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    This is a marathon, not a sprint. The overall player reception was surprisingly (even for us) positive and a lot of people are still holding off the purchase until we fix the server issues. And soon-ish we have a new mode coming in that could bring in a whole new playerbase. We have a tough road ahead of us but given the reception and extremely good sales in the first days (way above our expectations) I have to say that World War 3 is here to stay, at least for the time being. We'll see what happens further down the line, but we have a lot of content and improvements coming.
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    Maybe its just me, but i was a day 1 buyer of WW3. i feel players that stuck with the game and had faith in the developers deserve a custom emblem made for them. "Launch Day WW3 Survivor, I Survived WW3 Day 1 or Soldier Since October 19". Something cool or along those lines. just a thought, feel free to disagree.
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    Don't insult us with YOUR stupidity, just because you don't understand what the term 'EARLY ACCESS' means. I'm sure some of us were expecting it to have problems, it is at the end of the day...EARLY ACCESS !! Maybe you need educating, find a useful link below and study it !! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_access Those of us that are sticking with this title, want it to work...If you don't want to stick around, then leave quietly. Bye, Bye !!
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    Я и @Skramp создали таблицу с подробным уроном как оружия так и техники. Ссылка на таблицу в Google Таблицы. Таблица
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    I bought the game and most of it played on the loading screen. The server problems were not the problem, the game is extremely poorly optimized and poorly done, I can barely get on the screen with the message "connecting to the server" without a crash is a total lack of consideration with the player what was done by the developer, a games in early acess has to be playable since its launch, I did not pay for a kickstarter project that will only see ready in years or only if the financial goal is reached. I know that many can play, that the servers have already been arranged but I do not have the money to have the computer that you have and even then I still have a good computer that can run all the games except for this game that I thought would have its problems but I could at least get into the game and play some games. I feel like I spent my money and that soon even if the developers set the game and all their problems I can not play. I follow the steam charts and every day the number of players seems to decrease along with the hype. Sorry if you hear grammatical errors, I'm not fluent in the language and I'm using google translate to write this outburst.
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    You make no sense to be honest. You title your thread "I can't see this game surviving", then you proceed to point out that the game has a shit ton of bugs but it's cool because it's EA. EXACTLY! It's been released in Early Access exactly because it has bugs. Because thousands of people have much higher chances of spotting all the bugs and helping to iron them out than dozen of developers and dozen more of paid testers. The whole point of Early Access is to release the game in the unfinished state, so that when the game is actually finished, it works for all the people with all kinds of hardware, software and network connection combinations, instead of a tiny sample of developers and inhouse testers. Same goes for gameplay mechanics. Like the movement you mention. Developers can't read your mind and find out you don't like it, at the same time if they released the game as finished, retail version, there would be nowhere near enough room and time for changing core gameplay mechanics as there is during EA. That's the point of EA. I just don't get it. The only possibility you could write something like that would be if you had no idea what Early Access is, and if you bought the game without being aware it's early access game. Yet in the very first sentence of your post, you acknowledge you realize it's an Early Access title. It's like going to a car dealership, specifically asking to buy a red car, and once you drive it home, you start complaining you don't like red color and blaming the dealership.
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    We will add more weapons in the future. We can't talk about specific weapons right now.
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    Hello, our team does not want to leave the players alone with the existing problems. We are working hard on further improvements. We would be happy if you continue to support us. Nevertheless we take your feedback very seriously. We are sorry that you haven't had a good gaming experience so far.
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    Hi, Like the title says. We need a dmr type rifle. I love shooting semi but it just isnt effective cuz of the low damage dealt from assault rifles. What do you guys think about dmr's? Are they coming to WW3? - Patrick
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    Me and @DarkEmpire have prepared for you a comparison table - damage from vehicles and weapon https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oOMY3cbRI0tZPrA9jpNIdUxG5UDIGG1RHIpckIMlVVk/edit?usp=sharing
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    You are not alone with this idea. We'll discuss that in the team. I personally, love this idea.
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    Today's thinking is so self-centered. You don't bother reading previous posts or dev twitter. Then you post something like this: "I PERSONALLY DID NOT GET IN, PLEASE SHUT THE PROJECT DOWN AND ADMIT YOUR FAILURE" Okay. Next!
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    Well, you must be one of the very few people who hasn't been able to find a match. I live in South Africa and connect to EU and I've been able to play properly for the past four days. Sooooo... Change your region when booting up the game and you should find something. Plus, the game is far from a failure, It had a shaky start but its the furthest thing from the truth, that it's a failure. Sure launch was terrible but 90% of MP games have a dreadful launch anyway. Look at BF4, the game was broken for a year and only got fixed once Hardline was released because Dice/EA had no idea how to fix the netcode. Shit happens bro.
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    There are plenty of arguments against it: - If I flank a team and start shooting them they should have to figure out where I am, not just get told on a map. - When I'm going to great lengths to sneak up on a tank and rocket it, the last thing I want is to flash up on a map every time I fire. The driver should have to locate me, which makes shooting out the optics that much more effective. - Mini-maps lead to a lot of UI watching, which can be a pretty boring way to play. - While real soldiers may have comms and radar, they don't run around with a real-time map in front of their face 100% of the time. Having a map with some information that you have to bring up manually is both more realistic and better for gameplay in my opinion. Also all of the pro-minimap arguments you've made have been countered in some way, looking through the thread I don't see any positives to adding a mini-map, to be honest it just sounds like you need to spend more time learning the maps rather than asking for a crutch of a feature.
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    Są niesamowicie ważne, gdy chodzi o early access. Na przykładzie bardzo podobnego, małego dewelopera tworzącego ambitnego FPSa (tak jak The Farm 51) postaram się to jasno i krótko wyłożyć, by dało się wyciągnąć wnioski co do kontaktu na linii twórca-użytkownik... Kilka miesięcy temu Battlestate Games - panowie od Escape From Tarkov - wiele straciło na braku kontaktu ze społecznością. Społecznością skupioną wokół EFT, które jest również w becie i również jako early access. Dla jasności - wersja "Edge of Darkness Limited Edition" kosztuje ponad pięć stów. Nadmienię też, że Battestate Games (w skrócie BSG) to Rosjanie i ten fakt już sam w sobie wyjaśnia wiele kwestii, o których za moment wspomnę, ale myślę, że nie muszę rozgrzebywać tego, jakie jest podejście Rosjan do wielu rzeczy. Te fakty są wszystkim dobrze znane. No więc tak: mieli swoje forum, ale było ono okrutnie cenzurowane, a użytkownicy byli uciszani za niewygodną prawdę. Tysiące ludzi z całego świata widziało, w jakim stanie jest gra. BSG wpychało w EFT ogromne ilości przedmiotów, broni i w ogóle sprzętu. ale nie brało się za samo "jądro" rozgrywki. Straszne problemy z synchronizacją, tragiczny tickrate, kolosalne lagi, generalnie bug na bugu w najgorszym wydaniu. Ludzie to widzieli i mówili o tym. Ale krótko to trwało, bo posty były usuwane. To nie tylko brak kontaktu ze społecznością, a wręcz gnojenie społeczności za to, że kupiła ich produkt. Tak się nie robi. No, ale jedziemy dalej... Reddit miał kanał o tematyce EFT, gdzie cała owa prawda o podejściu BSG była głoszona bez przeszkód, ale BSG stwierdziło, że nie przygląda się społeczności zgromadzonej na Redditcie, ponieważ ta społeczność kłamie. To był moment, gdzie udało się ludziom złamać EFT i powstały liczne cheaty. BSG nie pozwalało w żaden sposób zgłaszać oszustów, a ludzie, którzy ich zgłaszali wylatywali. Z forum? Nie tylko. BANOWANO ICH W GRZE. Dlaczego nie pozwalali zgłaszać oszustów? Ponieważ BSG twierdziło (i po dziś dzień twierdzi), że "ich anticheat jest flawless". Ta... Nie mieli kontroli nad Redditem, na którego się wypięli, więc cała prawda wylazła w doskonałym miejscu. Najróżniejszych tego typu kwiatków było wiele, w związku z czym pod względem reputacji BSG straciło - delikatnie mówiąc - dużo. Na tyle dużo, że gracze masowo przestali w ogóle grać w EFT. Nikt nie chciał zgłaszać bugów, sprzedaż spadła, ilość aktywnych graczy miała się bardzo źle, zaczął się nawet całkiem pokaźny bojkot. To sprawiło, że BSG przyznało się do porażki. Przepraszali. Od tego momentu zaczął się faktyczny kontakt ze społecznością. Battlestate Games podchodziło inaczej do wpisów na forum, wielu ludzi odzyskało dostęp. Zaś Reddit, który był przez nich tak wulgarnie komentowany stał się ich kolejnym źródłem głosu społeczności, gdzie nawet samo BSG (a szczególnie sam szef całego projektu - Nikita Buyanov) zaczęło się wypowiadać i rozmawiać. Społeczność chciała więcej: chciała czegoś w rodzaju devbloga. Doskonałym przykładem devbloga jest Facepunch Studios, którzy na swojej stronie zamieszczają regularnie raporty z postępu prac nad grą Rust. Battlestate Games ograniczyło się do obszernych raportów z rodzaju changelog, gdzie opisywali dokładnie wszystko to, co ma wejść wraz z kolejnym patchem. Mniejszym lub większym - nieważne. Opisują wszystko, co się pojawi. Dodają nawet screeny z produkcji. Później przyszedł czas na kolejny policzek - przepraszali oficjalnie za swój anticheat. Przyznali, że wcale nie jest tak idealny, jak utrzymywali. Rewolucyjne podejście: choć oficjalnie nie można zgłaszać cheaterów, BSG poprosiło administratora kanału EFT na Redditcie o stworzenie wątku, w którym gracze będą wreszcie mogli zgłaszać cheaterów. Od tamtego czasu pojawiają się również dłuuugie listy zbanowanych graczy i przyznam, że są one prawdziwe, bo czytając te listy natrafiałem na nicki, które wielokrotnie w grze podejrzewałem o oszukiwanie. Wyrżnięcie całego raidu w ciągu niecałych pięciu sekund za pomocą pistoletu z odległości kilometra? Proste, że cheater. Wyleciał też streamer-content creator, który był zakontraktowany w BSG jako PRowiec, a który narobił kontrowersji. Klean. I tutaj mega skrócona historia upadku na kolana i powstania na nowo się kończy. Wszystkiemu winny jest właśnie brak kontaktu ze społecznością i podejście typu "jestem bogiem, uświadom to sobie sobie", co okazało się być efektem kuli śniegowej. - - - The Farm 51 od samego początku reprezentuje zupełnie odmienne podejście. Wyraźnie szanują swoją społeczność, mają z tą społecznością kontakt i widać przede wszystkim, że ekipa z TF51 to nie tylko twórcy - to także gracze. Twórcy i gracze z pasją. Na tę chwilę można im całkowicie wybaczyć "lack of communication" jeśli chodzi o informowanie odnośnie patchnotes czy changelog. Panowie mają małe studio i siedzi im wiele na głowie, bo wciąż jeszcze ciągnie się delikatny zapaszek porażki, jaką był start oficjalnej bety. Ale zapaszek, jak to zapaszek jest ulotny. Wszystko zmierza ku dobremu i oby z górki. Co do informacji dla graczy... Ponieważ gra jest w wersji beta, w early accessie i jest już sprzedawana - przydałyby się informacje. Nawet te proste i podstawowe rozpiski: co, jak, ewentualnie kiedy. Ale pozwólmy chłopakom z TF51 najpierw zarobić, by nasze środki pozwoliły im dalej pracować nad WW3.
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    > buy an early access title > ignore the warnings that its not a finished product > ignore the fact that you are expected to find and see a lot of bugs, even game-breaking bugs > ignore the kind reminders that your gaming experience will not necessarily be great as it is a project in early development > demand a refund on the forums where no refunds are made We live in a beautiful world.
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    I have a pulsar XP 50 und limke Keiler 13 thermal optic, and I like to see things like this in game. The real thermal devices have much less resolution (640x480 and this is one of the top sensors), so the image is not so clear like it was in BF3. And it hase to calibrate every few minutes. Also you have a really reduced field of view and it is blinding the eye in the night. So you can quit easy balance it with a small files of view( the rest of the picture would be black or even nearly), with poor resolution ( no nametags over the enemy's) and a few seconds for calibration every minute.
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    When will everything be locked again? I would love to start progressing and so on.
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    Hello guys, I've made a video of a full game where I only use the Vepr 12. I found it way too good especially at range. Its rate of fire is also absurd considering the ridiculously low amount of recoil you get after each shot. Note that I consider myself as a pretty good player but nowhere near pro level. With ARs, I get a KDR of 2 or 3 max. Here are the highlights I want to show : For your info, I played with an RPG as secondary so I also took the heavy armor and helmet https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=39 : 2nd kill is ridiculous, the TTK is so short https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=102 random spray without clearly seeing the target nor having crosshair on him, dealt tons of damage. https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=367 Took 5 bullets on a 1 on 1 but still won with 48 hp left, armor OP ? https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=495 When should you consider getting an AR if you can kill that fast from that far with the shotty ? https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=967 No comment, first guy was already low but I managed to 2 hit kill a full health guy with most of his body in cover https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=1086 That killstreak, this gun is so good (nothing wrong about the gun here) https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=1277 Huge medium range damage but no kill unfortunately https://youtu.be/si-ueeE9cWA?t=1362 2 Hit kill from medium range with only upper body showing... I hope you find most of theses kills as ridiculous as I do because if everyone played this gun, the game wouldn't be as fun anymore. This is what bothers me : The TTK is ridiculous and better than any AR (unless you have god aim and recoil control). You don't even need to aim well to get kills, just spam until the enemy dies, you can miss by a lot but still hit. Simply increasing the recoil and lowering rate of fire would fix the problem imo. PS: for anyone wondering, this has been recorded with a 6700k + 1070 on a 1440p screen
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    Please A tactical lean prone will be a cool animation firing position and great addition to gameplay, will make the gameplay more tactical and it will make you more aware of your surroundings. Thank you! HALCON4-WW3 k4to01
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    i don't know guys if you already saw this video, really neat!!
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    here are some comparisons with photos and screenshots of Berlin, really cool, i hope all cities are this accurate or even more! even the pipelines are there
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    за прицелом если посмотреть, видно что мазал. как стрелял, так и засчитало.
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    I'd like to start off by saying the game feels like a complete lag fest either caused by the server's poor latency and constantly showing a yellow or red symbol while I have a 450mbps down and 22 mbps upload using a wired connection on NA servers or the standard ww3 launch. I've tried all optimization recommendations on this forum with no progress, I've tried low,medium, and high and the performance is a joke while I'm using a 4.4ghz over clocked i5 4690K and a evga 1070 sc 8gb with 16gb of memory and BFV alpha ran better then this early access and I played the BFV alpha on high settings.
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    too much effort to make this game look as a dying one, there is almost 5 k ppl playing all days, that's a dying ?? pfff.... just play or don't do it at all, but don't come here with lame "facts"
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    I have the feeling the performance got way worse than couple of days before. Last week i was able to play at almost constant 60-70fps. sometimes it was a bit more even up to 100fps, on problematic scenery like open field berlin or moscow fps dropped to ~35. Today i played two matches after four days and my game doesnt feel es fluid as before. It seems like the performance is worse, game is stuttering, lags, teammates rubberbanding etc. Worthermore the graphics look worse than last week. Dont know what happend, but at this state the game becomes more and more unplayable.
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    Kwestia typu baserape? O tak, to boli. Jednak ja rozwiązałbym to nieco inaczej. Ponieważ jest to gra, wchodzenie na resp wroga nie powinno być możliwe. Osoby wyparte z punktów i respiące się w bazie nie będą miały absolutnie żadnych szans, gdy zostaną przyciśnięte ogniem z każdej możliwej strony. Takie umiejscowienie bazy może porządnie zrujnować balans, ale nie blokujmy dostępu do tej ulicy, ponieważ ma ona dużą wagę jeśli chodzi o podejście taktyczne. Tak więc zamiast zostawiać bazę/respawn w tym miejscu i blokować do niego dostęp przeciwnemu zespołowi, ustawiłbym ją gdzieś w większym podwórku tych bloków i dopiero od linii bram/klatek/przejść/bloków zrobił blokadę i spawn protection. Dałoby to możliwość wyjścia z bazy wieloma różnymi ścieżkami. Główną w stronę tej właśnie ulicy, jakieś boczne bramy, może podziemny tunel prowadzący... Gdzieś tam. Możliwości jest wiele.
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    Like I said, specnaz helmets can feasibly stop a 5.56, but the soldier who got shot will not be in a shape to fight anymore. He'd be in a state of wishing he was dead and being glad he's not interchangeably.
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    You should be able to reload your weapon when ever you try to do so. At the moment you can`t reload your weapon if you are aiming down the sights. Reloading should end ads and reload the gun. The way it is at the moment just doesn`t make any sense to me...
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    Don't know about you guys but personally I'd love to have the option to quickly change the weapons/gears of my loadouts while in an ongoing game, I feel like I need a way to adapt/respond to how the battle is evolving, and there is no better way to do it than when you are actually in the heat of the fight, by quickly grabbing the weapons you need depending on the current situations, a sniper (a fight is taking place in a large open area) /rpgs (bad boys called in the armored and they dominate the open field checkpoints)/ smgs (you want to take over a checkpoint inside a building often leading to close range combat) You could say "yeah but you already have loadout slots you can choose from and edit while in the menu", while that is true, there is always something you might have missed, or didn't take in consideration and when in fight you have no option to correct it ( for example you might take an iron sight for your rifle and you realize a 3x scope would have been a better choice considering how the battle is going) Also it would help you define your playstyle faster by being able to cycle trough a lot of weapon loadouts in a much shorter time, and not having to wait for the battle to end just to change a scope, or something else you forgot to do.
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    I'm really surprized devs responded to you ... after reading all your posts in this thread it just made me remember about the 2018 generation ... people are easily "offended" and it will never be the same. I'm a gamer since 30 years and your generation is going nowhere ... it's sad but true ... You change like a leaf in the wind and it seems it will be like that with today's kids. You trow dirt and spit on people and then lick them after a nice post ... Start being a man and stop spitting from your emotional roller coaster.
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    Yeah I agree with the idea! Has been already proposed in:
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    I can't relate to your problems in this case (I have over 80 hours played at this point, maybe 5 total spent on loading screens, and the only crash I've had so far was after client was running for 10 hours straight - I consider myself lucky) however I do understand how you feel. It's very unfortunate but somewhat to be expected. It's not finished product, not by a long shot and problems like this are sadly to be expected. Buying into Early Access is always a gamble. Hold your horses there my friend. Early Access is basically a kickstarter project - difference being many EA games are pretty much finished (how many games actually evolve far beyond their initial base? Even wildly successful ARK was mostly revolving around spitting out content updates without many changes to the base game and never really got fixed and optimized, whereas this one is true alpha/beta. It's barely a week in and they're dealing with server problems which is their main priority right now. It's first mass multiplayer game for them, much bigger studios with years of expertise fail on this field even up to this day. I would cut them a slack, honestly - it's not EA/Ubi/Acti with pretty much unlimited resources that is fucking up here, it's a small studio in Eastern Europe. I would say for what they are they've delivered astonishingly deep product, and certainly had better priorities when it comes to actually designing a game - it's bare in content but it has rich mechanics which provide solid foundations to built upon. Many other Early Access game doesn't have even half of actual potential this one has, solely for this reason alone - adding said mechanics as an afterthought would be financially and manhours-wise unviable. Many people don't see that. Servers for the game are running just fine - they're based on AWS service, the only problem is auth server. Don't worry, come back and have a go when a bit more is fixed and more content is added. You might like it, you might not - all I'm saying it's a bit early to set final judgement for a product in Alpha stage. I bet devs are regretting that they let all people in at this point but let them at least show that they're trying.
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    I think that's exactly the point. It fits in with the weight system. Wanna be lighter weight, gotta make concessions. Wanna look like someone who thinks helmets are overrated? Better have the skill to back it up.
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    Sniper rifles should have to have an attachment for that Kiwi. That cant be freely givin. I feel that might unbalance the game a bit if freely givin. Now... the reloading I agree with t3rr0r1. ADS need to be canceled once you hit (R) reload button. And if the Devs could create a fast mag or flip mag as an attachmeent option that would help in fire fights. That would balance well.
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    I think it would be better for the community if he just uninstalled and never came back, like, ever.
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    Would most like a more rural map, maybe centered around a power station or hydro electric dam or something. All of the maps are urban right now and the game could use some variation.
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    I've just found solution to a bug when sometimes you're permanently not allowed to spawn on squad leader. It's really simple - quit current squad and then rejoin it. That's it. Done. Spawning works just fine now
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    It's crazy seeing so many people wanting to just turn this into Battlefield. I've seen suggestions for revives, minimaps, classes, destruction, no friendly fire; it just seems odd when BF4 has all that and is still there to play if people want to.
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    Moim zdaniem runda 30 min jest ok. Natomiast można by było zrobić tak że po zdobyciu wszystkich punktów, drużyna ma 5 min na odbicie. Jeśli nie w tym czasie nie odbije runda powinna się kończyć.
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    Perhaps as an idea.. Instead of adding a whole new class of weapon into the game (Of course still do it though!) Make a weapon mod that changes the Receiver of the weapon. so that way you can fire higher caliber ammunition from it, so you can legitimately turn AR's Into DMRs
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    Hi Lazyyawn, currently the minimap only appears when you are in a UAV monitored area. As for spotted enemies I'm not sure sure how that works currently. But in keeping with the emphasis on team play WW3 has I think spotting should be shared to only your squad, unless you are squad leader in which case it should also be shared with other squad leaders. Personally I like the current mini-map system as it promotes use of UAV's and Jammers and you spend more time checking corners playing the game than just watching top left corner of your screen waiting for red blips.
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    The reason why the minimap is only occasionally able to be viewed is because it is designed that when a UAV scans the map, it reveals enemy locations (hence opens the minimap) - When no UAVs are in operation, there is no minimap). But I do agree that a minimap permanently would be pretty valuable!
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    Dla mnie zero reanimacji. Zgon to zgon.
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    It seems that a few people have problems with loading the game, so here's an explanation and what we'll do with it: Game can take up to 10 minutes to load for the first time. This is related to two things: We're loading all of the customization at first. This is not intended and we will be changing that (explanation below), The engine is compiling shaders specifically for the machine it's running on. This is a one-time thing and should be faster after the first time. The solution is actually in the works and it was tested by us and is speeding up the loading by up to 95%, but it could potentially break a lot of stuff, so we decided to keep testing without this fix and let you play more. If we decided to implement it now, we'd have to skip at least one of the testing phases. This decision was backed by our tests, that showed about 20-30s load times on an SSD and up to 2 minutes on an HDD. Turns out on some configurations it takes a lot longer. Tl;dr: it just loads, give it time, and we know how to fix it, will be fixed after EA launches!
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    Good to know it's fixed, I'm moving this to know issues as it'd now ok and might help other people :)
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