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    Another one! This one has a lot of bugfixes and we hope that it will make the game a bit more fun. We're still working on fixing some of the most annoying bugs for 0.7, but overall it's coming along nicely. We've also added new challenges - let us know if they work and if some of them are too annoying to complete! Important: Warsaw Warzone will be unavailable in 0.7.3 due to lighting errors, but it won't impact testing and would push patch back if we were to fix it! PTE 0.7.3 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Warsaw is missing from the Warzone playlist, There is still some grenade desync, White box instead of hit data texture, Spawning on MSP's can result in getting stuck, JDAM strike has the upcoming napalm particles, Resupply packs are still disappearing sometimes, Shotguns are OP, Some vehicle HUD bugs are present, [BUGFIXES] Switching a weapon by picking it up sometimes triggers a gunshot, Fixed a crash related to Audio Components, Crash fix for FSlateApplication::ForEachUser(), Changed replication priorites and merged replication graph priorites, Fixed DistanceRelevantCharacter replication issue, Fixed vehicle HUDs drawing on top of Quick Map, Fixed projectiles dormancy, Fixed character replication pausing too soon, Tweaked collision mesh for electric tower / poles and fixed no-collision param for foliage (poles) on Smolensk, Fixed IFVs acceleration, max speed and climbing, Sound positioning fixes, Rocket 'penetration' fix, Fix for music lowering volume randomly, Fixed Moscow TDM missing loading screens, Fixed bug with not sending match end event on TDM, Fixed bug with not saving TDM kills and deaths in player statistics, Random map rotation on TDM fixed - Warsaw will now be randomized as well, Fixed PSS emblem, Fixes is SCAR lowers, Many visual fixes in weapon menu - socket positions, explode positions, attachment categories, Fixed phantom bullets and repeated reloading after picking up weapon with different ammo type than default, Fixed Seat Widget taking color from settings when it shouldn't, Warsaw - Collision fixes, Warsaw - Floating paper fixes, Warsaw - Level streaming fixes, Warsaw - Map holes fixes, Warsaw - Draw distance fixes, Polyarny - Decal scale fixes, Polyarny - Collision / stuck point fixes, Polyarny - Map hole fixes, Polyarny - Streaming fixes, Polyarny - Physical material fixes, [GAMEPLAY] Increased MBTs, AFVs, and IFVs HP, Decreased IFVs rear armor thickness, Moved Helicopter Drone to CUAS category and updated it's stats, Adjusted AJAX's suspension, Tweaked summary screen time (30 seconds) and looking for new server time (30 seconds) for all game modes, [IMPROVEMENTS] Network optimization - Claymore & Semtex C4, Network optimization - action replicator, Added armor stats for vehicles in menu and updated the previous to match the current balance, Voip ducking, new warmate sound, Local player voiceover effect, Removed projectile distance check because it is checked inside Replication Graph itself, Projectile cull distance setup for Replication Graph, Barks distance tweaks, [NEW CHALLENGES] Basic Training: Spotting: Spot 10 enemies, Basic Training: Vehicles: Destroy 5 vehicles, Basic Training: Healing: Heal 5 allies, Basic Training: Ammo: Resupply 5 allies, Basic Training: Drones: 5 drone kills, Top Gun: Kill 10 enemies with flying drones, Airwolf: Kill 10 enemies with the Heli Combat Drone, Morning smell: 10 airstrike kills, Every Breath You Take: Spot 10 enemies, Senor Wingman!: 10 enemy kills from RCWS, Got your back: Spawn on leader 25 times, Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Kill 25 enemies as a LIGHT soldier, Regular Everyday Normal MFer: Kill 25 enemies as a MEDIUM soldier, Juggernaut: Kill 25 enemies as a HEAVY soldier, Whether It Storms Or Snows: 10 Tank kills, Steel Hail: 10 AFV kills, Support the Troops: 10 IFV kills, Last Resort: 10 kills on last healthbar, Tremor: Kill 5 enemies with RPG.
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    It's funny when people who act like they're the best (when they're not) say things and act like children thinking their opinion is facts and logical when there is no facts or logic behind what they're saying. The direction where you died from is a good thing. If you think it dumbs the game down then stop camping. After you kill someone you move and change positions. I've been doing fine since early access release - present because I've adapted. It seems some "great" gamers can't and want it to be how it's good for only them specifically then come here to bitch and complain, why? Because your not as good as you claim? I think it's that but this is just my opinion :).
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    They never said they are gonna be the same; light is gonna be slower and heavy a bit faster, that's it. (please don't use cancer for this, very unnecessary) What are you talking about? CoD has had flinch in every game and do you see people complaining? It'll just create a slightly bigger skill-gap and makes it a bit more realistic, you wouldn't just stand still when you got hit by a bullet would you. Randomness? You shouldn't spray and pray my dude, aim then shoot. If the recoil is too much then take a smaller magnification scope. Well I'm sorry this game isn't being tailored to your preferences, if you want that please go make a game yourself. The devs are doing their best and people like you who just shit on every little detail they don't like doesn't help anyone in the slightest. As they said, every change will first be tested on PTE and they move on from there; if people don't like the way the extra flinch impacts the game, they'll either scrap the idea or rework it. The devs are not just doing things blind and they are definitely not deaf when it comes to feedback, you'll just have to polite and concise. For playerbase, they haven't even started promoting the game big time with advertisements or anything.
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    Great job, attacking the whole community just because people disagree with you will certainly sway the odds in your favor. The world doesn't revolve around you, grow up.
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    They will All of the pros and cons of weights stay the same. We're also currently going to try different camera flinch effects for loadouts, with heavies being less punished for being hit than lights. It's a miniscule difference at the moment but it's there, we'll see how will it fare. We can also swap it around so it will be another upside of being a light. Curious what you guys think about this. Which reminded me: Heavies have the biggest camshakes for effects like jumping and falling, so light loadouts will also have a small advantage here with less screen noise when staying mobile.
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    Hi, comrades! I do not know about you, but sometimes I want to pin down some of my teammates. Some of them, instead of capturing objects and carrying out orders, rush at the other end of the map and hide in the bushes. And very often it is the lack of a well-coordinated game that influences the final result of the whole match - we lose on points. Many tactically-oriented games lack centralized control. That someone helped the troops in choosing a priority goal. I propose to add to the game «Сommander screen». The idea is not new, but it is always relevant in games like the WW3 genre. I must say that I have prepared the concept of «Сommander screen» and tried to do it in the style of the game the pics will be below. But first, I would like to draw attention to the role selection screen that appears in front of the deployment screen. Role selection Icons of different styles, if you have a shield for the defenders, it means that the attackers must have swords. Or, if you have a rifle, then there must be a means of protection, for example, body armor. I propose to start from the classic and understandable identity of all - whoever comes to us with a sword, he will die by the sword. That is, use a sword and shield. {deploy-screen1.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/9khxrhw6vfn9oud/deploy-screen1.jpg?dl=0 I also propose to remove the information about the percentage of "attackers" and "defender". It seems to me that this is unnecessary information that does not affect the gameplay. Role selection screen - Commander. Not everyone can become a commander. To do this, you must be quite an experienced fighter and understand the tactical and strategic features of the world of WW3. Well, or just to reach the level of "Colonel" {deploy-screen.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/zq8xwfmmzvgywjh/deploy-screen.jpg?dl=0 Commander Opportunities A commander may provide various support to all Troops on the battlefield: to send out supplies and equipment, to cause artillery on the area and conduct optical-electronic reconnaissance of the area, and also perform tasks for the electronic suppression of the enemy. Tactical capabilities for units The squad commander may request from the commander: to explore a specific area of the drone; request the dumping of heavy equipment, supplies and medical care; specify the target for the artillery strike; {WIP-section} As long as the Commander has his supply points, he can send various support to his fighters, including heavy vehicles. If Commanders play on the server, then the cost of equipment for other players increases: if there are two Commanders, then the cost increases N times; if the Commander is one (second bot), then the cost increases 2N times; if there are no Commanders, then the cost does not change. Accordingly, for Commanders, the cost is reduced by X if one and 2X if two. Thus, the importance of the Commander and the obligation to fulfill his orders will be justified - if you want to get a tank, then follow the orders! Salaga … {/WIP-section} Information and disinformation When one of the Commanders tries to reset his team’s support, the other will have a chance to interrupt it by trying to guess the square where help will be dropped. Before dropping support, both Commanders will receive a notice of intelligence interception. If the Commander guesses the square, then the other, optional: «Received intelligence information is correct» — the dump area is highlighted by the reconnaissance drone. You can, for example, cause an artillery strike or a bomber to prevent the enemy’s supply and / or destroy. «The enemy misinformed us» — the guessed area was false, the enemy Commander wanted to distract us (for example, from dumping heavy equipment elsewhere). Two times in a row in one and the same area can not reset support. However, if misinformation was used and the trick was over, then you can once again try to send support to the same square. {war-map.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq7cmvzwps0lgny/war-map.jpg?dl=0 Commander position The commander must every N-minute to change its deployment, so that the enemy could not detect it and destroy or drown. Why is that? Because the battery of your portable command module was filled with coffee and you had to redirect all the power to a short-range antenna, and to always receive an operational report from the battlefield, you need to be almost on the front line. So it goes
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    Nah, it's in the internal builds, will go live for 0.7 but no idea when it'll enter the PTE, we're switching between the rebalance and the new anim system setup, it's a lot of work but it's worth it
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    Dont forget Brackets at the start; change title by clicking and holding it. If you dont this topic will be instantly rejected. I have been dropping this here and there, it seems to be the change from arcade to more serious fps games. For instance Squad and Insurgency: Sandstorm have the feature to shoot from the rifle instead of the head
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    That's why I would like to see Battlefield V's system, where a strike costs up to 45000 points, but the entire squad contributes to that score and only the squad leader can call it in
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    The tank optics in 0.7.3 are much better, mainly because of the color, but all you have to do is get rid of the useless dashes all around the reticle, and change the color to something closer to red, like the original optic.
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    Staminie i innym narkotykom mówię nie... Obecne rozwiązanie jest spoko samo w sobie, kwestia udanego balansu. A tak biegaj grubasem za czołgiem, 10 sek, zadyszka, usiądź, odpocznij, znowu trochę potruchtaj, zawału można dostać z wrażenia
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    Free-To-Play every second weekend for this game would give it a very considerable increase in players. Personaly myself I decided to try this game during one of the free weekends and I found it cool so I bought the game and my friend did the same. I really think is a no-brainer because you guys would have alot more players buying the game. Steam-chart shows the obvious number difference... https://steamcharts.com/app/674020
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    Yup, WW3 is a pretty CPU and RAM heavy game atm, an old i5 and 8gb RAM simply won't cut it. It would be better for you to wait just a little bit longer and maybe try to play it during the free weekend that will be coming with the 0.7 engine update.
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    Can confirm, TSA players have been map glitch hunting and reporting for basically the game's entire EA period thus far. I've played with them and they will occasionally test a glitch or stumble into something, but it's never their predominant or intended play-style.
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    We just recently rediscovered a "fixed" map glitch when testing on PTE, and those two then decided to check live to see if it was there as well. This would be from that time, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    i can confirm this happens for me as well. sometimes when the soldier says the random voice lines it does the same to
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    I don't know why it is a problem if you vaguely know where you got shot from. It is not specific at all and most players will move to attack the objective anyway. So it only impacts snipers a little bit (which isn't a bad thing). I don't know why everyone is so against this as it helps newcomers a lot and doesn't change anything for experienced players.
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    I don't think the game modes should be like Advance and Secure (look it up), where the two teams constantly fight over the middle objective and one or two at a time. I think the way it is right now fun in it's own way. Besides we've got a brand new game mode coming our way pretty soon as well, In which one team defends and the other attacks. Just like in BattleField and Sandstorm Maps are already kind of designed to have A and C to the enemies team respectively, with B in the middle. The only difference is that there are a lot of ways to go to the same location from different angles, some riskier than others (flanking, behind enemy lines, etc.)
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    Nahhh only having vertical recoil with no horizontal kicks would ruin the gunplay No thanks
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    Adding artificial recoil is not the way I want this game to go, I would like an authentic experience with each weapon I use, that would improve the gunplay by a mile. But of course LMGs shouldn't be able to pick fights with Assault Rifles down range while not prone, if anyone using LMGs and not using prone, you are doing it wrong, so I would agree that for the sake of realism, making the LMGs like the MG5 less accurate when ADSing down range, but don't want it to be artificial, like all the recoil we currently have. And the recoil sway is indeed a real thing, It has been one of the major complaints since 0.4 and 0.5 when they changed the original recoil.
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    U have impactful strike. It's called HeliDrone. U all whine about how impactful it is. U want the first guy to call in fully upgraded MBT or BMPT to be able to rape enemy team how it was in 0.1-0.2? I don't. And TZoningHard want the 0.3 times when due to bad hitreg everyone were bulletsponges. No, I don't want it. But it'll be interesting if devs for short period would revert recoil patterns on PTE to what they were in 0.3. Just to refresh memories.
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    I think it's kind of a bug. Some vehicles are too slow and some are too fast. For example try Battle Robot that now is as fast as IFV were. I don't think it'll last long.
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    If some one was at least not dumb they could figure out the exact spot from that picture. There are only three spot that you would get shot from in that cone. The barricades near the coloums, the path from a2 and the barricades with the steps. It gives a non dumb person a 20 meter area of where enemy was. A better idea would to keep the hit indicator on after death since people dies so fast that its only noticeable for a fraction of second. Hit indicator when you alive means nothing when you cant see it. All you need is a diagram you shot on the right, the left, the back, or face. If you can think fast you notice the hit marker when you die but not every one has fast reaction times. Giving out the location is bad for game.
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    We could get a group of people to specifically test this? only take points and then call in a variety of anders and have people with rpgs destroy then while driver is inside?
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    My first impressions. What I definitely like. New footsteps. U hear them clear and positioning is pretty much precise. Thx. Reduced(reworked?) horizontal kicks on some weapons when shooting full-auto. Now I'm even thinking about trying MG5 again. Reduced(?) movement speed. Now I play mre cautiously as I'm heavy loadouts guy and now it's to long to run from point to point and I have time to stop and think, do I rly have to run there. Reduced/reworked tanks speed. Now, if u want speed u have to call in AFV/IFV. And Anti-armor Artillery strike now is much more frightening for heavy vehicles. BUT! Devs, could u plz make that tank would start moving more rapid and rework 1 more thing. Plz, "add the power to engine" when tanks are moving uphill, because now u look at them and cry. I like new Aerial vehicles HUD. New detonation/selfdestruct HUD is sweet. What I don't like. New ground vehicles HUD. Devs, if u r going to leave it like it's now, plz, rework it a little. Plz, make currently thick lines thin, and on the contrary currently thin lines that show where ur shot would land make them thick and MAYBE allow players to choose the color. What I've not tried for now. Stormbreaker. If we believe game stats now it has 1100 dmg for 4000BPs instead of previous 900. But now the thickest tank - Abrams, has only 1100HP, and T-72 has 900. Will it be one shot for tanks with the cost of 4k BP? If Yes, I don't like it. Or plz finally make dem jammers APS on tanks work. And finally. Devs love to joke. Me, with almost 700 hrs in WW3 has no more than 30 melee kills. But if u think u r good, here is the challenge.
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    It's normal, I don't have any more information, nothing to worry about.
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    One question. Does Warzone support 60 players now? Because in the browse server option it says 60? If yes, will we have Warzone Large available?
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    You should make a suggestion about this so we can upvote it.
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    Free To Play during every weekend would liven the game up quite considerably. I found this game through a free weekend myself.
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    Well if it's working like the red icon when we get shot, It wont be precise at all hahahaha
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    Did you verified game files?
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    It's called armor. And as for bigger calibers... I prefer them, so it's heavily dependant on individual playstyle.
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    I've seen that, it could be desync or something...
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    Listen to me Great me knows what should be done: Devs need to start promoting campaign "Buy WW3! Modern Warware copies WW3 but all WW3 mechanics are done better and deeper! P.S. WW3 was first on the market, so everyone who will say that it's WW3 copying MW - is dumb!" If serious I've watched few gameplay videos, killstrikes videos. I didn't see any reason why should I choose MW over WW3. IF someone would make a video where these 2 games and their features would be compared - it would be good. @Atway, work bitch! The only thing that is done better in MW is bombstrike call in screen. MW AFV strike for example can't even roll over 1 tiny tree. And I rly didn't see any teamplay mechanics. 50v50 mob running? No thx. But yes, for casuals hype is real and for them entry threshold is lower for MW. And in the same time WW3 isn't quite ready for active promoting. Damn Activision thieves!
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    Lookin steamcharts doesnt look good and cod with 50vs50 players coming. Something needs to be done soon.
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    There is 1 thing that is IMO wrong with current capturing system. Once captured CP is counted as "yours" all the time until it's been recaptured by enemies. Even if the stripe is 90% filled by enemies once they are killed - CP is all urs and u can spawn on it. Like on pic below. There were 2 guys that were capturing this CP for almost 1 minute. And what, after they were killed all their efforts were wasted. Because all the time that will be required for them to move from A2 to A1 will be used by my team to remove that red stripe. And we should take into account that my teammates all this time can spawn on it. And the CP being counted as "yours" all the time until it's fully captured by enemies would lead to some inadequate, again IMO, situations. Look at the pic below. Who do u think is dominating on the map this moment? Red or Blue? For me it's definitely Red. They control 1 CP and are capturing 3 CPs. In comparison with 1CP being hold and 1 being captured by the Blues. And what we would see almost 1 minute later? Red team almost has captured CPs. But look at the teamscoore. All this time, even though Red team was controlling 2/3 of the map teamscore was increasing for the Blue team. 39:08 - 394 BPs. 38:25 - 481. Pretty fair, yes? And this is what I don't like with the the current system of controlling CPs. There was situation when ALL our 6 CPs were being captured by enemies. We've gained almost 300 BPs while controlling 0 CPs but they were "ours"... My suggestion is: Make it like it was in BF. When the CP is captured by 50% it becomes NEUTRAL. Noone can spawn on it until it's captured. IMO it would reduce available spawnpoints, increase the value of the CPs holding, reduce chaotic running and force ppl to stick together. And yes, I have selfish interest in this. Sometimes I, even though I was attacking CP solo, would kill up to 3-4 enemies, go in and start capturing the CP. Solo... Sometimes I even repel 1 or 2 attacks. Solo... And when the capturing is completed up to 80-90% I'm finally killed. I was awesome for almost minute. I demand reward for this awesomeness of mine. CP being neutral would be enough for me. What is sad is that all this solo awesomeness is sometimes happening when my squad is full...
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    Even on smolensk the objectives are very close together so there still wouldn't be a reason to use quads. It would just be faster to just respawn on a closer objective. And if u aren't close to one of the objectives u would have to run all the way back to a capture point and then take a quad and drive it to the next.
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    We'll be testing the changes, they will be ofc on PTE as well. Currently the players are absurdly fast which can lead to a number of issues in the gameplay, as it's done to minimize the "clunk" due to the poor movement system currently in place. However, given how much more fluid the new one is, the old speeds will be a total overkill. Even now you can sprint so fast as a light that some vehicles like quads loose their significance. The differences between speeds will be the same as they were before (+/- 15% faster or slower). Currently the light is between old heavy and medium but it's all up to testing and feedback.
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    Unfair advantage make, squad leaders respawn faster than 10 seconds... Therefore, they have an advantage over other pedestrians. Currently, the squad leader respawn time is 3-4 seconds. I recommend raising it to 10 seconds.
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    There not being a cap on the weight was a mistake, and it was overpowered. Everyone ran around with the TOR and an RPG and the heaviest armor, because there was no limit and you wouldn't get any slower than the "normal" heavy speed. Stop complaining the game is nowhere near launch yet and a lot of things are still going to be changed. It's Early Access for God's sake.
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    Guys loving the game! Our aim here is to make a good game great. Are your developers actually reading and actioning these suggestions and posts? Third attempt to get this actioned: Map Rotation - this is an important one guys. It get boring staying on the one map. We love your maps we should be able to auto rotate from one map to the next. This is particularly relevant as we currently have to search for low ping servers, once we are into a low ping server we don’t want to change. The Combat Helicopter appears very over powered.
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    Nerf rocket itself probably will not solve the issue entirely. As Atway rightly said, rockets are so easy to use that if you (let's say a "huge" nerf) half their damage the operator just have to click lmb 2 times instead of one to get the same result. Actually the heli drone has just no purpose, other than kill tons and be annoying. One good solution imho could be to drastically lower the ammo count, paired with longer reload time at base. This way the heli should tactically work like a heavy damage/burst tool, to clear a position for his squad when needed. I can live with actual rocket damage, but give the drone like 6 or 8 total. Enough to kill an entire squad, or a tank (depend on rockets mm). Heli comes, unleash hell and go away, what happen next is a ground - level business. A sort of jdam but way more precise and more versatile. To make it a "burst" weapon, instead of this anarchist "camping the sky harassing everyone for minutes" thing that it is now.
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    Just wait for the next patch. 1 Tandem = it's over. [TWEAK] Heli Drone decreased HP (600 to 450), increased armor thickness against bullets
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