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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 Christmas is a special time to enjoy with family and your loved ones. To spread the divinity and cheer around, Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! From The Farm51
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    As of 0.3.1, the current TK punishment ( instant kills as retaliation ) is flawed: Does not stop serial TKers from ruining matches. gives unreasonable teammates the ability to punish unintentional TKs. as what player @VoodooGaming has mentioned, trolls exploit this by running into vehicles and using the TK punish to give the opponents a free vehicle some players can avoid TK punishment by hurting players without killing them I would like to suggest a different punishment system: When players hurts or TKs, they do not instantly receive a BP loss or penalty when a "punish" options is selected Scoreboard displays a separate table of negative points When the players gets a number of "punish" options ( maybe 3 ) OR have a certain level of negative points (maybe -300?) , their name, KDA, score and negative points are displayed for the team and the team is given the option to "keep" or "kick" the player players who get kicked are banned for a certain duration Rationale: TKing on purpose will result in a meaningful punishment single unintentional TKs on trolls or unreasonable players less punishing multiple unintentional TK with scoresteaks less likely to result in kick if the player's ( good ) score is displayed first hurting players without TK will still get punished The attached picture below shows a player called "andytung1019" who was TKing with RPG-7s and vehicles as of patch 0.3.1, destroying 2 friendly vehicles and singlehandly causing a winning team to lose. This is a serious issue for the game.
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    We have noticed no hit's been registered. We have forwarded this case and hope devs will investigate the issue asap.
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    I can't add any more reactions for today, but here's wishing you, everyone at The Farm 51 and the community a very merry Christmas... 2019 is going to be a very exciting year
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    Hello guys !!!! New video out !!!!!! If you want to play with my community, you are free to join the discord that has been posted in the recruitement topic under "Radd Community Discord Server". Thanks for the support see you !!
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    I think 0.3 didn't really go well so far. Metagame bugged? I'm note sure what's happening with the Metagame, as i still haven't figured it out yet. Is it one metagame for each server or one metagame for all together? It seems like i keep getting a different metagame all the time, and after joining a match i'd be in a different one. I have successfully wasted all of my points without getting any benefits from it, because the server connected to the metagame was a different one i donated to or it just didn't work. If it's a different one, then where is the point in donating supplies in the first place, if you don't get the benefits from it? It's also lagging like hell. Inviting friends The squad play is quite odd. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Playing with friends is a game of luck it seems. We were loading into different maps, sometimes one person was loading and the other was not and sometimes nothing happened at all. Also for some reason i couldn't start a match, i would always have to let somebody else start it and only the person who makes the squad can que up for a match. Restarting the game helped sometimes. Squad Leader Icon The squad leader icon on the map is not fixed by any means. It doesn't appear un-clickable anymore, in fact it doesn't appear at all sometimes. Also you get squads with 8+ players? Not that i mind bigger squads, but if you do bigger squads at least make it visually clear. I've been getting 20.000 points one match because i had a huge squad, so this is kind of game breaking as you can leech points to easily. Performance of the game The overall ram usage is less, but when in the main menu the computer really powers up and the graphic card has a hard time working, whereas in game it doesn't seem to be to bad. Stuttering is still a thing, but mainly the main menu is a problem. My computer sounds like an airplane in the main menu and when in a match it goes back to normal. New Battle Rifle The SCAR-H is okay, but sometimes hits don't register (this was known in PTE) and also the Handguard are bugged (also known) plus some stuff costs 10.000 credits? Like holy crap the amount of money i wasted before i noticed... Game stability The overall stability is quite bad right now (yes even after 0.3.1). Before 0.3.1 i had just a couple of crashes, after that small fix i'm crashing in every match. One time i literally just loaded into a match and it crashed. Also a lot of players can't even get into the main menu and there is some moderators trying to help, but they can't do much. I think somebody should stand up and talk with them trying to sort it out. Not good if people can't play and then get the feeling that it's not being taken seriously. Just to be fair: These crashed didn't actually happen to me like this on the test server, it was working more or less okay there. New Map The smolensk map is nice. Get stuck here and there, you kind of expect that from a prototype map so it's not too bad as long as it get's taken care of. The only problem is, that people are really abusing the paper walls at the moment and you can't shelter anywhere, because they know they can just shoot trough the wall and kill you anyway. Changes in armor With the changes in armor some weapon seem like they are really left behind. I was having a hard time killing people with the G36. Sometimes i'd hit them 6 - 7 times and then end up dieing before them. This shouldn't be happening, they need re-balancing again. So i also tried the MCS in warzone where it was literally garbage. It was completely unable to kill ANYBODY that was further away then 5 meters. Example is Moscow Bravo 2. There is that little room people spawn in and it has 2 doors. You can not kill somebody who is on the other door if you are standing in one door, as they will spray you down before you do some serious damage. New Team Death Match Map I really don't like TDM, but i played matches in Warsaw and Berlin anyway just for testing and i was positively surprised from the Berlin TDM Map. This one is great and it doesn't feel so frustrating anymore. I'm still not a fan of TDM, but this particular map is playable for me. Good job! Warsaw however i've noticed some issues. The spawn point doesn't seem to change until somebody physically enters the area where people spawn, so a lot of rounds are decided by who gets to camp their spawn first. I've had rounds where the entire team was camping the spawn and it did not change for the whole round. People spawned in and where immediately shot down, this also happened the other way around until somebody actually walks into the spawn. It's really bad for spawn camping and i can't remember it being this bad when i first tested this, so maybe that's a bug? Making a Loadout The Shopping cart is generally a nice feature, but in this form its more frustrating then helpfully. You can put literally one item into the shopping cart and when you click another item your previous item will be removed. So instead of clicking one button to buy things i now have to click the object, click the basket, confirm the basket and do that for every item. It's yeah it's frustrating. All it needs is the ability to put more items in the cart and it'll be fine then. For the future i would also wish, that the background changes for every second item, to make it 100% visibly clear, that you have more then one item. Example: 1. Item White Background, 2. Item Grey Background and so on. Of course not on those particular colors. Some of the scopes No Magnification look quite nice now, so that was a good job i think. I found some Christmas trees scattered on various maps, this was also quite nice (thank you!) I know it's a lot, but please do read everything and take your time...
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3417404 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Try to run someone over with a tank. For some reason teammates die from the slightest touch.
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    As someone who spends a considerable amount of time in vehicles it shouldn't be my responsibility to ensure friendlies don't run in front or behind a moving 50 ton vehicle, I mean fair enough it's my responsibility if I'm moving forward and obviously looking forward and or side to side. But if I have my turret facing 90° to the side of the chassis and I'm strafing forwards and backwards reasonably predictably while laying down fire then surly it's the responsibility of the friendly soldiers around me to take note and not run in front or behind of the moving vehicle and get team killed. Why should I be punished for other players stupidity and lack of awareness? I mean IRL would these people run in front of a moving 50 ton vehicle that's clearly engaging and focusing on a target, and that can't see 90° to it's left or right of it's turret, if so don't they deserve to die? I mean it's a pretty stupid thing to do. What do they expect the outcome to be? I've seen a few players who blatantly run in front of a moving vehicle with no regard for the fact that they can been teamkilled by the moving tank, and then when they get TK'd they punish causing the tank driver to lose their vehicle, how is this considered ok? How is intentionally losing your teams assets good for teamplay? I'm pretty sure some players do it intentionally just to try and steal the vehicle, essentially they're getting rewarded at the cost of others on their team for being unaware and or stupid. Vehicle users have enough to deal with without having to worry about some idiot from their own team running in front or behind of their vehicle...
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    Всем привет! Рады сообщить, что на серверы World War 3 вышло Декабрьское Обновление – новый крупный апдейт под заголовком 0.3! В нём вы найдете много классных вещей, и даже больше, чем указано в нашей Дорожной Карте! Например, раньше времени мы добавили карту Берлин TDM (была запланирована на Обновление 0.4) и предварительный просмотр предметов (было запланировано для Кастомизации 2.0). Помимо прочего, теперь в игре вас ждут новый танк, оружие, униформа, а также существенная оптимизация RAM, благодаря которой снизилось использование оперативной памяти более чем на 50%, а время загрузки сократилось более чем на 60%! В дополнение к этому стало меньше фризов, а качество текстур улучшилось (благодаря большему пространству в ОЗУ для них). Хотим выразить огромную благодарность всем, кто принимал участие в тестировании Обновления в тестовом клиенте World War 3 PTE, сообщал нам о различных багах и делился отзывами. Таким образом, вместе нам удалось гораздо быстрее и эффективнее справиться со многими серьезными (и не очень) неприятностями. Спасибо вам! Вы крутые! СПИСОК ИЗМЕНЕНИЙ [КОНТЕНТ] Новая карта для режима TDM: Berlin Backyards Прототип карты Смоленск (Greybox), Новая реализация метагейма, Новый танк: Абрамс, Новая винтовка: Scar H, Новая униформа: Морская пехота США (USMC), 5 новых камуфляжей USMC, 5 новых скинов на оружие, 6 новых скинов на технику, Локализация: немецкий, польский и русский языки (первый заход), В меню появился раздел Справки (Help), [ФУНКЦИИ] Значительно улучшено время загрузки, Значительное улучшение использования Оперативной памяти, Новая система возрождения на Warzone, Быстрый радио-чат [по умолчанию: Y], Режим корзины в Кастомизации (предпросмотр и возможность покупки нескольких предметов), Автоматическая ротация карты (вы можете оставаться на сервере и продолжать играть), Улучшение баланса на картах: вы можете поменять команду с меньшим количеством игроков и получить за это вознаграждение, Ограничения в максимальном весе экипировки, Разминка/Ожидание минимального количества игроков в режиме Warzone (по типу TDM), Добавлено описание игрового режима на экран загрузки, В настройках видео появилась возможность настроить Резкость (по умолчанию стоит 30%), Добавлен субтитр в экранные сообщения, Появилась весовая разбивка (оружие, броня), В меню установлен ограничитель кадров (передайте своему GPU, что отныне он может здесь сильно не напрягаться)), [ИГРОВОЙ ПРОЦЕСС] Длительность игры в режиме Warzone установлена на 45 мин. и 5000 очков. Вы просили – мы увеличили! После длительных испытаний мы решили, что данная установка, в сочетании с текущим начислением победных очков, должна быть оптимальной. Armor HP в глобальном масштабе снижена до 50 очков (было 100). Комплекты снаряжения теперь должны стать более полезными, так как броня должна сломаться после одного или двух боев и потребовать ремонта. Глобальное снижение значений пробивной способности дефолтных боеприпасов, с целью слегка усилить роль защиты, немного снизить роль высокопроизводительного оружия (особенно автоматических винтовок) и повысить важность бронебойных снарядов. Урон MCS снижен до 14 в максимальном значении, до 10-ти на средних и 7-ми на дальних дистанциях. Дробовик подавлял автоматические и боевые винтовки, сейчас он должен быть под контролем. Добавлено падение урона до 0 для дробовиков на 100 метрах; MCS на 85-ти и Vepr на 60-ти метрах. Второй заход для массы и скорости техники. Подкрутка стрельбы от бедра для всего оружия (улучшено сокращение разброса между очередями). [УЛУЧШЕНИЯ] Добавлен ряд сообщений о прогрессе матчей, которые должны помочь в информировании игрока и для общего потока, Отключили "Friendly fire" по экипажу техники, так что не самые хорошие игроки-союзники больше не будут воровать технику таким способом, Поправили карту Варшавы в режиме TDM (теперь полускрытая часть открыта для игрового процесса). Значительно улучшена маркировка. Улучшено представление карты для БПЛА и Jammer. Скорректированы существующие прицелы с малым увеличением и красные точки; Несуразные перекрестия заменены на более реалистичные, настроенные для лучшей видимости. В меню добавили дополнительную статистику для оружия и аттачментов. Осуществлен баланс аттачментов. Немного изменили положение оружия, сделав его более удобным, а лазерный прицел более полезным. Кроме того, лазерные прицелы скорректированы таким образом, чтобы не заслонять обзор, Артиллерия: увеличили эффективную дистанцию снарядов, скорректировали снижение урона от осколков шрапнели,. Повысили устойчивость к урону у Танков, БМП и БТР. Повысили устойчивость всех турелей к урону от снарядов, турели теперь значительно прочнее бронежилетов. Повысили устойчивость дронов UGV и Квадроциклов к урону от пуль. Улучшили передвижение дронов UGV. Улучшили поворачиваемость Танков и БТР. Улучшили эффекты частиц у колес и гусеничных лент. Подкорректировали усилие двигателей Танков при подъеме в гору. Снизили время на возвращение техники в боевую зону - 2 секунды для воздушной техники и 5 секунд для наземной. Визуально улучшили отображение сообщений на экране - обновили шрифты и добавили теней. Звук: подправлено позиционирование шагов и выстрелов; звуки MSBS-B, Vepr, Scar; правка окклюзии; синхронизация с анимацией перезарядки; новые ревербации; общие улучшения позиционирования. Добавлены анимации перезарядки в склонении. Улучшены анимации перезарядки. Новая система смещения оружия на экране - мы можем менять вещи быстрее. Скорректирован вес конфигураций и предметов. Tweaked barrel range modifier. Обновлены файлы с переводом меню кастомизации. Добавлен трассирующий след пулям снайперских винтовок. Модифицирована баллистика для снайперских винтовок. Изменен материал дыма для частиц снарядов. Добавлен выбор языка при первом запуске. Изменено воздействие яркости на меню и игру. Изменен экран подключения на отображение Обновления 0.3. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой не сохранялись конфигурации. Исправлена визуальная ошибка с обнулением денег при неудачной покупке. Исправление текстуры колес для «Boxer». Улучшение фронтального столкновения сеток у техники. Флаги в алфавитном порядке. Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active) Подправлена позиция восстановительной платформы для техники на карте Варшава. В меню появилось праздничное настроение. Исправлено положение некоторых магазинов относительно приемника магазина. Ограничение количества гаджетов, оставленных игроком на уровне (6 для мин и 10 для сумок). Брошенные гаджеты теперь исчезают, когда игрок выходит из системы или меняет команду. Очень много мелких улучшений и исправлений. [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ОШИБОК] Исправлено возрождение на лидере отряда. Анализ мини-дампов, которые отправляются клиентом игры, теперь анализируются на внутреннем сервере, а не на компьютере пользователя. Исправлены краши с постпроцессами техники. Исправлены настройки аудио параметров. Исправлена синхронизация иконки лидера отряда. Исправлен подбор матчей (матчмейкинг). Иконки профиля Steam больше не отражаются. Исправлен текст "Distance to operator", который скрывал battlepoint'ы. Уничтоженная техника больше не рассматривается как ремонтопригодная для владельцев ремкоплекта. Исправлен баг с покидающим зону дроном, когда можно было сбрасывать обратный отсчет. Отключен блок камеры на квадроциклах при виде от третьего лица. Scope performance and bugfix pass. Враги могут быть помечены, находясь также в люках техники или в качестве пассажиров. Исправлены текстуры медицины/боеприпасов/снаряжения на низких настройках. Исправлены "суперпули" - ошибочное ощущение смерти от одной пули, в то время, когда ваш персонаж на самом деле получил их несколько (другими словами, нам удалось обуздать TTD - Time to Death). Исправлен вылет связанный с менеджером пула. Исправлены частицы пуль у MSBS-B. Исправлены частицы дроби у 870. На моделях оружия типа SMG больше не происходит наложение текстур при использовании инфракрасных прицелов. Исправлена невидимость персонажа, возникающая при появлении на лидере отряда в технике. Мини-карта больше не исчезает после использования UAV. Исправлены лазерные прицелы - они больше не загораживают обзор для игрока. Исправлена стрельба на UGV. Исправлено множество коллизий и мешей на различных картах. Также исправлено множество вылетов и других ошибок.
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    It's Christmas Holiday and responding might be delayed, but they all being checked and answered as soon as it's being reviewed
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): High ping (250 latency) on every EU server. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3343723 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Join a EU server today. Everyone on the server had severe latency, some reported up to 450. Tried different servers, all with around 250 latency and everyone on there complained as well. Usually I get about 50. Still high as in other games I get 25. Something is off today.
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    @TENb Agreed, at the very least it's odd that you didn't get points for destroying armor on the vehicle. To me 0.3 patch seems very inconsistent when it comes to damage all round, both vehicles and infantry.
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    I do apologise for marking this thread as not a issue. I will forward this to the developers right now and we will investigate it, and update the status as soon as possible.
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    Cant really take a pic, but every time i spawn at B2 and the spawn point is within the buildings near the rubble, i just fall through the map 100% of the time. Let me know if there is any other info i can provide.
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    You're a clown, I see you regularly team killing mates. Just yesterday you were TKing a dude just because he took a phone call and went afk, and that triggered you.
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    All I know is that I was almost ran over by some reservist in tanks driving were they shouldn't be the week before last. They ran over some comm lines and broke some comm box. Cost lots of money. Devs already implemented some kinda soft push out of the way feature keeping people from not getting insta killed. reverse lights and a horn would help.
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    @AllTheGearNoIdea Them poor vehicles though, made me laugh that you tried to RPG one of them as it was flying through the air was it not enough for you that it was destined for the moon. That quad quadcopter kill near the end was pretty sweet Think the most I've managed is a double with the quadcopter. Good video mate This reminds me, I've still got a shed load of 0.2. clips I need to get through
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    @joveice Well good you like it and got all what you wanted , cool ! We are glad that you are enjoying the game and the system how it is . Me and my whole team and other branches don't like it just ruin our immersion of gameplay. But that's our appreciation on this multimedia Product , we know that there will be ppl. that are ok with it and others that felt not so happy to have to grind the weps. to get cash, to be able to unlock stuff and others like you, that just got what they wanted and are happy with it. We think that having the weapons free , will be more avant-garde and equal battle fair , to starters and veterans of the game. Other games implemented and we just love it ! But that's our 2 cents. It's on Farm 51 to choose, it's their multimedia Product project " our game " that we bought from them. So cheers man. Merry Xmas p.s. It's not dead .... just trying to survive now, the learning curve of the launch and developing process, against huge Studios, corporations , but they need to get their ideas and plans together fast or sudden dead can still happen !! We have seen this happen before, with other titles, so.. .. it's not easy , the game still can die fast .
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    @Devyx and cue the music... This actually made me lol a little, the fact that it exploded too
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    I just backed up when he was behind me. Unfortunately in the same hole he was sitting in was also his quadbike and my armor went for a ride to the Moon.
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    The guys is under the stair. Same goes for the fact that you can shoot him as the character is sticking out of the stair exposing himself.
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    Hell now, i personal find this "hacking" leteraly; getting advantage over other players with that system is an cheat in term of use, you can argue anyway around it " Eye tracking lets your device know where you're visually focused, giving you an extra input mode when it comes to gaming."
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    Totally, a 20% game is not alive yet, to begin with. That's like calling sperm dead.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Vehicles bounce at random times with random objects, it happens on all maps with all vehicles. Bouncing on people: Launching a vehicle when I collide with it: GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3421056 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Bouncy people: Seems to happen after some repairs to the tank and not the first time. The random one I cannot recreate on purpose. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
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    @maddinii an all others. Have many thanks for your feedback. We will collect & report it to the dev team.
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    Moja sugestia dla gry polega na tym aby oprócz wyświetlanych punktów do zdobycia znajdował się również czas który jest potrzebny do zwycięstwa przy aktualnym układzie posiadanych punktów na mapie. Strata bądź zdobycie punktu przeliczało i następnie odmierzało od nowej wartości czas do końca rozgrywki. Taki drobny feature
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    Didnt login since a month or so, was hoping next patch will fix major problems. Yet i find that same ol' bugs like loading into the map without ammo or only one mag, loading into empty servers, buged scopes and so on. Almost all purchased upgrades from before got reset without any compensation. Thermal and ir scopes are useless, most of the time you dont see shit through them. The new map has more invisble walls than buildings, doesnt make any sense to release something like this. Honestly i am frustrated the devs dont fix major performance and gameplay issues before including new shit thats barely finished or working properly.
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    SIG MPX has ammunition 30/12. it's too low.
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    After some without play I returned to the game today. I found most sounds get increased and are very much better. The weapons, and explosions sound need some improvement. The shots sounds are not exhilarating at all. They sound muffled and weak! The following video explains the difference between boring sound effects and exciting ones:
  31. 1 point
    @Monster Hesh You can't actually join a server like that though, only view them.
  32. 1 point
    Have you tried deleting the WW3 folder in c:\users\"your user name"\appdata\local\WW3 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/1743355067085269869/ Worked for me, could be worth giving it a try if you haven't already
  33. 1 point
    Crashes are big problem for me. I played 2 hours of this new patch and 5 crashes. Its unplayeble for me So i send reports and will wait for fix. New TDM map looks good, i like it. New Smolensk looks nice too, but without textures is full of snipers and its borring me.
  34. 1 point
    Once hitreg is looked into/fixed we can have a better look into the new ttk. The new TTK is breath of fresh air you actually have to aim, no once getting straight free kills. Before the game honestly wasn't all that hard you see some one and you shot all over their body to get a easy kill. Now it seems people have to aim much more and the skill ceiling got expended. Armor did not get buffed, penetration got nerfed, ARs got nerfed harder but AP ammo stayed the same.
  35. 1 point
    as i said in another post: They launched the game early so that way they can get a paid beta tester base to improve their game with, Of course theirs a ton of bugs but as its stipulated on the store page AND in the game when you first launch it you are an alpha tester at this point. when you join an EA program its with the expectation you help support the developers by reporting the bugs, playing the game to the fullest, use everything and try to break everything. All in the spirit of helping the game studios iron out these bugs. These folks are a indie game studio, they just got off the ground with this project so they can't afford a beta testing staff (at least to the extent AAA titles can) (and even AAA titles still fuck it up. lol.) So its onto us to iron these bugs out bud. so get in there, and try to break the game. Too many bugs? it seems like a target rich environment for a alpha tester.
  36. 1 point
    Well said ppl. blatantly cheating and NOTHING honestly NOTHING, it's been done that its been reflected into the game and dont come and say, that you guys dont have A>A> CHEATING problems etc and other ones here , no more with that . !! Promises of the BAN HAMMER ?!! I did really tried and wanted to see this game to succeed , We backed you up and support you guys, until we saw that was not enough ( Man Power and $$ ) , You are about to LOOSE THIS WAR and me and my whole team and The other branches, are starting to move into other games !! Around just 200 PPL !! in all 12 servers !!! exponentially going Down, the fan boy population is not gonna be enough to sustain this anymore. we are talking around less than 150 ppl !!! THIS GAME It's DYING FAST !!! Sincerely FARM 51 you tried to bring it up to LATE !! There are still to many BUGS and Things to fix and its future it's not promising , here most of the ppl. already abandon it , they got BORED !!! --> The MEDIA it's about to POST the FAILURE and MORE !! ( not good for you " guys FARM 51 " ) and your ( our) game multimedia product WW3 . NOTE : IF you guys ( The Studio FARM51) don't release something that it's been planned for this Xmas and January NOW !! Say By, BY to this Multimedia Product $$$.$$$ RIP WW3 ;( ? King Regards HALCON4 - WW3K4to01
  37. 1 point
    Sunds like an awesome idea, but that would require some changes, like adding weight to camos - because if using this camo doesn't give you any disadvantages, why not use it always?
  38. 1 point
    Many of you are reporting cheaters / hackers to the hacks@worldwar3.com and we are reading them, however many of the reports come with missing information or without evidence. This post is meant to make it clearer on what to send in order to help us determine if the player was cheating or not. TL;DR what to not do: Send only nickname of the player or similar. Send the scoreboard as evidence, expecting it to guarantee a ban. TL;DR what to do: Provide evidence, scoreboard alone does not count. Get the player's steam profile immediately (see below how to), legitimate hackers tend to change their nick names very often, tracking that is a pain. We also had a case where a hacker was posing as someone else. Attach steam profile link to make it easier for us to confirm (We had multiple instances where 5k people had the same nickname, no way we can guess which one is correct). Try not to attach large files to the report (use video / image sharing website instead, make it unlisted / link only). FAQ: Q: Does it need to be in english? A: Not necessarily, as long as the video and steam profile is in the mail. Q: I only have a scoreboard screenshot, can I send it anyway? A: Do not expect the player to be banned based on it, there are plenty of players who are capable of getting high K/D regularly. Q: Someone was underneath a map / shooting through walls, killing a lot of people, will you ban him? A: Most likely, no. Abuse of bugs / exploits is not bannable by itself. If you got screenshots or video where glitched occured you can send it, it will passed to level design team. In the future we should have tools to deal with those players in a cleaner way. If a certain player is repeatedly doing it then we can issue temp bans at best. Q: There is an invisible person running around is that a hack? A: No, it’s a bug. If you encounter it, you can send it, make sure to include as much details about the equipment they were using. If you find their body stationary somewhere then please take a screenshot. This will help us determine if the bug is caused by certain equipment combinations. When it comes to punishment, see answer above. Q: Someone was being toxic / harrasing players, can I report him? A: Yes, send it with chat as proof, we are working on a better way of dealing with it, but we can issue temp bans with EAC if it's pushing for it. Q: I found a cheat site online, what do I do? A: Feel free to send the link, we will investigate it. Q: The URL on the profile looks different / the profile is private, should I send it anyway? A: Yes, we can still get to the profile this way. I have a video: That's great! Now attach the steam profile (see below) and send the report. Please try not to attach the video to the mail, instead put it on youtube or similar site and link it (preferably put it on unlisted / link only). The mailbox does not have infinite space and some people have previously sent very large files before which we were forced to delete in order to allow more mails to come in. How to get steam profile: While having the game open go to the Steam overlay (shift + tab default) Click "View players" If you and the offender are both on the server then you should find him / her in the "Current Game" tab If you or the offender has already left the server, then you should find him / her in the "Recent Games" tab Click on their "Profile" Then add the URL to the report.
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    Remember to switch back to normal version if you're on PTE servers! Hey there, after a week of testing on the PTE, we've polished up and fixed most problems we had with the 0.1.1 patch. We've isolated problems with connecting to the game (both menu and matches) and it's much better. If you still have problems connecting, we'll have additional topics with resolutions to them as we find them. Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] MGs have wrong ammo caliber displayed in the menu (this does not affect their in-game performance), Weapon customization descriptions still not final & bugged, Sometimes respawning on Warsaw can result in death (press ESC -> Respawn to fix it) - we'll be fixing this tomorrow, Sometimes your profile can reset it's customization - this is a temporary workaround to let people play while we fix corrupting profiles. [GAMEPLAY] Reworked pistols to make them more varied & useful, Vepr lowest damage reduced from 9 to 7, tresholds max/min reduced to 35/50 meters. MCS damage increased by 1 per pellet at medium/min thresholds, medium threshold moved to 35 meters to match Vepr, 7.62 Soviet damage curve fixed to properly add medium-range damage, Global sniper rifle damage increase by 20 on all ranges to assure 1-shot headshots, Pistol-caliber ammo velocity increased (used by Pistols and SMGs), drop reduced for pistols (SMGs stayed the same but with higher velocity). SMGs and Pistols were underperforming on open spaces, this change should make them a more viable option, SIG & Vityaz camera shake tweaks. SIG and Vityaz camera shakes were increased to make them feel more powerful (currently the shakes were almost non-existent), SIG accuracy increased, recoil slightly reduced, G38 recoil slightly decreased, Single-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 30%, burst-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 20%, Armor rebalance: All armors had their durability unified to 100 HP (was all over the place), armor absorption values rebalanced to (from HDPE to Steel): 25%/40%/60%/75%, Helmet rebalance: Durability capped at 50 HP (was 100), new helmet absorption from lightest to heaviest: 20%, 35%, 50%, Bullet penetration diversified per caliber & type: Previously all bullets had the same penetration values regardless of caliber (5% HP, 10% FMJ, 20% AP), now penetration varies per weapon class as follows: Pistol calibers stayed the same at 10% FMJ, AP 20%, HP 5%, AR calibers FMJ 20%, AP 40%, HP 10%, Rifle calibers & .338 FMJ 30%, AP 50%, HP 20%, .50 BMG caliber FMJ 50%, AP 75%, HP 25%, New explosion particles for RPG special ammo, now it’s easy to see what kind of warhead did the player use, Friendly fire damage reduction increased from 60% to 80%, [WARZONE] Warzone score income doubled, Warzone time limit changed to 40, Warzone score limit changed to 4000, Warzone battle point income rebalance, Soldier respawn time changed from 20 to 15 seconds, Point capture reward from 200 to 400, Leader objective point captured reward from 300 to 800, Leader order followed 75 to 150, Order followed 75 to 100, Squad member spawn on leader 10 to 20, Enemy marked by radar 10 to 20, Squad member objective strike use 100 to 200, Enemy drone disconnected 30 to 50, RCWS assist 30 to 50, Awareness drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 3 (uav, jammers etc.), Autonomous drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 4 (quadrocopters, leviatans etc.), [HUD] Added stats in menu for majority of items, Feature: Now after choosing strike, player can see full description and the cost of the strike, New sticky grenade icon, Weapon icon added to kill screen, Players in vehicle are displayed with their relation color, Names of your squadmates are always visible on their marker, [STRIKES] Fixed a bug that prevented vehicles from firing after reload, Strike drop flare now changes color depending on relation to the strike owner, New strike particles, now it's easier to detect what kind of artillery is dropping, Default heavy machine gun for every vehicle's driver, Fixed destruction of supply packs by UGV, Fixed Mini UGVs' operational range, Fixed Mini UGVs' handling, Fixed strike masks on Berlin, UGVs' wreckage no longer disappears after destruction, Airstrike’s (Hellfire, Stormbreaker, Mephisto) deal a proper damage upon penetration, vehicles can be destroyed by a direct hit, [TWEAKS] All turrets rebalanced: adjusted their clip size, reloads, damage per minute and burst damage. The aiming difficulty was also adjusted, Slightly decreased Quadrocopter's speed and acceleration, Slightly increased Mini Drone’s speed and acceleration, Reduced tablet preview time after using UAV Radar, Lowered the spawn height for UGV, Tweaks on grenade amount. Player now have 3 smoke grenades and 2 frag grenades. Tweaks on ammo pack regeneration. [EQUIPMENT] Auto changing ammo type when out of ammo, Auto reload weapon after ammo regeneration if weapon was empty, New camera shake in Grenades and C4, Sound indicator after regeneration of gadget [e.g. Ammo Pack], [BUGFIXES] Damage indicator stop rotating after death, Spawning on leader now shouldn't end in falling from the map, Direction of grenade damage indicator fixed, Equip grenade type icon displayed on HUD properly, Quads no longer block other vehicles from spawning (they don't take up a slot anymore), Hopefully fixed getting stuck on connecting to World War 3 Network (please let us know if it helped), Potentially fixed the 'Connecting to WW3 Network' bug related to corrupted profiles, Chosen faction is now properly assigned, Fixed the vehicle camera bug, Possibly fixed map being broken sometimes - please report if this still occurs, Fixed players not being visible in vehicle hatches, Amount of Ammo/Health/Equipment packs are now displayed on HUD in Leviathan / Battle Robot, Additional/offset sights now automatically rotate weapon when targeting, C4 - now you have 3 charges, it deals damage to infantry and vehicle. You can throw it farther and detonate all of them with single use. Also there are new visual effect for them, Invisible ammo in RPG after death fixed, Left hand pose in pistols in wrong position after using gadget, Better material on See Through SAO sight, [MAPS] New post process: eye adaptation to reduce dark places one the maps; black and white balance, New summary screens, Additional visual destruction on Moscow and material fixes, Streaming fixes, Fixed spawn positions on Berlin Large, [LEVEL DESIGN] Vaulting fix (added additional and missing vaults in some areas), Few additional covers on Warsaw and Moscow, Fixed players being able to stand on the dark plane below Warsaw, Unlocked tunnel passage on Warzone small (Warsaw), Bug fixes allowing players to get into higher floors (Warsaw shopping center).
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    We've published our first devlog outlining why we’ve been quiet since the Early Access release and how we plan to change that, what happened on the 19th and how we handled it and a bit about our plans for the near future and long term. Hope it clears up some things! https://worldwar3.com/en/2018/11/10/world-war-3-devlog-1/
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    Soldiers! There's a small, but important patch being deployed now! It's not the big 0.1.1 (we're still testing that) but we've decided to push the new Master Server patch earlier. It's live right now and will require you to update the game. This is the last part of the ninja patches we were pushing for the last two weeks, marking the end of the old Master Server. Patch notes [GENERAL] • New Master Server, [IMPROVEMENTS] • Vastly improved connection times. As always, keep us up to date on any problems this change might introduce. We've been testing the new backend for a week now, but we tested the last one as well. Happy shooting!
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    Greetings Soldiers! Big patch incoming! It will be released next week but we'd like to reveal the patch notes today to show what you can expect: We're sorry for recent drop in communication quality, we are determined to improve." Shortly we are starting our test branch where you'll be able to test new patches before release. More info soon. GENERAL: Bug-fixes: A lot of improvements with servers and connecting to the game. Spawning on leader now shouldn't end in falling from the map Tweaks: Changed total match score from 5000 to 4000. Changed match time from 45 to 40 minutes. HUD: New: Added stats in menu for majority of items. Feature: Now after choosing strike, player can see full description and the cost of the strike. Added Performance boost option to Video Settings. New semtex grenade icon. Weapon icon added to kill screen. Players in vehicle are displayed with their relation colour. Names of your squad mates are always visible on their marker. Bug-fixes: Damage indicator stop rotating after death Direction of grenade damage indicator fixed. Equip grenade type icon displayed on Hud properly. Amount of Ammo/Health/Equipment packs are now displayed on hud in Leviathan / Battle Robot. BATTLE POINTS: New: Strike drop flare now change colour depending on relation to the strike owner. New strike particles, now it's easier to detect what kind of artillery is dropping Bug-fixes: Fixed bug with shooting from Vehicles after Reload Default Heavy Machine Gun for every vehicle's driver. Fixed destruction of supply packs by UGV. Fixed Nerva Operational range. Fixed UGVs' handling. Fixed strike masks on Berlin. UGV wreckage no longer disappears after destruction Airstrike’s (Hellfire, Stormbreaker, Mephisto) deal a proper damage upon penetration, vehicles can be destroyed by a direct hit Tweaks: All turrets were rebalanced: adjusted their clip size, reloads, damage per minute and burst damage. The aiming difficulty was also adjusted. Slightly decreased Quadrocopter's speed and acceleration. Slightly increased Mini Drone’s speed and acceleration. Reduced tablet preview time after using UAV Radar Lowered the spawn height for UGV EQUIPMENT: New: Auto changing ammo type when out of ammo. Auto reload weapon after ammo regeneration if weapon was empty. New camera shake in Grenades and C4 Sound indicator after regeneration of gadget [e.g. Ammo Pack] Bug-fixes: Side sight now automatically rotate weapon when targeting. C4 - now you have 3 charges, it deals damage to infantry and vehicle. You can throw it farther and detonate all of them with single use. Also there are new visual effect for them. Invisible ammo in RPG after death fixed. Left hand pose in pistols in wrong position after using gadget Better material on See Through SAO sight Tweaks: Tweaks on grenade amount. Player now have 3 smoke grenades and 2 frag grenades. Tweaks on ammo pack regeneration MAPS: Visual: New post process: eye adaptation to reduce dark places one the maps; black and white balance New summary screens. Additional visual destruction's on Moscow and material fixes Streaming fixes Fixed spawn positions on Berlin Large. Level Design: Vaulting fix (added additional and missing vaults in some areas) Few additional covers on Warsaw and Moscow Unlocked tunnel passage on warzone small (Warsaw) Bug fixes allowing players to get into higher floors (Warsaw shopping centre) Regards, World War 3 Team
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    There is big room for abuse of the TK punishment, as it is not hard to let the friendly tank drive you over, then you punish the TK and respawn faster next to the tank and steal it if its not locked. I will now lock every of my tanks, because I dont want to experience this again and I dont need a gunner if I risk to get my tank stolen. 5000 credits dont come from nowhere. I hope I could restrain my saltness a bit.
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    Yeah, PEQ on top rail and flashlight on side! Make guns tacticool again!
  45. 1 point
    If I had to guess, this is something they will look at down the road. I totally agree though, I would like to select which rail I put my flashlight or laser. Hopefully they'll also give us the option to put camos/colors on specific attachments! I usually like to run around with a default body with tan accessories.
  46. -1 points
    You looked right at me, ran me over then complained for the rest of the game about me punishing you. I don't have a problem with running people over because i look where I'm going.
  47. -1 points
    Hello, In my opinion yes, the game came too much early even for an early access, lots of bugs (transparent enemy, robotic soldier movement, bad graphics,...) and that's why there are empty servers most of the time, a lot of players stopped playing the game even me and you can't blame them for that I hope the upcoming update will make the game better, I still believe in you WW3 Devs! Cheers
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    add in game currency options for people to buy with real money in return for in game cash or something of that nature ranging from $2.99 - 149.99 kinda like vbucks in fortnite
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    Theres something called a third person camera, you should use it really helpful for not running over teammates
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