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    I'm not gonna lie, I lol'd at this one
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    @OkaniYoshiii Bonjour, bienvenue sur nos forums. Mon français est limité mais j'ai approuvé votre message. Des traductions incomplètes existent dans toutes les langues, même le polonais natif de Farm51. Le jeu est fait en anglais. Ils seront corrigés, mais j'aimerais dire que nous obtenons un nouveau menu dans le jeu, donc ceux-ci pourraient ne plus exister dans la version de développement. Merci pour votre rapport et votre contribution, veuillez profiter de votre séjour. Si vous parlez anglais et souhaitez de l'aide ou des réponses, je peux vous aider davantage dans notre section anglaise
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    There is a big misconception of cheating going on right now. Usually, it is a matter of people who, lightly said, aren't the best at the game playing against people who packed hundreds or sometimes even thousands of hours into the game. Sometimes, it is a game fault, notably the sync between shots and animations is off, with the damage coming to the end user first, because that's what the server processes first. Then, you on the client side see the animations, so it can seem as someone just aimboted you mid sprint. Now, there is a server issue which seems to be connected with EU players on NA servers. You shoot at them, and they do not take damage, they hit you from time to time, and you keep spraying but only sometimes get a hit marker. Some may even notice, that while that happens you have infinite ammo. Now, the same is happening on the other end. You appear for them as they appear for you. You're spraying, and for them you're not shooting. You get the occasional hit, and that's when you shoot for them. This is a server issue, and chances are 99% of whatever you think are cheats are not cheats. If you have any solid evidence, email hacks@worldwar3.com with names and videos of said hacks. Leaderboards and often pictures are not proof. Name and shame is banned on the forums too, all that should be contained within the email.
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    OPIS BLEDU - Mapa Warszawa - drzwi na Dworcu Centralnym - z jednej strony szare, z drugiej przezroczyste - granat się odbija ale pociski przechodzą (co widać na screenshot 3) GAME BUILD ID - najnowszy dostępny i zdjęty juz ze Steama z EA KROKI DO POWTÓRZENIA BLEDU(wymagane): Przejść na drugą stronę drzwi na około po gzymsie
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    W takim razie czekamy cierpliwie. Mam nadzieję że jest to cisza przed potężną burzą, bo konkurencja dla WW3 jest nie mała. Gdzieś w głębi przeczuwam, że żarty się skończyły i finalnie otrzymamy produkt, z którego będziemy zadowoleni i dumni. Ciężka praca, cierpliwość i zbieranie doświadczenia - na chwilę obecną najpotrzebniejsze dla wydawców i The farm. Dziękuję Ci bardzo za wszelkie odpowiedzi, nie są one bogate w informacje jakich my gracze/społeczność oczekujemy, ale wszystko jest zrozumiałe. Odwalasz również kawał dobrej roboty na forum i oby tak dalej! Pozdrawiam i życzę wszystkiego dobrego
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    Na razie nic o tym nie wiemy, poza tym, że jeśli pojawi się aktualizacja która zadowoli zarówno Farm51, jak i MyGames, to ją otrzymamy. Najlepiej jest wskazać źródło tych informacji, aby było całkowicie jasne:
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    Tak, dobrze zrozumiałeś, ale prawdę mówiąc, nadal nie do końca wiemy jakie są ich obowiązki. Farma wciąż może ogłaszać, ale (z mojego własnego wniosku) po konsultacji z MyGames, to w końcu ich gra. Chodziło mi po prostu o to, że gdybyśmy oczekiwali, że Farma otworzy się nagle w 100%, moglibyśmy być rozczarowani. Ale jeśli chodzi o ten rok to jedyne, co wiemy na pewno, to to, że jeśli jakość aktualizacji spełnia wymagania zarówno Farmy, jak i MyGames, otrzymamy tę aktualizację między teraz a 1.0
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    First of all I did not take anything personally so don't worry about that. Secondly, yeah I should have been more accurate about from whome I expect communication of any form by now and obviously it should be MyGames. But, that doesn't make it any better in my opinion. That's also why I called the community manager self-announced - I know he got the job by MyGames - but he more or less appeared in the forum once, stated he (or she for that matter) is the new community manager and then the next activity takes place months later by posting the official news article. This is not my idea of managing a community but anyway. Btw. when the last news were posted "Development refocused etc." it felt to me like a scene from a soap opera "Oh no we are not ending this relationship, we just take a break to refocus"
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    @HeiligeRobbe I have been moderating the forums for only slightly over two weeks now. I did turn from a regular member to a moderator, so I do know more or less what the general consensus and state of the forum is, but it is the sudden influx of these new posts claiming "scam" that I drew my attention to addressing it. That said, I wasn't here as you said "Half a year ago", I've only been around for two weeks here, as a moderator, that is. I hope you didn't take what I said about rule breaking or being civil personally, there have been two users that needed to face punishment within ten days of each other, and this kind of behavior usually encourages or simply fuels more of it and normalizes it. I did not want it spreading, and it is one key thing that I keep an eye out on, I put it into most of my posts as a moderator, I put it into my signature spoiler, etc. Now as for the final piece of your post, I understand there were no responses from developers, I was merely a member around that time so I got to see a lot of that side. But I hope that it is raised to attention that it is now MyGames that is responsible for marketing and PR. That said, whatever announcements will come from MyGames people, and when they wish. I can only say, for the developers, info which is normally available for the public, even if most do not venture far enough to see it. The above hyperlinks I have posted are in fact financial/investor reports. They're available for everyone to see, but this being a Polish company, only Polish people will dig that far into it. Your bigger YouTubers will tell you the same thing "No news, don't know if they're even working" because sometimes they don't know all the sources. However, there is one notable YouTuber called TactiGamer who really does his homework and I personally encourage people to look out for his channel as he does dig for this info. Anyways, thanks to these reports, we have a clear idea of their finances, sometimes their plans, and the fact that they're working, hiring, etc.
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    I believe it is time I speak up. Firstly please stay civil, nothing can be accomplished if the forum lowers itself to a battle of insults or off topic posts with no basis. There's a few misconceptions going around that the game will turn P2W, the devs are no longer working on it, and fresh out of the oven: "The original devs are not working on it anymore." I'll attempt to provide some information. On a very personal level, I appreciate and like transparency and hence I offer as much as I can give. I am not responsible for any choices, I aim to inform of the choices which are made that people do not always know of, do not take it as criticism from me. Anyways, the developer team is still going on, there was no major changes within the staff. Yes, the devs still work, they're hiring more people, MyGames is providing an extra QA team on top of Farm51's QA staff, all AMA info. The publisher AND the developer does not want to and will not introduce any P2W elements. Farm51 is retaining creative control and intellectual property rights. This will leave no worry about MyGames. They've already agreed on finances, it is now time to make a game. This partnership was not a hostile takeover, it was mutually signed and as per Farm51, it is their best contract with a publisher yet. On top of this, the contact will come from MyGames, as MyGames is now responsible for PR and marketing. The Community Managers are appointed by MyGames, they are not self appointed. They have switched to working silently, and have said that they will provide updates once they and the publisher are happy with their quality. Official "final version" is to be expected in 2021. Needless to say, the game is undergoing changes right now, so things you may have suggested to improve, may already be changed in one way or another, or maybe not exist anymore. Officially, we know that the animations are being reworked. But devs have also mentioned some map reworks on the discord. Now, I would like to address the point of "scam game". As said above, someone pointed out that their "standards of professionalism weren't great", in paraphrasing. I understand not everyone likes the choices they made, or make. But over and above all, it is Early Access. The game is being fixed up, as games are towards the end of the development cycle. But in relation to the "scam", I'd like to say first and foremost, in terms of money, no matter which distribution model the devs choose, you will be compensated the correct amount of money in correspondence to what you have spent, e.g. rewards of currency, owning the game, etc. This info has been given to us from the AMA. The game is still being worked on, and if you own it now, you will definitely own it later, along whatever is contained within the "Veteran Status" which is yet to be disclosed. I ask that, whether you like this decision or not, nobody degrades the forums to merely "scam game", "bad devs", etc. It is not constructive, and it only negatively affects the forums. Criticism of any kind is fine, as long as it remains civil. I strongly encourage to abide by the code of conduct. Finally I'd like to return to the topic of the post. Thank you for your ideas, tynblpb. I am not involved in design, I may not give you specific yes or no answers in regards to anything you might post, but I enjoy posts which gather and give thoughts. I ask that the thread remains on topic, and if anyone has any questions please make a separate thread, I will answer anything I can.
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