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    This week we're bringing first look at some of Patch 0.6 features. There are few Warzone mechanics improvements, new strike, weapons, and character customizations. There are also stability and performance improvements. We're hunting in-game freezes, most of them are eliminated. There are also some adjustments in Recon game mode. Remember that you will see Recon servers in the server browser, but only people that are on the list can get in, so please don't report this as a bug - it's not. Here is the list of changes for today's patch on the PTE. PTE 0.6 Patch Notes [Content] M4A1 is finally here. SA80 - British bullpup assault rifle, Ajax - British Armored Fighting Vehicle, British soldier uniform, [GAMEPLAY] New spotting system, Radio commands are converted to the radial menu system, Weapons balance pass, Game modes balance pass, Next bunch of heli drone tweaks and improvements, [WARZONE] Mobile Spawn Point - a special vehicle that allows all team members to spawn on it, [TWEAKS] New on-screen tips.
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    It's been a while, but we've got the most stable update yet ready for you. We think we've fixed 99.9% of the crashing issues introduced by 0.3 patch and now it should be getting better and better as we go. We're gearing up for the 0.6 Warzone Patch, so treat this one as a maintenance update more than a proper update. This doesn't mean we didn't add stuff to the game, though, so let's check out the patch notes. Update 0.5 Patch Notes [GENERAL] Added warmup to Warzone matches - no more waiting on the deployment screen for the match to start, New mini map and map overlay (optimized and more reliable) - still WIP, but much better, Added VOIP prototype - set it up from Steam Friends client to test, French localization, Another batch of optimization changes, New lighting on Moscow and Warsaw, [GAMEPLAY] Time To Kill tweaks: lower base damage, higher limb damage. This means slightly longer, but also more reliable TTK, Artillery damage tweaks, [IMPROVEMENTS] Added more loading screen messages, Added option for camera to keep vehicle rotation in roll (X-axis), Added VOIP UI under [TAB], Server browser improvements: added colored game modes, fixed checkbox click area, Added pitch and tilt widget for air vehicles HUD, Added "Server Info" tab in ESC Menu, Tweaks of camera shakes from rockets, Added version checking (won't let you play with old game client - there were a lot of crashes from people that didn't update their game), Scalable Warzone HUD, Added missing gibs to several armors, UAV visibility after detection, Tweaks to drones collision damage, Added cooldown param when player shoot in burst mode (tool for balancing), Added speaker icon in squad mates panel, Optimized loading of uppers on TPP weapons, Optimized ticks for audio components, [LEVELS] Warsaw: Mall main entrance, budex cloth collision / invisible wall fix, Warsaw: Collision fixes, Warsaw: Penetration fix for small kiosks, Warsaw: Props penetration fix, Warsaw: Max draw distance tweaks (low spec PC friendly), Warsaw: Removed broken grass-foliage actor. Repainted grass on the whole Warsaw level, Warsaw: Vertex paint fixes, Warsaw: Draw distance fixes, Warsaw: Additional grass fixes, Warsaw: Fixes for level streaming from drone perspective, [BUGFIXES] Resolved a bug with ThermalvisionWidget showing incorrect status, Fixed wrong grenade icon, Fixed people on quad not getting a flashbang effect, Fixed uv for German flag (it was flipped), Fixed an issue with the Monster Grip, Customization tag fixes for the [REDACTED], Fixed impact zone placement in air vehicles, Fixed aiming offset for Combat Drone machine guns, Correct shell particles for Combat Drone machine guns, Removed one extra ammo when reloading for Combat Drone rockets, Potential splash damage fix for RCWS heavy cannon and grenade launcher, Added some missing translations to the server browser, Correct widgets net role check - should reduce map desynchronization problems, Fixed some statistics counting, Fixed random kicks to warmap after being punished, Ammo in mag bugfix, Chat fadeout after entering an empty message, Fix for guided projectiles, Healthbar fix, Penetration fixes, Fixed destroy packs not being damaged by explosions, Fixed floating dead soldier markers, Fixed vehicle not synchronized, Fixed a bug that causes mouse to disappear after looking on the scoreboard, Weapon country code fixes, Fixed small letters on post loading screen status, Fixed grenade display in combat drone, Some suppressor sound fixes, Customization compatibility fixes, Fixed camera moving to the left when recoil was added, Fixed tablet staying in the player hand after using strikes, Fixed RCWS seat not showing player names properly, Fixes in the rail of MSBS-B, Changed way of loading ScopePostProcess, probably fixing the disappearing thermal / IR effects on scopes, [CRASH FIXES] Possible fix for GameObjective-BeginDestroy crash, Crash fix for OnItemEquipped, Probable fix for crash during [REDACTED - Recon specific], Fixed crash related to occluders, Potential fix to the crash of PhysX, Fixed destroy pack crash/desync, Fixed another destroy packs crash, Fixed crash on player spawn, Possible crash fix related to skins, Possible grenade OnContact crash fix, Possible crash fix for OnItemDrop, Fixed a crash caused by dead player skulls on the map [the one under M], Countless more possible fixes for crashes, [TOOLS] Added customization data to crash reports to see correlations between attachments and crashing.
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    It's happening! We're finally ready to show you the two new maps we've been working on. Remember - those are not yet 100% done, the optimization is not there yet - as with everything, things are bound to change and improve over the coming months. Please let us know about any issues you encounter on those new maps - especially when it comes to collision and sneaky glitch spots. We've also finally fixed a big bug with hitreg - after this update shooting should feel much better. It was related to quickscoping fixes, which in turn made ADS spread calculation not work properly. There are also some cool changes in footstep audio, textured Mobile Spawn Point and a lot of other improvements and fixes - just see for yourself. PTE 0.6.1 Patch Notes [GENERAL] New Warzone map: Smolensk, New Warzone map: Polyarny, [AUDIO] Tweaks to player movement sounds, Nonverbal Pain expressions, Turning footsteps fix, Player suppressors sound is now quieter, Fixes for radial menu sounds, [BUGFIXES] Hitreg fixes - removed desync between server ADS and client ADS, Fixed aiming offset when changing to side optic while reloading, Improved data managment. Should eliminate infinite loading screens and long loading times - more testing needed! 2 possible crash fixes, Fixed magazine funnels colliding with the drum mag on the AK15, DMG Nine-Mili bullet speed fix, Swaped MRAP meshes and texture for proper ones, Armor piercing info + minor SA80 attachment correction, Fixed a problem with Vepr's barrels, Vepr built-in iron sight correction, SA80 default magazine correction, Cleaned some compatibility between attachments in customization, Fixed disapearing capture point marker while objective has been changed, Better refreshing for color and visbility of markers, Fixed markers update after settings changed, Fixed invisible world position markers, Impact grenade particle fix, Fixed size of markers when visibility is changed, Fixed marker size when texture is loaded, AK15 handguard name fix, Foliage for low quality hotfix, Disabled selecting yourself in Squad radial menu, Capture points are on Radial Menu list only while really exists, Minor replication fixes, [OPTIMIZATION] Markers optimization pass, User FOV setting is no longer saved each time weapon synchronizes, only when it's changed by the user, Added PlayerController caching, Removed unused log in tick, ESC and returing to previous option instead of removing entire widget, Special modes for different wheels simulation while proxy meshes are enabled (vehicle suspension optimization), Character tick module loading optimization, Removed saving settings to file on BeginPlay() of PlayerContoller, Cached marker pointer, Disabled occlusion checking for restore component, Weapon tick optimization, Disabled calculating weapon targeting blend for simulated clients, [IMPROVEMENTS] Added VoiceChat input to settings, Adding new destruction blueprint for Quadrocopter when shot down by player - it should no longer explode when shot down, Radial menu setup for all game modes, Neutral vehicle placement and balance - Warzone maps, Radial entity attack defend only available in Warzone, Proper HUD for MRAP, Reducing Max speed in reverse gear for MRAP, BTK info added to every weapon, Adjustment of radial menu for quick and intuitive use - first pass, Voice chat default input as tilde ( ~ ).
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    Hey there, we've got a batch of fixes and optimization for you. Let us know if you find any new places that need fixing on our two new maps and let's have fun over the weekend! PTE 0.6.3 Patch Notes [OPTIMIZATION] Removed unnecessary meshes, Cascade shadow setups, Mesh draw setup, Streaming Layers Setup, Stationary light changed to static, Added loadout local loading, [GAMEPLAY] Heli Drone HP nerf 20%, Quadrocopter doesn't deal explosion damage anymore when shot by down an enemy, Bullet penetration multiplied by 2, [IMPROVEMENTS] Rearranging covers on Smolensk, Fixed menu character scale, Thermite & Phosphorus setup, Road fixes on Smolensk, Moscow Warzone - fixed neutral vehicle spawn near C1, Changed blood impact scaling with range, Proper default config for Heli Drone, Baked lights in production quality for Polyarny, [BUGFIXES] Possible menu crash fix, High magnification scope flicker fix, Collision fixed on bus on Polyarny, Fixed streaming for pipes on Polyarny, Lod fixes on concrete slabs mesh (disappearing shadow on LOD), M416 handguard fix, Squad leader border fix, [AUDIO] Moscow Reverb fix, Weapon mix, Snipers sounds, Forest Reverb, Death expressions, Low Health sounds, Abrams engine fix, Fixed audio for local character on health change, Hit notify sounds for armor types, Jammer noise fix, New sound for medkit drop, Vehicle repair station sound.
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    Hio, we had a customization bug where weight wasn't calculated properly, it's been fixed with this hotfix - that's all!
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    Somsiedzi i szwagry! Dzięki uprzejmości studia The Farm 51 (szczególne podziękowania dla kierownika @Ragir), wraz z kolegą @Lugresky pragniemy was zaprosić na event, który odbędzie się dnia 19.04.2019 o godz. 22:00 Założeniem tego eventu jest przede wszystkim wspólna zabawa przy jednoczesnym sprawdzeniu możliwości innego systemu rozgrywki. Mapa: Strefa zielona - obszar dostępny dla atakujących Strefa czerwona - obszar dostępny dla broniących i atakujących Strefa czerwona przekreślona - dostępna dla drużyny broniącej do momentu utrzymania w kontroli punktu C2 ZASADY OGÓLNE I ZAŁOŻENIA ROZGRYWKI: Event "PRZEŁAMANIE" polegał będzie na podzieleniu się na dwa zespoły (drużyna atakujących oraz drużyna broniących). Odbywać się będzie na zamkniętym serwerze PTE na mapie Warszawa WZ. Na mapie wyznaczono strefy oznaczone kolorami oraz obramowaniami. Strefa zielona, jest dostępna wyłącznie dla drużyny atakującej (broniącym nie wolną się nią poruszać). Strefy czerwone są dostępne zarówno dla drużyny broniącej i atakującej. Około godziny 22 zbieramy się na discordzie gdzie otrzymacie hasło na serwer. Po zalogowaniu się wszystkich osób na serwer drużyna broniąca przejmuje punkty B1, B2, C2, C1 i udaje się do punktu C2. W fazie przygotowania nie strzelamy do siebie i dodatkowo obydwie drużyny rozstawiają swoje mobilne punkty respawnu. Po fazie przygotowań na czacie będzie odliczanie i ruszamy do boju. DRUŻYNA BRONIĄCA Zadaniem drużyny broniącej jest oczywiście obrona własnych punktów. Podczas obrony: drużyna broniąca nie może korzystać ze strefy zaznaczonej na zielono i porusza się w obrębie dwóch pierwszych bronionych stref. Dla przykładu w początkowej fazie rozgrywki poruszacie się w obrębie Stref C2 i C1 plus strefy od respawnu ale nie poruszacie się np. strefą B2. W momencie kiedy drużyna broniąca utraci punkt obrony może ona już korzystać z poprzedniego punktu czyli np. C2 i B2 plus stref od respawnu i analogiczne aż do punktu A2 po przejęciu przez drużynę atakującą punktu C1 i C2 teren mapy oznaczony zakreskowanym na czerwono polem nie jest już dostępny dla drużyny broniącej po przejęciu przez atakujących punktu B2 drużyna broniąca może zająć punkty A1 i A2 drużyna broniąca nie może przejmować utraconych stref za wyjątkiem ostatniej czyli A2 (strefa, którą można odbijać kiedy przejął ją wróg gdyż aby wygrać musi ją utrzymać przez 5 minut) mogą używać JAMMER-ów w każdym miejscu mapy DRUŻYNA ATAKUJĄCA Zadaniem drużyny atakującej jest przejęcie wrogich stref w kolejności pokazanej na mapie żółtymi strzałkami. Warunkiem zwycięstwa jest utrzymanie punktu A2 przez 5 minut, przed upływem czasu lub ticketów każdej ze stron. Atakujący: mogą poruszać się po wszystkich strefach mapy muszą przejmować strefy w kolejności zaznaczonej żółtą strzałą (zakazane jest przejmowanie następnego punktu bez przejęcia poprzedniego bądź zajmowanie dwóch jednocześnie) - C1, C2, B2, B1, A1, A2. muszą obronić przez 5 minut punkt A2 aby wygrać. W tym przypadku broniący mogą go odbić. Po odbiciu punktu i ponownym przejęciu przez drużynę atakującą zegar 5 minut biegnie od nowa. atakujący mogą użwać JAMMER-ów tylko na strefie obecnie atakowanej, zabronione jest zagłuszanie stref poprzedzających MOBILNY PUNKT RESPAWNU: Dozwolone jest korzystanie z mobilnego respawnu tylko i wyłącznie jako miejsca odrodzenia. Nie korzystamy z jego właściwości bojowych. Pamiętamy, że używamy go tylko w strefach do których mamy dostęp (opisanych w zasadach) STRIKI: zabronione jest używanie strików w postaci: wszelkiego rodzaju pojazdów bojowych (LAV, czołgi) dronów bojowych (quadcopter, battlebot, heli combat drone) Pozostałe STRIKI są dozwolone ZASADY ZWYCIĘSTWA: Drużyna broniąca: silna obrona punktów i utrzymanie co najmniej ostatniego punktu do: 5000 ticketów dla własnej drużyny końca czasu meczu uzyskania 5000 ticketów przez drużynę atakującą (tj. tickety wpływające na konto drużyny atakującej działają na jej niekorzyść gdyż w momencie rośnięcia liczby ticketów czas do przejęcia punktu A2 stale maleje) Drużyna atakująca: wygrana po utrzymaniu przez 5 minut punktu A2 Jeżeli jesteście zainteresowani na taką rozgrywkę zapraszam do zapisywania się w tym temacie. Ewentualne uwagi mile widziane. PROSZĘ PAMIĘTAĆ ABY WEJŚĆ NA GŁOSOWY KANAŁ NA OFICJALNYM DISCORDZIE. NIE MUSICIE Z NAMI ROZMAWIAĆ (lecz jest to mile widziane) ALE WAŻNE ABYŚCIE SŁYSZELI INNYCH. o7
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    Hey there! First of all - glad to see you again, it was a while! A lot has been said already about what the plans are, and while the Roadmap is not accurate anymore (just dev things, we had 0.3 crashing take about 6-8 weeks of development time away from us), the overall goal of 12-15 months of EA was not really damaged (we hired more people to work on WW3 since the new year). Your performance issues don't really correlate with what we've been hearing and seeing. From my personal tests and what we saw in the community, the game runs at at least twice the framerate and loads up to 80% faster as well. You have to realize, that optimization is normally done at the end of development, which was our original idea (of course some basic optimizations were planned, but not dedicating a team of people to it). You ask if this was a bad decision? It wasn't a bad decision, but the result of it turned out bad because of various reasons: failed launch, rushed and bugged content (which is normal for game development at this stage, but people demand finished stuff as it seems), 0.3 crashing issues caused by the changes we made to how the engine loads assets. The third issue is almost fixed now, we still have SOME crashing, but it's reduced by 99.9% at least. Problem is that the slower the machine, the more likely it is to crash as we discovered, which explains why WW3 didn't crash on our work PCs and home PCs (people with slow home PC preferred to just play at work after hours). Now, since the poll that fully shown that people would like the game to be playable first and have more stuff next, we've appointed an optimization group, consisting of 3 programmers (out of 13 total that we have) and 2 environmental artists (since most of the performance issues come from levels, shaders and draw calls). In the short time they've been working on optimizing the game we've reduced stuttering by 40% and found two contributors to slowing down the game: audio components and so called proxy meshes [read below]. We have some other optimizations done as well already, but those will come in 0.6 probably. We didn't do any massive tests, but the game logic thread went from ~16ms on one particular machine down to 6-9ms. This doesn't mean that the FPS doubled, it's just one component and there's other that in sum determine the FPS, but that's a good change. There's a million examples of this, we're constantly working on this, but it just takes time. And as I said before - from our tests, the game runs 2x faster than it did on launch, which means we doubled the framerate in 5 months. What next? Big contributor to server performance and client performance is the animation system, which was made very early on and stopped being good for our purposes, which is why we decided to redo it. Started in 2018, first test are now being conducted and it looks really good. So yeah, that's how long stuff takes - months. For the server performance we have also decided to go with UE4 4.21 and it's Replication Graph feature. This means that we have to implement it in ALL of our replication code (replication means just what server sends to all clients), but will also potentially really reduce the CPU usage on the server and might let us go with higher player number or increase the tickrate. Want more? We're redoing parts of the level to better utilize level streaming, rewriting parts of the renderer to suit our game better. If you know what draw calls are - WW3 has LESS per frame on low than Fortnite, this is how optimized the levels are right now. And that's still just some part of it, we still have a lot of time and work left to do in the game and we know about it. We're not giving up, we're hiring people, just started the Weekly Reports (cool one on monday btw), we're starting to gear up for the release, which I think a lot of people forget: WW3 is not released yet! And we know where it all comes from. We saw people claiming that Early Access is just a marketing tool to promote a game, grab the cash and dissapear, that people want to see how games are made, want to to take part in the process. Guess what? They really don't. WW3 is totally on track and if we didn't release it in Early Access, it would look fairly similiar, but would play much worse - thanks to the community feedback and countless hours of play we can balance and change the gameplay itself much earlier than we would be able to if we just released a multiplayer only FPS without previously doing one (which our company never did - our multiplayers were added to singleplayer games and were a lot smaller). So yeah, if you feel dishartened, I totally hear you, I bought a new PC because WW3 ran bad on the old one - and I know not everyone is fortunate enough to do this, but we're not done and it is getting better. As for the Warzone patch weekly rading as an ad - thanks, I wrote that But for real - everything in this report is true. We're 'reviving' Warzone, it will finally have all the features it needs to really play like it should - with mobile spawnpoints (think PS2 Sunderers), the heli drone which is a really cool thing to see and fly, new spotting, new teamplay mechanics, new maps (that incidentally run a bit better than urban maps), new type of outdoor gameplay changes it up. We've focused on communication, too, so VOIP, comm-rose and other stuff related to keeping squads together is in there. So yeah, it kinda is a bit of an ad, because we think this is a good place for all the players to check back and see how the progress looks. PM me for any questions or just quote me here, it'll be more likely for me to get back to you if you have any further questions * Proxy meshes are simplified versions of weapons that you see. Each weapon is made up from parts, each of them has a material that has a color and normal textures at the least. That's a lot of textures and meshes, so we create a dummy, black weapon and switch out the real one on players that are far away. It turned out that calculating the size on the screen of each weapon had a bug and was done each frame for all weapons on the level. Changing this should help a bit with the fps.
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    Przepraszam, że nie pisałem tutaj po polsku (bo nie znam języka). W języku angielskim nie mogę wyrazić swojej opinii. Proszę zrozumieć i wybaczyć i użyć GoogleTranslate =3 Во первых, хочу выразить благодарность за организацию и проведение этого event. Было очень весело! В этом сообщении хочу высказать некоторые замечания, предпочтения, соображение по такому режиму в WW3. 1. Правило- защищать точку до момента потери над ней контроля, а потом бросить ее и отступить назад, выглядит глупо. Считаю, что при взятии зон должно участвовать минимум 2 флага. Думаю, что правила подобного режима из Battlefield1 более верные. Там нет карт где нужно было бы оборонять всего один флаг, за которым потеряется зона. Я нарисовал как бы это могло выглядеть на карте Берлин, где, по моему мнению расположение флагов более удачно для такого режима. В случае потери контроля над точкой А1 защищающие должны бороться и пытаться вернуть ее, пока не потеряют точку А2 (Оба флага) Если оба флага потеряны, то зона будет считаться потерянной, и защищающиеся вынуждены будут отступить в зону 2. Przede wszystkim chcę podziękować za zorganizowanie i przeprowadzenie tego wydarzenia. To była świetna zabawa! W tym poście chcę poczynić kilka komentarzy, preferencji, rozważań na temat takiego reżimu w III wojnie światowej. 1. Zasada polega na obronie punktu do momentu utraty kontroli nad nim, a następnie do rzucenia nim i wycofania się, wygląda to głupio. Uważam, że biorąc strefy, powinny w nich uczestniczyć co najmniej 2 flagi. Myślę, że zasady tego trybu Battlefield1 są bardziej prawdziwe. Nie ma map, w których trzeba bronić tylko jednej flagi, za którą zaginie strefa. Narysowałem, jak mogłoby to wyglądać na mapie Berlina, gdzie, moim zdaniem, położenie flag jest bardziej skuteczne dla takiego reżimu. W przypadku utraty kontroli nad punktem A1 obrońcy muszą walczyć i próbować odzyskać go, dopóki nie stracą punktu A2 (obie flagi). Jeśli obie flagi zostaną utracone, strefa zostanie uznana za przegraną, a obrońcy zostaną zmuszeni do wycofania się do strefy 2. 2. Исходя из того, что защищающиеся отступают в зону. Им нужно время рассредоточиться и встать на защиту. (Особенно тем, кто в это время еще сражается (допустим) около точки А1, а им уже в это время надо держать оборону точки B2. Поэтому в battlefield1 есть этап когда нужно убить всех кто остался в захваченной зоне, и уже после их убийства открывается возможность взять другую зону. В правилах event должно быть оговорено, что защищающие должны отступить ( возможно дать им время взять обе точки B1 и B2 а после этого атакующие могут продолжить атаку. Вчера было видно эту проблему. Когда мы с @DareQQ во второй игре были за атакующих, после взятия B1 go rush точку A1. Точка А1 была взята без какого либо сопротивления, потому что там не было вообще команды защищающихся. Это не правильно. 3. Команде обороны, легко держать оборону, когда вход на точку лежит через 1 узкий туннель, а обойти со стороны очень долго. (Я не хочу рассматривать игру через spawn на лидере, так как spawn на лидере, работает только в слаженной команде) Для обычной игры проход через один узкий коридор против слаженной команды - смертельный путь. (Я не очень понял почему для event была выбрана карта Варшава. Которая имеет только узкие коридоры для входа в торговый центр. В предложенной мной идей на карте Berlin, у атакующих будет всегда много вариантов как войти в зону для захвата. По поводу того, как лучше играть с техникой или без я не понял. Но первый заход мне понравился больше. Использование только UAV Reaper Airstrike было интересней чем обычный TDM где запрещено все. 2. Na podstawie faktu, że obrońcy wycofują się do strefy. Potrzebują czasu, aby się rozproszyć i wstać. (Zwłaszcza ci, którzy nadal walczą (powiedzmy) w pobliżu punktu A1 i muszą teraz utrzymać punkt obrony B2 w tym momencie. Dlatego na polu bitwy jest etap, w którym musisz zabić wszystkich, którzy pozostają w zdobytej strefie, a po zabiciu wszystkich mamy możliwość objęcia innej strefy W regułach zawodów należy zastrzec, że obrońcy muszą się wycofać (można dać im czas na wykonanie obu punktów B1 i B2, a następnie atakujący mogą kontynuować atak. Wczoraj widzieliśmy ten problem. Kiedy byliśmy z @DareQQ w drugiej grze za zaatakowanie, po zabiciu B1 przejdź do punktu A1, punkt A1 zostaje podjęta bez żadnego oporu, bo nie było w ogóle zespołu obronnego. To nie jest w porządku. 3. Dla drużyny obrony łatwo jest utrzymać obronę, gdy wejście do punktu przebiega przez 1 wąski tunel i przez bardzo długi czas chodzić z boku. (Nie chcę oglądać gry przez odrodzenie na przywódcy, ponieważ odrodzenie na liderze działa tylko w skoordynowanym zespole). W zwykłej grze przejście przez wąski korytarz do harmonijnego zespołu to śmiertelna ścieżka. (Nie do końca rozumiałem, dlaczego wybrano mapę Warszawy. Ma tylko wąskie korytarze, aby wejść do centrum handlowego. W pomysłach, które zasugerowałem na mapie Berlina, atakujący zawsze będą mieli wiele opcji, jak wejść do obszaru, aby uchwycić. Co do tego, jak najlepiej grać z urządzeniami lub bez nich, nie rozumiałem. Ale bardziej podobał mi się pierwszy bieg. Korzystanie wyłącznie z UAV Reaper Airstrike było bardziej interesujące niż zwykłe TDM, gdzie wszystko jest zabronione. /Added translation by Google weedtime
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    KLAN [GiD] powstał w odzewie na rosnące poczucie zaniepokojenia i wzrost aktywności spekulantów udowadniających wszem i wobec, że nasze World War 3 umarło. Dla naszej grupy najważniejsza jest dobra zabawa i fakt, że pomagamy w rozwoju naszej rodzimej produkcji. Każdy z członków [GiD] uważa (i nie ma od tego wyjątku), że gra nie umarła z prostej przyczyny: NIE MOŻE UMRZEĆ TO CO JESZCZE SIĘ NIE NARODZIŁO Nasza grupa nie uznaje i gardzi: czitami glichami makrami robieniem chlewu na czacie w grze bezpodstawnego wyzywania innych graczy od cziterów Jeżeli chciałbyś do nas dołączyć skontaktuj się z kierownikami tego grajdołka: @Ryuk @DareQQ @Lugresky Znajdziesz nas na oficjalnym discordzie WW3 oraz na grupie steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gameisdead Oficjalni członkowie Klanu: @Ryuk @DareQQ @Lugresky @ZwierzaK @Mike4r @BadMrBaloo @Born on the 4th of July @juju @GaceK @GanjuhA @AKATOVSKY @Dj-Saba
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    Another improvement patch is heading to PTE tonight, we have some optimizations and bugfixes along with some small improvements. We're nearing the 0.5 update hitting Live! PTE 0.5.4 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed a crash caused by dead player skulls on the map [the one under M], Fixed camera moving to left when recoil was added, Fixed tablet staying in the player hand after using strikes, Fixed RCWS seat not showin player names properly, Fixes in rail of MSBS-B, Changed way of loading ScopePostProcess, probably fixing the disappearing thermal / IR effects on scopes, [IMPROVEMENTS] Added missing gibs to several armors, UAV visibility after detection, Tweaks to drones collision damage, Added cooldown param when player shoot in burst mode (tool for balancing), Improved AP rockets explosion effects + better MQ8C destruction explosion effect, Decreased Heli Drone limit per Warzone match, Added speaker icon in squad mates panel, [OPTIMIZATION] Optimized loading of uppers on TPP weapons, Optimized ticks for audio components.
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    100% agree, loved Smolensk even without the textures. Was my favorite map to play by a decent margin. Comments like this are unproductive and a waste of time. They only serve to flaunt your anger and make you feel like your feelings are expressed justifiably. You're entitled to a view, but phrasing it like this helps no one. " Blind support and excuses for mistakes made by developers got the games industry where it is today" Bullshit. Publishers noticing Chinese mobile gaming MTX schemes is what got the games industry to where it is today. That, combined with the fact that in the early/mid 2000s gaming as a market started growing rapidly and capitalists began to sink their teeth into it (I'm not anti-capitalism at all, just saying this is how it happened). Developers over-promising or outright lying IMO didn't really start until the late 2000s and then it got a bit rampant in the 2010s. Making games is very complex and as technology improves, that difficulty actually increases because it allows developers to do more complex things in games. Developers have a vision in mind for a game and they advertise that vision, and the product sometimes falls short of that vision. Sometimes that advertising is purposefully misleading and a lie (Anthem), but sometimes it is genuine. And TF51 have clearly shown they are a genuine developer. They aren't beholden to a publisher, they don't appear to have aggressive monetization schemes, and they maintain direct contact between developers and players. Honestly, I can't understand why they get so much criticism. Sure, launch was a mess and the Christmas patch probably did more bad than good, but this dev team is working really hard and making improvements and still brainstorming ideas. I believe it was said about 50 people work on WW3, do you know how many people made the newest BF or CoD games? I don't know an exact number, but it was certainly in several hundred area, if not more. All of that being said, I don't agree at all that TF51 has lied or misled anyone. "Early Access/Alpha "actually it is a solid excuse for certain issues in the game. It is still in development, EA allows gamers to be part of the development process AND THEN once it's released you get the game for no further charge. You are not buying the game now, you are buying the right to be part of the dev process and then you get the game when it's done. Video games of this nature are rarely polished or perfectly playable while in development. Most major games really come together in the final ~6 months of development, sometimes less than that. People throwing vitriol at the devs for not delivering a finished and polished product a year before official release, is ridiculous. Uninstall the game and come back in several months or keep playing and giving your feedback. But coming to the forum to say "devs are bad game is dead" is a waste of everyone's time and these developers don't deserve that.
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    I don't think there's any free weekend planned for the nearest future. We want to do them, yes, but the game has to be in a much better polish state before that. I don't want to give any dates but I think we're still a patch or two (maybe more) away from that. So yes, free weekends are coming, but only once the game is in a polished enough state for that.
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    Weapons had their bullet velocity implemented in the previous month or two, now it's properly displayed in the menu - It is independent from the weapon damage, it only describes the speed at which the bullet is travelling (which can vary greatly from gun to gun). The mechanic is pretty much finished, an ideal addition would be modifying the velocity based on the barrel used but no ETA on that. We're reading through the TTK discussion, thanks for your feedback guys. We're pretty much happy with the current base BTK (we feel it's the good middle ground between arcade and semi-realistic) but specific issues like limb damage can still be tweaked, we'll see what we'll come up with.
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    The most important part to understand is that those are mostly finished games which went through the last optimization steps - WW3 didn't, because it's wasting time - you optimize, add new stuff and have to optimize again. People are not finishing their tasks at the same time, so there's always someone waiting for something and so on - it just doesn't make sense from a production standpoint to go into deep optimization while the game is still being made and really chaning, even at the core (like rendering or physics). Second thing is that Skyrim is singleplayer - there are no other players to affect the game, so there's no problem - everything has to work around the player and that's it - no need to do anything else. How many monsters are there at most on the screen? 5-10? Are they high quality, heavily customizable soldiers made up of many parts that have to animate and calculate lighting? No, those are relatively simple objects from the standpoint of game performance. What about an MMO then? Well as you probably noticed, lots of MMOs have really slow and deliberate combat, almost turn based (in case of WoW). This is not just by design, making a massively multiplayer game with responsive combat is almost impossible, even games like Planetside 2 had to have a long ass TTK to mask the very low server tickrate among other technical challenges with making a game like this. Last thing to realize is that in case of other games, they are running on engines made specifically for those types of games, which is a HUGE performance gain. UE4 is used for everything - from 2d platformers to architecture visualizations, so it's not geared towards one particular thing. In case of Frostbite engine, other games that EA is making on this engine are not working that well compared to Battlefield - because this is an FPS engine and making a racing game on it is hard. Skyrim is also on a very old, but very specialized engine - the Creation Engine which is basicaly Gamebryo with some stuff added to it. They had years to perfect it and find ways to make it faster. Planetside 2 wouldn't be even possible to do without a special engine to run it - the scale is totally not possible to do on UE4 without rewriting the whole networking aspect of it or making the interactions between players really simple. i9 9700K, 1080ti, 32GB of RAM and 500GB M.2 for WW3 and I still drop below 100 on 1440p On moscow TDM I go up to 230fps and down to ~120-130 when stuff happens, so obviously it's playing amazingly. With my previous rig (4770k, 970GTX) Warzones weren't really fun for me because I frequently dropped below 40 FPS and I noticed that after buying a new PC I totally fell in love with Warzone, so I know how important it is for people with less stellar PCs to have good framerate. To sum it all up: optimization is mostly done at the end of a development cycle to no waste time and money and we still have 7-10 months of development left. Optimization also takes time, Battlefield runs much better than WW3 because they had like 20 years of perfecting their engine. We can get there as well, it'll just take a lot of time and effort - which we will do if people are willing to wait. All I can say is that it will get better and better, we will have less freezes and stutter and if you can, install WW3 on an SSD.
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    Witajcie! Nastąpił ten moment, na który czekaliście dość długo, mamy dla was najbardziej stabilną aktualizację do tej pory. Mamy nadzieję, że naprawiliśmy 99.9% problemów z awariami (Crash'ami) spowodowanych aktualizacją 0.3, teraz z biegiem czasu może być tylko lepiej. Przygotowujemy aktualizację 0.6, czyli tzw. "Giga patch" więc możecie potraktować tą aktualizację jako konserwacyjną niż właściwą, jaką będzie 0.6. Nie oznacza to oczywiście, że nic nie zmieniliśmy w grze, co się zmieniło oraz co dodaliśmy? Możemy o tym przeczytać poniżej. 0.5 Lista Zmian [OGÓLNE] Dodana rozgrzewka w trybie Warzone - czyli nigdy więcej oczekiwania w Deployment screen, aby wystartować mecz, Nowa minimapa oraz mapa główna (zoptymalizowana i niezawodna) - wciąż WiP*, ale wygląda dużo lepiej, Dodano komunikację głosową w grze VOIP (prototyp) - należy ustawić ją na kliencie Steam>znajomi>ustawienia, aby przetestować Dodano język Francuski, Kolejna porcja zmian dotyczących optymalizacji, [ROZGRYWKA] TTK (czas zabijania - time to kill): zmniejszone bazowe obrażenia, zwiększono obrażenia dla kończyn. Oznacza to, że czas zabicia będzie troszkę dłuższy, ale bardziej wiarygodny, Zmieniona siła obrażeń artylerii, [ULEPSZENIA] Dodano więcej informacji podczas ekranu ładowania, Dodano opcję do kamery, aby obracała się względem pojazdu w lewo i prawo (na osi X), Dodano interfejs VOIP pod klawiszem [TAB], Ulepszenie przeglądarki serwerów: każdy tryb gry ma swój kolor, naprawiono filtrowanie, Dodano widżet dla pojazdów lotniczych - wysokość oraz przechył, Dodano zakładkę z informacjami o serwerze pod klawiszem ESC, Usprawnione wstrząsy kamery podczas wybuchu pocisków, Dodano funkcję, która sprawdza aktualnie posiadany klient gry (nie będzie można grać na starym kliencie - powodowało to wiele crash'ów przez osoby, który nie aktualizowały gry), Możliwość skalowania HUD w trybie Warzone, Dodano brakujące elementy do kilku pancerzy, Widoczność UAV po wykryciu, Usprawnienie dotyczące obrażeń podczas kolizji z dronami, Dodano czas odnowienia, gdy gracz strzela serią (narzędzie do balansu), Dodano ikonę głośnika w panelu drużyny, Zoptymalizowane ładowanie cholewek na broń TPP, Zoptymalizowane tiki dla komponentów audio , [POZIOMY] Warszawa: Główne wejście do centrum handlowego, budex kolizja z tkaniną/naprawa niewidzialnej ściany, Warszawa: Naprawione kolizje, Warszawa: Naprawiano penetracja dla małych butików, Warszawa: Naprawiona penetracja przez przedmioty, Warszawa: Poprawa maksymalnej odległości obiektów (przyjazne dla słabych komputerów), Warszawa: Usunięto uszkodzone liście traw ze sceny. Odmalowana trawa na całym warszawskim poziomie, Warszawa: Naprawa pomalowanych wierzchołków, Warszawa: Naprawa odległości obiektów, Warszawa: Dodatkowe naprawy dotyczące trawy, Warszawa: Naprawiono strumieniowanie poziomu z perspektywy drona, [BUGI] Rozwiązano błąd związany z nieprawidłowym statusem ThermalvisionWidget, Naprawiono błędną ikonę granatów, Naprawiono efekt grantu oślepiającego, osoby na quadach będą również oślepieni, Naprawiono niemiecką flagę (była odwrócona), Naprawiono problem z Monster Grip, Poprawki tagów w customizacji [USUNIĘTO], Naprawiono strefę uderzenia dla pojazdów lotniczych, Naprawiono "przesunięty" celownik karabinów maszynowych w Combat Drone, Prawidłowe pociski w karabinach maszynowych Combat Drone, Usunięto ekstra pocisk podczas przeładowywania w Combat Drone, Potencjalna naprawa obrażeń, dotyczy ciężkiego działa RCWS i granatnika, Dodano dodatkowe tłumaczenia do przeglądarki serwerów, Prawidłowa rola widżetów - powinno zmniejszyć problemy z desynchronizacją map, Naprawiono liczenie statystyk , Naprawiono losowe wyrzucanie z rozgrywki za ukaranie, Naprawy ilości amunicja w magazynkach, Zanikanie okna czatu po wysłaniu pustej wiadomości, Naprawa pocisków naprowadzanych, Naprawa paska zdrowia, Poprawa penetracji, Naprawiono zniszczenie paczek z np. amunicją, który pozostawały po eksplozji, Naprawiono znaczniki które pozostawały po zabiciu żołnierza, Naprawiono brak synchronizacji pojazdów, Naprawiono bug który powodował znikanie wskaźnika myszki po otworzeniu tabeli wyników, Poprawki krajów dotyczące pochodzenia broni, Naprawiono małe litery na ekranie po załadowaniu, Naprawiono wyświetlanie granatu w Combat Drone, Naprawa niektórych tłumików do broni, Naprawiono zgodność w menu customizacji, Naprawiono ruch kamery w lewo podczas odrzutu broni, Naprawiono pozostawanie tabletu w ręce gracza po użyciu nalotów, Naprawiono niepoprawne wyświetlanie nazw graczy zajmujących stanowisko RCWS , Naprawiono szynę montażową MSBS-B, Zmieniono sposób ładowania PostProcess Scope, prawdopodobnie naprawiając zanikające efekty termiczne / IR na lunetach, [NAPRAWA AWARII - CRASHFIX'Y] Możliwa poprawka dla awarii GameObjective-BeginDestroy, (cel gry-został zniszczony) Naprawa awarii OnItemEquipped, (w wyposażony przedmiot) Prawdopodobna poprawka podczas awarii [USUNIĘTO - dotyczy Recon], Naprawiono awarię związaną z okluderami, Potencjalna naprawa dotycząca awarii PhysX, Naprawiono pakiet zniszczeń crash/desync, Naprawiono kolejną awarię pakietów zniszczenia, Naprawiona awaria po odrodzeniu, Prawdopodobna naprawa awarii związanej ze skórkami, Możliwa naprawa awarii granatu OnContact (podczas kontaktu), Możliwa naprawa awarii OnItemDrop, (po porzuceniu przedmiotu) Naprawiono awarię spowodowaną przez czaszki martwego gracza na mapie (pod klawiszem M), Oraz wiele więcej napraw związanych z awariami, czyli tzw. "Crash" [NARZĘDZIA] Podczas wysyłania raportu o awarii zostanie również wysłana aktualna customizacja którą posiadacie, aby sprawdzić korelację pomiędzy elementami customiazacji a awarią. *WiP - Wciąż nad tym pracujemy.
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    Hello, Thanks to the kind acts of Farm 51 (Special thanks to the main "Director" Ragir), the Polish community members @DareQQ and @Lugresky have set up an event and are inviting you to the event which will be today at 22:00 CEST. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IF YOU'RE INTERESTED. I am a middle-man as we need players (Many unexpected dropouts occured) and I have been asked to spread this message to the further community. I did not set this up, however I do warmly welcome and invite you. Also, apologies for the Polish on the images. They are taken from the original thread. "Przełamanie" means "Breakthrough". REMEMBER: The purpose of this is fun and testing of the capabilities of a different game mode. Green area = Area available to attackers. Red area = Area available to attackers AND defenders. Red hatched area = Area available to defenders when they hold C1 and C2. Respawn Broniących = Defender Respawn Respawn Atakujących = Attacker Respawn GENERAL RULES AND GAMEPLAY SET UP: Event "Breakthrough" is based around two different teams (attackers v defenders) . It will be on PTE, Warsaw Warzone and the areas were marked on the map above. Green area is ONLY available to the ATTACKING team. (Defenders cannot move in that area.). Red areas are available to both teams. Around 22 CEST, we are meeting up in discord voice channel to receive the password.. After everyone logs onto the server, the defending team takes points B1, B2, C1, C2 and goes to point C2. Readying phase begins. In the readying phase we do not shoot each other, also both teams have the time to set up their mobile spawn points. After the readying phase, there will be a countdown in chat and the game will begin. DEFENDING TEAM The Defenders must defend their objectives. During defending: The defending team cannot move in the green area and will only move in the first two areas to their point. E.G. If C1 is held, defenders can only move in C1, and C2. If C2 is held, defenders can only move in C2 and B2. As soon as they lose a point, they fall back to their last point, and they can move in that point and the point before that. After taking areas C1 and C2, the defending team cannot move in the red hatched area anymore. After the attackers take point B2, the defending team may capture points A1 and A2 The defending team cannot retake their captured areas with the exception of A2 (This can be recaptured after the attackers take it over, and if it is recaptured and help for 5 minutes, the defenders win) Defenders are allowed to use Jammers everywhere on the map ATTACKING TEAM The attacking team has to capture all the objectives, going in order of the yellow arrows. They can only win by taking A2 and holding it for 5 minutes before the time runs out or either team reaches their max ticket count. The attackers: May move on every area of the map Must take points in the order of yellow arrows (It is forbidden to take a point after the one you are currently attacking and you may not take two points at the same time.) The order is - C1, C2, B2, B1, A1, A2. Have to defend A2 for 5 minutes to win. In this time, the defenders may recapture this objective. If the defenders recapture the area, and then the attackers take it back yet again, they need to hold it for the full 5 minutes again, no matter how long they held it for beforehand. The attackers must only use jammers on the currently attacking area. MOBILE SPAWN POINT: The mobile spawn point can only be used as a respawn point. You are not allowed to use it to kill or wound. Remember to use it only in the areas you are allowed to move in. STRIKES: The following strikes are not allowed. Any fighting vehicles, IFVs, AFVs, Tanks. Any drones; UGVs, quadrocopters and the heli drone. All other streaks are allowed WINNING CONDITIONS: Defending team: Strong defense and holding at least one point until: 5000 points earned by defending team End of time 5000 points earned by attacking team (Points earned by the attackers go against their convenience. It means they must attack each point quicker than the last one, as them gathering 5000 points proves they are not able to capture the points quickly enough.) Attacking team: Win after holding A2 for 5 minutes. If you are interested, you are welcome. Please reply to this post if you are interested. Please note a lot of the spaces are already taken therefore not everyone will be accepted. You will be contacted later if you may or may not make it. REGARDING ORGANIZATION Beginning at 22:00 CEST on the PTE. We gather on the official ww3 discord voice channel. You will be divided into two teams which will go to two separate voice squads. (voice squad #1 and #2). After the division, you will receive the password, which will allow you to join the server. The password has to be entered before the game is launched so don't launch it too quick HOW TO ENTER YOUR PASSWORD Go into your steam library. Select properties under WW3 PTE. Set launch options. Enter password given on discord. Start the game. Enter the server. The password you receive will assign you to a specific role (Attacker/Defender) EVENT We will definitely play two games so that people can get a feel of the attacker and defender position. If we play more depends on the management. First game will be played strictly under the above rules. Second game we will modify to test the abilities with such a gamemode - We lift the ban on score streaks, so you can use whatever the game allows us to. Relating to this, I recommend everyone set up their loadouts ahead of time so they don't leave their team waiting. BETWEEN GAMES I recommend leaving 10 minutes time of break between games. Do not go AFK after the first game, simply turn off the game and you'll receive the second password which will assign you your next role. After you receive it, turn on the game and wait on the WAR MAP screen. You will receive info at the end of the break and then we'll go onto the server REMEMBER WE ARE NOT PLAYING FOR GOLDEN AWARDS, BUT FOR FUN AND THIS IS OUR TEST TO CHECK IF THIS MODE COULD APPEAR OR WORK IN THE GAME. Now some words from me for the end. The above is mostly translated from the original Polish announcement. The original plan was to have everyone on discord but this was not expecting English speaking people to show up, hence this might be changed, or there might be a second voice channel which I will be taking care of. Be patient, it will occur, just maybe not exactly the way it was originally planned. Thank you for reading, and the credit goes to @DareQQ and @Lugresky once again. Wouldn't have happened without them. Many thanks for letting me do this guys. Also another thanks to @Rozmo for being kind enough to pin this. I hope to see you there.
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    Keep crying kid, you have no idea what Development is, or how it is done, or what it takes. You just want something for your money and are an angry customer who is whining that they aren't getting their money's worth, because the game is not done yet and is letting you in early to help test it, for a 2020 release. Come back when you man enough to get over yourself & learn what it takes to be part of something bigger than your ego. You do not need to be concerned about "other players", only yourself. This Game's core teneta and backbone logic will make it a great platform for squad play, if allowed to be done right. Just like BF142 was done with DICE making their first game. Understand..?
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    I think someone is going overboard for who knows what time with his "I'm oh so pro and others here don't know a shit and are all noobs. Everyone, who doesn't agree with me is noob and his opinion matters not.". I was holding myself down for too long(by my standards), I can be like that too: If u can't shoot down HeliDrone using handheld weaponry - USE F....NG JAMMER, NOOB! If u r too much elitist and want it to "die" by ur hands - USE F..NG LOITERING AMMO, oh, so pro e-sports cybergamer! Typed about Loitering Ammo and remembered. Devs, what did u do to it? Loitering Ammo now sometimes has too high inertia. I moved a mouse a little, but it's still turning and turning and turning. Good thing if it's turning, usually it's diving. At first u r: Arrrgh! I'm not gonna let u die like thiiiis! - And then u r: Arrrgh! 1500BPs wasted! And 1 more thing. Why there is no cooldown for HeliDrone? I thought, that all vehicles that have ThermalScopes in loadouts must have call in cooldown. Now if u have enough BPs u can simply spam HeliDrones.
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    I see a lot of people posting their frustrations with WW3 and being pretty rude. I wanted to speak for (what I hope) is a majority of people interested in WW3 and say that I 100% understand this is an Early Access title being developed in a grassroots manner by a small/medium-sized independent studio who hasn't done something exactly like this before. What appeals to me about WW3 is I think the same for everyone and why the devs are making it, we want a Battlefield-esque modern shooter that's a bit more hardcore than CoD/modern BF, but not as much as say Arma or Squad. Personally, game performance has improved for me as development progressed - last time I played I was consistently getting 1.5X the FPS I got when the game first launched. I've enjoyed some of the new content and some of it isn't for me, but that's OK. The overall vision is intact and the developers are clearly committed to the project. I had to make SSD space for new games earlier this year and I uninstalled WW3 due to that and not being able to find consistent matches, but I'm eager to reinstall soon. Thanks to those of you who are still playing and providing your experience as feedback and data for the development, and thanks to the devs for sticking with it and dealing with the rudeness in a composed manner. I still feel my money was well spent on WW3. Maybe perspective matters here, as I paid $60 for Anthem, a clearly unfinished product. But I only paid $28 for WW3 and I still have more hours on WW3 than Anthem, and TF51 has been clear that way more content is on the way, unlike BioWare. I've already dropped Anthem likely for good, but for WW3 I'm just taking a bit of a break.
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    The last one is here! This update is geared mostly towards Recon testing, so it will not be a part of 0.5 that is going to hit Live soon™. PTE 0.5.5 Patch Notes [FEATURES] Added info about connection lost in remote vehicle (when jammed or too far away) - now it takes a sec to jam a drone, [GAMEPLAY] Increased projectiles lifespan, [IMPROVEMENTS] Better equipment display for Heli in menu and in game, Additional Gun Info: Muzzle Velocity, Better splash damage curves for 30mm, RCWS cannon, and RCWS grenade launcher, [AUDIO] Quad sound fixes, Doppler effect tweaks, Better sounds for AK Alpha, Heli Drone sound fix, Fix for shouting after death, [OPTIMIZATION] Tick optimization, Performance tweaks related to FOV correction, Changed weapon audio component casting to 3 times lower, Audio components optimization, Changes in calculating screen percentage for proxy meshes, Vehicle screen percentage calculation optimization, [BUGFIXES] Scoreboard input fix, Fixed MDC crash, Texture setup for ADS (blurry scope textures on low settings), Score event bugfix (values always started from 0 to desired value), Wrong texture settings for the deployment map.
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    Welcome Soldiers! Please feel free to leave your feedback regarding update 0.6 Best wishes, World War 3 Team.
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    Thanks Wolf for suggestion. I think we can consider that option on the next event. Stay tuned for info! Pomysł Wolfa wydaje sie ciekawy. Mysle, że można by spróbować czegos takiego. Co do wczorajszego eventu... dzięki wszystkim za udział i pomoc w organizacji eventu.
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    Dziękuję wszystkim za udział Było mega! Do zobaczenia przy następnych eventach.
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    We've decided to focus mainly on Weekly Reports because the previous method of delivery - individual posts and communication via forums, Steam and in game - resulted in a lot of chaos when one developer would say one thing and a different one something completely different, simply because someone wouldn't be up to speed on the latest decisions/developements (which can happen rapidly). In the end there was not a single main method of communication and we decided to fix those with the Weekly Reports. Some people were even wondering if anything was happening at all because unless you took your time to read our forums, Steam, Discord etc. you wouldn't have any clue what was going on with the game. And believe me, reading comments like "is anyone still working on this?" while we continue to work our arses off (there was no change in production tempo since the EA release - if anything there's even more work to do now than was before) is pretty disheartening. So we're putting those out to make sure everyone knows what's going on behind closed doors. Obviously there's some stuff we can't talk about yet so it may sometimes sound like the updates are a bit rephrasing themselves but nothing there is written to hide a lack of progress or anything like that. And lastly - They're written by different members of the team (ones responsible for each update's topic) so we don't have a single person chugging those out 24/7, if that's what you're thinking. As for the OP: If I understand correctly (I didn't get enough sleep lately so forgive me if I'm wrong), you're wondering why we wrote the same thing twice? That's because the first update mentioned we were do change our engine in the future, and the later one said we are doing that now (which is the future from the POV of the first post). Unless I'm misunderstanding something? Sorry if I am.
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    The 0.6 PTE is fine. Ok, I am focusing on performance because the lags, stuttering, bouncing objects and so on in the 0.51 version is really a pain the ass. In this case, you should copy the code/engine or what ever it makes smoother into the normal version as a next performance update ASAP. 0.6 PTE is much more fun to play than the 0.51 because of this one reason. No stuttering, no bouncing objects, no lags. You made a great job and it's (almost) there where it should be I am speaking only for me, but I hope others think the same
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    This topic is kind of a stand alone, but also related to the current Patch (0.5.1). It seems, that the game currently has a "best weapon" and "worst weapon", but also want to talk about attachments. AK-15 Seems to be the "allrounder". You can fore fight any battle with this weapon. When i loose a gun fight it'll be against the AK-15 (of coarse not always, ok!). It feels stronger then all other weapons and is easier to control. Not much to say, besides that. VEPR Oh boy i had some bad times with this. I think it was meant to be primarily for close combat situations? The extra weight on this weapon makes it impossible to run good armor and you'll loose a lot of 1v1 fights with this. The spray is quite high and at medium to long ranges you don't kill shit. The Graph indicates a very high range, but this weapon is utterly useless at high range. It is neither very powerfully nor very strong. You can get some kills with this, yes and then you'll die while reloading. It has the highest reload time of all assault rifles and you can feel it. However on close range it just about does it's job and you'll be able to catch up with other weapons, until the moment where you gotta reload. MSBS-B Complete trash. Sorry guys you put some work into this, i respect that but it not very good for any scenario. Being also a close range weapon it will be out-gunned in most scenarios. Using this weapon felt like i was shooting the enemy for ever, they actually had enough time to turn around and see the face of death. Even when you land every single bullet you'll be shooting a while. I didn't test this weapon as much as the others because i was unable to do stuff with it. MSBS-K This one is alright overall. I think it is the starter weapon also? Customization allows you to modify it to suit your needs for long range accuracy or close range effectiveness. I've noticed some differences in the weapon description on the top and the graph on the bottom like weight and recoil. You can go TDM or Warzone with this and you'll be able to kill stuff, but for attacking and defending objectives a more specialized weapon might be better, that's why it's not used commonly from me. G38 - M416 It performed surprisingly well to be honest, but has some flaws. It has rather low spread and with some good recoil management you'll be able to land some very precise shots. I enjoyed using this weapon and i must admit it might even be one of my favorites. The only problem is, it has low damage and is rather slow. It takes time to shoot enemies and that can cost you your life. It seems balanced the way it is, until you reload... Yeah you read this before on the VEPR. The reload time here is not quite as high, but you shoot slow, move slow, reload slow. It kind of slows down your entire gameplay. In my opinion the reload time needs to be a bit lower and the rest can stay as is. G36 I'm unsure what the problem is with this weapon. I remember when the whole hit registration problem started, this was the first weapon i noticed it happening with and it still seems a bit odd. I think it might have to do with the exceptional speed of this weapon? Some times i get a hit marker, but no hit points, some times i get no hit marker and some times i get both. Regardless of what happens I'll be shooting way longer then expected. Understanding that this weapon has a lower damage it needs a few shots more, yes. One time i was shooting exactly 11 bullets in to a person before he finally decided to bite the grass - a new record. Due to this problem it's kind of hard to tell whether or not this weapon is any usefully. I've spend more time with this weapon then all others and i'm very positive, that there is something wrong with it. Beryl 762 Seems like a more balanced version of the AK, with a ridiculous spray. The spray is so bad that you have to go in single shot mode to hit something reliably on long range. The recoil is not as bad as the description is saying, it's acceptable considering the power of this - doesn't mean it's not high, it's just acceptable. A lot of kills and deaths will come from this "workhorse". Being mainly in Warzone i don't like using it, due to the variations of long and close range combat. I prefer something that'll work in both ranges. Alpha Poor Americans. It is very very slow, but has the same spray as the Beryl. It's more or less just a cheap copy of the beryl. It has the same problem on long ranges and is heavier. It'll work alright in close ranger like tdm or small areas of warzone but you don't see it very often these days. It feels like it is just not strong enough. SCAR-H Not an assault rifle, but okay. Pretty sure this weapon is designed to be warzone only. I did try the full automatic mode just out of curiosity and even in close range combat it is just to much to handle. Maybe in a "oh shit" moment full automatic can save your butt, but really single shot mode is the way to go. So being in single shot mode it still has some high recoil, but the main problem here is the movement to the left and right caused by sway and spray. Maybe the shown value for spray is even incorrect? I find it a really good weapon, i would love to use it more often, but: This movement seems just to much considering you have to fight the recoil and "the environment". Shooting in single shot mode takes some time and you have to constantly adjust the mouse in all directions. A lot of the times enemies would escape to cover before you are able to kill them. It could be a good weapon if this sway was reduced by a good amount, but currently it is more in the middle range. You do see this weapon some times, but it's rather rare. Some days you'll see it on one person per match, other days you'll see it only every 4th or 5th match. The recoil could stay due to the usage of this weapon. To the Attachments... First of all: Showing the "Equip Speed" in the statistics seems pretty useless. You don't have enough weight to effectively switch between 2 weapons, so you'll have one primary and maybe an rpg or something like that, but nothing you would constantly swap in and out. It's not helpfully to blend this value in. The "Range Additive" is not shown in the graph, which is a shame. 90% of people have no Idea this exists. I think it does work, at least it seems to make a difference based on feelings. It's just not being displayed. Ether way 50 Meters seems quite a large amount actually. It doesn't seem the subtract 50 on the msbs on a small barrel tho, but adding 50 works. The Juno Grip seems to be "the best", closely followed by monster grip. Other ones are barely used. It's a shame really. You should be able to choose from a list of equally good grips, maybe each one could have a unique little bonus to them, to make it more interesting but nothing so powerfully that you'll always equip that. I like how the new side combos work - you can cycle trough them, it's really nice. Unfortunately none of those work really well. The Flashlights barely give light, you have to stand basically in the corner to see something and the laser leaves an ugly red dot, rather then just a laser. If the red dot from the laser was reduced to the same size as the laser with just a little highlight it could be a great help, but it's very distracting right now especially when you have a Red Dot sight. The Flashlight needs more power, the laser less power. Famous last words Most weapons are okay. They have a role in close or long range and with that they seem "ok" balanced, but needs improvements. Customization feels rather poor and leaves little room for visual satisfaction, also there seems to be a generally best weapon. Share your thoughts...
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    Just for lulz. Sorry, but gif is heavy ~30MB(30 out of 48 remaining). If not, it's not smooth enough to please my eyes. Damn Steam, only less than 10 MB gifs are allowed to upload... There is one more thing to do with tank. I'll try to shot it later. If there would be enough space to upload it.
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    After playing more the biggest gripe is the inaccuracy of the guns. So much random horizontal movement. They does not physically happen in real like and makes the game feel super fake. Horizontal sway + horizontal recoil is bad just revert to .2 or .3 recoil patterns that was so good. I cant gets past how guns kick to the side and all the abnormal random sway. I want to have realistic handling guns not a casino.
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    Всем привет! Друзья, рады сообщить о выходе очередного Обновления для World War 3! Мы думаем, что исправили 99,9% тех вылетов, что появились с апдейтом 0.3, а оставшееся будет улучшаться по мере продвижения. В настоящее время мы готовимся к по-настоящему крупному Обновлению 0.6 "Warzone Мегапатч", поэтому данное обновление - оно больше переходное, нежели полноценное. Но это не значит, что мы ничего не добавили в игру Обновление 0.5 - Список изменений [ОСНОВНОЕ] Добавлена "разминка" к матчам режима Warzone, поэтому больше не нужно ожидать начала матча на экране высадки, Новая мини-карта и оверлей (оптимизированная и более надежная) - всё еще в работе, но уже намного лучше, Добавлен прототип VOIP, Французская локализация, Очередной пакет изменений в оптимизации, Новое освещение на картах Москва и Варшава. [ГЕЙМПЛЕЙ] Изменения в ТТК (Time To Kill): снижен основной урон, увеличен урон конечностей. Таким образом, ТТК стал немного более продолжительным, но в то же время более достоверным, Поработали над уроном артиллерии. [УЛУЧШЕНИЯ] Добавлено больше сообщений на экране загрузки, Добавлена опция для камеры, сохраняющая вращение техники (ось Х), Добавлен интерфейс VOIP [TAB], Улучшения в серверном браузере: добавлены цвета в режимы игры, исправлена область клика по чекбоксам, Добавлен виджет тангажа и крена для HUD воздушной техники, Добавлена вкладка "Информация о сервере" в меню ESC., Правка тряски камеры от ракет, Добавлена проверка версии клиента, которая не даёт играть на устаревшей версии (было много жалоб о вылетах от тех игроков, чья игра в итоге не была обновлена), Масштабируемый HUD для Warzone, Добавлены недостающие планки для некоторой брони, Видимость БПЛА после обнаружения, Исправление урона столкновений для дронов, Добавлен параметр восстановления (кулдаун), когда игрок стреляет в стиле "бёрст" (к вопросу баланса), Добавлена иконка спикера на панели бойцов отряда, Optimized loading of uppers on TPP weapons, Исправлены некоторые артефакты звука. [УРОВНИ] Варшава: Главный вход в ТЦ, фикс "невидимой стены", Варшава: Исправление коллизий, Варшава: Фикс проникновения для небольших киосков и различного реквизита, Варшава: Исправления в максимальном расстоянии прорисовки (хорошо для ПК с низкими характеристиками), Варшава: Убрана сломанная растительность, исправлена дополнительная трава. Также на всей карте трава была перекрашена. Варшава: Исправления для Vertex paint, Варшава: Фиксы дистанции прорисовки, Варшава: Фиксы для подгрузки уровня с перспективы дрона. [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ОШИБОК] Решен баг с ThermalvisionWidget, показывающим неверный статус, Исправлена ошибочная иконка гранат, Игрок на квадроцикле теперь получает "светошумовой эффект" более корректно, Фикс развертки немецкого флага, который был перевернут, Исправлена ошибка с Monster Grip, Для [REDACTED] исправлен тэг кастомизации, Исправлено размещение зоны удара в воздушной технике, Исправлено смещение прицеливания для пулеметов боевого дрона, Скорректированы частицы для пулеметов боевого дрона, Убран один дополнительный боеприпас при перезарядке ракет боевого дрона, Потенциальный фикс урона по области (сплэш) для тяжелой пушки и гранатомета RCWS, Добавлен местами пропущенный перевод в браузере серверов, Корректировка виджетов, призванная снизить проблемы с десинхронизацией карты, Подправлен подсчет статистики, Фикс рандомных киков на Карту войны после паниша, Исправление бага с патронами в магазине, Чат исчезает после ввода пустого сообщения, Фикс управляемых снарядов, Фикс полоски здоровья, Фиксы проникновения, Дестрой-паки теперь корректно повреждаются от взрывов, Исправлены плавающие маркеры мертвых солдат, Устранены некоторые ошибки с синхронизацией техники, Исправлен баг, когда мышь исчезала после просмотра таблицы результатов, Фикс кодовых обозначений на оружии, Исправлен показ гранаты в боевом дроне, Некоторые фиксы звука глушителя, Фиксы совместимости кастомизаций, Фикс смещения камеры влево при добавлении отдачи, После использования Страйков планшет больше не должен оставаться в руках игрока, Корректный показ ников игроков, находящихся в RCWS, Фикс планки MSBS-B, Изменен способ загрузки ScopePostProcess, что должно исправить исчезновение тепловых/инфракрасных эффектов на прицелах. [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ВЫЛЕТОВ] Вероятный фикс краша GameObjective-BeginDestroy, Фикс краша OnItemEquipped, Вероятное исправление вылета во время [REDACTED - относится к Recon], Исправлен краш, связанный с окклюдерами, Потенциальное исправление сбоя PhysX, Исправлены краши дестрой-пака, Устранены вылеты при возрождении игрока, Возможное исправление вылетов, связанных со скинами, столкновением гранат и OnItemDrop, Исправлен краш, вызываемый черепами погибших игроков на карте [один под M], Бесчисленное множество возможных исправлений вылетов. [ИНСТРУМЕНТЫ] Добавление данных кастомизации в краш-репорты, чтобы видеть взаимосвязь между выбранными аттачментами и последующими вылетами.
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    Somebody need to read patchnotes beforehand... For example, to learn difference between the artillery strikes. Try for example antiarmor artstrike and only then start to whine about artillery being useless. And saying that weedtime is being ironic, when he is incarnation of correctness and patience, it's just... Don't know why, but the more game is going towards stable stage with more content, the more I see ppl are whining that game is going nowhere and devs do nothing. Especially from North Amurica voices are loud . Funny thing, is that NA has the low playerbase. They do not play, but do whine. The game is stable as it never was. I have had no crashes for 1 month. I think I should start a theme, where I will every pucking day add 1 new post where I will type with BIG RED LETTERS that there were NO crashes today. Again!
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    Zauważyłem, że gracze z drużyny rzadko zwracają uwagę na pojazdy towarzyszy. Jest to o tyle denerwujące i uprzykrzające rozgrywkę, że chcąc uniknąć team killa trzeba takiem graczowi ustępować miejsca. To zajmuje sporo czasu szczególnie kiedy śpieszymy się naprawić pojazd. Zdarzało się takiego rozjechać i w odwecie dostać killa co skutkuje utratą pojazdu. Trochę to deprymujące szczególnie jeśli na pojazd wydaliśmy ok 5k battle pointsów Może warto zastanowić się nad wprowadzeniem jakiegoś sygnału ostrzegawczego typu klakson/syrena, który będzie ostrzegał innych przed pojazdem w okolicy.
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    After having a discussion with members @Salt Lord and @Demo "The Owl" on Discord about strikes, we have come to the fact that the missile strikes are simply too expensive/don't serve enough use for their price, or there is better alternatives. Right now though, it seems like they're less worth it than the free RPG and some teamwork/good positioning. We have come up with some alternative costs, features and/or mechanics that this strike could use. Also if I got the names of the strikes wrong, forgive me, I'm on about the three missile strikes, got them off the top of my head and asked on Discord. One thing we thought of was giving people 3 Missiles per use. This could be done a few ways. Damage would also be tweaked. 2 missiles for a tank and AFV with the AFV taking a notable difference in damage than a tank per hit and one for an IFV. A) Receive 3 uses of this strike whenever you want, and use it as it works currently (get overlay, select area and steer it to target) B) Enter a UAV view of the map such as the one from the Modern Warfare series where you get a circling overview of the map, with the ability to send three missiles down. You get the ability to spot people and see where you are sending this down. Ability to mark could be removed for balancing purposes. Another thing could be ramping up the points so that we get more points for using it so it gives more to cover for the large expenses. For example the tank can pay itself off even three times, while this will never pay itself off. The issue with it right now is that if it's too cheap, tanks lose their value. If it is too expensive, the tank is better over it because you can destroy more tanks with a tank rather than with a missile. There are more technicalities to this however I think that this should be left to the devs and communities. The more info I put in here, the more the chances of someone denying the entire idea without trying to change it up a bit. Such details include; cost, damage, ability to spot, etc. A period of cool down between missiles and/or laser guidance could also be implemented. I personally think that this could help these strikes to be used, and if we all throw in some of our opinions here, we'll get a system that suits everyone, is worth it, and is balanced enough. Looking forward to some feedback!
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    There's been a voting two weeks ago, most of you want to slow down and let developers focus on fixing the bugs, instead on push new content, we start providing weekly reports, latest one you can find here https://worldwar3.com/en/2019/03/25/weekly-report-4-warzone-giga-patch-is-coming/, also there are previous ones if you missed them, there will be next one this Monday. Most of the crashes were fixed in 0.5 and also performance seems to be better, there's been server problems, but seems like they are resolved, we will see. At this moment we also testing new Recon mode, which you had a double chance to participate, everyone like it, about player base, you can find info in the last weekly report how we plan to increase demand for the game thanks to future free weekends. See you around.
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    A ja bym całkowicie połączył mapę która jest pod M, ze scoreboard, po bokach mapy jest wystarczająca ilość miejsca. A co do wyłączania/włączania elemntów HUD to dobry pomysł.
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    There is one thing in WW3 that never ceases to amuse me. Every time I've flanked some sniper(and not only sniper) I'm always trying to kill him with stock hit just to one more time see dat ragdoll flying. Devs, PLZ, DO NOT FIX THIS! Better make this a "thing", "hook", "signature" don't what fits better here. Here is video of someone recorded how it looks like.
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    Just wanted to say that this response was unprecedented, and I would have replied earlier if I hadn't been so busy this week. Thanks so much for all the people at F51 for reading through the forums and taking us seriously, because you clearly do care about what you're making, and the time you've taken to go through this post and make sure we're all in the loop on this really has returned my confidence in this game. And to @Virgil, mate, these guys haven't really had much experience before with online FPS. Did the first few weeks suck ass? Yeah. But the servers were fixed. And then they added TDM instead of working on Recon because the community asked for a faster paced game mode. As a Recon tester, I can tell you that they've also done a lot of work on that as well, and that that will be worth at least checking out. 0.3 was glitchy as hell, and reporting crashes was a pain for everyone, and that's part of the reason that they put forward a vote: because they want to do what the community wants. Background engine fixes take ages without changing content, so sometimes they have to choose to prioritise content. I think the problem you have is that you were expecting the type of early access that is seen on most games now, where the dev calls it EA as a way to try and to a final test of what is practically a finished game without pushing it out to the public. F51 is instead releasing it as an actual early access: unfinished but playable experience, with more than a year total of development time before release, and I trust them because they have consistently tried to put in what we've asked for. I know a lot of people are annoyed at the developers for what has happened with this game, but they're really playing the long game, so if you're expecting it to be finished soon then I'm sorry it's not what you wanted, but it is going to get there eventually.
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    Je suis David, Médecin de jeux professionnel. Si vous avez besoin de soins c'est avec moi! Je suis aussi pour le moment un des meilleurs joueurs de World war 3
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    We'll be focusing on balance once most of the core features are in place. Probably around summer (estimate, don't quote me on that). Before that we'll probably still be doing the wide-range iterations like the BTK/TTK tweaks. Once that is done we'll focus more on fine-tuning a system that works to be as balanced as possible.
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    It would be nice if you could move B1 marker more over the building instead of here because the marker can sometimes obscure the view on windows so it's harder to spot the enemies inside
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    If I had to score this patch so far, I'd give it a loose 6 out of 10. Overall very good, but still improvements to be made, fixes to be achieved, and of course I cannot give it a final judgement till it gets closer to release. ----------------------------------------- General Game Performance Most serious issues I've experienced are- Getting stuck on the loading screen when leaving a match Rare CTD here and there (all of which I report right away) Hits on target not registering <- though this is a much more rare experience when compared to the two above. Other than those three things, I haven't experienced much in the way of performance issues. Everything is running better and better as time goes by and if everything holds up when it goes to live, I think People should be very happy with the performance work that you all have sunk into this patch so far. But, only time will tell ultimately as I know there can always be an issue that rises between PTE to Live servers. So, prepare for the worse case scenario even if all lights look green. Other than that though my only other gripe would be that I want to play 0.6 on PTE more than I want to play 0.5 on live, but People still seem to want to play live instead of PTE. ----------------------------------------- M4 Assault Rifle - I overall really dig this weapon and can say for sure that it will likely be one of my top favorites (trying to keep my American favoritism in check mind you) going into the live game. I know People are saying nerf the gun and honestly I can see some places I think it can be tuned better without losing it's middle of the road gameplay. My suggestions for the M4 are as followed. General Performance Increase it's reload time from 1.0 to 2.0 or 2.5 Lower it's RPM from 740 to 700 I personally don't think these changes will hurt the M4 all that much, if anything the slightly lower RPM could be seen as a buff in the long range department, but a nerf in the short range department while furthering the difference between the M4 from the SA80, G36, & MSBS-K. Attachments Add Short Barrel & Short Barrel (Frontal Sight) options to improve the Weapon's CQC performance a bit more. - Other than those four things I'd say the M4 is overall solid. ----------------------------------------- SA80 Assault Rifle - I was pleasantly shocked to see this gun added to the game and can say it's easily in the top 6 favorite range of mine. Though to be honest, I think it needs a light buff to make it perform a bit better. My suggestions for the SA80 are as followed. General Performance Decrease it's recoil from 0.88 to 0.76 - 0.80 I know higher end recoil is suppose to be the weapon's drawback. But, I think taking the recoil from 0.88 down to either 0.80, 0.76 at the most, or somewhere in between would make the gun a bit more approachable for players that are maybe a bit hesitant about using such a higher rpm weapon. Even if the recoil was dropped down somewhere between or exactly to those listed numbers, the weapon would still be on the higher end of recoil when compared to most other assault rifles. Attachments Cannot think of anything at this time that needs adding, changing, or removing. Though as Rivy has pointed out in a report, the weapon does seem to have a bit of a problem with keeping the attachments we put on it. - Other than those two things I think the SA80 is solid. ----------------------------------------- Helicopter Drone - Now that the Helicopter Drone is in a much more stable state and I've had more than a few small scale matches to really play with it, I have to say that I really, really like it. But. It does need a nerf hammer taken to it and in my opinion some things changed about it. The amount though I would change about the Helicopter Drone should really be reserved for an entirely dedicated post rather than this feedback post. Otherwise this reply of mine will be a massive wall of text. So, I will sum up my opinions of the Helicopter Drone as it currently stands- Still an awesome addition to the game that provides a new layer of gameplay to the WW3 battlefield. But, it's role on the battlefield as a flying tank with enough ammunition & weapon variety to level a city block makes the other Unmanned Drones largely useless and overall should have it's role on the WW3 battlefield re-imagined through various changes. Primarily to make it's role in game to be a CAS (Close Air-Support) capable UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that can bring destructive firepower to the battlefield in an agile, but very fragile weapon platform. Though one major problem with it right now is when it gets jammed by the global jammer strike. Even if the Helicopter Drone gets jammed without being destroyed by the enemy or flying out of bounds, the user is unable to use the Drone again even after the jamming signal has passed. The only thing they can do to fix this is die/respawn and give it time before the Strike unlocks itself again. - Later today or tomorrow I will make a dedicated post regarding the Helicopter Drone. I overall consider it still a solid addition to the game, but I understand where People are coming from when they give it both forms of flak. ----------------------------------------- New Grenades - Really happy to have these new Grenades in the game and no arguments against them being in. Still playing around and testing them though so I don't have much in the way of suggestions for them beyond the following... Phosphorus Grenade Should have it's smoke effect duration increased by 2-4 seconds. Thermite Grenade Should have it's damage scale up by 2x for every second a IFV, AFV, or MBT stays on top of it. Currently it doesn't do enough damage against them to make it worth deploying against them (unless of course the Thermite grenade was not suppose to be a serious threat to the Heavy Vehicle Strikes) Effect duration increased by 3-6 seconds Impact Grenade No real opinion on them just yet. All that aside though, awesome stuff. ----------------------------------------- Squad Spawn Mechanic - I've heard this thing isn't working as it's suppose to and it's actually a mistake that players are able to spawn on non-squad leaders. If this is indeed a bug, than I hope it gets fixed before going to live servers. If it's a new feature however, it's one I'm against entirely as it takes away from the Squad Leader which already doesn't do all that much different from the regular folks in the squad. So, if it's just a bug and it gets fixed. If it's a new feature to be added to the game. ----------------------------------------- New Spawn Vehicle - I know it's still in it's early test run so I cannot give it an extreme amount of criticism. But, it does have some issues that need to be looked into. If someone uses the Weapon Turret on it there is a chance they can get stuck in limbo. The player is stuck inside of it, but do not register as actually being inside of the Vehicle. They cannot respawn out of the vehicle also, so they're forced to exit the match or the game itself just to resolve the issue. I've only experienced this once myself, so this may have just been a one off matter. But, a matter that should be looked into all the same. Vehicle takes a large amount of damage when People just shoot the weapon turret itself. Again, I know the Vehicle is still in it's early testing, but this needs to be fixed as a dedicated team can just destroy the Spawn Vehicle with regular gun fire. If players use RPGs, it takes 4 regular RPG rounds+1 Tandem round to that weapon turret to send the Vehicle to the scrap yard. Obviously the RPG should do the most damage to the Spawn Vehicle when compared to other small arms. But, it should be because the shooter is aiming at the flanks or rear of the Vehicle, not because they got a shot at the turret which isn't a critical performance part of the Vehicle. Still doing some general performance tests, but overall the New Spawn Vehicle is serving it's cause just fine outside of those two issues above. ----------------------------------------- New Spotting Mechanics - Not much to say beyond I like them a lot better this way than the old way. I know some People won't like the amount of spamming that needs to be done, but it is a step up from the generic spotting mechanic of old where you were just hunting the red markers. Still need to do some more tests with it, but right now it's a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. ----------------------------------------- New Communication Mechanics - Still needing to use this thing a bit more before commenting much further on it. ----------------------------------------- New Jammer Mechanics - While I really like this new way of Jamming Drones a lot better than just the instant connection kill. I do think it can be expanded upon for more flavor enhancement and the Jammer strikes changed up a little more to make them a bit more interesting/influential on the battlefield than they currently are. But, the amount of suggestions I would make on this would be better served in a dedicated post, so I will try to get around to that when I can after the Helicopter Drone topic. But, for now they serve their cause just fine and are less frustrating than just simply killing the Drone Pilot's/Driver's connection right away to their Strike. ----------------------------------------- Players not being able to capture Objectives while inside of IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs. - Cannot believe I forgot to bring this up. I'm not sure if this was planned or a mistake. But, if IFVs, AFVs, and MBTs are no longer able to capture objectives on their own as planned, than I fully support this idea, and that is coming from someone who loves his Armored Vehicles. By doing this it increases the Vehicle's dependency on having Infantry there with it when pushing into the enemy held objective points. While the Vehicle provides the overwhelming heavy firepower that Infantry lack, the Infantry provide security for the Vehicle while capturing the objective zone, creating a mutual dependence between them. If this is indeed planned and not a mere bug, good job! If it's a bug and not an intended design, well...keep the bug lol. Keep up the good work Devs!
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    Hey folks, time for the last "Guns that can enhance WW3" post and this time we're covering the plentiful Assault Rifles. I saved these for last since we already had so many Assault Rifles in the game and so few of every other type of weapon. I felt it was better to cover all the other categories of weapons first before finally touching this one. Early on I was asking myself; what will I do when I get to Assault Rifles? We already have eight with a ninth on the way... Then of course being surprised later with a 10th in the form of the SA80 being added to the PTE... So, ten Assault Rifles to be in the game and this list needing to be completed for the sake of completion later on here we are...To be honest, at this point we're going to be really stretching out the differences between the weapons and will at some point just start seeing assault rifles added in just for the sake of adding them in. Ragir suggested I just list five Assault Rifles and well...he might sigh a little because I found six, though the sixth one I'm not entirely sure on because I think it will be a bit of a balance nightmare for the devs and while the weapon is very popular in video games, the weapon itself in real life hasn't been adopted by any military except it's home country, but even that is in a very limited quantity, and production of the weapon ended in 2008. But, this is not a wishlist and regardless of my feelings on the matter of it, the weapon will still be on the list at #6. Overall there is going to be a lot of old faces in this post with at least 1 newer face on the block. But, these weapons have proven their ability to truly be different in some viable form when compared to other firearms of the same general type for WW3. So, lets get started in the usual fashion of - Before we can talk about what could be added to the game, we must first see what has already been added to the game. Current Assault Rifles we have in-Game AK-15 " Specialist rifle of the Russian military chambered for the 7.62 bullet. High damage with a lower rate of fire and considerable recoil." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Russia Weight: 3.3 KG or 7.28 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 700 Calibers: 7.62×39mm Muzzle Velocity: 715m/s or 2,345ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 - 40+1 round Magazines Effective firing range: 500 - 600 Meters or 546 - 656 Yards Maximum firing range: 800 Meters or 874 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-12 Info 2: https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/AK-12 In-game Stats Weight: 16.5 Recoil: 0.74 Spread: 0.26 Reload time: 3.1s RPM: 620 Caliber: 7.62x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 720m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-130m Damage Drop off Range: 131m+ VEPR AK-74 or VEPR "Russian Assault rifle based on the VEPR platform, chambered in the 5.45x39. Balanced weapon with good damage and rate of fire but lacking in precision" - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Russia Weight: 3.0 KG or 6.8 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 600-650 Calibers: 5.45x39 Muzzle Velocity: 880-900m/s or 2,887 - 2,952ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 - 60+1 round Magazines Effective firing range: 500 - 800 Meters or 546 - 874 Yards Maximum firing range: 3,150 Meters or 3,444 Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-74 Info 2: https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/AK-74 In-game Stats Weight: 14.5 Recoil: 0.71 Spread: 0.28 Reload time: 4.2s RPM: 670 Caliber: 5.45x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 880m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-105m Damage Drop off Range: 106m+ MSBS-B "Bullpup variant of the Polish MSBS rifle, chambered for the powerful, short-ranged .300 Blackout round. Compact weapon with good stopping power at the cost of a lower rate of fire and heavy recoil." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Poland Weight: 3.55 Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 700-900 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 890m/s or 2,919ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 - 60 Rounds Detachable Magazine Effective firing range: 500 Meters or 546 Yards Maximum firing range: Unknown Info 1: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/poland-assault-rifles/msbs-radon-eng/ Info 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSBS_rifle In-game Stats Weight: 15.5 Recoil: 0.74 Spread: 0.22 Reload time: 2.7s RPM: 621 Caliber: .300 Blackout Muzzle Velocity: 675m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-30m Damage Drop off Range: 31m+ MSBS-K "Freshly introduced rifle of the Polish army, chambered for the 5.56 NATO bullet. Versatile gun with moderate recoil and accuracy." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Poland Weight: 3.65 Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 700-900 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 890m/s or 2,919ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 - 60 Rounds Detachable Magazine Effective firing range: 500 Meters or 546 Yards Maximum firing range: Unknown Info 1: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/poland-assault-rifles/msbs-radon-eng/ Info 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSBS_rifle In-game Stats Weight: 16.1 Recoil: 0.71 Spread: 0.25 Reload time: 3.2s RPM: 721 Caliber: 5.56x45mm Muzzle Velocity: 890m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-90m Damage Drop off Range: 91m+ M416 "Modern German rifled favored by spec ops units worldwide, chambered in 5.56 NATO. Exceptional accuracy with significant recoil and increased weight." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Germany Weight: 2.94 KG or 6.50 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 700-900 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 730m/s or 2,395ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 10 to 30 Round Detchable Magazine to 100 round Beta C-Magazine Effective firing range: 300 - 800 Meters or 328 - 874 Yards Maximum firing range: Unknown Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_HK416 Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/germany-assault-rifles/hk-416-eng/ In-game Stats Weight: 16.3 Recoil: 0.83 Spread: 0.2 Reload time: 4.0s RPM: 660 Caliber: 5.56x45mm Muzzle Velocity: 917m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-90m Damage Drop off Range: 91m+ G36 "Standard rifle of the German military, chambered in 5.56 NATO. Lightweight with high rate of fire but lacks precision." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Germany Weight: 3.6 KG or 7.9 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 750 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 920m/s or 3,018ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 Round Detachable Box Magazine or 100 round Beta C-Magazine. Effective firing range: 300 - 800 Meters or 328 - 874 Yards Maximum firing range: 2,860 Meters Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_G36 Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/germany-assault-rifles/hk-g36-eng/ In-game Stats Weight: 15.8 Recoil: 0.74 Spread: 0.28 Reload time: 3.1s RPM: 750 Caliber: 5.56x45mm Muzzle Velocity: 750m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-90m Damage Drop off Range: 91m+ Beryl M762 "The workhorse rifle of the Polish military, this version is chambered for the 7.62 bullet. High damage and decent all-around handling but lacks precision and kicks like a mule." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: Poland Weight: 3.35 KG or 7.39 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 700 Calibers: 7.62x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 920m/s or 3,018ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 round detchable Box Magazine Effective firing range: 100 - 600 Meters or 109 - 656 Yards Maximum firing range: 1000 Meters or 1093 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FB_Beryl#Variants Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/poland-assault-rifles/wz-96-beryl-eng/ In-game Stats Weight: 15.1 Recoil: 0.83 Spread: 0.3 Reload time: 3.1 RPM: 600 Caliber: 7.62x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 940m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-105m Damage Drop off Range: 106m+ Ak Alfa or Alpha "Experimental development of the AK platform of Israeli origin, chambered in 7.62. High Damage and low rate of fire paired with low vertical and high horizontal recoil." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: United States/Israel Weight: 3.5 KG or 7.7 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 600-650 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO, .223 Remington, and 7.62x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 715m/s or 2345ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 round detachable box magazine Effective firing range: 500 meters or 546 Yards Maximum firing range: Unknown Info 1: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/israel-assault-rifles/ak-alfa-eng/ Info 2: http://www.military-today.com/firearms/alfa.htm In-game Stats Weight: 17.8 Recoil: 0.72 Spread: 0.3 Reload time: 2.85s RPM: 570 Caliber: 7.62x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 740m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-130m Damage Drop off Range: 131m+ M4 - Currently on PTE "Standard issue assault rifle of the US Army, chambered in 5.56. A balanced weapon with good all around performance, it can handle most situtations well but will be easily outperformed by more specialized guns." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: United States Weight: 2.9 KG or 6.4 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 700-950 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 905m/s or 2970ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 Effective firing range: 500 meters or 546 Yards Maximum firing range: 3,600 Meters or 3,937 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4_carbine Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/u-s-a-assault-rifles/m4-m4a1-eng/ In-game (PTE) Stats Weight: 16.99 Recoil: 0.6 Spread: 0.3 Reload time: 1.0s RPM: 740 Caliber: 5.56x45mm Muzzle Velocity: 910m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-90m Damage Drop off Range: 91m+ SA80 - Currently on PTE "A versatile British weapons platform chambered in 5.56 NATO. High rate of fire and good accuracy make it perform well in a multitude of different roles and configurations, but it comes at the cost of significant weight and recoil." - WW3 description Real Life Stats Origin: United Kingdom Weight: 4.13 KG or 9.1 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the Shooter RPM: 610 - 775 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 930 - 940m/s or 3051 - 3083ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 Round Magazine Effective firing range: 300-400 Meters or 328 or 437 Yards Maximum firing range: 600 Meters or 656 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SA80 Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/bez-rubriki-en/sa80-l85-eng/ In-game (PTE) Stats Weight: 17.94 Recoil: 0.88 Spread: 0.27 Reload time: 3.1s RPM: 770 Caliber: 5.56x45mm Muzzle Velocity: 940m/s Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 Top Damage Range: 0-90m Damage Drop off Range: 91m+ With all of this information in hand it's time to get to the real fun of the post with the new weapon suggestions. Much like all of my other posts of Weapons that could enhance WW3, I will be using the colors Green to indicate where a gun is better, Red where a gun is worse, Yellow where a gun is even or competitive. A friendly final reminder folks - When I'm suggesting/comparing weapons, I'm basing my comparisons for a "stock" weapon in game against another stock weapon in game. If I try to do stats for every customization option, I would have never finished any of these posts. The Developers get the final say in the balance stats anyways, so take my proposed stats as more of a suggestion for a general direction the weapon should be designed towards as I cannot actually test these stats to confirm balance or imbalance. Assault Rifles that could enhance WW3 #1. FAMAS G2 - The FAMAS stands for Fusil d’Assaut de la Manufacture d’Armes de St-Etienne (Assault Rifle by St-Etienne Arms Factory) and currently serves as France's standard issue service rifle till the HK416F (A variant of the HK416) has been supplied in the desired numbers to the French Military, at which point only the French Nation Guard and domestic Police units will be armed with the FAMAS. Real Life Stats Origin: France Weight: 3.61 KG or 7.95 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the shooter RPM: 1,000 - 1,100 Calibers: 5.56x45mm NATO Muzzle Velocity: 925m/s or 3,034ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 Round Detachable Box Magazine Special Feature: Semi, 3-Round Burst, and Fully Automatic fire modes. Effective Range: 450 Meters or 492 Yards Maximum Range: 3,200 Meters or 3499 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAMAS Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/bez-rubriki-en/famas-eng/ Proposed in-game Stats & Comparison Stats Weight: 15.86 vs. AK15 (16.5) - VEPR (14.5) - MSBS-B (15.5) - MSBS-K (16.1) - M416 (16.3) - G36 (15.8) - Beryl M762 (15.1) - Alpha (17.8) - M4 (16.99) - SA80 (17.94) Recoil: 0.93 vs. AK15 (0.74) - VEPR (0.71) - MSBS-B (0.74) - MSBS-K (0.71) - M416 (0.83) - G36 (0.74) - Beryl M762 (0.83) - Alpha (0.72) - M4 (0.6) - SA80 (0.88) Spread: 0.30 vs. AK15 (0.26) - VEPR (0.25) - MSBS-B (0.22) - MSBS-K (0.25) - M416 (0.2) - G36 (0.28) - Beryl M762 (0.3) - Alpha (0.3) - M4 (0.3) - SA80 (0.27) Reload time: 3.1s vs. AK15 (3.1s) - VEPR (4.2s) - MSBS-B (2.7s) - MSBS-K (3.2s) - M416 (4.0s) - G36 (3.1s) - Beryl M762 (3.1s) - Alpha (2.85s) - M4 (1.0s) - SA80 (3.1s) RPM: 900 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) Caliber: 5.56x45 vs. AK15 (7.62x39) - VEPR (5.45x39) - MSBS-B (.300) - MSBS-K (5.56x45) - M416 (5.56x45) - G36 (5.56x45) - Beryl M762 (7.62x39) - Alpha (7.62x39) - M4 (5.56x45) - SA80 (5.56x45) Muzzle Velocity: 900 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (880) - MSBS-B (675) - MSBS-K (890) - M416 (917) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (940) - Alpha (740) - M4 (910) - SA80 (940) Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 vs. AK15 (30+1) - VEPR (30+1) - MSBS-B (30+1) - MSBS-K (30+1) - M416 (30+1) - G36 (30+1) - Beryl M762 (30+1) - Alpha (30+1) - M4 (30+1) - SA80 (30+1) Top Damage Range: 0-90 vs. AK15 (0-130) - VEPR (0-105) - MSBS-B (0-30) - MSBS-K (0-90) - M416 (0-90) - G36 (0-90) - Beryl M762 (0-105) - Alpha (0-130) - M4 (0-90) - SA80 (0-90) Damage Drop off Range: 91+ vs. vs. AK15 (131+) - VEPR (106+) - MSBS-B (31+) - MSBS-K (91+) - M416 (91+) - G36 (91+) - Beryl M762 (106+) - Alpha (131+) - M4 (91+) - SA80 (91+) - If added to the game, the FAMAS should serve as the fastest full auto Assault Rifle with a rather adaptable nature to it, but lending itself more towards close to medium range engagements. If the SA80 has proven to be a nightmare for some players that do not know how to properly handle it's full auto fire, then the FAMAS should be their personal hell going 130 RPMs faster sort of speak. Users of the FAMAS should need to prepare to reload regularly with limited magazine capacity options. But, what if the player was willing to give up that blistering RPM for something lighter, more center of the field, limited higher magazine capacity options, and no burst fire mode?... #2. AUG A3 - While credited for having a revolutionary design, the Steyr AUG is regularly confused for being the very first Bullpup weapon when in fact the British Enfield EM-2 & Soviet TKB-408 had a good 25-30 years of concept design over the AUG and other little bits of misinformation hang around this weapon. However, what the AUG is for a fact though is that of a clever design that took many general design ideas, improved upon them, and eventually lead to it becoming the most successful bullpup rifle sold in the global market. Several nations have adopted it into their armed forces aside from Austria. Ireland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, and Pakistan are just a few of the Nations that have picked up this popular rifle. Real Life Stats Origin: Austria Weight: 3.8 KG or 8.3 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the shooter RPM: 680 - 750 Calibers: 5.56x45mm NATO, .300 BLK (unconfirmed), and 9x19 Parabellum Muzzle Velocity: 715 - 890m/s or 2,345 - 2,919 ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 - 42 round detachable box magazine (5.56x45mm NATO.) 25 - 32 round MPi 69 box magazine (9x19 Parabellum) Special Feature: Modifiable Fire Selector (aka the Weapon's fire modes can be changed to the user's desires) Effective Range: 300 Meters or 328 Yards Maximum Range: 2,700 Meters or 2952 Yards Info 1: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/austria-assault-rifles/steyr-aug-eng/ Info 2: https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/Steyr_AUG Proposed in-game Stats & Comparison Stats Weight: 12.60 vs. AK15 (16.5) - VEPR (14.5) - MSBS-B (15.5) - MSBS-K (16.1) - M416 (16.3) - G36 (15.8) - Beryl M762 (15.1) - Alpha (17.8) - M4 (16.99) - SA80 (17.94) Recoil: 0.86 vs. AK15 (0.74) - VEPR (0.71) - MSBS-B (0.74) - MSBS-K (0.71) - M416 (0.83) - G36 (0.74) - Beryl M762 (0.83) - Alpha (0.72) - M4 (0.6) - SA80 (0.88) Spread: 0.25 vs. AK15 (0.26) - VEPR (0.25) - MSBS-B (0.22) - MSBS-K (0.25) - M416 (0.2) - G36 (0.28) - Beryl M762 (0.3) - Alpha (0.3) - M4 (0.3) - SA80 (0.27) Reload time: 4.5s vs. AK15 (3.1s) - VEPR (4.2s) - MSBS-B (2.7s) - MSBS-K (3.2s) - M416 (4.0s) - G36 (3.1s) - Beryl M762 (3.1s) - Alpha (2.85s) - M4 (1.0s) - SA80 (3.1s) RPM: 680 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) Caliber: 5.56x45 vs. AK15 (7.62x39) - VEPR (5.45x39) - MSBS-B (.300) - MSBS-K (5.56x45) - M416 (5.56x45) - G36 (5.56x45) - Beryl M762 (7.62x39) - Alpha (7.62x39) - M4 (5.56x45) - SA80 (5.56x45) Muzzle Velocity: 750 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (880) - MSBS-B (675) - MSBS-K (890) - M416 (917) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (940) - Alpha (740) - M4 (910) - SA80 (940) Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 vs. AK15 (30+1) - VEPR (30+1) - MSBS-B (30+1) - MSBS-K (30+1) - M416 (30+1) - G36 (30+1) - Beryl M762 (30+1) - Alpha (30+1) - M4 (30+1) - SA80 (30+1) Top Damage Range: 0-80 vs. AK15 (0-130) - VEPR (0-105) - MSBS-B (0-30) - MSBS-K (0-90) - M416 (0-90) - G36 (0-90) - Beryl M762 (0-105) - Alpha (0-130) - M4 (0-90) - SA80 (0-90) Damage Drop off Range: 81+ vs. AK15 (131+) - VEPR (106+) - MSBS-B (31+) - MSBS-K (91+) - M416 (91+) - G36 (91+) - Beryl M762 (106+) - Alpha (131+) - M4 (91+) - SA80 (91+) - If added to the game, the AUG A3 should serve as the lightest of the Assault Rifles, making it ideal for players that really want to run-and-gun on the battlefield. However, this lightweight Assault Rifle should come at the cost of reduced damage range, slower reload, have the typical bullpup trigger delay, and the extra restriction of being limited to only a 42 round magazine as it's largest magazine. All together this should make the AUG A3 ideal for Medium range engagements unless properly kitted towards close or long range. To further the difference between the AUG A3 and other weapons in game, the AUG should be the only Assault Rifle to lack a 3-round burst function But, maybe the user wants something better for medium to long range engagements and was willing to accept some extra weight, slightly slower ADS speed, & no fully automatic fire?.. #3. M16A4 - The old American war horse of the Vietnam era and turned most commonly manufactured 5.56 Rifle in the world, the M16 series of rifles has seen conflict from it's first days in the Vietnam War to the Syrian War of today. While most widely recognized as America's standard issue service Rifle, the United States Military has been slowly replacing the venerable M16 with the smaller M4 Carbine. But, this hasn't stopped the weapon from having a place in the U.S Military, it's roles on the Battlefield have only changed, and the weapon still sees main stage service in French Spec Ops, Honduras, India, Iraq, Jordan, El Salvador, Latvia, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, and one of the first customers to purchase the weapon the United Kingdom. While the weapon's role in the U.S Military is shrinking, it's role in the world with other armed forces is still running strong. Real Life Stats Origin: United States Weight: 3.4 KG or 7.7 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the shooter RPM: 700-950 Calibers: 5.56x45 NATO Muzzle Velocity: 960m/s or 3,149ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 20 - 30 round Detachable Box Magazine and 100 round Beta C-Magazine. Special Feature: Semi Automatic & 3-Round Burst fire modes Effective Range: 500 - 800 Meters or 546 - 874 Yards Maximum Range: 3.600 Meters or 3937 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M16_rifle Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/u-s-a-assault-rifles/m16-a1-a2-a3-a4-eng/ Proposed in-game Stats & Comparison Stats Weight: 17.27 vs. AK15 (16.5) - VEPR (14.5) - MSBS-B (15.5) - MSBS-K (16.1) - M416 (16.3) - G36 (15.8) - Beryl M762 (15.1) - Alpha (17.8) - M4 (16.99) - SA80 (17.94) Recoil: 0.53 vs. AK15 (0.74) - VEPR (0.71) - MSBS-B (0.74) - MSBS-K (0.71) - M416 (0.83) - G36 (0.74) - Beryl M762 (0.83) - Alpha (0.72) - M4 (0.6) - SA80 (0.88) Spread: 0.14 vs. AK15 (0.26) - VEPR (0.25) - MSBS-B (0.22) - MSBS-K (0.25) - M416 (0.2) - G36 (0.28) - Beryl M762 (0.3) - Alpha (0.3) - M4 (0.3) - SA80 (0.27) Reload time: 4.2s vs. AK15 (3.1s) - VEPR (4.2s) - MSBS-B (2.7s) - MSBS-K (3.2s) - M416 (4.0s) - G36 (3.1s) - Beryl M762 (3.1s) - Alpha (2.85s) - M4 (1.0s) - SA80 (3.1s) RPM: 670 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) Caliber: 5.56x45 vs. AK15 (7.62x39) - VEPR (5.45x39) - MSBS-B (.300) - MSBS-K (5.56x45) - M416 (5.56x45) - G36 (5.56x45) - Beryl M762 (7.62x39) - Alpha (7.62x39) - M4 (5.56x45) - SA80 (5.56x45) Muzzle Velocity: 900 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (880) - MSBS-B (675) - MSBS-K (890) - M416 (917) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (940) - Alpha (740) - M4 (910) - SA80 (940) Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 vs. AK15 (30+1) - VEPR (30+1) - MSBS-B (30+1) - MSBS-K (30+1) - M416 (30+1) - G36 (30+1) - Beryl M762 (30+1) - Alpha (30+1) - M4 (30+1) - SA80 (30+1) Top Damage Range: 0-115 vs. AK15 (0-130) - VEPR (0-105) - MSBS-B (0-30) - MSBS-K (0-90) - M416 (0-90) - G36 (0-90) - Beryl M762 (0-105) - Alpha (0-130) - M4 (0-90) - SA80 (0-90) Damage Drop off Range: 116+ vs. AK15 (131+) - VEPR (106+) - MSBS-B (31+) - MSBS-K (91+) - M416 (91+) - G36 (91+) - Beryl M762 (106+) - Alpha (131+) - M4 (91+) - SA80 (91+) - If added to the game, the M16A4 should serve as a medium to long range assault rifle best used in the hands of less aggressive players. While it's effectiveness at range should be better than average with a longer top damage range, manageable recoil, lower than average bullet spread, and higher end muzzle velocity. It's close range capabilities should be very limited to set it apart from it's compatriot the M4 such as no short barrel option (which the M4 should have a Short Barrel option), a slower ADS speed because of it's larger profile, no fully automatic fire option, slower reload speed, and of course the smaller 5.56x45 round. But, maybe the player wants something that packs a larger punch than the smaller caliber ARs, but doesn't want to deal with the heavier recoil or slower RPMs that come with the larger caliber ARs. They're willing to give up some armor penetration value, reach, handle some trigger delay, and deal with limited barrel options in exchange for it... #4. BR18 - Having just started production last year, the BR18 is to phase out the SAR-21 in the Singaporean Military. It comes standard with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails at the three, six, nine and 12 o’clock positions. While it is able to fire the 5.56x45 NATO & 7.62x39 caliber ammunition, it is also able to use the newer 6.8 Remington SPC caliber ammunition that serves as an intermediate caliber between the 5.56 and 7.62 calibers. Real Life Stats Origin Singapore Weight: 2.9 KG or 6.3 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the shooter RPM: 600-900 Calibers: 6.8 Remington SPC, 5.56x45mm NATO, and 7.62×39mm Muzzle Velocity: 777m/s or 2550ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 10-30 detachable box magazines Special Feature: Able to chamber 6.8 Remington SPC and has select fire Effective Range: Unknown Maximum Range: Unknown Info 1: https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/ST_Kinetics_BR18 Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/bmcr-br18-2/ Proposed in-game Stats & Comparison Stats Weight: 15.7 vs. AK15 (16.5) - VEPR (14.5) - MSBS-B (15.5) - MSBS-K (16.1) - M416 (16.3) - G36 (15.8) - Beryl M762 (15.1) - Alpha (17.8) - M4 (16.99) - SA80 (17.94) Recoil: 0.68 vs. AK15 (0.74) - VEPR (0.71) - MSBS-B (0.74) - MSBS-K (0.71) - M416 (0.83) - G36 (0.74) - Beryl M762 (0.83) - Alpha (0.72) - M4 (0.6) - SA80 (0.88) Spread: 0.24 vs. AK15 (0.26) - VEPR (0.25) - MSBS-B (0.22) - MSBS-K (0.25) - M416 (0.2) - G36 (0.28) - Beryl M762 (0.3) - Alpha (0.3) - M4 (0.3) - SA80 (0.27) Reload time: 3.2s vs. AK15 (3.1s) - VEPR (4.2s) - MSBS-B (2.7s) - MSBS-K (3.2s) - M416 (4.0s) - G36 (3.1s) - Beryl M762 (3.1s) - Alpha (2.85s) - M4 (1.0s) - SA80 (3.1s) RPM: 720 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) Caliber: 6.8 vs. AK15 (7.62x39) - VEPR (5.45x39) - MSBS-B (.300) - MSBS-K (5.56x45) - M416 (5.56x45) - G36 (5.56x45) - Beryl M762 (7.62x39) - Alpha (7.62x39) - M4 (5.56x45) - SA80 (5.56x45) Muzzle Velocity: 700 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (880) - MSBS-B (675) - MSBS-K (890) - M416 (917) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (940) - Alpha (740) - M4 (910) - SA80 (940) Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 vs. AK15 (30+1) - VEPR (30+1) - MSBS-B (30+1) - MSBS-K (30+1) - M416 (30+1) - G36 (30+1) - Beryl M762 (30+1) - Alpha (30+1) - M4 (30+1) - SA80 (30+1) Top Damage Range: 0-65 vs. AK15 (0-130) - VEPR (0-105) - MSBS-B (0-30) - MSBS-K (0-90) - M416 (0-90) - G36 (0-90) - Beryl M762 (0-105) - Alpha (0-130) - M4 (0-90) - SA80 (0-90) Damage Drop off Range: 66+ vs. AK15 (131+) - VEPR (106+) - MSBS-B (31+) - MSBS-K (91+) - M416 (91+) - G36 (91+) - Beryl M762 (106+) - Alpha (131+) - M4 (91+) - SA80 (91+) -If added to the game, the BR18 should pack the powerful 6.8 Remington SPC caliber round as to have the weapon serve the role of an intermediate weapon option for Players that don't want to use a 5.56, or a 7.62. In terms of damage per hit, it should be on the upper end of damage against unprotected parts of the body, but lower tier in regards to armor penetration. Overall nothing really remarkable about the weapon aside from a more middle of the road caliber, slightly shorter than average top damage range, making it more ideal for closer ranges, but not entirely ineffective at longer ranges (I would also buff the MSBS-B to have more armor penetration value in the process), and of course because it's a bullpup it has the trigger delay. But, what if the player wanted a intermediate caliber that was somewhere between the .300 Blackout of the MSBS-B and the 6.8 Remington SPC of the BR18? Something that didn't lean in any one direction in terms of general ballistic performance #5. QBZ-95-1 - The bullpup built around it's special caliber of ammunition, the QBZ family of light rifles made their mark in 1997 after China took over Hong Kong. The weapon known as the QBZ-95 at the time, was first spotted in the hands of Chinese Guards that were wielding them, and later was revealed to be a new family of weapons built around the same general concept & design with some changes being made to help the Weapon fulfill it's role. The QBZ-95 is no longer in production, but the QBZ-95-1 is the modern day descendant rifle to this family of bullpup weapons. Real Life Stats Origin: China Weight: 3.25 KG or 7.16 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the shooter RPM: 650 Calibers: 5.8x42mm DBP10 Muzzle Velocity: 930m/s or 3,051ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 round detachable box magazine, or 75 round Drum Magazine. Special Feature: Unique caliber of ammunition Effective Range: 400 - 600 Meters or 437 - 656 Yards Maximum Range: 800 Meters or 874 Yards Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QBZ-95 Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/china-assault-rifles/type-95-qbz-95-eng/ Proposed in-game Stats & Comparison Stats Weight: 15.6 vs. AK15 (16.5) - VEPR (14.5) - MSBS-B (15.5) - MSBS-K (16.1) - M416 (16.3) - G36 (15.8) - Beryl M762 (15.1) - Alpha (17.8) - M4 (16.99) - SA80 (17.94) Recoil: 0.64 vs. AK15 (0.74) - VEPR (0.71) - MSBS-B (0.74) - MSBS-K (0.71) - M416 (0.83) - G36 (0.74) - Beryl M762 (0.83) - Alpha (0.72) - M4 (0.6) - SA80 (0.88) Spread: 0.8 vs. AK15 (0.26) - VEPR (0.25) - MSBS-B (0.22) - MSBS-K (0.25) - M416 (0.2) - G36 (0.28) - Beryl M762 (0.3) - Alpha (0.3) - M4 (0.3) - SA80 (0.27) Reload time: 4.2 vs. AK15 (3.1s) - VEPR (4.2s) - MSBS-B (2.7s) - MSBS-K (3.2s) - M416 (4.0s) - G36 (3.1s) - Beryl M762 (3.1s) - Alpha (2.85s) - M4 (1.0s) - SA80 (3.1s) RPM: 610 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) Caliber: 5.8x42 vs. AK15 (7.62x39) - VEPR (5.45x39) - MSBS-B (.300) - MSBS-K (5.56x45) - M416 (5.56x45) - G36 (5.56x45) - Beryl M762 (7.62x39) - Alpha (7.62x39) - M4 (5.56x45) - SA80 (5.56x45) Muzzle Velocity: 900 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (880) - MSBS-B (675) - MSBS-K (890) - M416 (917) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (940) - Alpha (740) - M4 (910) - SA80 (940) Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 vs. AK15 (30+1) - VEPR (30+1) - MSBS-B (30+1) - MSBS-K (30+1) - M416 (30+1) - G36 (30+1) - Beryl M762 (30+1) - Alpha (30+1) - M4 (30+1) - SA80 (30+1) Top Damage Range: 0-50 vs. AK15 (0-130) - VEPR (0-105) - MSBS-B (0-30) - MSBS-K (0-90) - M416 (0-90) - G36 (0-90) - Beryl M762 (0-105) - Alpha (0-130) - M4 (0-90) - SA80 (0-90) Damage Drop off Range: 51+ vs. AK15 (131+) - VEPR (106+) - MSBS-B (31+) - MSBS-K (91+) - M416 (91+) - G36 (91+) - Beryl M762 (106+) - Alpha (131+) - M4 (91+) - SA80 (91+) - If added to the game, the QBZ-95-1 should serve as a closer range competitor to the MSBS-B & BR18, but with the ability to reach out to longer ranges through sheer controllable recoil & low bullet spread, bringing it a little closer to the middle of the field, but still not entirely there as other weapons will be able to outshine it in most extreme situations. Overall the weapon should be welcoming to players that are maybe not use to using Assault Rifles, but want something that can be modded to try to find that comfortable entry into the weapon category beyond the M416. But, because the weapon is a bullpup, it (like every bullpup I've suggested) should have that trigger delay like the SA80. But, maybe the player wants something more defensive, something that brings speed & accuracy with a heavier than average punch?... #6. AN-94 - The AN-94 was originally created as a possible replacement for the AK-74 Assault Rifles of the Russian Armed Forces. However, do to expenses, complex weapon design, and other issues with the weapon, the AN-94 has seen limited placement in the Russian armed forces. With the passing of it's creator, Gennadiy Nikonov in 2003 and the production of AN-94s ending in 2008, it's likely the AN-94 will never see further expanded usage. Real Life Stats Origin: Russia Weight: 3.85 KG or 8.48 LB Recoil: N/A Spread: N/A Reload time: Depends on the shooter RPM: 600 full auto - 1,800 2-round Burst Fire. Calibers: 5.45x39mm Muzzle Velocity: 900m/s or 2,952ft/s Ammunition Capacity: 30 - 45 round detachable AK Magazine, or 60 round casket magazine Special Feature: 2 round hyper burst fire mode Effective Range: 700 Meters or 765 Yards Maximum Range: Unknown Info 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AN-94 Info 2: https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/russia-assault-rifles/an-94-abakan-eng/ Info 3 (Video): Brief AN-94 Demo Proposed in-game Stats & Comparison Stats Weight: 18.50 vs. AK15 (16.5) - VEPR (14.5) - MSBS-B (15.5) - MSBS-K (16.1) - M416 (16.3) - G36 (15.8) - Beryl M762 (15.1) - Alpha (17.8) - M4 (16.99) - SA80 (17.94) Recoil: 0.15 vs. AK15 (0.74) - VEPR (0.71) - MSBS-B (0.74) - MSBS-K (0.71) - M416 (0.83) - G36 (0.74) - Beryl M762 (0.83) - Alpha (0.72) - M4 (0.6) - SA80 (0.88) Spread: 0.10 vs. AK15 (0.26) - VEPR (0.25) - MSBS-B (0.22) - MSBS-K (0.25) - M416 (0.2) - G36 (0.28) - Beryl M762 (0.3) - Alpha (0.3) - M4 (0.3) - SA80 (0.27) Reload time: 4.20s vs. AK15 (3.1s) - VEPR (4.2s) - MSBS-B (2.7s) - MSBS-K (3.2s) - M416 (4.0s) - G36 (3.1s) - Beryl M762 (3.1s) - Alpha (2.85s) - M4 (1.0s) - SA80 (3.1s) RPM (full auto): 625 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) RPM (Burst): 950 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (670) - MSBS-B (621) - MSBS-K (721) - M416 (660) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (600) - Alpha (570) - M4 (740) - SA80 (770) Caliber: 5.45x39 vs. AK15 (7.62x39) - VEPR (5.45x39) - MSBS-B (.300) - MSBS-K (5.56x45) - M416 (5.56x45) - G36 (5.56x45) - Beryl M762 (7.62x39) - Alpha (7.62x39) - M4 (5.56x45) - SA80 (5.56x45) Muzzle Velocity: 750 vs. AK15 (620) - VEPR (880) - MSBS-B (675) - MSBS-K (890) - M416 (917) - G36 (750) - Beryl M762 (940) - Alpha (740) - M4 (910) - SA80 (940) Ammunition Capacity: 30+1 vs. AK15 (30+1) - VEPR (30+1) - MSBS-B (30+1) - MSBS-K (30+1) - M416 (30+1) - G36 (30+1) - Beryl M762 (30+1) - Alpha (30+1) - M4 (30+1) - SA80 (30+1) Top Damage Range: 0-100 vs. AK15 (0-130) - VEPR (0-105) - MSBS-B (0-30) - MSBS-K (0-90) - M416 (0-90) - G36 (0-90) - Beryl M762 (0-105) - Alpha (0-130) - M4 (0-90) - SA80 (0-90) Damage Drop off Range: 101+ vs. AK15 (131+) - VEPR (106+) - MSBS-B (31+) - MSBS-K (91+) - M416 (91+) - G36 (91+) - Beryl M762 (106+) - Alpha (131+) - M4 (91+) - SA80 (91+) - If added to the game, the AN-94 should serve as a powerful, accurate, fast firing, defensive Assault Rifle that favors more passive/defensive style gameplay. Because this weapon is (in my opinion) hard to balance without making it very uncharacteristically like itself, I would also add in a slower ads speed like I suggested with the M16A4, and would limit it's magazine capacity options to just 45 at the highest for the sake of balance. In the end this might make the weapon balanced enough and definitely earn it the title of fastest burst firing Assault Rifle. But, that will bring this post to an end when it comes to suggesting new Assault Rifles for the game. Honestly, I exceedingly doubt any of these were a real surprise beyond the BR18 which is a very new weapon that just came out not long ago. But, trying to find different guns that do different things isn't always as easy as just pulling open a website. If it's not there, it's just not there, and there isn't anything one can really do about it till a new weapon is created. Honorable Mentions & Closing the post With bringing this post to an end, here are some Honorable mentions for Assault Rifles that could still enhance the game even if they didn't make the main list, or at the very least would be cool to have for the sake of having them. ASM Val - Only reason it didn't make the list is that it shares 70% of it's construction with it's Sister gun, the VSS Vintorez, and I already recommended that gun in my Precision Sniper Rifles post. With WW3's customization, just having one of the guns means we can ideally make both of them through customization so in the end it's only a name difference. CMCR - A 5.56x45 NATO firing Assault Rifle out of Singapore, MCIWS - An assault rifle out of India that fires the 6.8 Remington SPC round. I felt having more than one 6.8 caliber weapon was going to be redundant, so I excluded it from the list, But, wouldn't be upset if it took over the role of the BR18, or joined it also. CM906 - An assault rifle out of the United States that can fire 5.56, 6.8 Remington SPC, and 7.62 caliber rounds. VEPR - The Ukrainian VEPR (not to be confused with the Russian VEPR) is a bullpup that fires the 5.45×39mm caliber round. ARX-160 - An Italian Assault Rifle and the little brother of the ARX-200 I had recommended in the Battle Rifles post of mine. I didn't see any need for having both unless the Devs want both. And many others. The Devs are beyond spoiled for choice when it comes to Assault Rifles, but limited only by the fact that most Assault Rifles are designed to do the same general thing as all others are. For every AN-94, M16A4, FAMAS, or whatever, there is 5 different M4s' with different names, different looks, but same general performance in one shape or another that just cannot be translated over to a video game. But, it's time to bring this post to an end along with the whole "Guns that could enhance WW3" series of posts I've been doing. I may do some updates to the old posts with new guns that might be brand new enough to justify bumping the old posts. But, really I'm just going to update the stats gradually over time to bring them more in line with these recent updated ones. But, with one door closing, another door opens, and there are plenty more suggestions to be made on the way to WW3's 1.0 release. Not entirely sure what I will cover next, I may do Equipment & Grenades next since I don't think that list will take very long, and that won't require a large series of posts like the weapons have. But, we shall see when we get there and till then have a great one folks! Other "Guns that could Enhance WW3 Topic" Links Machine Guns Handguns Shotguns Battle Rifles Submachine Guns Specials Precision Sniper Rifles
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    Oh my god...I had to log in after few months because I cannot stand what all those blind fanboys are doing here. Stop saying early access as ultimate excuse. Just stop. Developers are selling something for a certain amount of money and people expect that they would be able to play it and that it would improve over time. The big word is IMPROVE. The game failed at that and went from alive to dead very fast after the Christmas megafail. Not a single sane developer would release something so broken right before Christmas. That was just reckless. This was exactly the time when I gave up since I left feedback which was completely ignored (multiple times). And your fanboy mentality "it does not happen to me so that means it doesn't exist" will bite you in the ass when it starts happening to you and other fanboys will just dismiss it. I hate the word fanboy but I simply have no other words for you. The mental gymnastics you guys do will not help anyone. This looked like sarcasm until I realized that you are serious. I bet you that if those "THOUSANDs" could get a refund they would. In the blink of an eye and they would never look back. Reviving a dead game is incredibly hard and even more rare and I am talking about huge publishers that will invest millions into marketing to basically turn trash into diamonds. I work in games industry and the most common scenario is that a lot of players will return...for a day or two and after that they are gone. In the end this is just sad because I loved the game at the release. It had potential.
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    Też postaram się dać pozabijać kilka razy . Na dzień dzisiejszy iksde .
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    będę ... jeśli dożyję i prądu wystarczy
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    I get pretty much the same amount of FPS on pte and live but on pte all settings are ultra and on live all settings are on low and even then pte is still more consistent.
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    That, why you have created second account, to make your opinion more mass based, TZoningHard? Don't try to hide under fake name, punctuation, syntax, and vocabulary obviously show, that is you. Don't prove me wrong, your opinion about game design is as important as mine, or other player. But trying with manipulate to vox populi and claiming other people for your own sins, is a very disgusting experience, mate. Both in game and a real life.
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    The map rotation kind of works - a bit. I'd like to see it actually rotating maps randomly. If you played for example Berlin the game would choose any other map randomly. Then you maybe get Moscow next and after playing Moscow you could get Berlin and Warsaw etc etc. The team composition could be better randomized after each map. Often you'll play against the same team multiple times or with. I'm not very good at math don't know what to suggest. When rotating maps it could be usefully to join a fresh map rather then opening a new one. So if one map has low players, has not exceeded 10 minutes and is not the same map as before all players would be moved to that map.
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    Kopia z discord: Cześć, krótki raport z placu boju po patchu 0,5 - aktualizacja przebiegła bez problemu i dość szybko (parę minut). Nic nie musiałem weryfikować, wszystko od razu zadziałało - po wejściu do personalizacji mój żołnierz stał bez broni. Zmieniło się to po pierwszym meczu - rozegrałem WZ moskwa, Warszawa, Berlin i zauważyłem większą płynność. Gram na gtx 660ti oraz ustawieniach antyaliazing ultra, cienie średnie reszta low (pozostałość sprzed patcha 0,5, gdzie gra była płynna oraz ustawienia eliminowały problem z błędami ze światłem). Następnym razem spróbuję pozmieniać te opcje - żadnych dropów fps nie zauważyłem, ale też wcześnie na powyższych ustawieniach ich specjalnie nie było oraz też grało się w miarę płynnie - z rzeczy, które specjalnie przypadły mi do gustu, to nowy hud dla minidrona - ogólnie patch po tych trzech meczach na plus - z innych rzeczy, to cotygodniowy newsletter automatycznie wpada do spamu na wp. Pomogło dodanie do listy wykluczeń, ale nie rozwiązuje to globalnego "problemu" - msbs-b wydaje mi się słaby, ale to też pewnie wina mojej celności oraz rozrzutu, a faktycznie jest z nim wszystko w porządku - gra trochę zbyt szybko wrzuca do kolejnego meczu, dwa razy nie zdążyłem sprawdzić statystyk i wyjść do warmapy EDIT: po przegranym / wygranym meczu są angielskie napisy - ogólne ustawienia "polski" EDIT 2: w ostatnim meczu, gdzie przegraliśmy do zera była taka sytuacja, że w podsumowaniu dla mojego teamu pojawiła się osoba, która w ogólnej statystyce po meczu była w przeciwnym zespole (chyba K/D: 0/0). Nie wiem gdzie była w trakcie meczu. Nie zdążyłem zrobić screenów, ze względu na to, że mnie przeniosło do kolejnego meczu.
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    Witajcie, kilka słów ode mnie na temat HUD-u obecnie znajdującego się w grze. Wiem, że HUD ma zostać przebudowany nie mniej jednak chciałbym się podzielić kilkoma spostrzeżeniami. Kompas - wg mnie kompas powinien znajdować się na dole. Umieszczenie go u góry jest dla mnie takie "nienaturalne". Zdecydowanie lepiej operowało mi się koordynatami kiedy kompas znajdował się w grze na dole (np. w SQUAD) Znaczniki punktów na WZ - proponuję aby na górze ekranu zamiast obecnego kompasu w trybie WZ znajdowały się ikony punktów i ich "stan". Przykład z BFV gdzie sytuacja na polu bitwy jest czytelna bez spoglądania na mapę Położenie minimapy - tak samo jak w przypadku kompasu, umiejscowienie jej w lewym górnym rogu jest wg mnie nietrafione. Jej obecne położenie jest dla mnie niewygodne ponieważ spoglądanie na minimapę skutecznie odciąga mój wzrok od tego co się dzieje przede mną Możliwość customizacji elementów HUD-u - chciałbym mieć możliwość włączania/wyłączania poszczególnych elementów HUD-u tak aby mieć włączone tylko to co mnie interesuje (bez np. podpowiedzi, liczby ammo itp.)
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