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    I've seen pretty much of negativity on this forum. And I have few thoughts on this. Many of us have a lot of adequate and considerable suggestions and opinions on the game. Many of us post it to this forums and try to make this game better. But a lot of people don't understand how it should work. A lot of offensive words were written and stuff like that. If you have issues with the game or suggestion, please be polite and adequate! It helps to develop a healthy community (no one likes to see in chat stuff like "rush b cyka blyat fck your mom" each game), so let's build it together! Also, it multiplies the probability of your suggestions will be seriously considered by devs, so it in our interests. And I want to say a BIG WORD OF GRATITUDE to our devs team! We know that fixing bugs isn't 5 minutes job and that we have a long journey ahead together (or at least I hope so!). Let's support our devs with few thankful words! In the upshot, we are all in the same canoe! Farm51 - you are great guys, who are trying to make an awesome game! THANK YOU!
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    ... I have, no idea how anyone would ever come to the decision either of these were a good idea to implement in the fashion they did especially when they seem to be talking about nerfing all AR's... jeez. Vepe 12 This is a shotgun that literally outdamages rifles at 60-70 meters, often causing one shot kills at these ranges and frustrating the every living hell out of players all over from every server. If you did a weapon poll I am betting that the Veper and Tor would no doubt be the most used guns because they are cheesy, cheesy and just overpowered to the extreme. The Veper 12 has a very easy fix, increase the spread at 20-30 meters to the projectiles so you aren't firing a man-sized grouping at 60 meters. This thing fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and out damages AR's, being former service I can tell you that this weapon is just bullshit in its current form even in real life performance. If we're going to assume that plates can actually stop a 7.62mm round (very unlikely btw, you're lucky if it doesn't just travel through and helmets provide almost zero bullet protection) then the 12 gauge that the veper 12 is firing should have almost zero chance at penetration at these ranges or even getting through kevlar past fifty meters because that's very close to how ineffective it is against any form of armour. But even in a game balance and design direction, this thing makes no sense. I don't see how Farm 51 feels AR's need a nerf while this thing is quite literally the worst balanced gun I've seen in a game to-date and that's including BF3/4 shotguns that could be snipers at 400 meters with a slug. Tor I understand you guys went to ranges and had consultants from the military? I am going to ask you... who the &%#@ told you that they could fire a .50 caliber rifle on the move without throwing your shoulder out is a complete shitter. If you want someone who won't bullshit you I know about a dozen guys looking for military consultation work on these kinds of projects including one with heavy experience working with TV and other media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyjo5BObCPE Being able to HIT something with one of these while standing is a feat on its own, do you not realize you are literally lugging around damn near 22 kilograms (though the Tor looks like it might be lighter which will be WORSE for recoil) which is NOT something any normal human being could ever do even standing still to fire these things, again, is a feat on its own if you hit something. But moving could literally throw your shoulder out. There's a reason this guy is done after two shots, having fired a .50 cal properly I can tell you, you feel each shot. If someone is moving with a TOR, this thing should be swaying like a mother, if they are STANDING, it should be swaying like a mother, and bolting this thing should take having to crouch, put the rifle down, and then bolt it. I don't care how much of a badass the guy who told you guys this was possible thinks he is, no one is bolting this rifle without dropping its muzzle down or more likely dropping the whole rifle out of his hands and likely damaging it. Also, why in the hell is a .50 cal damaging LAV's!? I saw two teamates with TOR's take out an IFV in only 10 shots... you know how many shots a .50 cal should take to actually disable a LAV? It should NOT be possible, not from a realism standpoint or even a gameplay standpoint... knock our their optics, that's cool and realistic, whack out components mounted to it? Oh heck yeah that's really nifty from balance and realism! But you have basically made the TOR into a Railgun with zero recoil and no consequences to using it over top of ANY other sniper rifle. It invalidates the G29 etc... this thing is ridiculous and being former service actually turned game developer... this thing, and the Veper-12, make zero sense in either aspect. These two things are just horrificly "balanced" if you can even call it that, and don't hit on the "semi realistic" gameplay you are trying to create either.
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    Greetings Soldiers! Big patch incoming! It will be released next week but we'd like to reveal the patch notes today to show what you can expect: We're sorry for recent drop in communication quality, we are determined to improve." Shortly we are starting our test branch where you'll be able to test new patches before release. More info soon. GENERAL: Bug-fixes: A lot of improvements with servers and connecting to the game. Spawning on leader now shouldn't end in falling from the map Tweaks: Changed total match score from 5000 to 4000. Changed match time from 45 to 40 minutes. HUD: New: Added stats in menu for majority of items. Feature: Now after choosing strike, player can see full description and the cost of the strike. Added Performance boost option to Video Settings. New semtex grenade icon. Weapon icon added to kill screen. Players in vehicle are displayed with their relation colour. Names of your squad mates are always visible on their marker. Bug-fixes: Damage indicator stop rotating after death Direction of grenade damage indicator fixed. Equip grenade type icon displayed on Hud properly. Amount of Ammo/Health/Equipment packs are now displayed on hud in Leviathan / Battle Robot. BATTLE POINTS: New: Strike drop flare now change colour depending on relation to the strike owner. New strike particles, now it's easier to detect what kind of artillery is dropping Bug-fixes: Fixed bug with shooting from Vehicles after Reload Default Heavy Machine Gun for every vehicle's driver. Fixed destruction of supply packs by UGV. Fixed Nerva Operational range. Fixed UGVs' handling. Fixed strike masks on Berlin. UGV wreckage no longer disappears after destruction Airstrike’s (Hellfire, Stormbreaker, Mephisto) deal a proper damage upon penetration, vehicles can be destroyed by a direct hit Tweaks: All turrets were rebalanced: adjusted their clip size, reloads, damage per minute and burst damage. The aiming difficulty was also adjusted. Slightly decreased Quadrocopter's speed and acceleration. Slightly increased Mini Drone’s speed and acceleration. Reduced tablet preview time after using UAV Radar Lowered the spawn height for UGV EQUIPMENT: New: Auto changing ammo type when out of ammo. Auto reload weapon after ammo regeneration if weapon was empty. New camera shake in Grenades and C4 Sound indicator after regeneration of gadget [e.g. Ammo Pack] Bug-fixes: Side sight now automatically rotate weapon when targeting. C4 - now you have 3 charges, it deals damage to infantry and vehicle. You can throw it farther and detonate all of them with single use. Also there are new visual effect for them. Invisible ammo in RPG after death fixed. Left hand pose in pistols in wrong position after using gadget Better material on See Through SAO sight Tweaks: Tweaks on grenade amount. Player now have 3 smoke grenades and 2 frag grenades. Tweaks on ammo pack regeneration MAPS: Visual: New post process: eye adaptation to reduce dark places one the maps; black and white balance New summary screens. Additional visual destruction's on Moscow and material fixes Streaming fixes Fixed spawn positions on Berlin Large. Level Design: Vaulting fix (added additional and missing vaults in some areas) Few additional covers on Warsaw and Moscow Unlocked tunnel passage on warzone small (Warsaw) Bug fixes allowing players to get into higher floors (Warsaw shopping centre) Regards, World War 3 Team
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    Its probably your system specs not having enough power to find people.. stop trying to play on potato computer.
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    I like this guy. He brings fresh ideas to the forum.
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    Oh common, did you really just use J. Miculek as an example of what average people should be able to do? Really? Honestly, did you feel even the least bit greasy when you did that, or did you just do a quick google search not knowing WHO you actually were posting?
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    Hello, I'm Coldasice, nice to meet ya'all. I've been playing FPS since I was a child, I remember my father taking me to his clinic to play Doom there cause my mother wouldn't let me @ home. Here are a few games (that I can remember) that I've played. Doom, Heretic, Call of Duty 1, 2 , 3, 4; MW2, Battlefield 1, 2, Bad Company, Bad Company 2, 3, 4, One; Star Wars Battlefront 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017; CS 1.5, 1.6, Source, GO; Unreal Tournament, 2003, 2004; some f2p games; Escape From Tarkov; ARMA 1, 2 and 3; Overwatch; Squad; Project Reality 2; SWAT 2 and 3; R6 SIEGE; some single-player ones like Metro 2033 and some others that I can't remember right now. Anyways, that's just to try to base my incoming feedback about WW3: Spawn and capture points camping needs fixing ASAP as players are getting tired of it, I've done a lot, was harassed by it a lot and my stream viewers always complain about it on chat. It's tiring to the point of login-off the game and just play another thing so I don't get burned, I really don't want to. With that said, people getting tired = people leaving the game = matches will eventually not be found = game starts dying = no more feedback = RIP. A .50 sniper can damage the armor of a tank but can't 1-shot heads? Sniping is waaaaay too broken in this game and needs fixing too. Yeah, I know, we don't want another battlefield where 80% of both teams play snipers and forget about objectives, but that's the reason you didn't use tickets and use a score system in this game, right? Just make sure that killing doesn't count as a team score and that victories are very rewarding, or losing punishing and players will play their role in the match. SMGs TTK is too low, when I say low I mean turtle low, I know they are weaker but they are not supposed to be that weak, lol. The current weight system is broken, you can carry top armor and helmet, a fully modded AR and a RPG and still run like a rabbit. You could use some stamina system, cause players to carry less bullets, nades and take longer to refill [3] (first aid, packs, etc) to counter that and actually make the weight system mean something. (This is the least of my concerns, even with the weigh system broken, if you fix the core stuff the game will be awesome and you can always fix this after the red stuff). Current armor system is also broken, you can't head shot someone with a .50 but can kill them with a stomach shot? Or even worst, you can use the VEPR-12 and be a king, this weapon is OP and very broken because of the current armor system. Instead of % you could calculate and balance damage reduction by ammo type for each level of protection. Well, this is actually the problem that makes snipers a problem, so...It's kiiiinda repeating, but anyways, Like i said above, the VEPR-12 is broken, you can 1-2 shot enemies from 50 meters away easily and even do some serious damage to far away tangos, but I think that is because if the current armor system. Matchmaking: you can only play "Quick Join", choosing a map never gets you anywhere and it's frustrating. Also, I'm being matched on 200-300+ latency servers when my region has at least 5 EMPTY servers and 1 ALMOST full that could use another player and I know there are a lot of South Americans playing the game, this should also be addressed quickly or players will start leaving, like is happening in Escape From Tarkov. You guys are a small team, I know and you are trying to make this indie game into a big hit, but you gotta fix a least the core stuff (the ones marked in red) to keep the player base alive. Here are other feedback that doesn't need priority: Reticles for medium-long range scopes are the same and are barely visible in the dark, and no magnification sights also need variation, almost all of the are just the red dot (but the S3 Holo and the Holo sight) it would be cool to see different reticles in-game. Medium range scopes doesn't seem to really zoom in, I've been running around using them even in close quarter combat, they doesn't seem to even get to 2x and you already have some 3x, 3,4x and 4x scopes there. The same goes for long range scopes, we could use some variation on the zooming. We need a VoIP so we can communicate with the squad or team. We could also use a comms wheel instead of just the [x] option. Requests like ammo, health, equipment, ride should make the requester blink or stand out so the requested can at least know they are being asked stuff, even if they end up ignoring it, lol, at least they will be ignoring it knowing they left a soldier behind. Full-auto spread: we don't need it, we know real guns will always shoot at the red dot location (only if very far away, because of wind and drop) but the current spread in the game is not right, lol. Just make the recoil "for real" and change the screen direction. That way players can at least try to shoot accurate using tapping or semi-auto. Snipers: At the same time I feel like they need the damage buff (or armor nerf) I also feel they need some kind of nerf, it's too easy to land the shots where you want, maybe some bullet drops, like in Battlefield, make the recoil incredible high if not using bipods, something to make snipers standout (maybe like in Battlefield with the scope reflex or something else, huge noise or flash when shooting, I don't know). Game objective: you guys already did a great job not using spawn tickets, giving bonuses for assault/defense "stance" and aiming for goal points but people still seem to ignore orders and capturing and defending points, like I said above, punish the losing team or giving some big prizes for the winning team and even more for the best squad (also, take away kills from the best squad selection and focus only on team point scoring, that would be great). Leave the killing for Death Matches. I hope this somehow help and I'm very excited about WW3, just a little concerned about a possible fail, but I know you guys can do it! Cheers, Coldasice
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    Cool story bro. Now show me a video where the person shooting is actually hitting anything past 25M and not just shooting into a berm or downrange at thin air like every video you have posted so far.
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    It happens in the moment when server shits itself from amount of data. Hits not registering (no hitmarker) or few shots counting like one big hit. Also wouldn't be so fast about cheating accusations. Don't know if characters shouting are synced for everyone on server or it's just random. You can clearly hear if someone is there because it's crazy loud and appears miles away. Also some people played so much that if they know that room is captured by enemies they know usual spots people hide. Not denying that there are cheaters tho.
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    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned before, but I've had multiple matches where I either won or lost the game due to people leaving early during a match, leaving the teams uneven. This would be greatly reduced by an auto-balancing system. Will this be implemented in the future?
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    Вопрос к разработчикам, разрешено ли изменять/редактировать клиентские файлы, находящиеся в папке > C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\WW3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Какие файлы разрешено/запрещено редактировать ? Есть ли список запрещенных команд ? Что можно, а что нельзя ?
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    I want lol but no permadead please?
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    I smell here COD player
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    To jest bardzo ciekawy pomysł. Dodam od siebie ze tylko tyle ze niech sobie zbierają walutę i maja wszystko normalnie niech maja frajdę z grania ale żeby nie mogli łączyć się z normalnymi serwerami i zęby nie wiedzieli ze są kierowani "czitowy" serwer. Niech im się wydaje ze są kierowani na normalne serwery a defacto będą kierowani na czitowe serwery.
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    I would also like to echo the thanks to the devs for this awesome game!
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    that fixed it, he says its better now.
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    Też jestem za "Litościwym zakończeniem walki" jeśli jest duża różnica w punktach. Dodatkową alternatywą wcześniejszego zakończenia może być zajęcie wszystkich punktów na mapie i utrzymanie ich przez 3 minuty (przykładowo). Tu się nie zgodzę. Przegrać, bo się słabo grało albo cała drużyna kiepsko grała, to nie jest ból - ale przegrać, bo się znalazło w sytuacji bez wyjścia, gdzie wrogów jest 1,5x więcej i mają czołgi, to już jest frustrujące. Zginąć 10 razy z rzędu od trafienia z RPG lub pojazdu, po 15 sekundach od wyjścia z respa, nie wychylając się nawet zza rogu, może naprawdę zniechęcić do dalszej gry. Czasem występuje efekt kuli śnieżnej: Nas jest więcej, więc nam łatwiej zabijać -> dostajemy więcej punktów-> więcej punktów, to więcej wsparcia -> więcej wsparcia, to więcej przeciwników zabijamy i mamy jeszcze więcej punktów... A przeciwnik nie ma punktów i nie ma czym przeciwdziałać. Czasem wystarczy, że na początku ktoś straci czołg, a czołg przeciwnika przetrwa i już jest przegrana. Dlatego jestem też za tym by zrobić jakiś wyrównywacz. Czasem jest tak, że wróg ma 2 pojazdy i przewagę liczebną, a wtedy nie ma nawet jak RPG wyciągnąć. Czasem, przewaga liczebna piechoty nie pozwala nawet ostrzelać optyki czołgu. Dodatkowo pojazdy mają APSy oraz pancerze i potrzeba dużo rakiet, żeby je zniszczyć. Może gdyby wybór amunicji dotyczył wszystkich pocisków do RPG, nie byłoby problemu. Ale teraz jest tak, że trzeba kilka sekund poczekać na zmianę rakiety na RPG tandem (którą mamy tylko jedną i jak nie mamy paki z amunicją, to jest całkowicie dupa), później znów załadować rakietę z paki lub przełączyć na zwykłe rakiety. W tym czasie piechota wroga nas zabija co chwilę, a jak już się nawet uszkodzi ten pojazd wroga, to on jedzie na respa się naprawić i wraca z pełnym APS,em. I tak w koło Macieju. Można zastosować mało radykalne rozwiązania. Przykładowo: jeżeli jedna drużyna przegrywa znaczną ilością punktów i nie ma żadnego pojazdu pancernego, a w drużynie przeciwnika jest pojazd pancerny, to na spawnie przegrywających respi się czołg (przykładowo 1 minuta opóźnienia po jego zniszczeniu). I tak podstawowy czołg jest słabszy niż full wypasiony Rosomak z obsadzonym RCWS. w takiej sytuacji wyłączyć drużynie wygrywającej stację naprawiającą pojazdy. Rozwalamy optykę wygrywającemu przeciwnikowi i ma postrzelane, dopóki nie pojawi się na polu bitwy nasz czołg, zdobędziemy większości baz, zniwelujemy różnicy w punktach do odpowiedniego poziomu, czy jaki tam warunek uda się jeszcze wymyślić i wtedy stacja naprawcza się aktywuje (można by to wyjaśnić wezwanym przez dowództwo atakiem EMP, atakiem hakerskim na sterownik [nie widzę żadnych ludzików uwijających się prze naprawianym pojeździe, wiec domyślam się, że stacja jest automatyczna], czy coś w ten deseń). Można zastosować radykalne rozwiązanie: Statystyki zapisują się tylko, jeżeli dotrwasz do końca bitwy. W takim wypadku "frustraci, loserzy, tchórze" wychodzą, sobie bezpiecznie w trakcie bitwy (nic nie tracą i nic nie zystkują), a PROsi, samce alfa i wytrwali czekają na jednostronnie pustym serwerze przez 20 minut żeby zachować swoje statystyki 30:0 zdobyte w czołgu na o połowę mniej licznym przeciwniku. Można też nie zrobić nic w myśl, "Nie ważne czy dobrze, czy źle, ważne że jest stabilnie".
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    The spawn system will be COMPLETELY redesigned because it doesn't work. We'll also be introducing additional spawn mechanics to make spawning a tactical choice and not just a matter of convenience.
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    Pewnie już ktoś to gdzieś raportował ale bardzo brakuje mi celownika z biodra, na bliskie dystanse ficzer nieoceniony. Obecna mała kropeczka jest bardzo slabu widoczna.
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    Cześć!! Dzisiejszym dniem chcielibyśmy zacząć nową serię WW3. Będzie ona polegać głównie na omówieniach customizacji, ustawieniach, trickach i poradnikach samej gry. Mamy nadzieję, że będziecie się dobrze bawić, a my postaramy się dostarczyć wam jak najwięcej ciekawostek i informacji o tej produkcji. Zapraszam do oglądania:
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    Very often i can see post like: Tanks are act different IRL. Recoil is not how its IRL. Armor IRL work differently. And so on concerning literally everything. Who told you, or why you came up with idea that this game should be even close to IRL?! Actually, in-game conventions are the part why we love games. Guys, believe me, you DON'T want this game to be realistic. It would be MUCH harder and slower. And by the end, we are speaking about PC GAME!
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    So, this is a realistic war game and there isn't any gory aspect ? For example ,if not dismembrement ,at least there should be some blood stains around a dead body and i think that a dead body should remain for a longer time on the field without disappearing after 5 seconds ( it ruins the feeling). Another cool feature should be impact holes on bodies with the difference between a hit on a armored zone and a hit on the flesh. These are cool features for a realistic game, i think. I know that for now there are lots of more useful improvements and problems to be resolved ,as well, but i think that in a near future the devs could take these features in mind.?
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    Spawning infront of a [CENSORED] Leo or enemy is what will make this game dead. Fix this garbage spawn system
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    Nope, this spawn rape has killed it for me. Not sure I can be bothered with this anymore, even after next weeks 'miracle' patch *may* fix some fundamental issues.
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    bad luck, hundreds of ppl playing at NA
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    PUBG has the best ballistics and gun mechanics, hands down. I don't really get what the picture is trying to say with that pattern.
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    Still should be fixed. The Objective area is bigger than on single dot to spawn you at. If the tank driver know where we spawn its good for him but the game shouldnt spawn you at the same location time after time when there are other places in the objective area it can spawn you. Hence why they themselves are saying they are going to fix it.
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    Wolfenstein 3D.... And, yeah, i´m verrrryyyy oooolllddddd....?
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    Its a annoyance and makes the game less fun and interactive.
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    Tanks are not OP if your team knows how to fight them. For example, it takes me 10 seconds to disable its optics = blind tank. For some reason people fire RPGs at infantry instead of tanks.
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    Co rozumiesz przez pojęcie "specjalne sterowniki"? Coś, co byłoby elementem SDK/pluginem/czymś takim przyspieszającym działanie samego silnika lub poszczególnych jego funkcji? Jeśli szukasz wspomagacza tego typu to nie znajdziesz go niestety, ponieważ choć silnik sam w sobie jest kwestią zamkniętą, to już działanie tytułu, który stoi na danym silniku zależy tylko od tego, jak dobrze (lub źle) został napisany. Nie znajdziesz więc niczego, co polepszy działanie WW3. Jedynym wyjściem są łatki.
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    Голосовой чат для сквада. Опциональный голосовой чат для командиров сквадов для планирования атаки.
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    Просьба к разработчикам. Переделайте систему возрождения в бою. Очень часто спавн идёт буквально у соперника под носом или за спиной. нужно сделать спавн в точке где тебя не видит противник на прямую (дабы избежать моментальной смерти при возрождении).
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    Radziłbym uważać z entuzjazmem że gra dobrze się sprzedała w Azji. Nie oszukujmy się ale cheaty w Azji to chleb powszedni. Pieniążki z Azji mogą być ogromne, ale nie zapominajmy o Jakości gameplay'u. PUBG jest tego przykładem. Może to doprowadzić do kolejnej fali negatywnych ocen kiedy Azjaci się odpalą. Jak widać dotychczasowy "antiCheat" zbytnio nie daje rady a gra nawet nie jest jeszcze bardzo popularna. Warto byłoby się na to chociaż w jakieś mierze przygotować Co do reszty sugestii to mam parę własnych przemyśleń: 1) Balans map i spawn pointy: Tutaj wymagane są zmiany, to nie są odosobnione przypadki gdzie ludzie nie mogą się ruszyć z miejsca. Spawn powinien wykrywać czy przeciwnik nie stoi do X metrów i wyszukać inny wolny. 2) Roadmapa i udzielanie się na steamie: Rozumiem że discord jest świetnym miejscem na scenie komunikacyjnej dev-community, ale to co na nim uzgodnicie fajnie byłoby to przedstawić na steamie. Steam jest platformą na której sprzedajecie grę, pokażcie że ona żyje. 3) Dodanie nowych trybów: Rozumiem że Recon niedługo nadejdzie, ale spoko byłoby zobaczyć coś innego. Np. walki o cywili, VIP eskorta, scenariusze typu wykonaj A aby zacząć B. Fajnie byłoby zobaczyć krótkie cutscenki przed i po zakończeniu rundy w stylu, ewakuacja do śmigłowca, zjechanie na linach bądź wysiadka z wozów transportowych na samym początku rundy. (tak, tak pomysł zaczerpnięty z titanfall ale bardzo miły smaczek ) Doda to ciekawej dynamiki a nie zaburzy samego gameplay'u
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    But if I Have to pick a Full OST then .... Just EPIC
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    The patch notes are not final and may fluctuate, keep that in mind.
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    That sounds good! ? Jokes aside, it is nice that the spawn system will be reworked, for me personally it wasn't quite as flexible and reliable as I would like to see it.
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    You can download all Wallpapers HERE now
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    I'm seriously skeptical that people are going to stick around much longer, but I really hope this game doesn't die. :c
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    yo! refering to my playstyle there are more sidearms (incl. mini shotguns) and gadgets needed (tripwires, detectors, claymores, mines)
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    Once we unlock the metagame, the buttons will be active. Just wait for the roadmap.
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    Honestly that is too far from now, I think it would be in 3 years. First they have to fix the servers, implement improvements based on the feedback, add new content regularly and establish a stable base of players. The key is not to rush things and grow organically.
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    I have noticed that me games go from playable to completely unplayable through out the match as people join in. I went from one match having an 85 ping to having 250 ping all while being on the NA server. I feel like there’s no ping lock. I feel like people who join I game and have over 150 ping should be kicking and sent to a server that’s closer to their area. This is a problem that keeps coming up. Team balance is another major issue. The servers need auto balance due to people crashing or leaving the match. One team will end up losing people while the other stays at full strength. Being down 5 or 8 people with out any auto adjustment just makes the game boring for both sides.
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    Your "factual backing" goes out the window when you realize that while on paper those armies allow females into combat, it's the men doing all the fighting. "I'm a womyn hear me roar" fantasies don't work in real life as well as they work in games, or on the internet. A woman simply cannot carry 30kg of gear as well as a man can. It's a cold, hard, biological fact. No sane leader would send off women to the frontline in case of an actual world war - unless they were extremely desperate, something that's not shown to be true in WW3, atleast as of now. We do not see cities reduced to nothing to rubble, we do not see mass graves, we have no reason to believe there's a shortage of able-bodied men or that Geneva convention has been thrown out of the window and now all that matters is that you have minimum of 1 arm and a trigger finger to participate in humanity's favorite pasttime. And my argument against introducing female characters into the game from gameplay viewpoint is that females are smaller, so they have smaller hitboxes - opening a whole crate of stinky cheese for neckbearded tryhards.
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    Tylko że to nie screenshoty a zdjęcia ekranu ?
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    Eh.. Kolega zdaje sobie sprawę że w pewnym momencie im bardziej realna gra tym większe dno? Ludzie nie chcą grać w super-mega-uber realne gry bo to mija się z celem. Każda gra ma swoją mechanikę. Niektóre aspekty można potraktować realnie ale np moim zdaniem brak minimapy jest dnem. nie wiem gdzie jestem, co biegne. nie ułatwia to wykonywania objectiwów. w szczególności że na pewno taki żołnierz miałby mapę na ręku wyświetlaną z komputerka. Minimapa by się przydała, ale taka która nie pokazuje Ci przeciwników. dopiero po wypuszczeniu zwiadu by Ci pokazywała. Dodatkowo jest zaznaczanie jednostek wroga ale nie ma zbytnio minimapy także tego no.
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