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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 Christmas is a special time to enjoy with family and your loved ones. To spread the divinity and cheer around, Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! From The Farm51
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    As of 0.3.1, the current TK punishment ( instant kills as retaliation ) is flawed: Does not stop serial TKers from ruining matches. gives unreasonable teammates the ability to punish unintentional TKs. as what player @VoodooGaming has mentioned, trolls exploit this by running into vehicles and using the TK punish to give the opponents a free vehicle some players can avoid TK punishment by hurting players without killing them I would like to suggest a different punishment system: When players hurts or TKs, they do not instantly receive a BP loss or penalty when a "punish" options is selected Scoreboard displays a separate table of negative points When the players gets a number of "punish" options ( maybe 3 ) OR have a certain level of negative points (maybe -300?) , their name, KDA, score and negative points are displayed for the team and the team is given the option to "keep" or "kick" the player players who get kicked are banned for a certain duration Rationale: TKing on purpose will result in a meaningful punishment single unintentional TKs on trolls or unreasonable players less punishing multiple unintentional TK with scoresteaks less likely to result in kick if the player's ( good ) score is displayed first hurting players without TK will still get punished The attached picture below shows a player called "andytung1019" who was TKing with RPG-7s and vehicles as of patch 0.3.1, destroying 2 friendly vehicles and singlehandly causing a winning team to lose. This is a serious issue for the game.
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    Yeah progression of some sort is wanted badly by lots of players. The currency system isn't even progression to me since every thing is free pretty much with how much I play. When people complain about 9 hours to get a gun in the TTS or some thing I was like "casual" Spent 365 hours in a single month to get 75% for a level in BDO. Got to make the people that dont play much happy but Really need a different form of progression for the top end players. The gun are side grades and horizontally balanced. There is no disadvantage to not being able to buy X weapon ect... Tanks are the one thing that cost lots of money along with other streaks but its is a non issue for me as we get so much money. If everything was free a lot of players would see not point into trying to achieve something. Paying money to ahve some sort of unlock is ill taste and invites p2w arguments even if by fairy tell the weapons are all equal to each other it will still be a hot button topic for people.
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    The blast radius is unrealistic and is nerfed for tank shells. The MG stops working after 150 rounds, even if you reload or go to a repair station, it won't shoot any more rounds.
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    Thanks. And on another note: there is a giant fireball coming out of a suppressed rifle. That's inaccurate, since in RL the fireball gets "absorbed" by the suppressor.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Blood splatter are visible but no hit marker. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3421056 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Join an EU server, get 100 latency (again?), fight 1vs1.
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    We have noticed no hit's been registered. We have forwarded this case and hope devs will investigate the issue asap.
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    I can't add any more reactions for today, but here's wishing you, everyone at The Farm 51 and the community a very merry Christmas... 2019 is going to be a very exciting year
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    Hello guys !!!! New video out !!!!!! If you want to play with my community, you are free to join the discord that has been posted in the recruitement topic under "Radd Community Discord Server". Thanks for the support see you !!
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    Positive: + New TDM map: Berlin Backyards + Smoleńsk + Abrams + USMC camo + Skins + Loadtimes, RAM usage + Game length + Weight limit for loadouts + Sharpen video setting + Added frame limiter to menu Negative: - TTK: I don't like what you have done in regards to bullet damage. They feel like rubber bullets. I have to hit enemys 5-6 times with 7,62 to kill, yet snipers still 1-shot kill 90 % of the time. I see AP and HP ammo as an extra, small benefit for situations, when you run out of FMJ and in most cases you don't get more then 1 kill with those bullets because of just 1 mag. Why would you "balance" FMJ for that reason? You made FMJ weaker because of (possibly) 1 mag of AP players carry? I guess very few even do so, but have rather additional FMJ. So this balances nothing. Good luck killing 2-3 players with 1 mag now. On the other hand: I had plenty of situations like TENb described. Players RUNNING and shooting me dead in 3 frames without any change in animation (aiming, stopping). Because of TTK changes I don't even feel like playing. Before it was satisfying, now it is just a nerf-gun fest. - Invisible players (still) - Very loud rain sound in Berlin (can't hear nothing but rain) - Shooting sounds have so over the top bass added - Quick radio: useless. I frequently write in chat for meds, ammo etc. and in 80 % my teammates don't respond. So more chat won't make any difference. Many of us asked for Squad Voice Chat because of this. And BTW where is the option to hide chat? - Cart mode: after buying you have to reselect everything again to have it equipped. - Map rotation worked for me just once. - Map balancing: players can switch to winning side. - Vehicle mass and speed: Tanks are (or feel) now faster then other vehicles. Something between before and now would be better. - Spotting: player spotting is still weak, as it often won't mark enemys. On the other hand enemy med. and ammo packs get marked, creating confusion. - Artillery is still too weak. Even the blast radius of shrapnels is so small, that it's totally ineffective. Players can sit 3 m away from impacts and be perfectly fine taking a point regardless. - Armor HP globally: armor broke before just fine. Now it is gone after 1 or 2 fights and it is almost impossible to find a player with that pack. And even if you do, one pack is used up by one or two players. This just makes player camp more. The list could go on with all sorts of new and old bugs, but I posted some already as did others. All in all: this patch (TTK especially) made this game at least 50 % less enjoyable.
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    I think 0.3 didn't really go well so far. Metagame bugged? I'm note sure what's happening with the Metagame, as i still haven't figured it out yet. Is it one metagame for each server or one metagame for all together? It seems like i keep getting a different metagame all the time, and after joining a match i'd be in a different one. I have successfully wasted all of my points without getting any benefits from it, because the server connected to the metagame was a different one i donated to or it just didn't work. If it's a different one, then where is the point in donating supplies in the first place, if you don't get the benefits from it? It's also lagging like hell. Inviting friends The squad play is quite odd. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Playing with friends is a game of luck it seems. We were loading into different maps, sometimes one person was loading and the other was not and sometimes nothing happened at all. Also for some reason i couldn't start a match, i would always have to let somebody else start it and only the person who makes the squad can que up for a match. Restarting the game helped sometimes. Squad Leader Icon The squad leader icon on the map is not fixed by any means. It doesn't appear un-clickable anymore, in fact it doesn't appear at all sometimes. Also you get squads with 8+ players? Not that i mind bigger squads, but if you do bigger squads at least make it visually clear. I've been getting 20.000 points one match because i had a huge squad, so this is kind of game breaking as you can leech points to easily. Performance of the game The overall ram usage is less, but when in the main menu the computer really powers up and the graphic card has a hard time working, whereas in game it doesn't seem to be to bad. Stuttering is still a thing, but mainly the main menu is a problem. My computer sounds like an airplane in the main menu and when in a match it goes back to normal. New Battle Rifle The SCAR-H is okay, but sometimes hits don't register (this was known in PTE) and also the Handguard are bugged (also known) plus some stuff costs 10.000 credits? Like holy crap the amount of money i wasted before i noticed... Game stability The overall stability is quite bad right now (yes even after 0.3.1). Before 0.3.1 i had just a couple of crashes, after that small fix i'm crashing in every match. One time i literally just loaded into a match and it crashed. Also a lot of players can't even get into the main menu and there is some moderators trying to help, but they can't do much. I think somebody should stand up and talk with them trying to sort it out. Not good if people can't play and then get the feeling that it's not being taken seriously. Just to be fair: These crashed didn't actually happen to me like this on the test server, it was working more or less okay there. New Map The smolensk map is nice. Get stuck here and there, you kind of expect that from a prototype map so it's not too bad as long as it get's taken care of. The only problem is, that people are really abusing the paper walls at the moment and you can't shelter anywhere, because they know they can just shoot trough the wall and kill you anyway. Changes in armor With the changes in armor some weapon seem like they are really left behind. I was having a hard time killing people with the G36. Sometimes i'd hit them 6 - 7 times and then end up dieing before them. This shouldn't be happening, they need re-balancing again. So i also tried the MCS in warzone where it was literally garbage. It was completely unable to kill ANYBODY that was further away then 5 meters. Example is Moscow Bravo 2. There is that little room people spawn in and it has 2 doors. You can not kill somebody who is on the other door if you are standing in one door, as they will spray you down before you do some serious damage. New Team Death Match Map I really don't like TDM, but i played matches in Warsaw and Berlin anyway just for testing and i was positively surprised from the Berlin TDM Map. This one is great and it doesn't feel so frustrating anymore. I'm still not a fan of TDM, but this particular map is playable for me. Good job! Warsaw however i've noticed some issues. The spawn point doesn't seem to change until somebody physically enters the area where people spawn, so a lot of rounds are decided by who gets to camp their spawn first. I've had rounds where the entire team was camping the spawn and it did not change for the whole round. People spawned in and where immediately shot down, this also happened the other way around until somebody actually walks into the spawn. It's really bad for spawn camping and i can't remember it being this bad when i first tested this, so maybe that's a bug? Making a Loadout The Shopping cart is generally a nice feature, but in this form its more frustrating then helpfully. You can put literally one item into the shopping cart and when you click another item your previous item will be removed. So instead of clicking one button to buy things i now have to click the object, click the basket, confirm the basket and do that for every item. It's yeah it's frustrating. All it needs is the ability to put more items in the cart and it'll be fine then. For the future i would also wish, that the background changes for every second item, to make it 100% visibly clear, that you have more then one item. Example: 1. Item White Background, 2. Item Grey Background and so on. Of course not on those particular colors. Some of the scopes No Magnification look quite nice now, so that was a good job i think. I found some Christmas trees scattered on various maps, this was also quite nice (thank you!) I know it's a lot, but please do read everything and take your time...
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3417404 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Try to run someone over with a tank. For some reason teammates die from the slightest touch.
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    Problem is, a good player by now, can destroy a fully upgraded tank under 30 seconds. 1) Quickly destroy the optics and blind the driver 2) get behind the tank 3) 2-3 shot the most powerful tank in the game And that is just one dude, if there are a few more of these "good players" then the MBT is just a joke. I think MBTs need to be buffed to be future-proof. Sure right now, alot of players don't understand how to deal with them. But in my view, I feel like a bully against these tanks... I can blind them in second, spam them and kill them. Actually most of the time, the drivers bails because he just gives up, due to not having optics or becoming stuck after frantically trying to get away, and I kill the driver. Am I the terminator? I am just infantry! The MBT should be the terminator for me! What we need is: 1) Smoothing the movement of all tanks, to be like the T72, I don't know why but this tank is very smooth to drive. 2) Buff the shells back, so many times, I notice that my shells are exploding right next to a player and doing ZERO damage! 3) Buff the MGs back, and fix the reload bug after 150 rounds 4) Improve the optics, they go full-retard alot of the time and mess with your aiming. 5) Add more grenades for tanks, so people don't abuse the ability to blind tank drivers 6) Make it easier for players to spawn on tanks, so players should be able to either spawn on objective, map, or a fellow tank, this would make the light-medium tanks more useful since that have larger crews than MBTs 7) Improve tanks ability to run over obstacles or destroy the environment, it is way too easy to get stuck while driving, light-medium tanks can't push motorbikes, you can literally drive a motorbike against a light tank and the tank would move backward. 8- Give the tanks at the start of the round, some B/W optics to help them see, give them some grenades, and give them a basic turret, so somebody can help them kill infantry. This help players be more careful with tanks because if one side loses a tank, they are screwed. And most of the time I have seen that they deserved it! Because some idiot in the tank went on a suicide run and got RPG spammed by the entire enemy team and their grandmothers.
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    Side note I have spend a lot of time, suicides and in game money on this little project. It aims to help people decide on which scope they want to have. It gives an example of the aiming and the visual appearance of the scope. Unfortunately the aiming examples had to be done in match (that`s why the suicides) and it won`t always be in the same location, so you might find different backgrounds. All of these pictures were created in 0.2.3 or 3343723. You might find a few sights being slightly offset, but that will be fixed from the developers (i`d assume it will be). The Forum does not have enough Upload size for all those pictures, so they currently are on steam. The pictures are divided into Heading (The name of the scope), the visual appearance and the aiming example. I`m afraid they`ll have to go all underneath each other in the forums, but i`ll try to visually categorize them for a better overview. Iron Sights No Magnification Sights Medium Magnification Sights High Magnification Sights Side Rails Pistol Sights IRON SIGHTS NO MAGNIFICATION SIGHTS MEDIUM MAGNIFICATION SIGHTS HIGH MAGNIFICATION SIGHTS SIDE RAILS PISTOL SIGHTS
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    Odyn high magnification scope is now(0.3 update) Thermal View. Full color bodies on blue background.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): High ping (250 latency) on every EU server. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3343723 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Join a EU server today. Everyone on the server had severe latency, some reported up to 450. Tried different servers, all with around 250 latency and everyone on there complained as well. Usually I get about 50. Still high as in other games I get 25. Something is off today.
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    Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku ! Ekipa The Farm51 życzy wszystkim zdrowych i Wesołych Świąt, oby każdy mógł spędzić czas z rodzina i najbliższymi, a nowy rok był jeszcze lepszy niż poprzedni.
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    @TENb Agreed, at the very least it's odd that you didn't get points for destroying armor on the vehicle. To me 0.3 patch seems very inconsistent when it comes to damage all round, both vehicles and infantry.
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    @AllTheGearNoIdea Them poor vehicles though, made me laugh that you tried to RPG one of them as it was flying through the air was it not enough for you that it was destined for the moon. That quad quadcopter kill near the end was pretty sweet Think the most I've managed is a double with the quadcopter. Good video mate This reminds me, I've still got a shed load of 0.2. clips I need to get through
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    @joveice Well good you like it and got all what you wanted , cool ! We are glad that you are enjoying the game and the system how it is . Me and my whole team and other branches don't like it just ruin our immersion of gameplay. But that's our appreciation on this multimedia Product , we know that there will be ppl. that are ok with it and others that felt not so happy to have to grind the weps. to get cash, to be able to unlock stuff and others like you, that just got what they wanted and are happy with it. We think that having the weapons free , will be more avant-garde and equal battle fair , to starters and veterans of the game. Other games implemented and we just love it ! But that's our 2 cents. It's on Farm 51 to choose, it's their multimedia Product project " our game " that we bought from them. So cheers man. Merry Xmas p.s. It's not dead .... just trying to survive now, the learning curve of the launch and developing process, against huge Studios, corporations , but they need to get their ideas and plans together fast or sudden dead can still happen !! We have seen this happen before, with other titles, so.. .. it's not easy , the game still can die fast .
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    @Devyx and cue the music... This actually made me lol a little, the fact that it exploded too
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    I just backed up when he was behind me. Unfortunately in the same hole he was sitting in was also his quadbike and my armor went for a ride to the Moon.
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    Had one certain dude who got pissed over me and other premade mates killing him with armors on the opposite team, and in the next match we ended up in the same team. The dude started destroying friendly armors. As soon as I saw him take the RPG out behind my armor I drove over him. He had already destroyed one armor.
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    Thank you for reporting I will forward this to the team. Closing
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Vehicles bounce at random times with random objects, it happens on all maps with all vehicles. Bouncing on people: Launching a vehicle when I collide with it: GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3421056 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Bouncy people: Seems to happen after some repairs to the tank and not the first time. The random one I cannot recreate on purpose. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
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    I currently have 22 hours on the game (18 are probably playtime) and I have unlocked everything I want. Fully customised AK, Leo, Abrams, Wolverine. I don't see a problem in having a currency system, I like it way more than a forced path.
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    Moja sugestia dla gry polega na tym aby oprócz wyświetlanych punktów do zdobycia znajdował się również czas który jest potrzebny do zwycięstwa przy aktualnym układzie posiadanych punktów na mapie. Strata bądź zdobycie punktu przeliczało i następnie odmierzało od nowej wartości czas do końca rozgrywki. Taki drobny feature
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    Didnt login since a month or so, was hoping next patch will fix major problems. Yet i find that same ol' bugs like loading into the map without ammo or only one mag, loading into empty servers, buged scopes and so on. Almost all purchased upgrades from before got reset without any compensation. Thermal and ir scopes are useless, most of the time you dont see shit through them. The new map has more invisble walls than buildings, doesnt make any sense to release something like this. Honestly i am frustrated the devs dont fix major performance and gameplay issues before including new shit thats barely finished or working properly.
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    Sorry for the inconvenience this makes, I will forward this to the dev team and hope this get fixed asap. There is huge list of bugs to be fixed and we can't do them all at once some other bugs fixes will take time to be implemented to the game. Closing as known
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    SIG MPX has ammunition 30/12. it's too low.
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    After some without play I returned to the game today. I found most sounds get increased and are very much better. The weapons, and explosions sound need some improvement. The shots sounds are not exhilarating at all. They sound muffled and weak! The following video explains the difference between boring sound effects and exciting ones:
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    I was also very upset g36. It was my favorite weapon in the game. Now I have to look for another weapon that will be as devoted to me as G36 was before the patch.
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    @Monster Hesh You can't actually join a server like that though, only view them.
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    Crashes are big problem for me. I played 2 hours of this new patch and 5 crashes. Its unplayeble for me So i send reports and will wait for fix. New TDM map looks good, i like it. New Smolensk looks nice too, but without textures is full of snipers and its borring me.
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    Hey there, we didn't plan on pushing another patch so soon, but we've found some problems that are fairly easy to fix for us. Thanks for your crash reports, they really helped us narrow down what's happening, so here go the patch notes: 0.3.1 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Added autowin - if server empties, the team with at least one player wins instantly, [BUGFIXES] Fixed missing strike customization not saving, Fixed crashing on startup (let us know if this helped, we think it should be much better now), Fixed missing attachments on the summary screen, Fixed autorotation of servers,
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    Hello everyone! This one is a biggie! There's a lot of good stuff in 0.3 and we've successfully completed everything we've commited to on the Development Roadmap! More than that, we've actually added some things that were not planned for 0.3, like Berlin TDM map (which was scheduled for 0.4) and item preview in the menu (which was planned for Customization 2.0). There's a new main battle tank, new weapon, two new maps (one of which is a prototype), new uniform, new cosmetics and attachments many more. We've also optimized RAM usage and loading times greatly, reducing RAM usage by over 50% and loading times by more than 60%. This also fixed map joining problems related to network timeout on computers with slow HDDs. Apart from RAM and loading improvements, the game also freezes less and has better texture quality (thanks to more space in RAM for them). We'd like to thank everyone that took part in Public Test Environment testing with us, reported bugs and gave us feedback. We're listening to all of it and make changes accordingly. To prove that, we moved the server browser work much earlier than planned (was scheduled for 1.0). There's a long list of new features - big and small - so take a look for yourself! 0.3 Patch Notes [CONTENT] New TDM map: Berlin Backyards, New prototype map: Smoleńsk Greybox (still WIP), Metagame reimplementation, New main battle tank: Abrams, New battle rifle: Scar H, New uniform: USMC, 5 new USMC Camouflages, 5 new weapon skins, 6 new vehicle skins, Localization: German, Polish and Russian, Help section added to main menu, [FEATURES] Vastly improved load times, Big improvements to RAM usage (8GB is the new minimum requirement, down from 16), New respawn system on Warzone, Quick radio chat [default: Y], Cart Mode in the customization for previewing items, Map autorotation (you can stay on the server and keep playing), Map balancing (you can choose to switch teams and get a reward for doing so!), Warmup / Waiting for minimal and expected players amount in Warzone same as in TDM, Weight limit for loadouts, Added gamemode explanation to loading screens, Sharpen video setting added to game (30 percent is now default value), Implemented buying multiple items for cart mode in menu, Added subtitle in to on-screen messages, Added weight breakdown by item (weapons, armor), Added frame limiter to menu - now you can tell your GPU to stop working 100% while in the menu [default: 60fps], [GAMEPLAY] Tweaked game length to 45 minutes and 5000 points. You wanted longer games so there you have it! After a lot of testing we think this setup, combined with the current victory point income, should be optimal for the current pace of Warzone, Armor HP globally reduced to 50 points (was 100). Equipment packs should be more useful now since the armors should break after a fight or two and require repairs, Global reduction of default ammo AP penetration values to slightly buff the role of armors, nerf overperforming guns (ARs most notably) and increase the importance of AP rounds, MCS damage nerf to 14 max, 10 medium and 7 long range. This shotgun was outsniping ARs and BRs, it should be more in-control now, Added damage falloff to 0 for shotguns at 100 meters; MCS starts it at 85m and Vepr at 60. Shotguns badly needed a max range since, due to their shooting mechanics, you could snipe people up to 200 meters away with them, Vehicle mass and speed 2nd pass, Hipfire tweaks for all weapons (better spread reduction between bursts), [IMPROVEMENTS] Added a number of match progression messages that should help with player awareness and overall flow, Friendly fire is now disabled on vehicle optics, so bad players can no longer steal vehicles this way, Warsaw TDM map blockout changes (semi-hidden part is now open to gameplay), Marking is vastly improved, Improved UAV and Jammer map representation, Tweaked the existing low magnification scopes and red dots; More outlandish crosshairs replaced with realistic ones, tweaked for better visibility, Additional weapon and attachment statistics added to the menu, Attachment balance pass, Weapon screen positions slightly tweaked for better laser sight utility and overall usability, Artillery: Increased effective range of shells; improved the splash damage falloff for shrapnel rounds, Increased MBT, IFV and AFV armor durability, Increased all turrets' durability against projectiles, turrets are significantly thicker than body armor, Increased UGV and Quad durability against bullets, Improved UGV movement, Improved turning for MBT and AFV, Improved particle effects for wheels and tracks, Adjusted MBTs engines' force while climbing, Shorter times for returning to Battle Zone for vehicles - 2 seconds for air vehicles and 5 for land, Better visual of on-screen messages - new font and shadow added for better visibility, Audio: Footsteps and gunshot positioning tweaks, Audio: Occlusion tweaks, Audio: Reload animation timing, Audio: New reverbs, Audio: MSBS-B, Vepr, Scar sounds, Audio: Better sound positioning Added reload animations to leaning, Reload animations improvements, New system for offsetting weapons on the screen - we can change stuff faster, Adjusted default config weights, Adjusted some item weights, Tweaked barrel range modifier, Added updated customization menu translation files, Added a trail to sniper projectiles, Modified ballistics for sniper rifles, Changed smoke material for shell particles, Added language selection at first startup, Tweaked how brightness influences menu and game, Changed connecting screen to reflect 0.3 update, Fixed configs not saving, Fixed visual bug with resetting money to 0 when purchase failed, Boxer- wheel texture fix, Vehicle front collision mesh improvement, Alphabetic order of flags, Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active), RegenPlatform on Warsaw position tweaks, Added holiday flair to the menu, Tweaks in locations of sockets in some magazines, Limitation of player throwed gadgets on level (6 for mines and 10 for packs), Throwable gadgets now dissapear when player logs out or switches team, Many, many more small improvements and fixes, [BUGFIXES] Spawning on leader fixed (again), Users now send minidump files to our internal server instead of analyzing it on their computer, Fixed crashes with vehicle postprocesses, Fixed settings of audio parameters, Fixed out of sync squad leader icon, Matchmaking fixes, Steam profile icons are no longer mirrored, Fixed the "Distance to operator" text which obscured Battlepoints, Destroyed vehicle is no longer seen for Repair Kit as repairable, Fixed hack with exiting drones before end of return to battle zone and possessing again, resetting time before destruction, Fixed camera block on Quad in TPP, Scope performance and bugfix pass, Enemies and world-space markers can be marked while seating in hatch and as passenger in vehicles, Fixed med/ammo/equipment pack textures on low settings, Fixed superbullets - getting notified about multiple hits in one frame, you should no longer have the feeling you got one-hit when it was multiple hits, Fixed a crash with pool manager, MSBS-B bullet particle fix, Fixed 870 shells particles, Blocked the SMG upper minors while using IR sights (they were clipping), Fixed players becoming invisible when spawning on leader in a vehicle, Fixed minimap is not disappearing after using UAV, Laser sights fixed, they should no longer obscure player view, Fixed UGV shooting, Fixed many collision and mesh fixes on various maps, Also fixed many crashes and other bugs.
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    Good news everyone! We've talked it over and decided to push the server browser a bit closer. After a lot of you voiced your concerns about there not being one (even though we always wanted to make it, just later), it's coming somewhere between 0.4 and 0.6, so in the next few months. We've got stuff planned already and adding new features is risky, but since you guys want it, we'll make it work.
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    Many of you are reporting cheaters / hackers to the hacks@worldwar3.com and we are reading them, however many of the reports come with missing information or without evidence. This post is meant to make it clearer on what to send in order to help us determine if the player was cheating or not. TL;DR what to not do: Send only nickname of the player or similar. Send the scoreboard as evidence, expecting it to guarantee a ban. TL;DR what to do: Provide evidence, scoreboard alone does not count. Get the player's steam profile immediately (see below how to), legitimate hackers tend to change their nick names very often, tracking that is a pain. We also had a case where a hacker was posing as someone else. Attach steam profile link to make it easier for us to confirm (We had multiple instances where 5k people had the same nickname, no way we can guess which one is correct). Try not to attach large files to the report (use video / image sharing website instead, make it unlisted / link only). FAQ: Q: Does it need to be in english? A: Not necessarily, as long as the video and steam profile is in the mail. Q: I only have a scoreboard screenshot, can I send it anyway? A: Do not expect the player to be banned based on it, there are plenty of players who are capable of getting high K/D regularly. Q: Someone was underneath a map / shooting through walls, killing a lot of people, will you ban him? A: Most likely, no. Abuse of bugs / exploits is not bannable by itself. If you got screenshots or video where glitched occured you can send it, it will passed to level design team. In the future we should have tools to deal with those players in a cleaner way. If a certain player is repeatedly doing it then we can issue temp bans at best. Q: There is an invisible person running around is that a hack? A: No, it’s a bug. If you encounter it, you can send it, make sure to include as much details about the equipment they were using. If you find their body stationary somewhere then please take a screenshot. This will help us determine if the bug is caused by certain equipment combinations. When it comes to punishment, see answer above. Q: Someone was being toxic / harrasing players, can I report him? A: Yes, send it with chat as proof, we are working on a better way of dealing with it, but we can issue temp bans with EAC if it's pushing for it. Q: I found a cheat site online, what do I do? A: Feel free to send the link, we will investigate it. Q: The URL on the profile looks different / the profile is private, should I send it anyway? A: Yes, we can still get to the profile this way. I have a video: That's great! Now attach the steam profile (see below) and send the report. Please try not to attach the video to the mail, instead put it on youtube or similar site and link it (preferably put it on unlisted / link only). The mailbox does not have infinite space and some people have previously sent very large files before which we were forced to delete in order to allow more mails to come in. How to get steam profile: While having the game open go to the Steam overlay (shift + tab default) Click "View players" If you and the offender are both on the server then you should find him / her in the "Current Game" tab If you or the offender has already left the server, then you should find him / her in the "Recent Games" tab Click on their "Profile" Then add the URL to the report.
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    Remember to switch back to normal version if you're on PTE servers! Hey there, after a week of testing on the PTE, we've polished up and fixed most problems we had with the 0.1.1 patch. We've isolated problems with connecting to the game (both menu and matches) and it's much better. If you still have problems connecting, we'll have additional topics with resolutions to them as we find them. Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] MGs have wrong ammo caliber displayed in the menu (this does not affect their in-game performance), Weapon customization descriptions still not final & bugged, Sometimes respawning on Warsaw can result in death (press ESC -> Respawn to fix it) - we'll be fixing this tomorrow, Sometimes your profile can reset it's customization - this is a temporary workaround to let people play while we fix corrupting profiles. [GAMEPLAY] Reworked pistols to make them more varied & useful, Vepr lowest damage reduced from 9 to 7, tresholds max/min reduced to 35/50 meters. MCS damage increased by 1 per pellet at medium/min thresholds, medium threshold moved to 35 meters to match Vepr, 7.62 Soviet damage curve fixed to properly add medium-range damage, Global sniper rifle damage increase by 20 on all ranges to assure 1-shot headshots, Pistol-caliber ammo velocity increased (used by Pistols and SMGs), drop reduced for pistols (SMGs stayed the same but with higher velocity). SMGs and Pistols were underperforming on open spaces, this change should make them a more viable option, SIG & Vityaz camera shake tweaks. SIG and Vityaz camera shakes were increased to make them feel more powerful (currently the shakes were almost non-existent), SIG accuracy increased, recoil slightly reduced, G38 recoil slightly decreased, Single-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 30%, burst-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 20%, Armor rebalance: All armors had their durability unified to 100 HP (was all over the place), armor absorption values rebalanced to (from HDPE to Steel): 25%/40%/60%/75%, Helmet rebalance: Durability capped at 50 HP (was 100), new helmet absorption from lightest to heaviest: 20%, 35%, 50%, Bullet penetration diversified per caliber & type: Previously all bullets had the same penetration values regardless of caliber (5% HP, 10% FMJ, 20% AP), now penetration varies per weapon class as follows: Pistol calibers stayed the same at 10% FMJ, AP 20%, HP 5%, AR calibers FMJ 20%, AP 40%, HP 10%, Rifle calibers & .338 FMJ 30%, AP 50%, HP 20%, .50 BMG caliber FMJ 50%, AP 75%, HP 25%, New explosion particles for RPG special ammo, now it’s easy to see what kind of warhead did the player use, Friendly fire damage reduction increased from 60% to 80%, [WARZONE] Warzone score income doubled, Warzone time limit changed to 40, Warzone score limit changed to 4000, Warzone battle point income rebalance, Soldier respawn time changed from 20 to 15 seconds, Point capture reward from 200 to 400, Leader objective point captured reward from 300 to 800, Leader order followed 75 to 150, Order followed 75 to 100, Squad member spawn on leader 10 to 20, Enemy marked by radar 10 to 20, Squad member objective strike use 100 to 200, Enemy drone disconnected 30 to 50, RCWS assist 30 to 50, Awareness drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 3 (uav, jammers etc.), Autonomous drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 4 (quadrocopters, leviatans etc.), [HUD] Added stats in menu for majority of items, Feature: Now after choosing strike, player can see full description and the cost of the strike, New sticky grenade icon, Weapon icon added to kill screen, Players in vehicle are displayed with their relation color, Names of your squadmates are always visible on their marker, [STRIKES] Fixed a bug that prevented vehicles from firing after reload, Strike drop flare now changes color depending on relation to the strike owner, New strike particles, now it's easier to detect what kind of artillery is dropping, Default heavy machine gun for every vehicle's driver, Fixed destruction of supply packs by UGV, Fixed Mini UGVs' operational range, Fixed Mini UGVs' handling, Fixed strike masks on Berlin, UGVs' wreckage no longer disappears after destruction, Airstrike’s (Hellfire, Stormbreaker, Mephisto) deal a proper damage upon penetration, vehicles can be destroyed by a direct hit, [TWEAKS] All turrets rebalanced: adjusted their clip size, reloads, damage per minute and burst damage. The aiming difficulty was also adjusted, Slightly decreased Quadrocopter's speed and acceleration, Slightly increased Mini Drone’s speed and acceleration, Reduced tablet preview time after using UAV Radar, Lowered the spawn height for UGV, Tweaks on grenade amount. Player now have 3 smoke grenades and 2 frag grenades. Tweaks on ammo pack regeneration. [EQUIPMENT] Auto changing ammo type when out of ammo, Auto reload weapon after ammo regeneration if weapon was empty, New camera shake in Grenades and C4, Sound indicator after regeneration of gadget [e.g. Ammo Pack], [BUGFIXES] Damage indicator stop rotating after death, Spawning on leader now shouldn't end in falling from the map, Direction of grenade damage indicator fixed, Equip grenade type icon displayed on HUD properly, Quads no longer block other vehicles from spawning (they don't take up a slot anymore), Hopefully fixed getting stuck on connecting to World War 3 Network (please let us know if it helped), Potentially fixed the 'Connecting to WW3 Network' bug related to corrupted profiles, Chosen faction is now properly assigned, Fixed the vehicle camera bug, Possibly fixed map being broken sometimes - please report if this still occurs, Fixed players not being visible in vehicle hatches, Amount of Ammo/Health/Equipment packs are now displayed on HUD in Leviathan / Battle Robot, Additional/offset sights now automatically rotate weapon when targeting, C4 - now you have 3 charges, it deals damage to infantry and vehicle. You can throw it farther and detonate all of them with single use. Also there are new visual effect for them, Invisible ammo in RPG after death fixed, Left hand pose in pistols in wrong position after using gadget, Better material on See Through SAO sight, [MAPS] New post process: eye adaptation to reduce dark places one the maps; black and white balance, New summary screens, Additional visual destruction on Moscow and material fixes, Streaming fixes, Fixed spawn positions on Berlin Large, [LEVEL DESIGN] Vaulting fix (added additional and missing vaults in some areas), Few additional covers on Warsaw and Moscow, Fixed players being able to stand on the dark plane below Warsaw, Unlocked tunnel passage on Warzone small (Warsaw), Bug fixes allowing players to get into higher floors (Warsaw shopping center).
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    Soldiers! We've launched a Public Test Environment (PTE) so we can test patches before they go live for everyone. This is an opt-in process, you can learn how to get in in this topic: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4406-instructions-how-to-get-to-pte/ Updated PTE 0.1.1 Patch Notes are also available here: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4407-pte-011-patch-notes/ We're expecting the testing to go over the weekend and end soon after. Patch will be live after we've made sure it's working.
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    Soldiers! There's a small, but important patch being deployed now! It's not the big 0.1.1 (we're still testing that) but we've decided to push the new Master Server patch earlier. It's live right now and will require you to update the game. This is the last part of the ninja patches we were pushing for the last two weeks, marking the end of the old Master Server. Patch notes [GENERAL] • New Master Server, [IMPROVEMENTS] • Vastly improved connection times. As always, keep us up to date on any problems this change might introduce. We've been testing the new backend for a week now, but we tested the last one as well. Happy shooting!
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    There is big room for abuse of the TK punishment, as it is not hard to let the friendly tank drive you over, then you punish the TK and respawn faster next to the tank and steal it if its not locked. I will now lock every of my tanks, because I dont want to experience this again and I dont need a gunner if I risk to get my tank stolen. 5000 credits dont come from nowhere. I hope I could restrain my saltness a bit.
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    Yeah, PEQ on top rail and flashlight on side! Make guns tacticool again!
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    If I had to guess, this is something they will look at down the road. I totally agree though, I would like to select which rail I put my flashlight or laser. Hopefully they'll also give us the option to put camos/colors on specific attachments! I usually like to run around with a default body with tan accessories.
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    BASIC --------------------------------------------------- WHAT TYPE OF GAME IS WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 is a multiplayer first person shooter, featuring large, 64-player battles with intense firefights between infantry and armored vehicles. World War 3 portrays a theoretical future conflict taking place in the most famous cities in the world. WHAT ARE THE HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR WORLD WAR 3? More info soon. WHAT OPERATING SYSTEMS WORLD WAR 3 WILL BE AVAILABLE ON? After the release World War 3 will be available exclusively on PC with Windows operating systems. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 will be available on the Steam platform. DO I NEED STEAM TO PLAY WORLD WAR 3? Yes, Steam account will be required to play World War 3. HOW MUCH WILL WORLD WAR 3 COST? More info soon WILL THE GAME FEATURE ANY IN-GAME PURCHASES? Yes, World War 3 will feature in-game purchases of items which are purely cosmetic and won't affect the gameplay. GAMEPLAY --------------------------------------------------- IS THERE ANY FORM OF SINGLE-PLAYER AVAILABLE? No, World War 3 is purely a multiplayer game and constant, stable internet connection is required to play the game. HOW REALISTIC IS WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 strives to find a balance between realism and fun. Its primary goal is to make you feel and think like a soldier. HOW LONG CAN A FULL BATTLE LAST? One, full game of World War 3 can last about an hour. IN WHAT WAYS CAN I INTERACT WITH OTHER PLAYERS IN WORLD WAR 3? Outside of our grand 64-player combat gameplay, you, your friends and other players can chat using our messenger system, as well as team up into squads and clans. CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY EQUIPMENT IN WORLD WAR 3? Yes, World War 3 features an extensive customization system, which allows you to fit different attachments and parts to your weapons, dress your character in various uniforms and even change the main turrets on your vehicles. WHAT IS YOUR STANCE ON CHEATING? We are dedicated to punishing every player that is caught using cheats and external means of unfairly improving their performance. Such punishments will be severe and include, among others, account suspension and deletion. WHERE CAN I REPORT ANOTHER PLAYER? You can report other players through our external reporting system at hacks@worldwar3.com. Make sure to include the full name of the player, as well as any evidence you might have. WHAT LEVEL OF VIOLENCE CAN I EXPECT FROM WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 features intense firefights, explosions and tactical combat. It does not, however, feature gratuitous violence and dismemberment. EARLY ACCESS --------------------------------------------------- WHY EARLY ACCESS? Early access allows us to test the basic feature of the game, such as netcode, while taking suggestions from the community and developing the game in a way that will satisfy our players first. WHEN ARE YOU PLANNING TO RELEASE THE FULL GAME? More info soon. WILL I LOSE MY PROGRESS ONCE YOU RELEASE THE GAME? No! All of your progress made during our early access will stay with you after we fully release the game. OTHER --------------------------------------------------- WHERE CAN I FOLLOW YOU TO GET NEWS AND UPDATES? You can follow our official community channels on Facebook, Twitter and visit this forum. CAN I CREATE MY OWN CONTENT FEATURING ELEMENTS OF WORLD WAR 3? Yes, as long as you clearly disclose that you are showing World War 3 gameplay and/or content, you can create and/or stream video content featuring World War 3. I’M HAVING A GAME ISSUE, WHO CAN I CONTACT? Please contact our player support at support@worldwar3.com I HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS. WHERE CAN I ASK THEM? Use one of our official channels, such as World War 3 forums, Facebook and Twitter.
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