлены частицы дроби у 870. На моделях оружия типа SMG больше не происходит наложение текстур при использовании инфракрасных прицелов. Исправлена невидимость персонажа, возникающая при появлении на лидере отряда в технике. Мини-карта больше не исчезает после использования UAV. Исправлены лазерные прицелы - они больше не загораживают обзор для игрока. Исправлена стрельба на UGV. Исправлено множество коллизий и мешей на различных картах. Также исправлено множество вылетов и других ошибок.
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    This time on the PTE we've got a new TDM map of Berlin. While some clever people already guessed it's coming sooner, this is now official!This is coming earlier than promised, but we decided that one TDM map is not enough and we can make it happen before the holidays. Check out the creepy and tight alleys of Berlin and prepare to be flanked when you least expect it. This is the first PTE build that is a separate download in your library, rejoice! We've also fixed a but that resulted in configs not saving properly. This created another problem, which is outlined in the Known Issues section, but since it doesn't affect gameplay we didn't want to wait another day for the fix. There's also now a way of switching teams. If there's an imbalance of more than 1 player, players from the team that has more people in it have a chance to switch teams from the deploy screen. Doing this grants you a 2000 score in TDM (this counts towards your earnings after a match) or 4000 score in Warzone (this is converted into Battlepoints). [KNOWN ISSUES] Attachments from previous weapon are displayed after changing it in menu - this is only a visual bug, doesn't affect gameplay! [GENERAL] New map: Berlin TDM, Ability to switch team if there's an imbalance of more than 1 player between teams, [AUDIO] Enemy footsteps softer, Moscow ambient softer, Fixed soldier barking multiple times, Fixed dead bodies barking, [BUGFIXES] Fixed configs not saving, Fixed side attachments not working on SCAR H, Fixed visual bug with resetting money to 0 when purchase failed, Abrams TUSK1 body armor setup fixes, Abrams TUSK I body armor weight and cost setup, Adding proper destroyed optics and turret meshes for Abrams, Changed Abrams track rotation speed, Boxer- wheel texture fix, Vehicle front collision mesh improvement, Vehicle mass and speed 2nd pass, Added autowin to Warzone (if there's nobody in one of the teams, the filled team wins the match), Menu armor type name fixes, Changed default Abrams config, Changed the power of christmas lights in menu, Fixes to map rotation, Fixes in Barrels names SCAR H, Added Nanoceramic armor texture, Alphabetic order of flags, Summary screen is no longer covered by Quick Join, Many collision and mesh fixes on various maps, [TWEAKS] Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active), Quad's climbing, RegenPlatform on Warsaw position tweaks, New christmas tree position in menu, Tweaks in locations of sockets in some magazines, Limitation of player throwed gadgets on level (6 for mines and 10 for packs), Throwable gadgets now dissapear when player logs out or switches team.
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    Introduction There is a bunch of different caliber rifles, all with different rpm (Rounds per Minute) and different handling (recoil). You can put basically any scope you want on the weapon of your choice and you have a variety of option to lower recoil, spread, etc. Different weapon calibers have different damage value and rpm. A faster weapon does not necessarily deal more damage then a slower weapon, since the slower weapons usually have a higher base damage then the faster versions. The following overview might help you to choose a weapon. I am deliberately not listing all of them for reasons. Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles 7.62 x 39MM Caliber rifles come with a base damage of -38-, but are quite slow .300 Blackout rifles come with a base damage of -35- and are "in the middle" with rpm 5.56 x 45MM rifles are the fastest but also have the lowest base damage of -30- 7.62 x 51MM rifles have a higher base damage of -40-, but are also slower Light Machine Guns 7.62 x 51MM LMG's come with a base damage of -40-, the main difference here is Recoil 7.62 x 54MM LMG's have a higher base damage of -43- but are also harder to control Sniper Rifles 12.9 x 99MM sniper rifles are the beasts of the battlefield, but very very heavy with a base damage of 120 - 150 7.62 x 51MM sniper rifles are not quite as heavy and have a base damage of 90 - 100 .338 Lapua sniper rifles have a damage of 110 - 140, but weight more then the smaller part Sub Machine Guns 9 x 19MM SMG's are very quick, but have a low range and a moderate damage of -32- 9 x 18MM SMG's have a higher base damage of -37- but are a lot slower *These base damage values might change at any time *The colors are based on my personal feelings and you might think different about it The Weight The Weight of your weapon will have direct impact on your game. A lighter loadout will make your overall more maneuverable, you can run faster and your recovery time after jumping will be lower. A better Armor will provide more cover and you'll be harder to kill, at the expense of slow movement and you'll be able to carry only one primary weapon ( I'm not counting SMG's as primary weapon ). It is totally worth saving on weight with the attachments, as there is a strict weight limit. However it is not totally necessary, you still have enough free room to modify your weapon as you wish and have a good armor, you just won't be able to carry a second primary weapon then. For people that like rushing to objectives i do recommend to keep a low profile, as it will make you move faster. The Sight(s) Sights are a key part in this game and your sight will have a huge impact on your accuracy as person. Each sight has a different Magnification ( The Zoom of the sight ) and as a little bonus they will also change your FOV (Field of View). The FOV will change how much of the battlefield you will see. The following to pictures illustrate the difference of a maximum field of view and minimum field of view. The FOV has no negative impact on your game, so i recommend you choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Besides the changes in the Field of View and magnification it will also have a different crosshair. The Linked topic below will give you an example of all scopes and how they look like when zoomed in. Don't get irritated from the huge blurred out code, it's just the way the forum works. Follow this link for a demonstration of all scopes. The Barrel The barrel will change quite a few of your weapon behaviors. To begin with: The standard barrel is the medium barrel which has neither positive nor negative impacts on your weapon. The long range barrel will decrease your firing speed and increase your range. Also it will lower your recoil and lower your equip speed but has a heavier weight than it's counterpart. At this point some might think, that the short version does the exact opposite, but that's not quite correct. A shorter barrel will also decrease your recoil, but not for the same amount as a long barrel. The medium barrel will also decrease your recoil by 0.1 which is the standard. For clarification: Increased Fire Speed ✓ Increased Range ✓ Lower Recoil ✓ Lower equip speed ✓ Decreased Fire Speed x Decreased Range x Higher equip speed x it is important to adapt the barrel to your play style, as otherwise you will be ineffective while shooting. As an example: If you prefer rushing enemies down, you'll often find yourself in a close combat situation. A short range barrel will suit you well here. If you sometimes rush and sometimes not, then just go for the basics. Otherwise if you like moving slowly, finding a cover and staying alive go for the long range barrel. You can also go for the long range barrel if you have recoil problems, but there is hidden modifications in the barrel that will make you less effective on close range then. I often find myself choosing a barrel depending on the weapon i'm using, which makes me play different weapons for different maps and scenarios. For example i'll pick a short barrel on the Alpha, but a long one on the AK-15 and the standard one on the G36. I use the Alpha to roam around maps areas with large open spaces and the Alpha mainly for close combat. The Muzzle We all love the silencer, but before you equip it. Think about your play style again. Are you really the right person for a silencer? The silencer is very usefully for people that don't want to be spotted immediately, like those that move from cover to cover (long range barrel), but there is simply no point in attaching a silencer, if the enemy is basically right in your face and can see you anyway. For close combat go with a compensator of your choice. The compensator will make up a little bit for the recoil that you missed out when you picked a short barrel, as it will lower your recoil more then a silencer. The Lower This part is a bit Tricky. Yes you all like the lower recoil and lower spread but it can also be hindering you from landing your shots. For this reason a lower spread is marked red. This will probably make no sense when you read it: Why would i want to have more spread? Don't get me wrong, you can greatly benefit from a lower spread, if you have a high accuracy and reasonable good recoil management, but the majority of players will have an average accuracy and average recoil management. Before answering your question i need to give a brief explanation of what spread does in game. The recoil will make your shots land on a vertical line (↕). The spread will make your bullets land on a horizontal line (⟷). If you had no spread and no recoil you would be hitting the same spot dead on over and over again. If you had no recoil but some spread, your bullets would land on a very small horizontal line and sometimes hit the center, but not always. So. Players with a good accuracy would aim for a specific spot on your body (example: head) and a low spread would make them hit the head more often then with a high spread (should make sense?). Most players however will aim for the body and won't be so precise. The body is a significantly larger area. If you are moving around and maybe miss the target, with a high spread there is a 50 / 50 chance, that your bullet will land on the target anyway, as it was spread out. The chance i just made up for demonstration purposes it's not confirmed. So if you aimed a little bit to far left of a target you still have a chance on hitting the target when you have spread. But even with a good accuracy you can benefit from it in a way. The main body will have armor, but the arms and legs etc. does not. So with spread you'd sometimes hit the armor and sometimes hit non-armored areas. All in all this makes me come to the conclusion, that a higher spread will be better for most people. So don't hesitate to pick a grip that has a higher spread or recoil value, because you can also benefit from it. Personally i like the monster grip and UKM Ankle Grip. I use the monster grip in close combat so i can precisely aim for the head and the Ankle Grip for medium range distance, but i wouldn't use it for a long range distance. The Side With thermal scopes and the maps being fairly ok light up, you might think that you don`t need a flashlight or laser for your weapon and if you are playing a sniper rifle or a light machine gun this might even be true for you. For the assault rifle however it is a must have. There is some dark spots out there and you don`t want to be there if you haven`t got at least a flashlight. The laser i think is very usefully for when you are checking corners, as you don`t have to necessarily look trough your sight, if the enemy is right in front of you, you can just line up your laser instead. For me the laser also helps me keep focus of the center so i can aim faster when looking trough the sight. I constantly switch it on and off throughout the entire match. If you didn`t pick a Grip with a Light / Laser you`d be well suited with a side attachment, you just can`t do anything wrong when having one. PS: Check out the Shotgun + Laser combination if you really want to be a beast. The Magazine Be carefully with the choice of your magazine. Some people tend to spray a lot and choosing a smaller magazine could help these people to land shots more accurately or survive longer, as they'll need to find cover and reload. Some people almost never find a cover to reload their weapon and will reload their weapon after each kill (bad habit). A bigger magazine size could counter this habit a little bit and enhance your play style of not finding cover, as you can keep going for a longer time. If you are already playing a lot with cover and don't like to be first man in, then don't pick the largest magazine available, as it will increase your weight and can (but not necessarily will) decrease your accuracy. The Additional Ammo Armor Piercing (AP), Hollow Point (HP) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)? First of all FMJ is your standard ordinary ammunition. The stuff that you are using anyway. If you feel like you are struggling with magazines this might be an option for you. Personally i use FMJ a lot and i would only switch to a specific ammunition type if i'm really in a situation, like i have to check out a building with multiple enemies inside then i'd switch to AP. HP Does more damage to flesh, but less damage to armor and AP is the exact opposite, dealing more damage to armor and less damage to flesh. FMJ is the balanced middle of that. The follow picture shows a rough, but not exact illustration of the specific target areas. Don't get fooled thinking, that HP area is much larger, as most of the time when you encounter an enemy you won't be able to see the entire body and usually the Head or Torso is what sticks out. Also as mentioned, this is not an exact representation. Hollow Point Armor Piercing
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    I do not know who will be there? I'm writing now, but think many will not reach because everyone is on or celebrate ! That's why I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas ..I hope you can have a merry Christmas! In this sense I would like to say thank you DEV team,also all community,Thank you for your support! I will be there for Christmas and I will play ; so who wants to be there can just visit us in ts3 = ts3.virtualbornkillers.de until then best regards
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    https://imgur.com/ZPDlbX9 https://imgur.com/dTcCfw5 https://imgur.com/cIKbnAp
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    On this map, the main objective will be to prevent them from taking the hobbits to Isengard.
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    Witajcie żołnierze! Tak jak opisaliśmy patch 0.3 na roadmap'ie tak zrobiliśmy , a nawet dodaliśmy coś więcej, jak na przykład mapa Berlin TDM która zaplanowana była na aktualizacje 0.4 czy podgląd przedmiotów przed zakupem. Aktualizacja 0.3 przynosi ze sobą nowy czołg bojowy, nowa bron, dwie nowe mapy (jedna jest prototypem) , mundur, dodatki na bron, dodatki kosmetyczne i wiele więcej. Również zoptymalizowaliśmy zużycie pamięci RAM oraz czas ładowania. Pamieć RAM została zmniejszona aż o 50% , a ładowanie zostało skrócone o 60%. To również naprawiło problem który po długim ładowaniu do gry rozłączał z serwerem World War 3. Poza poprawkami z pamięcią RAM i ładowaniem do gry, gra powinna się rzadziej zawieszać przez poprawienie wydajności ładowania tekstur. Chcielibyśmy podziękować wszystkim którzy wzieli udział w testach publicznych, zgłaszali problemy i podsyłali nam feedback. Wszystko braliśmy pod uwagę podczas tworzenia aktualizacji 0.3. Z tej racji przenieśliśmy datę Wyszukiwania Serwerów na wcześniej niż zaplanowaliśmy (planowane było na 1.0) 0.3 Lista zmian [NOWOŚCI] Nowa mapa TDM: Berlin Backyards, Nowy prototyp mapy : Smoleńsk Reimplementacja metagame, Nowy czołg bojowy: Abrams, Nowy Karabin bojowy:Scar H, Nowy mundur: USMC, 5 nowych kamuflaży do USMC, 5 nowych kamuflaży dla broni, 6 nowych kamuflaży dla pojazdów, Dodane języki : Niemiecki, Polski oraz Rosyjski, Strefa pomocy dodana do menu głównego, [DODATKOWE FUNKCJE] Poprawiony czas ładowania, Optymalizacja zużycia pamięci RAM (Nowe minimalne wymagania pamieć RAM z 16gb na 8gb), Nowy system odrodzenia na Warzone, Szybkie radio [domyślny: Y], Dodano opcje koszyku przy zakupie przedmiotów, teraz przed kupnem możesz zobaczyć przedmiot, Ponowny udział na serwerze ( teraz możesz kontynuować grę na jednym serwerze), Balans drużyn (teraz możesz zmienić drużynę i zostać wynagrodzony za to), Teraz na serwerach Warzone wymagana jest dana liczba graczy aby zacząć grę, na takiej samej zasadzie jak na TDM, Limit wagowy dla wyposażenia, Dodano opis trybu gry podczas ładowania się do rozgrywki, Ostrość obrazu została dodana do ustawień gry(domyślnie jest ustawione na 30), Dodano opcje kupna wielu przedmiotów na raz, Dodano napisy do komunikatów na ekranie, Dodano podział wag na przedmioty (bronie i opancerzenie), Dodano limit klatek dla menu [domyślny: 60fps], [ROZGRYWKA] Nastąpiła zmiana w Warzone, teraz rozgrywka trwa 45 minut oraz 5,000 punktów. Gracze chcieli aby rozgrywki Warzone trwały dłużej niż wcześniej wiec zwiększyliśmy to na wasza prośbę, Punkty wytrzymałości pancerzy zostały zmniejszone do 50 jednostek(było 100). Dzięki tej zmianie Equipment packs powinny być bardziej użyteczne gdyż pancerz będzie częściej wymagał naprawy, Zmniejszona została penetracja wszystkich amunicji AP w celu lekkiego zwiększenia roli pancerzy, Strzelba MCS - obrażenia zostały obniżone na 14 bliski zasięg, 10 średni i 7 daleki. MCS był za mocny w przeciwieństwie do AR czy BR, teraz wszystko powinno być tak jak powinno, Dodano spadek obrażeń dla strzelb do 0 przy 100m; Zasięg dla MCS kończy się na 85 m, Vepr na 60m. Wymagana była zmiana dla strzelb ponieważ ze względu na ich mechanikę strzelania można było strzelać z odległości do 200 metrów, Druga tura zmian w masie i szybkości pojazdów, Dla wszystkich broni poprawiono strzelanie z biodra(lepsza redukcja rozprzestrzeniania między seriami), [ULEPSZENIA] Dodano informacje o postępach gracza podczas zakończonych rozgrywek, Gracz z drużyny nie może ci już rozwalić optyki w pojeździe, Zmiany w poziomie Warsaw TDM - częściowo ukryte przejście jest teraz częścią mapy, Poprawiono oznaczanie punktów oraz przeciwników, Poprawiona mapa przy użyciu UAV oraz Jammer, Poprawione zostały celowniki optyczne; Błędne pokazywane celowniki zastąpiono realistycznymi oraz ulepszonymi dla lepszej widoczności, Dodatkowe statystyki dla broni i dodatków zostały dodane do menu, Balans dodatków, Pozycja broni lekko zmodyfikowana, co zwiększa użyteczność celownika laserowego i ogólną użyteczność, Artyleria: Zwiększony zasięg pocisków; poprawiony został spadek obrażeń rozpryskowych w przypadku pocisków odłamkowych, Zwiększona wytrzymałość pancerza dla MBT, IFV oraz AFV, Zwiększona wytrzymałość wieżyczek w czołgach przeciw pociskom, są o wiele grubsze niż kamizelka kuloodporna, Zwiększona wytrzymałość UGV oraz Quadów przeciw tradycyjnym pociskom, Poprawione sterowanie UGV, Ulepszone zawracanie pojazdami MBT oraz AFV, Poprawione efekty wizualne dla kół oraz gąsienic, Zwiększona moc silnika MBT podczas jazdy pod górkę, Skrócono czas powrotu pojazdów do strefy bitwy: 2 sekundy dla pojazdów latających oraz 5 sekund dla pojazdów lądowych, Lepiej widoczne wiadomości pojawiające się na ekranie - nowa czcionka oraz cienie dla lepszej widoczności, Audio: Poprawki przy pozycjonowaniu dźwięku chodzenia i strzałów, Audio: Poprawki rozchodzących się dźwięków, Audio: Synchronizacja przeładowywania, Audio: Nowe odgłosy,, Audio: Poprawione dźwięki MSBS-B, Vepr oraz Scar-H, Audio: Lepsze pozycjonowanie dźwięku, Dodana animacja przeładowywania przy pochyleniu, Poprawiona animacja przeładowywania, Nowy system równoważenia broni na ekranie - możemy szybciej zmieniać rzeczy, Dostosowano domyślna konfiguracje wagi, Poprawiono wagę w niektórych przedmiotach, Zmieniono modyfikator zakresu lufy, Dodane zostały przetłumaczone pliki menu dostosowania postaci, Dodano szlak po pocisku dla karabinów snajperskich, Zmodyfikowana balistyka dla karabinów snajperskich, Zmieniono cząsteczki dymu z łusek, Dodany wybór języka przy pierwszym uruchomieniu gry, Zmieniono wpływ jasności na menu i grę, Zmieniona została grafika ładowania pod aktualizacje 0.3, Naprawiony został błąd gdzie konfiguracje nie były zapisywane, Naprawiony błąd wizualny który pokazywał stan konta 0 przy nieudanym zakupie, Boxer- Naprawiona została tekstura opon, Zderzenia pojazdów zostało poprawione, Flagi są w alfabetycznej kolejności, Tymczasowo zdjęliśmy blokadę dla nowych graczy dojścia do rozgrywek które są już w 75% ukończone (planujemy to tak już zostawić dla tego gdyż gracze teraz mogą kontynuować mecze na jednym serwerze), Na mapie Warszawa poprawiliśmy pozycje platformy do naprawy pojazdów, Dodaliśmy Świąteczny klimat w menu, Poprawki do pozycji niektórych magazynków, Powstał limit ile gracz może umieścić gadżetów na danym poziomie mapy ( 6 dla min, 10 dla paczek), Gadżety znikają jak gracz zmieni drużynę albo się wyloguje, Oraz wiele innych pomniejszych ulepszeń i poprawek, [NAPRAWA BŁĘDÓW] Odrodzenie na dowódcy naprawione (ponownie), Użytkownicy teraz wysyłają pliki minidump(.dmp) bezpośrednio do naszego serwera, Naprawione błędy, które występowały z pojazdami podczas post-processingu, Naprawiono ustawienia parametrów audio, Naprawiono pozycję ikony dowódcy, Naprawiony Matchmaking, Ikony profilowe Steam nie występują jako lustrzane odbicie, Naprawiono tekst "Dystans do operatora" które było przysłonięte przez punkty bojowe, Zniszczony pojazd nie jest już widoczny jako możliwy do naprawy przez zestaw naprawczy, Naprawiono błąd, który pozwalał po opuszczeniu drona poza strefą bitwy, na rozpoczęcie odliczania destrukcji od nowa, gdy go schowaliśmy i zaczęliśmy ponownie używać, Naprawiono blokadę kamery w perspektywie trzeciej osoby na quadzie, Celowniki poprawione Wrogowie oraz obiekty mogą być teraz oznaczane, będąc pasaże rem w pojeździe, Naprawiono tekstury paczek z amunicją, apteczką oraz sprzętem na niskich ustawieniach graficznych, Naprawione została informacja o postrzałach w tym samym czasie, teraz nie pokazuje ze zostałeś zabity jednym strzałem kiedy było ich więcej, MSBS-B naprawiono efekt cząsteczek, Poprawiono cząsteczki łusek typu 870 , Zablokowano niektóre dodatkowe celowniki w SMG (z powodu przenikania), Naprawiono błąd gdzie gracze stawali się niewidzialni podczas odradzania się na dowódcy w pojeździe, Naprawiono błąd z minimapa która nie znikała po wykorzystaniu UAV, Lasery zostały poprawione, nie powinny już zaciemniać widoku, Naprawiono strzelanie z UGV, Naprawiono kolizje oraz siatkę na rożnych mapach, Oraz wiele innych naprawionych pomniejszych crash'ów i błędów.
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    In general the "battle rifle" designation is based, as in reality, on the bullet caliber. Scar H fires a 7.62x51 Nato round which makes it a battle rifle, if we would move it to the assault rifle category then we'd have to change it to Scar L and change the model to physicaly handle 5.56 magazines. Because that's the difference between battle rifles and assault rifles: Battle Rifles fire full-power rifle cartridge (7.62x51 Nato in this example), while Assault Rifles fire an intermediate cartridge (5.56 Nato or 5.45x39 or 7.62x39 and many others). That's the difference between an assault rifle and a battle rifle, not damage (but that applies as well, to an extent), not recoil and not any predefined DMR capability. You can also equip an AR as a semi-DMR but it doesn't change the fact that it's still an AR - Because DMR is a battlefield role while AR and BR and weapon types. I know it's a bit more complex and different militaries sometimes completely differently describe the same weapons but let's ignore that for now. With the amount of customization in WW3 it was only obvious for us to implement the guns based on their caliber (keep in mind that in our game it's the bullet that defines damage, not the gun) as you can kit up any of our weapons for anything you need - Wether or not will that be effective depends on the weapon in question but you can have a CQB Scar if you want to, or a DMR one. So, first thing, do not mistake the Battle Rifle category for DMRs, as those are seperate things. BRs, by default, are easier to use as marksman rifles but that's not their only possible function. As per handling and damage - It has the same damage Western LMGs have due to the same bullet, and the amount of recoil and damage et cetera is strictly work in progress, we monitor the situation and if some gun will be underperforming or overperforming we'll modify it without much delay. Remember you can reduce the recoil on a gun by switching to single fire mode (it reduces up to 30% of recoil as far as I remember) and in that mode Scar is extremely effective. We didn't want to restrict the fire mode to semi auto because we don't do that in other guns. There was some debate wether or not to set semi-auto as the default fire mode to give players an "idea" about the weapon's role but we decided not to do so simply because all of the other guns have full auto on by default. In general, during our inside tests, as well as on the PTE, the Scar performed exceptionaly and is, in fact, considered borderline OP within the studio, but it all depends on how the wider player base will react. Try it out in single mode, on longer ranges with a bipod (reduces 90% of recoil in prone), it can be extremely useful. The 7.62x51 has only 2 damage drop points (intermediate and pistol cartidges have 3), meaning its damage output at longer ranges is much higher than that of ARs, especialy coupled with the rapid fire ability (impossible for dedicated sniper rifles). Rifle calibers also have bigger default penetration values so hitting players in the chest armor or in the head will be much more deadly than with an Assault Rifle. Lastly Scar is also the very first Battle Rifle we added and we have more planned, so I'd expect Scar to be a borderline example as future BRs will be more specialized within that role with even better accuracy, lower rates of fire et cetera.
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    I think 0.3 didn't really go well so far. Metagame bugged? I'm note sure what's happening with the Metagame, as i still haven't figured it out yet. Is it one metagame for each server or one metagame for all together? It seems like i keep getting a different metagame all the time, and after joining a match i'd be in a different one. I have successfully wasted all of my points without getting any benefits from it, because the server connected to the metagame was a different one i donated to or it just didn't work. If it's a different one, then where is the point in donating supplies in the first place, if you don't get the benefits from it? It's also lagging like hell. Inviting friends The squad play is quite odd. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Playing with friends is a game of luck it seems. We were loading into different maps, sometimes one person was loading and the other was not and sometimes nothing happened at all. Also for some reason i couldn't start a match, i would always have to let somebody else start it and only the person who makes the squad can que up for a match. Restarting the game helped sometimes. Squad Leader Icon The squad leader icon on the map is not fixed by any means. It doesn't appear un-clickable anymore, in fact it doesn't appear at all sometimes. Also you get squads with 8+ players? Not that i mind bigger squads, but if you do bigger squads at least make it visually clear. I've been getting 20.000 points one match because i had a huge squad, so this is kind of game breaking as you can leech points to easily. Performance of the game The overall ram usage is less, but when in the main menu the computer really powers up and the graphic card has a hard time working, whereas in game it doesn't seem to be to bad. Stuttering is still a thing, but mainly the main menu is a problem. My computer sounds like an airplane in the main menu and when in a match it goes back to normal. New Battle Rifle The SCAR-H is okay, but sometimes hits don't register (this was known in PTE) and also the Handguard are bugged (also known) plus some stuff costs 10.000 credits? Like holy crap the amount of money i wasted before i noticed... Game stability The overall stability is quite bad right now (yes even after 0.3.1). Before 0.3.1 i had just a couple of crashes, after that small fix i'm crashing in every match. One time i literally just loaded into a match and it crashed. Also a lot of players can't even get into the main menu and there is some moderators trying to help, but they can't do much. I think somebody should stand up and talk with them trying to sort it out. Not good if people can't play and then get the feeling that it's not being taken seriously. Just to be fair: These crashed didn't actually happen to me like this on the test server, it was working more or less okay there. New Map The smolensk map is nice. Get stuck here and there, you kind of expect that from a prototype map so it's not too bad as long as it get's taken care of. The only problem is, that people are really abusing the paper walls at the moment and you can't shelter anywhere, because they know they can just shoot trough the wall and kill you anyway. Changes in armor With the changes in armor some weapon seem like they are really left behind. I was having a hard time killing people with the G36. Sometimes i'd hit them 6 - 7 times and then end up dieing before them. This shouldn't be happening, they need re-balancing again. So i also tried the MCS in warzone where it was literally garbage. It was completely unable to kill ANYBODY that was further away then 5 meters. Example is Moscow Bravo 2. There is that little room people spawn in and it has 2 doors. You can not kill somebody who is on the other door if you are standing in one door, as they will spray you down before you do some serious damage. New Team Death Match Map I really don't like TDM, but i played matches in Warsaw and Berlin anyway just for testing and i was positively surprised from the Berlin TDM Map. This one is great and it doesn't feel so frustrating anymore. I'm still not a fan of TDM, but this particular map is playable for me. Good job! Warsaw however i've noticed some issues. The spawn point doesn't seem to change until somebody physically enters the area where people spawn, so a lot of rounds are decided by who gets to camp their spawn first. I've had rounds where the entire team was camping the spawn and it did not change for the whole round. People spawned in and where immediately shot down, this also happened the other way around until somebody actually walks into the spawn. It's really bad for spawn camping and i can't remember it being this bad when i first tested this, so maybe that's a bug? Making a Loadout The Shopping cart is generally a nice feature, but in this form its more frustrating then helpfully. You can put literally one item into the shopping cart and when you click another item your previous item will be removed. So instead of clicking one button to buy things i now have to click the object, click the basket, confirm the basket and do that for every item. It's yeah it's frustrating. All it needs is the ability to put more items in the cart and it'll be fine then. For the future i would also wish, that the background changes for every second item, to make it 100% visibly clear, that you have more then one item. Example: 1. Item White Background, 2. Item Grey Background and so on. Of course not on those particular colors. Some of the scopes No Magnification look quite nice now, so that was a good job i think. I found some Christmas trees scattered on various maps, this was also quite nice (thank you!) I know it's a lot, but please do read everything and take your time...
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    Side note I have spend a lot of time, suicides and in game money on this little project. It aims to help people decide on which scope they want to have. It gives an example of the aiming and the visual appearance of the scope. Unfortunately the aiming examples had to be done in match (that`s why the suicides) and it won`t always be in the same location, so you might find different backgrounds. All of these pictures were created in 0.2.3 or 3343723. You might find a few sights being slightly offset, but that will be fixed from the developers (i`d assume it will be). The Forum does not have enough Upload size for all those pictures, so they currently are on steam. The pictures are divided into Heading (The name of the scope), the visual appearance and the aiming example. I`m afraid they`ll have to go all underneath each other in the forums, but i`ll try to visually categorize them for a better overview. Iron Sights No Magnification Sights Medium Magnification Sights High Magnification Sights Side Rails Pistol Sights IRON SIGHTS NO MAGNIFICATION SIGHTS MEDIUM MAGNIFICATION SIGHTS HIGH MAGNIFICATION SIGHTS SIDE RAILS PISTOL SIGHTS
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    Positive: + New TDM map: Berlin Backyards + Smoleńsk + Abrams + USMC camo + Skins + Loadtimes, RAM usage + Game length + Weight limit for loadouts + Sharpen video setting + Added frame limiter to menu Negative: - TTK: I don't like what you have done in regards to bullet damage. They feel like rubber bullets. I have to hit enemys 5-6 times with 7,62 to kill, yet snipers still 1-shot kill 90 % of the time. I see AP and HP ammo as an extra, small benefit for situations, when you run out of FMJ and in most cases you don't get more then 1 kill with those bullets because of just 1 mag. Why would you "balance" FMJ for that reason? You made FMJ weaker because of (possibly) 1 mag of AP players carry? I guess very few even do so, but have rather additional FMJ. So this balances nothing. Good luck killing 2-3 players with 1 mag now. On the other hand: I had plenty of situations like TENb described. Players RUNNING and shooting me dead in 3 frames without any change in animation (aiming, stopping). Because of TTK changes I don't even feel like playing. Before it was satisfying, now it is just a nerf-gun fest. - Invisible players (still) - Very loud rain sound in Berlin (can't hear nothing but rain) - Shooting sounds have so over the top bass added - Quick radio: useless. I frequently write in chat for meds, ammo etc. and in 80 % my teammates don't respond. So more chat won't make any difference. Many of us asked for Squad Voice Chat because of this. And BTW where is the option to hide chat? - Cart mode: after buying you have to reselect everything again to have it equipped. - Map rotation worked for me just once. - Map balancing: players can switch to winning side. - Vehicle mass and speed: Tanks are (or feel) now faster then other vehicles. Something between before and now would be better. - Spotting: player spotting is still weak, as it often won't mark enemys. On the other hand enemy med. and ammo packs get marked, creating confusion. - Artillery is still too weak. Even the blast radius of shrapnels is so small, that it's totally ineffective. Players can sit 3 m away from impacts and be perfectly fine taking a point regardless. - Armor HP globally: armor broke before just fine. Now it is gone after 1 or 2 fights and it is almost impossible to find a player with that pack. And even if you do, one pack is used up by one or two players. This just makes player camp more. The list could go on with all sorts of new and old bugs, but I posted some already as did others. All in all: this patch (TTK especially) made this game at least 50 % less enjoyable.
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    Your last thread was locked for a reason, you get the answers in the previous post from Ragir and here from maddinii and you still don't understand, Dev-Team do everything to make this game better for everyone, optimization is important, but we can't manage to "fix it" within a few days, it takes hours to test everything, that's why we run this game in Early Access stage and pushing patches in PTE so we have time to optimize the game and make the game truly enjoyable after full release. For your information, for any further threads which you going to create and continue discussion regarding closed topics, you will be banned.
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    Recon: All Radars and Jammers cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Radars and Jammers are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Combat Controller: All Artillery and Airstrikes cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Artillery and Airstrikes are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Motorist: All Vehicles except tanks cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Vehicles except tanks are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Tanker: All Tanks cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Tanks are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Technician: All Remote Control Vehicles/Gadgets cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Remote Control Vehicles/Gadgets are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
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    Also, if we remove the dot, it will be much harder to mark objectives. I think 1-pixel dot is fine.
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    What is the funniest stuff you've encountered in this game so far? In any of the patches previous or current? Add screenshots if possible, and enjoy the thread! So far one of the funniest thing I've had was my new Boxer flying completely off the customization platform, falling while spinning onto its roof and exploding.
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    Games not even out yet. We are just QA testers that bought into the game. They take feedback from the community on the direction to shape this game.
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