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    Maybe its just me, but i was a day 1 buyer of WW3. i feel players that stuck with the game and had faith in the developers deserve a custom emblem made for them. "Launch Day WW3 Survivor, I Survived WW3 Day 1 or Soldier Since October 19". Something cool or along those lines. just a thought, feel free to disagree.
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    You are not alone with this idea. We'll discuss that in the team. I personally, love this idea.
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    Przydał by się nowy klawisz do bindowania który po przytrzymywaniu go powodował by ze pojazdy podczas jazdy dopasowywał swój kierunek do tego gdzie skierowany jest celownik gracza. Czołgi z racji ze mogą obracać się w miejscu mogły by to robić stojąc.
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    its not my video
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    too much effort to make this game look as a dying one, there is almost 5 k ppl playing all days, that's a dying ?? pfff.... just play or don't do it at all, but don't come here with lame "facts"
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    I can't relate to your problems in this case (I have over 80 hours played at this point, maybe 5 total spent on loading screens, and the only crash I've had so far was after client was running for 10 hours straight - I consider myself lucky) however I do understand how you feel. It's very unfortunate but somewhat to be expected. It's not finished product, not by a long shot and problems like this are sadly to be expected. Buying into Early Access is always a gamble. Hold your horses there my friend. Early Access is basically a kickstarter project - difference being many EA games are pretty much finished (how many games actually evolve far beyond their initial base? Even wildly successful ARK was mostly revolving around spitting out content updates without many changes to the base game and never really got fixed and optimized, whereas this one is true alpha/beta. It's barely a week in and they're dealing with server problems which is their main priority right now. It's first mass multiplayer game for them, much bigger studios with years of expertise fail on this field even up to this day. I would cut them a slack, honestly - it's not EA/Ubi/Acti with pretty much unlimited resources that is fucking up here, it's a small studio in Eastern Europe. I would say for what they are they've delivered astonishingly deep product, and certainly had better priorities when it comes to actually designing a game - it's bare in content but it has rich mechanics which provide solid foundations to built upon. Many other Early Access game doesn't have even half of actual potential this one has, solely for this reason alone - adding said mechanics as an afterthought would be financially and manhours-wise unviable. Many people don't see that. Servers for the game are running just fine - they're based on AWS service, the only problem is auth server. Don't worry, come back and have a go when a bit more is fixed and more content is added. You might like it, you might not - all I'm saying it's a bit early to set final judgement for a product in Alpha stage. I bet devs are regretting that they let all people in at this point but let them at least show that they're trying.
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    Dla mnie zero reanimacji. Zgon to zgon.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG: I found some glitch that allows you to go underground and shoot through the walls. I made a video showing it: GAME BUILD ID 3250942 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Go closest you can to the bookstand and prone.
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    Hello guys, i tried some progress on the performance of ww3 with some trick i wanted to share with evrything i discovered these days to lower the stuttering in game. First method, devote more cpu to the game so as to improve the performance stuttering and fps drop, ww3 does not use much power of your cpu and I think this is one of the many problems of low optimization, so what we do will be to dedicate more power cpu to WW3 with this method: (STEP 1) GIVE MORE CPU POWER Hold Press Windows Key+R or type in windows search bar "run" In the run search bar type "regedit" and now fallow this directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options create a new folder/key with right click in Image file execution options and call it WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe Create a new folder under the WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe folder and call it PerfOptions now right click inside PerfOption Create a new DWORD (32 bit) rename it CpuPriorityClass now double click on CpuPriorityClass and change in 3 (STEP 2) FIX WINDOWS MEMORY LEAK *ONLY FOR WINDOWS 10* with this passage we improve the consumption of ram by windows and dedicate the maximum to ww3. Always in regedit fallow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Ndu now double click on Start and set value on 4 (STEP 3) EDIT ENGINE.INI FILE *BIG IMPROVEMENT* Navigate in this directory C:/users/youpcname/AppData/Local/WW3/Saved/config/WindowsNoEditor *if you can't see AppData folder enable hidden folders* it's pretty easy to do, but if you have no idea how to do here quick youtube tutorial for how enable hidden folder TUTORIAL Find and open the file called Engine.ini delete all and paste this script (IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 12GB OF RAM EDIT r.Streaming.LimitPoolSizeToVRAM=1 IN r.Streaming.LimitPoolSizeToVRAM=0 now restart your PC to apply the changes if everything went as expected you should see the game much more fluid and with less stuttering. And do not forget to enable in the game settings one frame thread lag this feature will greatly increase your fps by defoult is disabled but I recommend keeping it always enabled. I hope that all this can help you let me know if you also notice improvements with these changes and I wish the developers good luck, hoping that they can improve the performances of this fantastic game!
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    WW3 Optimization / Increase FPS Guide October 2018: (Last Edited 10/23/2018) This guide will help you use your computer to the max to play this amazing new game. In the future the game will be optimized but it's just the beginning now and not everyone has a $3000 system, so this might help a lot of people. Step 1: Windows Optimization / Hardware Optimization Install CCleaner and clean everything on your computer. This makes a lot of things fairly easier. Install Driver Booster (Checks for New Drivers Easily all over your computer) Optimize Windows 10 for Performance Open Windows Explorer Right Click "This PC" and go to "Properties" Click "Advanced Settings" Click "Performance Options" Click the button that adjusts windows for best performance (uncheck all buttons) Click Apply and Exit Make sure all of your CPU Cores are no parked and are being used (youtube.com/watch?v=4fKxZ1mq9KA) Make sure to install your GPU Drivers (Nvidia and AMD) Step 2: In-Game Optimization Put all graphics on high-ultra except put textures, shadows, viewing distance and post processing on low. This will put more of the load on your GPU rather than your CPU. Also put Anti-Aliasing on Medium-Low. Set these as your game launch settings, without the brackets: [-high -USEALLAVAILABLECORES] Go to your Steam Library and make sure WW3 is closed. Right Click on World War 3 Click Properties Click on Launch Options Put Your Settings in and Save Start World War 3 In the Video Settings, Turn On Motion Blur. This will create the illusion that you are getting more FPS. I will keep updating this thread when I get more things to add but this is how much I know so far, have fun playing soldiers!
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    So I noticed the battle rifles (rifles that fire full rifle rounds and are semi or full automatic) are non existent. Will we see weapons such as the m14, the sr25, the fn fal, the hk417 are anything like these weapons?
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    I joined two games where people were camping in spawn trying to get people to tk them to steal their vehicles. One of them two people would camp near the repair platform then once a tank got on it they would go on either side of the tank so they couldn't escape without team killing one of them. Another was prone on the platform waiting for someone to run them over. Another instance one guy kept walking in front of the tank so I couldn't leave spawn. The team killing punishment system is easy to abuse and needs to be changed as soon as possible. People like this make the game unenjoyable and are completely useless to the team, they're so bad they can't earn a tank for themselves so they have to abuse a mechanic to get one.
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    yeah the maps in this game are very good.
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    You got me there! Must have bought it about 5 years ago. Intel i5 3570k (Ivy Bridge DT). Socket H2 LGA 1155. When I bought it, it was on par with a i7 of the time, except the i7 had hyper-threading, which in theory was the only real difference. But it´s been awhile and the actual Intel box is at my old house, sorry..
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    We are planning to bring the progression back in the middle of November or at the very latest, in the patch with a new map and game mode.
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    and EVERYTHING you are complaining about, is easily covered by " It in early access and would be considered pre alpha in terms of devolopment with 12-16 more MONTHS of dev time on it)
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    To the boots on the ground, the politics really should not matter at all though.
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    VSS Vintorez lub AS Val (z tym opadem to byloby cos pieknego w tej grze ) M14 lub M1A Armory Colt 1911 SKS
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    Often when i'm reading posts they are filled with these. I know it's a trend these days to use all kinds of abbreviations and a military 'habbit' to use them.Personally i find them annoying cuz i don't have a clue what has bin formulated. I usually disregard this 'habbit' on lazyness on one part. You can not expect everybody is 'schooled' in these terms.And i don't feel prompted to read posts with some kind of abbreviation dictionary next to it. I'm sure i'm not alone in this. But i'm willing to learn some on the other hand, so i thought it would make a helpfull thread for people to list them here. So go ahead please and school us with your 'knowledge', would be much appreciated.
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    ...TF51 zarobi drugi raz na tym samym gościu, który i tak ponowni wyłapie bana. Dokonały przepis na łatwy hajs. Tylko i wyłącznie pod tym względem cheaterzy to dobra partia. ?
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    Zero balance issues with the Tor as @Marrond pointed out. And just lol at OP’s comment that snipers are cheesy and require no skill to use.
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    Jak nie możemy ? To samo jest w Armie 3 , da się to obejść "mechanicznie" Ja obszedłem to przy użyciu foli szronowej i dziurkacza biurowego , strzelamy w ścianę z biodra , naklejamy wydziurkowaną łatkę z foli w miejsce strzału i voila ! Mamy celownik . Wiem jak to wygląda i brzmi, ale przynajmniej w Armie się sprawdza
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    I agree with this. The Arty is literally useless. I've been using the shrapnell round for Infantry and the splash is waaaay to narrow. But then 1 (ONE) single shot of a tank can rip you apart in a 15 meters of the point of impact just with the splash... Pls Devs....Fix/balance this.
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    A dead game with thousands of players everyday? If so there would be tons of developers want their game to be "dead"
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    At the very least, just changing scopes.
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    Don't be too excited. By little things I really mean little things. Game launches, you can join and play but not much has changed beyond that, aside from said little things that aren't that important to mention but very welcome nonetheless.
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    I can get into matches without issues but the stuttering is just ridiculous and I'm running a 4.4Ghz overclocked i5-4690K 16gb is ballistix tactical mem and a evga 1070 sc 8gb and my frame rate is rather decent at 1600 *900
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    They've said a roadmap is coming after they've ironed out their server issues. We just have to wait.
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    Nawet nie chodzi o k/d bo to tez da się ustawić aby zejście było liczone jako kill ale o to ze zwłaszcza na mapach dużych biega się dużo czasu i można przypadkowo dostać strzał przez chwile nie uwagi a łątwo o taka sytuacje zwłaszcza jak gra się solo i znowu kilka minut biegać z respawnu co jest monotonne i nużące. Dlatego uważam ze reanimacja to świetny pomysł w jakiejkolwiek formie.
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    This game is already more fun to play than any current shooter imo. I can't wait to do clan battles !
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    Undeniable. But I think that this is one of these instances where realism should step aside in favour of a more fluid gameplay. Personally I have a colorblind friend and he spits fire a lot while playing this game because of enemy visibility this does not happen in other games like PUBG, for example. Not even in rainy/foggy weather where is pretty much grey on grey. There is something weird going on here. Maybe lightning?
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    Considering how bad the launch of the game was it would be nice to hear more from dev's for some reassurance. There are small updates released but we have not been told what they are for or what they attempt to fix? I know we do not need to know every detail but it would be nice to know what is being worked on currently and what priority is. Are we going to get to see a roadmap? A list of features and the order they will be attempted to added? Most games give this before they go early access or as soon as the game launches publicly.. It gives us the info we need to know where the game is going to head and to know if we actually want to invest and buy the game at this early stage. It would just be nice to hear from actual dev's and not forum mods so we know our money is in good hands, being put to good use and not just going to end up like most other early access games, Money grab and then don't hear from the dev's from 1 month to the next.
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    My dude, the game is in Alpha Stage, this things are supposed to happen, sadly. This are testing stages of the game, it's well known that it may not even work for some people and you know that when you buy the game on Steam, you know you are not buying a finished and polished product. I know you are mad and I understand that you are frustrated, but hang on a bit, Devs are working hard on solving all the connectivity issues they have, even I'm tired of reading that "they are working on it" but hey, it's Early Access, I knew in what I was getting into. Hopefully they are fixing all this problems in the upcoming days, I want that because I really want to play it with a lot more of people and experience those 40 and 64 player servers, but it's just so barebones atm that we have to wait.
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    There is very little variation in the reticle style of the currently available optics in the game, especially in the magnified optics. All of the magnified optics (or at least the ones I've seen), including low power and high power scopes, all share the same reticle. This is unfortunate in my opinion, especially since I have a gripe about said reticle. Let's get the gripe out of the way first. All it really is is that the red dot part of the reticle used in the magnified optics has very poor illumination. This may sound trivial, but it hinders precision when aiming at anything that doesn't have an extreme contrast to the dull red of the reticle. Most people would probably just say "git gud and deal with it" but if this game is going for somewhat-realism like it appears to be, it should be noted that an using an optic with such poor illumination in real life sucks for the same reason in sucks in the game. The illumination on the unmagnified optics is just fine, so if that level of brightness could be brought to the red dot portions of the magnified optics it would be much appreciated. For reticle variance, there are so many reticles out there for these 3-4x optics and it would be nice to see some brought into the game for variety's sake. For example, if something like an ACOG is added to the game, it could have the original ACOG reticle, ACSS, etc. as options since that actual optic is offered with those. While this is more of a personal preference thing, I'm quite certain much of the player base would enjoy a change like this very much. ACSS below as example
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    Agreed. sometimes is more like an eye exam than a game of skill and reaction time.
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    Yeah, I from Argentina, is annoying play with 300ms ping, that make us die easily or is it that they want us like a sort of sitting duck for the guise of the country's where the servers are? Dives must reconsider not to put servers in big regions like South America, we are very much consumers of this type of game (bt3, bt4, cod, bo2), they are making the same of active.. on, when not take in place the ping of the players ; by the way I'm a Tl of a big clan and many of my team mates want this game, an many already buy this, please put servers in our region
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    Your sentiment was shared by military generals when these discussions came up not too long ago. Against their wishes, all combat roles were opened up to woman as of 2015 (US military). I agree with you that psychologically, seeing woman killed in battle would mess with men's heads. That being said, the woman that have been successful in the military (and in actual firefights) are not your little sister. I can't see woman ever being drafted... for many reasons
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    It's not JUST realism, it's authenticity as well. You can disagree with me how authentic this game should be, but you can't deny that women in frontline combat roles just aren't very authentic to begin with. I'm certain throughout the game's development I'll be a huge proponent of realism and authenticity, but not if gameplay will take a hit. This is not one of those issues where gameplay will suffer, quite the opposite actually. It just drains resources and presents balance issues. I would be perfectly fine with hearing female voice on radio in roles like pilot. Think something like "[Codename] to JTAC, going weapons hot." in female voice - I'd be fine with that. But women running around with 30kg of gear at exact same speed, intensity and general performance as men? Yeah, nah.
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    This isnt BF, this isnt KoD .. pls leave a few tactical and realistic systems.
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    A more customisable Beret system with more colours, and changeable insignia or badges would be great. British 1st Airborne maroon beret. Basically every country has units with beret variants. I also agree with the comment about gas masks with helmets and the SAS S10 mask.
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    +1 also change the iron sights... they are too thick and u cant see shit...
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    Nie za bardzo wiem jak skomentować Battle Royale bez używania inwektyw, ale spróbuję... Lekko, ale to naprawdę lekko mówiąc - jestem temu przeciwny. Szczególnie w przypadku WW3. Nie widzę również sensu argumentować tej opinii. Wystarczy się rozejrzeć. BR jest wszędzie. Ile można...
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    a revive system like in Rainbow Six: Siege would be nice... nothing instant, to revive a team-mate is another tactic decision, because you'll be exposed and it woud take around 10 seconds, also like in PUBG... this revive system won't end in a revive train like BF had... also, whoever kills infantry continuosly with RPGs, can't be revived
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    Yeah I'd like to have the option to combine gasmasks with headgear
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    Witam mam problem. Gdy Uruchamiam gre jest ekran ladowania trwa to oklo 3-4 minut po czym robi sie czarny ekran i aby widac kursor. Wie ktos czym to moze byc spowodowane ? Moje specyfikacje: System Model: GL72M 7RDX Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8112MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 12 Windows 10
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    Christ, its just a video game. You're getting all melodramatic like it broke up with you or something.
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    i cant believe its day 8 and havent played a single match yet ... sad to say it but u failed so hard ... im done .
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