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    The enemies are very dark and very hard to see
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    Witam,ciekawie by wygladalo zaimplementowanie w ww3 bitew pancernych ,mam na mysli wdrozenie map tylko dla pojazdow pancernych 24 osoby na serwer (cos ala tryb tank superioryty w Bf 3)albo stworzenie takiego trybu, dynamiczna gra a nie slimacze tempo jak world of tanks,Byla by to duza konkurencja dla tej gry gdyby powstal taki tryb z nowoczesnymi pojazdami i 2,3 mapami ciekawymi.duzo sprzetu bronie z naprowadzaniem,zaslona dymna ,pancerz reaktywny ,obrona aktywna (T 16 armata ruski czolg).oczywiscie zolnierz mogl by w pore opuscic czolg i walczyc rpg minami. 12 vs 12 graczy po kilka rodzaji pojazdow do wyboru niszczyciele czolgow z pociskami tow,strikery,
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    Considering how bad the launch of the game was it would be nice to hear more from dev's for some reassurance. There are small updates released but we have not been told what they are for or what they attempt to fix? I know we do not need to know every detail but it would be nice to know what is being worked on currently and what priority is. Are we going to get to see a roadmap? A list of features and the order they will be attempted to added? Most games give this before they go early access or as soon as the game launches publicly.. It gives us the info we need to know where the game is going to head and to know if we actually want to invest and buy the game at this early stage. It would just be nice to hear from actual dev's and not forum mods so we know our money is in good hands, being put to good use and not just going to end up like most other early access games, Money grab and then don't hear from the dev's from 1 month to the next.
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    Why is this even an issue? There's a million things in this game that need added/improved/fixed, but hey, let's bring up some shit that doesn't matter so that a very, VERY small percentage of the player base can feel all warm and fuzzy about being able to play as a woman. If you really want that, how about making the female characters slower and weaker (just like in real life)? Simple biology right there. Personally, I don't care what gender my character is, but with all the REAL issues this game is having, female characters shouldn't be something anyone is worried about.
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    My dude, the game is in Alpha Stage, this things are supposed to happen, sadly. This are testing stages of the game, it's well known that it may not even work for some people and you know that when you buy the game on Steam, you know you are not buying a finished and polished product. I know you are mad and I understand that you are frustrated, but hang on a bit, Devs are working hard on solving all the connectivity issues they have, even I'm tired of reading that "they are working on it" but hey, it's Early Access, I knew in what I was getting into. Hopefully they are fixing all this problems in the upcoming days, I want that because I really want to play it with a lot more of people and experience those 40 and 64 player servers, but it's just so barebones atm that we have to wait.
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    Hello guys, i tried some progress on the performance of ww3 with some trick i wanted to share with evrything i discovered these days to lower the stuttering in game. First method, devote more cpu to the game so as to improve the performance stuttering and fps drop, ww3 does not use much power of your cpu and I think this is one of the many problems of low optimization, so what we do will be to dedicate more power cpu to WW3 with this method: (STEP 1) GIVE MORE CPU POWER Hold Press Windows Key+R or type in windows search bar "run" In the run search bar type "regedit" and now fallow this directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options create a new folder/key with right click in Image file execution options and call it WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe Create a new folder under the WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe folder and call it PerfOptions now right click inside PerfOption Create a new DWORD (32 bit) rename it CpuPriorityClass now double click on CpuPriorityClass and change in 3 (STEP 2) FIX WINDOWS MEMORY LEAK *ONLY FOR WINDOWS 10* with this passage we improve the consumption of ram by windows and dedicate the maximum to ww3. Always in regedit fallow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Ndu now double click on Start and set value on 4 (STEP 3) EDIT ENGINE.INI FILE *BIG IMPROVEMENT* Navigate in this directory C:/users/youpcname/AppData/Local/WW3/Saved/config/WindowsNoEditor *if you can't see AppData folder enable hidden folders* it's pretty easy to do, but if you have no idea how to do here quick youtube tutorial for how enable hidden folder TUTORIAL Find and open the file called Engine.ini delete all and paste this script (IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 12GB OF RAM EDIT r.Streaming.LimitPoolSizeToVRAM=1 IN r.Streaming.LimitPoolSizeToVRAM=0 now restart your PC to apply the changes if everything went as expected you should see the game much more fluid and with less stuttering. And do not forget to enable in the game settings one frame thread lag this feature will greatly increase your fps by defoult is disabled but I recommend keeping it always enabled. I hope that all this can help you let me know if you also notice improvements with these changes and I wish the developers good luck, hoping that they can improve the performances of this fantastic game!
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    i cant believe its day 8 and havent played a single match yet ... sad to say it but u failed so hard ... im done .
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    As title says, the vaulting doesnt work most of the time, can't get over small walls, just jumping in front of a wall doing nothing
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    Да будет со временем, это 101% Прежде всего нужна оптимизация fps и лагов. Надеюсь сейчас все силы разрабов идут на это.
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    Dołączyłem. Linuksiarz to ja
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    yes unfortunately many bushes, small openings, bars, covers that are only visually covered with plastic (advertising boards) no chance,to shoot through
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    The servers are not ok. I still get 100+ ping here, when I get +-40 in any other game. Give them the time they need to fix the servers. If they rush this part, there will be problems in the future. You can play the game right now, so enjoy it like it is. Try different guns, different loadouts, whatever... Why can't people be more patient?... It has been 1week since launch, and they had a lot of problems. There was a big effort to fix it and some features are being reintroduced. I'm sure everytime they activate something, there are new problems, so they don't want to rush it. Yes, I really want progression back, but I don't want to have a crappy game in the future, or have the servers crap their pants again and lock everybody out. If the game becames unplayable again, I'm sure you guys will be the first ones to complaint... Just relax a bit and let them to their job.
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    Ja tez nie lubie 3 minuty biec i dostac po mordzie od jakiegos skitranego snajpera 200 m dalej, dlatego jestem za reanimacja
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    There is very little variation in the reticle style of the currently available optics in the game, especially in the magnified optics. All of the magnified optics (or at least the ones I've seen), including low power and high power scopes, all share the same reticle. This is unfortunate in my opinion, especially since I have a gripe about said reticle. Let's get the gripe out of the way first. All it really is is that the red dot part of the reticle used in the magnified optics has very poor illumination. This may sound trivial, but it hinders precision when aiming at anything that doesn't have an extreme contrast to the dull red of the reticle. Most people would probably just say "git gud and deal with it" but if this game is going for somewhat-realism like it appears to be, it should be noted that an using an optic with such poor illumination in real life sucks for the same reason in sucks in the game. The illumination on the unmagnified optics is just fine, so if that level of brightness could be brought to the red dot portions of the magnified optics it would be much appreciated. For reticle variance, there are so many reticles out there for these 3-4x optics and it would be nice to see some brought into the game for variety's sake. For example, if something like an ACOG is added to the game, it could have the original ACOG reticle, ACSS, etc. as options since that actual optic is offered with those. While this is more of a personal preference thing, I'm quite certain much of the player base would enjoy a change like this very much. ACSS below as example
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    I geuss that's the problem though. People are trying to turn it into battlefield when it should probably remain in its own niche.
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    personally i think it should depend on where the person has been shot. like downed from a body shot then sure revive slow. Downed from a head shot should remain perma death though
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    not until they make it so you cant shoot female soldiers/minorities in video games because that would be sexist/ racist
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    Yes you are right, I apologize.
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    Heyo!Call me Qwert, QwertMuenster, or Sean.
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    41 (had to think for a second)
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    no, pls god no, no magic defibs that suck out all the bullets and sew together all your splattered organs
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    Энто что с оружием нужно делать что бы столько доставать? У тора как минимум баг с анимацией, после передергивания затвора некоторое время нельзя опять выстрелить, на других винтовках разница намного менее заметна. Да и вместо того что бы херить время смены оружия лучше сделать как в том же баттлфилде, где и после смены нужно передернуть затвор после выстрела, если это так важно.
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    1. Disagree, if you pay attention to what your team is doing and act accordingly then friendly-fire really isn't an issue, I've killed maybe one teammate in the past week or so of playing and that was my own fault for misjudging an airstrike. 2. Yeah I'm surprised that we have to drop out between rounds and rematch, that sort of system works well in games with a huge playerbase but being able to stick together between rounds would be better for this game in my opinion. 3. Armor isn't random, if you aim centre of mass you'll get different results depending on the armor of the opponent, but that's a risk you take when aiming for the chest. If you aim for the head, back or sides you'll get pretty consistent results. If you're getting one shot a lot then either you're standing still too much or getting flanked a lot.
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    Нафиг килкам. Режим наблюдателя как в БФ 4 нужен. Ну или реально запись матча с возможностью просматривать от первого лица каждого игрока.
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    Equipment and grenades are included, smoke grenades are lighter than frags for example.
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    TTK jest dobry, nie zapominaj, że w grze jest system pancerzy. IV i III nie przebijesz zwykła amunicją (FMJ).
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    Nie za bardzo wiem jak skomentować Battle Royale bez używania inwektyw, ale spróbuję... Lekko, ale to naprawdę lekko mówiąc - jestem temu przeciwny. Szczególnie w przypadku WW3. Nie widzę również sensu argumentować tej opinii. Wystarczy się rozejrzeć. BR jest wszędzie. Ile można...
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    Im hoping for a UK London map lol
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    Zazdrościsz bo moje są ładniejsze ?
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    Whenever i launch the game, i can see in the task manager that the game isnt responding while the memory load sits at 80%. After 10-15 mins it gets itself together, but this happens again when it tries to load the match itself, where it eventually just stops trying and boots me back in the main menu. Any idea?
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    The best way in my Oppinion to fight against Cheaters is using The Battleeye Anticheat Software. Acctually all big Cheatsides dont support BE.. Why they dont make Hacks for this Game?! I know it.. BE and PUBG fight them with the Law. EAC is good but they only ban players.. BE are fighting against the Builders! I think you have to do it so too..
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    TTK jest bardzo dobry, wrogowie najczęściej padają po 1-4 pociskach (trafionych oczywiście), nie ma potrzeby niczego zmieniać.
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    Im just gonna throw this into the room: How about a revolver so we have more variety in the sidearm department ? If realism is an issue they could take the Manurhin MR 73, which is still actively used by the french GIGN for its stopping power and reliability. I personally wouldnt mind to see them implement a .44 magnum. What do you guys think ?
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    Definitely need to add a cool down on spotting. You can tell if someone in your squad has a macro running spamming X by the constant pings anytime they look around and either A. spot anyone and everyone, or B. Whatever objective they look at gets pinged 400 times on the screen and ears.
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    i will have to disagree with most things .. maybe not about the server browser... But all the rest.. why do you want to make this game same with like all the others ? why you don't them instead ? this game is awesome cause it has some realistic and HC elements.. if i wanted some arcade shooter like COD i would be playing that. specifically for minimap and teamates and map position.. you can see teamates already so no reason, map position well you'll learn the maps and you'll know.
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    Для нас было неожиданностью то, что произошло на старте раннего доступа. Казалось, мы все проверили и испытали. Казалось, мы были полностью готовы. Но мы ошиблись... Не думайте, что мы планировали обрушить рейтинги в Steam и получить такую "рекламу" в первый же день. Нам очень жаль, что мы доставили столько неудобств нашим игрокам. Но мы чиним. Ежедневно и круглосуточно мы выпускаем хотфиксы и мини-патчи, которые улучшают и постепенно избавляют всех нас от глобальной серверной проблемы. И мы знаем, что часть игроков испытывает серьезные проблемы с оптимизацией. Но наша команда старается всё починить максимально быстро, как только может. Еще раз извините. Мы всё исправим.
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    Wszystko wskazuje na to, że to kwestia serwerów niestety. (Nawet podkręciłem wszystko by sprawdzić jaki to będzie miało wpływ na spadki na mapach w WW3). Warszawa mała! na serwerze 25-28 osób FPSy na ULTRA 75-105 na sewerze 32 osoby FPSy spadają na 45-65 Jest to kolejny argument za tym by docelowo były dedykowane serwery. Ogarnięty klan jest w stanie zainwestować i postawić nawet sprzętowy serwer w dobrym DC z właściwymi routingami dla UPC/Vectry (bo wciąż trudno o takowe w TPnecie ?) Niestety dostawcy VPSów, dedyków itp często odwalają manianę. Nie wiem jak to jest - ale serwery dla Europy sporo to adresacja OVH dedyki, traceroute - lecą do Francji - Roubaix ... trochę słabo. Z Pioniera Poznań, z UPC Warszawa, z Exatela Warszawa - szału nie ma. Widzę, też Rosję - żeby czasy do pewnie Moskwy były takie same jak do Francji - lipa lekka, że nie widać ani jednego serwera poprzez TPIX czy PLIX. Sam mam graty w OVH ale w Warszawie. Do OVH Warszawskiego jest 10ms i mniej, do OVH Roubaix i do Moskwy 35ms i więcej. Jest kilka serwerów z G-portalu z Niemiec i do nich mam wrażenie lepsze trasy są. Na g-portalu to i po 8 serwerów na jednym IPku stoi. Mam nadzieję, że w miarę rozwoju ktoś te kwestie weźmie pod uwagę i pojawi się coś w PL. Tak by pocieszyć się mały screen z Warszawy
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    1.3rd person view is only enabled for vehicles 2. "save your configurations","Squad play" and "team balance" will be implemented after the server issues are sorted out 3.Jump is right where it should be because we don't want people bunny hopping like in COD (this will ruin a lot of people's immersion). Also this is why jump has been nerfed during closed beta test. 5. What do you mean by across Windows jumping? 6. Training mode is definitely coming with more vehicles and guns 7.South America server might come based on how developers see if people are willing to pay for the game 8. Why World War 2 DLC? Battlefield has already made one and we have seen plenty WW2 games released recently also the name of this game is WW3, should stay true with its core Another reason should be the playerbase, it's already small so don't need to divide it anymore.
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    God no to defib, keep that shit out!
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    Mają być tylko bronie nowoczesne, i tego bym się trzymał.
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    Its a option I enabled it too
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    Do not change the capture system thank you. You have to play as a team to capture faster.
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    this game massacres my performance since I have 8GB of RAM lol
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    Очень плохой баг мне встретился... Я просто получается просрал по вине игры свой танк. Как бы на танк не очень то и просто накопить. Это не батла, где танк спавнится постоянно. Ну я получил танк, воевал себе, и прощай танк... И дело не только в том, что он упал под текстуры, и я там умер. Еще проблема в том, что танк то не взорвался, и он дальше стал падать под текстурой, тем самый, limit на танках был... Вот этот баг обязательно нужно исправлять, а то в чем смысл этого накопления? Получить танк и просрать? Не ребят, так не пойдет. Еще 2-3 таких бага со мной произойдет,и я засру игру. Исправляйте срочно.
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    Dla mnie zero reanimacji. Zgon to zgon.
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