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    When some time ago Gepard-AA appeared in game many were asking: what is the purpose in adding this vehicle? AA-vehicle is a little too much to counter 1 HeliDrone. And then we've found that now all the non-global UAVs can be destroyed. But when u were actually trying to destroy them - it was almost impossible to do it. So, I've spent some time on PTE trying to destroy UAVs. 2 most often used UAVs are Flying Eye and Jam Reaper. Here are their stats. What interests us are Health and Altitude. And if Health is close to what I've seen in game, their flight altitude is completely different and was confusing me in my first attempts to take them down. Actual Altitude for UAVS is: Flying Eye ~ 65m (corrected data - 75m)Jam Reaper ~ 175m(corrected data - 200m), Barracuda ~ 200m. Was tested on server with latency 60. And knowing that Flying Eye's flight Altitude is puny 65m75m u know that there is almost no meaning in big lead angle when shooting. When Flying Eye is observing ur location and is somewhat above u need to place ur crosshair ~ half Flying Eye's size ahead of it. Look at gif. With its presumably 50HP pool it is destroyed in no time. A little note: all UAVs start to fly strictly from the point that is to the East from the designated point. Gif shows that too. Jam Reaper in game has its real life measurements. This thing is huge, but because its altitude is 175m from the ground it looks like it's only a little bigger than Flying Eye. And from my impression it actually has ~ 200HP. So it's not that easy to take it down from the skies. But nothing is rly impossible. And again, the heavier is ur gun - the less bullets u need. With x2 alternate scope it's the easy: just cover half of the Reaper with ur scope's rim and start shooting. It wouldn't take that much time to destroy it. It's important: all above is actual for shooting UAVs that are above u. When u r trying to shoot UAVs that are not circling around ur position there are TOO MANY variables u need to take into account for ur fire to be somewhat effective. So better don't bother or use global jammer. Say Yes to clear sky above! Shoot'em UAVS! @weedtime, now u know how to do it.
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    Well, I mean. Look at Halo:MCC PC, people already made a working, walking, shooting Scarab Tank() for the game. And modding support (even the map editing tool, Forge) isn't even released yet. So I think with enough motivation people wll definitely add mods for WW3 when the devs stop breaking it after 1.0
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): I am able to manipulate the "Customize" menu to allow attaching side scopes that are not suppose to be allowed with the stock scope. (this video is unlisted, you must have the link to view) GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 4565438 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): >Change primary sight to a small sight i.e. fast fire red dot sight. >change secondary sight to a large scoped sight. >go back to the primary sight and press clear. > you now have the stock sight with a previously restricted secondary sight attached. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): n/a CRASH LOG (if any): n/a comments In the video I say I was running 0.8.3 but as I was preparing to record it must have updated to 0.8.4. however the bug IS still present. Also. I was playing with this load out for a while before I realized I got to it via a bug, and I really like this setup. So if you want to make this a normal part of the game you'd have my vote.
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    Best way to make the best move is to learn from others ( i mean copy the best from all and improve it , develop it and even add new brave ideas ) .
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    It would have been better to use Warsaw as evidence as there these grainy effects can be seen most clearly. When AA is High it is blurring small details: 1. that are far from u, so it's hard to spot enemies on long distances. 2. It's blurring all the image on the screen when u r moving. And only ~0.5 sec after u've stopped the image on the screen is more or less sharp. I too would ask the AA to be reworked a little, so the few features that now require High AA would be moved to Medium Settings. More particularly 2 features: First. When u switch PostProccessing On there are soft shadows appearing in the corners, but they have clear grainy effect. And to remove it u need to set AA High with aforementioned problem of blurring. Second. With Shadows On no matter what quality they have if AA isn't High shadows on foliage and rocks are throbbing/flickering. I've made a theme about this earlier. Gif from this theme. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10515-mapfeature-rework-anti-aliasingsame-as-with-shadows-in-07/ Voting Yes, and IF it is not possible to fix these unpleasant occurrences could at least the effect that is fixing be moved from High AA to Medium?
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    Guys calm down. @tynblpb why do you always get triggered like straight away? And even if you are, no need to react so offensive ^^. Based on some misunderstanding and emotion you two are calling each other noob while none of you is obviously. @maddinii I do not share every point of your critique and my level of resignation is by far not as high as yours but I do very much share the general sentiment. From what I understand there has been a lot of work in the background over the last 6 months or so, referring to the engine switch, the new Linux servers and especially the animation rework. And it appears that many important fixes are stalled for the moment when the latter is introduced so that the work does not have to been done twice (this has been said countless times and I can understand it quite well). Still there are so many core elements in a state that leaves a lot to be desired that it makes me worrisome. And the Weekly Reports haven't been all that suited to ease my worries during fall given that they barely gave any really interesting information (personal opinion this one) except for the christmas report. All that does not explain the introduction of the new hud which received quite some critique on the PTE if I recall correctly (and I think it looks awful and is way too distracting). I like all the information it provides but it is so cluttered. I'd rather have some of the information bind behind a key strike to keep the general hud clearer but again quite personal. The sound is an issue since the earliest days, and still it is meh ... Today I decided not to play on deafening levels of volume for the sake of my ears and it seems that the audible range of gun shots is linked to the sound level of your system? And if I am not mistaken there has never been a significant statement on the sounds. You can be effective with every weapon but the weapon and attachement balance I do agree is in a poor state given that there are too many clear 1st best picks and other attachments are hardly worth using. As much as I like the introduction of a community game mode and breakthrough as itself but I would rather enjoy a better balanced and well sounding game in two game modes. I grind my teeth in Breakthrough as much as in Warzone because of the same issues. On the other hand the team is likely working its ass off and I hope they all got some well deserved rest with their loved ones over the recent weeks. I still have my hopes up for the game, enjoy it overall and am more than curious about its progress in 2020.
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    I played some BF3 few days ago (Noshahr Canals), and I think, amount of sway in BF3 is nice (very little for low-middle magnification scopes, doing impact only on far ranges). For sniper rifles current sway seems good. Another thing, which I must admit, is colourful picture of BF3, even with infamous blue filter. Graphics in WW3 is good, but only for nearest 5-10 meters, further, all soldiers models look absolutely gray. Lighting is bad too. I really think, that WW3 is game, that will have heavy impact from RTX support, both increasing clear vision, friend-foe identification, and fix lighting.
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    I think the animation and movement update should follow up with a free weekend, where not just one map is free, but the whole whole game is unlocked.
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    in Russia we work till 31st of December this year, so our tradition before New Year is "Work. Sleep. Repeat"
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    Dokładnie tak jak @mrocznydrwalpisze. Gracze potrzebują informacji, wczoraj ograłem BRE na LIVE ok 5 godz i nijak to się ma do tego co testowaliśmy na PTE. Pewnie dlatego, że wszyscy na PTE wiedzieli o co chodzi, na jakich punktach się skupiać, jak atakować czy bronić. Dla mnie 10v10 na LIVE to za mało ponieważ gracze nie wiedzą gdzie i jak biegać w tym trybie. Na PTE mięliśmy walki w zwarciu, na LIVE mamy wszystkich porozrzucanych przez co starcia są mało intensywne. Baaaaa widziałem też takich którzy próbowali rozbroić przejętą już radiostację lub radiostacja była uzbrojona, pikała, do wybuchu 15 sekund, a 4 stojących obok niej nic nie robi tylko się rozgląda Dodatkowo jak ktoś rozbraja, uzbraja radiostację to inni z TEAMU powinni mieć albo komunikat albo odliczanie uzbrajania, rozbrajania. Przykład ze wczoraj, pierwszy dobiegłem do radiostacji i zacząłem ją rozbrajać, kolejnych 5 w tym samym momencie dobiegło i też rozbrajało zamiast skupiać się na odpieraniu ataku wroga Teraz wypunktuję: 1. ROTACJA MAP - Dla mnie jest popsuta, cały czas wrzuca na BERLIN, nawet jak rozpoczniemy mecz na innej mapie to od razu po niej lecimy na BERLIN. Wczoraj tylko ta mapa była ogrywana i oblegana a innych nie szło rozkręcić. W ogóle to rotacja powinna działać na zasadzie 2 rundy na jednej mapie i kolejna czyli BERLIN [ATAK ---> OBRONA] ---> WARSZAWA [ATAK ---> OBRONA]. 2. RESPY - Respy są totalnie popsute. Ludzie respią się na stałych punktach, na widoku, odsłonięci, wystarczy odpowiednio stanąć i farmić fragi jak się da, co skutecznie psuje rozgrywkę. Główne respy czyli bazy są za bardzo oddalone od punktów startowych, zanim człowiek dojedzie pojazdem to oba A potrafią być przejęte (Przykład BERLIN). 3. Pojazdy z bazy - Respiarka czy commando powinny się respić co parę (A1+A2) przejętych punktów, w obecnej sytuacji gracze nie szanują i w pełni nie wykorzystują ich potencjału tylko na pałę wbijają między oba punkty. 4. Błędy ogólne - Spotowanie przez smołki, brak informacji o zabitym przeciwniku, w niektórych momentach i częściach map mocny, chwilowy droop FPSów, lektor w języku polskim u mnie nie działa, kuloodporny żywopłot. Tryb jest dobry aczkolwiek trzeba go jeszcze mocno dopieścić
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    Many of us don't like how game looks with AnitAliasing Enabled. So we decrease Sharpen to 10-20 and it works almost as good as AA. But there is one flaw. Especially on Smolensk. With enabled Shadows shadows of the grass and shadows on rocks and stones start to "throb" unless AA is not High or Ultra. It looks like this. On Polyarny it exists too but much more "mild". So, my suggestion is, IF IT IS POSSIBLE, to make AntiAliasing work for shadows of the grass and on the stones so they wouldn't "throb" anymore.
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    Hello and welcome Hope to see you in game!
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    GAME BUILD ID 4565438 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Berlin TDM Asia server (I connect from Tokyo), game start bug Moscow bugs will return if they die themselves, but in Berlin, windows need to be restarted. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS None CRASH LOG None
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    not just Berlin, TDM Moscow as well, before the game starts you spawn beneath the map as well, sometimes you're stuck there and can kill others who are stuck and need to force a respawn
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    GAME BUILD ID:4526046 DESCRIPTION OF BUG 1.) TDM Spawnsystem at the start since the last patch multiple people spawn somewhere outside of the map and can shoot or you are stucked outside the map and need to suicide to spawn on the map. Would be nice if you would play your own TDM maps a bit more often to see the obvious problems. Tip: Autospawn at start and not a second earlier, no shooting before the start let the enemys spawn on other side of the map not like in warsaw where the enemy is in shooting distance when you spawn bottom floor (didnt have the sapwn since last patch but it exists). 1.1) TDM spawn in the round maybe switch more often to prevent spawn camp and would be nice if you dont spawn around the corner of an enemy. 2.) Ammo capacity 50er Magazins for Assaultrifles only comes with 2 mags (50+50) , the 60round comes with 3 (60+120) mags, 30er mags come with 4 mags (30+90), 10 rounder comes with 8mags (10+70). count the ammo of each and dont hit yourself to hard with the facepalm. 3.) Additional Ammo FMJ was it ever working ? will it ever get fixed ? 4.) customize weapons if you klick on a weapon then to another one the stats of the weapon can change up to 3 times (by clicking on the same weapon) the damage graph and the stats are changing. 5.) Weapons are bugged Scar-H (heared its already known) --> no sights working DMG-ninemil is shown with attachments when you first customize it and ingame it got nothign thats shown (no muzzle, no sights) 6.) loading in maps or Loading between maps/Games freezes Steam overlay, never seen before in any other game. 7.) ingame vision fading to black after spawning. when you spawn the screen sometimes fade to black and after 1 sec its back to normal 8.) Music is set to 0 if im in the Menu and i hear the music when i start the game, i need to make it louder then again back to 0 to get rid of the music.
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    We were talking about this and this grip BTW
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    I think i was a bit unclear in terms of sounds. Yes the weapons sounds are not very great, but those i can live with to be honest. An overhaul is certainly required, but it's more things like the voice actress that got me thinking like what the hell. Here is a sample i recorded. It just sounds so... Strange and unnatural. ECV, PCV, DCV. I can't even understand what the heck he is actually saying. It could even be PCB or ECB i don't know. @HeiligeRobbe - What you described with the interface is pretty much what i meant. I just can't have a "quick glance" at the information i need or want, because it's so cluttered. It's an awfully design and was never necessary in the first place. I keep bringing up the customization, because i think from that point on everything went downhill. "THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMIZATION COMBINATIONS" - from the Roadmap. We have a couple of options (not even close to a hundred), of which 2 or maybe 3 are actually of value. It's far, far away from what was promised. Same for the gadgets, strikes and weapons. The thing about the past updates is. It didn't do anything. Not for me at least. I reported blurriness of the game back in 0.3 and the focus was on an updated version of the game engine, performance fixes etc. So many performance fixes, that didn't actually do anything for me. It's still blurry, i still have the same fps as back in 0.3 after updating my graphics card and i still can not see very well. No doubt, that it probably helped for a lot of people with lower graphics cards, but i just kind of expected an issue like this to be addressed much much earlier. As soon as it was reported back then, the work should have started and it's still not started up to this point, even after the engine update. The truth is, that the past months just left the game in a worse state then it was, when i stopped playing because of constant crashes and blurriness. I think you was already around at that time, when the game used to crash on every 2nd match, so you might know what i mean.
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    That seems odd to me, considering that it sticks to vehicles even behind walls and sometimes also to persons. However if it is really meant to be like this, then it is broken anyway, as it sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't. I can't find the clip for it, i probably deleted it already, but here is one scenario: A dude was hiding behind a concrete barrier as cover and kept popping his head out. I marked him and the marker was kind of stuck to his head, but at the same time wasn't. Every time he looked up again the marker moved position to his head, even when he moved left and right. Then he crouched and the marker was stuck on the edge of the barrier, completely blocking my vision. It's like this kids game with the hammer, where you got to hammer the thing in time before it goes back down.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG you or the enemy all models are complete black / dark if i change all settings on ultra same results GAME BUILD ID 4526046 STEPS TO REPRODUCE when staying on close to too powerful light.
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    For those who want to say TL;DR it's basically another noob whining about things he doesn't know. Why so harsh words? Because right from the start he is saying that there is no difference between M417 and SCAR-H. "No unique feeling"my ass. Even more, he is saying that he is forced to buy default medium barrels, even though u can simply press "Clear" button in customization menu. Then he is whining about no reload bug for AAturret of Leo tank, that was reported already. I can go on and on, but don't think I want. Except the last one. This night another guy called me a cheater when I was run'n'gunning on TDM. What, it was u? If yes, here is the video for u, how hard it's to land a headshot in WW3. Checked ur name... It seems it wasn't u. Welp, it means that it 1 more noob in WW3...
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    @Furde it's done try to log in again and let us know.
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    Let them differ not only by weight and protection but with some minor, but unique properties too. HDPE - faster stance changing (from standing to crouching ). Poyethyelene - faster plate replenish time. Ceramic - less flinch from hits. Steel - less damage from explosives.
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    OMG you going to be little bit crazy already how much detail info for every weapon vehicle are you rest ever ?
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): K / D score / play time etc. have been reset. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 4526046 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): I play on an Asian server. I have been playing for 100 hours.
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    I've popped back in from time to time on this game....and what you guys have so far is pretty damn good. The problem is lack of players and general bugginess. I've played a decent amount of the new COD including groundwar and I have to say WW3 could actually be the better game. -Graphically both are very similar.... -COD plays like a giant clusterfuck campfest. WW3 has good pacing....respectable weapon damage...etc. -Gunplay is good in WW3, but sometimes the randomness of armor/netcode etc kinda derp things. COD on the other hand is laser rifles and 725 shotguns -Weapon customization in both games is pretty good but I'd like to see WW3 step it up a touch. - Maps....WW3's maps look great...fit the theme etc....COD Maps don't seem to have any flow and promote jerkoffs corner camping w shotguns I hope this game eventually gets a player base and takes off. There's a giant opening right now.....The devs need to capitalize
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    So I'll admit my community and I took a long break from WW3 due to performance issues with the game. I updated the game this morning and noticed a few new things that still need to be fixed. 1. After ending a match with over 20 players we all get kicked after the game had just ended therefore everyone had to rejoin. This is an issue that I've brought up in the past that hasn't been fixed. 2. Interaction with supplies and Med crates leaves your soldier vulnerable by having to look downward. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it shouldn't be difficult to do. 3. Soldier Movement was the same and I understand a new update will be coming but when? 4. Having to click the redeploy button when you die vs just double Clicking where you want to spawn. This is just for convenience.
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    Yeahh make the LMGs need a bipod to function normally like a SUPPORT class instead of a CQB weapon
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    No, it's a way to not make hipfire random like it is right now, you also have to be aware of where your gun is pointing at all times (mount a laser to make it easier, but it costs 2 inventory points (or weight in WW3) and could give away your position). How does this counter quickscopes, this hipfire mechanic is very inaccurate in quick engagements if you aren't experienced and you won't hit anything at medium to long ranges (5m is already pretty hard). In I:S you almost always win if you are pre-aiming, which is a GOOD thing for a tactical game like this. Having played I:S quite a bit I can say this mechanic is way more satisfying than the random hipfire most games use. If you die because of it you can say it's because of yourself, not because of the RNG hipfire bullshit.
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    Без обид, но картинки картинками, а как-то описать свое видение техники в игре и доказать ее необходимость все-таки стоило бы. Как, например, делает это Dunabar, приводя не только информацию реальной техники, но и примерно сравнивает с уже имеющейся в игре техникой, чтобы было понятно, какую нишу займет новая техника
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    It will, remember to check back here next december and see what the difference is :d
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    As @tynblpb said, the number next to the capture point shows how many attack / defend orders are placed on that point, we had the same idea
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    обычно принято писать в чем была проблема и как ее решить - может помочь другим игрокам в будущем
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    We usually go to my grandparents' house as a family and have a long lunch that goes until mid afternoon. The best part is my French uncle's tiramisu. My cousin always gets my brother and I to play hide and seek with him but he's hopeless at it because he's terrified of jump scares. (7 years old)
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    I have seen some (probably newer for older rifles) handguards with attachment rails for the M16 As for the AK-47 they could maybe(!) add a special foregrip and the AK-74 does have a rail underneath the right handguard. Side mounts I don't really care about, they don't really give a bonus most of the time, especially since the flashlights work with the world lighting instead of being their own light source. But yeah, most of the variations would be for roleplay, like playing as special forces (MP5SD3) or a certain country. I for instance want the C7(NLD) or C8(NLD) for Dutch Armed Forces roleplay Variations for Colt assault rifles are found here: https://www.coltcanada.com/upgrades.html
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    People who work minimum wage in jobs they dislike for over a decade and make no effort to find something better. Bonus points for still living in the town they went to school in.
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    Всем привет! На LIVE-серверы вышел новый патч, в котором мы приготовили некоторые улучшения и исправления, затронувшие проблему с теряющимися пакетами, а также несколько небольших, но важных фиксов, преображающих игру в целом. С нетерпением ждем ваших отзывов, друзья! Еще раз спасибо всем, кто помогает нам тестировать обновления на тестовом клиенте PTE. Мы призываем всех активных игроков устанавливать его и присоединяться к испытаниям грядущих обновлений, включая масштабные бои до 60 игроков на сервере, которые уже доступны, и только на PTE! Итак, что принес в игру сегодняшний апдейт: Обновление 0.8.2 — Список изменений [ОПТИМИЗАЦИЯ] Асинхронная загрузка реплицируемых объектов теперь работает правильно (микрофризов от загрузки других игроков должно быть меньше), [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ОШИБОК] Фикс для исчезающих пакетов и, возможно, многих других проблем с репликацией, Исправлен меняющийся HUD во время киллскрина, Исправлен клипинг камеры при прислонении к углу, Частично исправлена автоэкспозиция в тепловых прицелах, Исправлен «punish» после самоубийства, Возможное исправление бага для невидимых игроков, Устранена ошибка, когда лазер не выключался должным образом, Фикс приостановки Reliable methods при паузе репликации, Отключена возможность ведения огня во время взаимодействия с объектами при помощи [по умолчанию: F], Breakthrough: Исправлен баг с не заканчивающимся отступлением по завершению его времени, Breakthrough: Исправлена точка возрождения C2 на Смоленске, Breakthrough: Исправлен таймер детонации, который иногда отображался неправильно, Исправлен вывод карты поверх настроек, Исправлен некорректный спавн транспорта на карте Варшава в режиме Warzone, [УЛУЧШЕНИЯ] Небольшие улучшения в коде менеджера команды, Улучшения игрового кода и репликации в Breakthrough, Изменение настроек резкости изображения на диапазон 0-1 вместо 0-3, Добавлен флаг bCanAttachSemtexAndClaymore для пометки транспорта, к которому не должны прикрепляться semtex и claymore, Уменьшилось «взрывное» дрожание камеры для танковых снарядов, Breakthrough: таймер матча теперь будет останавливаться во время отступления, Исправлены подергивания у других игроков при заходе в поле зрения игрока, Gepard: Радары больше не разрушаются, Gepard: Улучшение снарядов и разброса для них, Улучшены визуальные эффекты трассеров пулемета на технике, Исправлены основные проблемы с D3D12 (DX12 по-прежнему не поддерживается полностью и снижает производительность).
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    As we can see, the most of negative feedback for BRE is about lack of action sometimes due to its 20 player limit. So i`ve decided to form it as a suggestion. On PTE we tested 30v30 which was a totally unplayable mess (+server performance degrading). Many players suggest to increase player limit to 30, making it 15v15. I dont know how much affort it will take, but if not so much, I think such test will show is it good idea or not. Also, to prevent chaos which can occur due to higher amount of players, decrease spawntime (fast and bad option) or redesign spawnpoints (slow but the most effective option)
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    something like "our MRAP respawned - take it" but it sounds so weird so I barely understood what is it
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    Hi how about picking up grenades from ground and be able to throw them back? it's obvious that you cant pick up sticky grenades and impacts, and how about when you shoot at the ammo bags they would have exploded like MW? and how about chemical warfare like artillery or grenades or... and gas masks actually worked or there was like a gear to protected you but it also would have limited your vision or stamina! (and keep that in mind that RPGs are OP) thank you. @Ragir and @weedtime what is your opinion? Edit: Some suggestions may have already been said, sorry!
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    Hey folks After leaving my first round feedback on Breakthrough, I decided I would start a small suggestion series regarding the new game mode, how I think it could be improved, and how I think the maps can be improved for it. That is a lot of text to type up, images I need to work on/have been working on, and I could easily fill up the Breakthrough feedback post with just a deluge of suggestions. But, eventually it would either turn into a single massive wall of text & pictures, or it would turn into discussion spam that would be all over the place, and overall hard to keep any real focus on. So, I'm going to start things off easy with small changes that I wouldn't imagine would take a lot of development time and then later on do the bigger posts that might take a considerable amount more development time to create. IE: Get the fast stuff out of the way, then get to the big stuff. So, lets get started with the small suggestions. --- Suggestion #1 - Increase player count from 20 to 30. This is easily going to be one of the big blemishes on Breakthrough if it goes to live. We know that Players have been wanting larger game modes and Breakthrough is going to look like a massive step backwards even if it just 10 players less than Warzone. While Breakthrough is still on the PTE, I think the player count should be boosted to 30 players in order for us to test it, and see how much of a impact having those 10 extra players has on the game. If the game ends up running bad/performing terribly, those that tested Breakthrough before it went to live can at least speak from experience when explaining to non-testers how Breakthrough benefits from having a smaller max player count for the time being. Will it be enough for everyone? More than likely no. But, it might be enough to soften the impact of some of the harsher criticisms that can be levied against the game mode for being smaller than Warzone. --- Suggestion #2 - Increase Standard Match time to 20 - 30 Minutes. As I stated in my original feedback post, the current matches feel too short even with the time being extended by the Attacking Team destroying the Objectives. Giving the Attackers a little more time to attack would not hurt anything in my personal opinion, so I think a standard 20 minute timer should be plenty to get a good fight in even if the Attackers get bogged down on the first Objective Area. If it's not, then I wouldn't go any higher than 25 to 30 minutes at absolute most for a standard timer. --- Suggestion #3 - Remove Objective Spawning and replace it with a Command Vehicle & Spawn Area for Defenders. Another possible blemish for Breakthrough is the current Objective Spawn. Now this isn't as much of a problem for Attackers as it is for Defenders. Players on Defense have a chance of being spawned right in front of Attacking enemies with little to no chance to react to the incoming enemy, sometimes even getting picked off by a waiting Sniper that knows that the Defenders can spawn in that general location. This causes a large amount of frustration and for the average player that frustration might be too much to deal with. So, my suggestion is to purely get rid of it and replace it with the Defenders getting their own Command Vehicle as their Fast - Risky Spawn (also in turn giving them Vehicle Support equal to that of the Attackers), and adding a Spawn Area that is far enough behind the Objective Area without both being inside the Objective Area and doesn't put the freshly spawned Defenders in direct line of sight of the attackers right away. Example: Turning the inside of the Bunker on Smolensk into a Spawn Area when the Defenders have been pushed back to the Radio Station and don't have a Command Vehicle or Squadmates in the Objective Area to spawn on. Of course the Spawn Areas should change (ideally) depending on what sector Objectives the Defenders are currently tasked with protecting, though this might be a challenge depending on the Map. --- Suggestion #4 - Objective Marker flashes when Bomb is planted. Simple and straight forward. When a Bomb is planted on a Objective, the Objective marker for the Defenders & Attackers should begin to steadily flash to act as another indicator that a bomb has been planted on the Objective or whatever. A little extra alert notification wouldn't hurt anything in the long run, sure it might annoy some People. But, if its the thing that made you realize that a bomb or whatever has been planted on a Objective, than the thing did it's job. --- Suggestion #5 - Different stock Vehicles based on the Map for the Teams. This is more of a suggestion for Immersion than anything really seriously wrong with the game mode itself. But, I would really like to see the Attackers & Defenders have Vehicles that really match their faction while also upping the firepower of their Vehicle Support based on the Map they're on. Here is what I'm getting at down below... Warsaw Defenders - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Wolverine IFV Attackers - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Berlin Defenders - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV Attackers - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Smolensk Defenders - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Attackers - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV Polyarny Defenders - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Attackers - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Wolverine IFV Moscow Defenders - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Attackers - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV Overall I think this would make Breakthrough matches a little more immersive, not a lot more, but a little more at the very least. For the Attackers they will have a much more fearsome Vehicle support with a IFV over the 4x4 Commando. --- Anyways, I cannot think of anything else off the top of my head that I think needs fixing/improving that is minor. I had another which is a brief break during gameplay for both sides to prep for the next attack wave (match timer pausing for the break of course.) But, I think the Devs might already be planning this, so I will leave it off the list for the moment unless something deems otherwise. These are just some small suggestions that I think will improve Breakthrough and not require a lot of Development time (I'm sure a Developer can come in and correct me if I'm wrong on that.) Next post will be suggestions I'm pretty confident will require a lot more Development time to do, then I will begin map layout suggestions starting with Polyarny which is nearly complete as I type this. If anyone has any suggestions they would like to add to the list, let me know, and I will add it to the list with credit given. --- Related Suggestion posts of mine Breakthrough Suggestion post series Suggestions to enhance Breakthrough - Large Changes Polyarny Breakthrough rework Suggestions Berlin Breakthrough rework Suggestions Smolensk Breakthrough rework Suggestions Moscow Breakthrough rework Suggestions Warsaw Breakthrough rework Suggestions - Under development Smolensk Breakthrough rework Suggestions V2 - Future work Moscow Breakthrough rework Suggestions V2 - Possible Future Work ---- Other Suggestion posts of mine Weapons that could enhance WW3 series Assault Rifles Chapter Serbian () Zastava M17 Chinese () QBZ-191 Precision Sniper Rifles Chapter South Korean () K14 -(Redacted)- Coming Soon Special Weapons Chapter Russian () GM-94 -(Redacted)- Coming Soon Submachine Guns Chapter Swiss () APC45 Belgian/American (/) SCAR-SC Battle Rifles Chapter Czech () BREN 2 BR -(Redacted)- Coming Soon Shotguns Chapter American () AA-12 -(Redacted)- Coming Soon Light Machine Guns Chapter American () LWMMG American () M68 Pistols Chapter Russian () OTs-38 Stechkin -(Redacted)- Coming Soon Strikes that could enhance WW3 series Support Strikes Chapter Supply Drop Canadian () Mission Master UGV-C CUAS Drones Chapter American () Switchblade Vehicles that could enhance WW3 series IFVs Chapter -(Redacted)- Coming Soon AFVs Chapter Swedish () CV90 MBTs Chapter French () Leclerc Vehicle enhancements for WW3 series Main Gun Ammunition Chapter ABM Rounds General Vehicle Suggestions Passive Abilities for IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs
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    For me it was the huge performance drop in 0.7. I'm was doing fine in 0.6, medium graphic setting, was getting 45-80 fps no problem. With 0.7 even if I set EVERYTHING to Low I have 25-45 fps on average. That was the "Ok, I'm done" moment for me. Sad, I'm with the game from the very first day, playing almost everyday. Waiting for the next patch, finders crossed.
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    Since the start we specifically didn't want to specify who started WW3 in our game, the lore is basically "there was tension, fighting broke out on multiple fronts". We can see how Russians get the short end of the stick in most games, so we didn't want to go with the obvious - though not having a singleplayer campaign makes this easy. There's East / West, but nobody is branded the 'good' and 'bad' guys, at least that's the idea I'm a bit surprised by the one-sidedness of the new CoD, I also heard they were going for the more balanced storytelling, that's a shame tbh.
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    (1). Constant crashes to desktop happen randomly (many people I play with have the same issue). (2). Server will boot everyone out of round back to War Map at times. (3). Endless loading screen after deploying into game from server browser (seems to be random - others I play with have same issue). (4). Spawn bug - You re-spawned back to main or another objective regardless if you selected squad lead before hand. (5). Player counts - NA servers are dead, no one to play against - EU ping times are high for NA crowd to play on EU. (6). No master server for load outs & XP... Grinding for every server region is just plain stupid (everyone I play with feels the same). (7). Map size and max player count in game - Many of us wish larger map versions return with 64 player servers. (8). The dreaded "fucking" heli-drone - Now there's news of another one added in near future (Really? WTF!). (9). Overall quality of the textures have gone down hill - Sure, it's for performance reasons - but many things look bad now. (10). LOD has been reduced for distant meshes and textures for the potato crowd - People with higher end systems are stuck with the ugly because there's no way to turn up the LOD at those distances - It'll be argued that people with potato systems can't see things with higher detail at distance so it would be a disadvantage for higher end systems to have better LOD's... That said, the environment's, meshes, and textures at distance look like shit compared to other games in 2018-2019 (it just looks bad - first & last impressions). (11). The lighting is bad in many ways (more specifically, the eye adaptation - or auto exposure). The speed in which the camera adjusts from well lit areas to a darker one is slow. The result is a very visible "pumping effect" when the camera transitions from light to dark areas (even looking at bright or dark walls can trigger this). (12). Lastly - Content (not weapons and stuff, but maps). Many of us are just bored to death playing the same small 3-4 maps "day in /day out". New weapons and toys are great to play with - but - if there isn't a major push to add new maps, it's all for not (because it's become stale).
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    I would personally like the VOIP to be enabled by default, however, have it as a push to talk option. Also having two different channels, Squad and Team, would lessen hassle, improve squad and team teamwork, and also add the ability to mute one of these channels in case there's a bit too much of nonsense screaming people unrest going on in Team chat, or mute Squad so your squad can cooperate with the entire team at once. This, as well as the obvious option to mute individuals. Also perhaps a way to have a channel with more than one squad in it, but not an entire team? E.G. Invite squad Delta into squad Alpha's comms?
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