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    Do not get me wrong i'm very happy the creative team give as some unique things for our dedication i wasn't even hoping for anything im just supporting something what i think it will be above great but i think this is illogicality and need to be fixed before the start or will be remain as shame .... So im verry disappointed and confused because : 1st. i'm not a fan of lmgs i'm fan of assault rifles what is the logic here for the exclusive LMG ? Yes there is AK-15 INTERVENTION (ASSAULT RIFLE) and M4 MWS INTERVENTION (ASSAULT RIFLE) but they are not exclussive for vets. everybody from SERGEANT PACK and up to the last one have it as i understand it all exclusive things for as as veterans are : + WEAPON EMBLEM: VETERAN and and MAJOR PACK have and the VEHICLE BLUEPRINT: WOLVERINE (IFV) -as part of the 3 ARMORED VEHICLE BLUEPRINTS may be because the CHARACTER BLUEPRINT:VETERAN has LMG i thing its UKM VETERAN (LMG) but still it's not have a logic because the dev. team can make picture of the character without the lmg even without any weapon . 2nd. the proposal - we should have somthings as: at least UKM VETERAN (Battle Rifle) 3rt. or to complete the list and make sure nobody will have any chance to argue in future add and : UKM VETERAN (Carbine) UKM VETERAN (Pistol) 4rt. and if you want to be more generous and creative - UKM VETERAN (Grenade) with some special paint - without thinking much of this lets be the EMBLEM as the WEAPON EMBLEM: VETERAN on it .
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