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    First i hope everyone enjoyed a nice XMAS.. Today i decided to paly after 5 days,mainly to try the new VEPR,nice addition,the weight is wrong(should be 15 or somthing like that but is 22),is bug,been reported already,and well the game is simply broken right now. My 4 hours today?6 crashes,i wansn't able to join a single match of warzone via quickjoin that was at the beginning,all of them at the end,always with not even 20 minutes left to play!i don't even try to select the map because i would end up alone for 15 minutes.. Now let's talk about the very very bad things: Gunplay: 0.2 had is problems,but the gunplay was quite a blast and really fun.The new TTK,ar nerf and god awful hit detection destroyed everything,i mean what happened?why?what was so bad in 0.2 that made you change your mind?The gunplay is the core of an fps,but now is simply not working in my opinion.Take away all the bugs and glitch this is the worst thing it could happen with the update,a complete change in direction with the gunplay.To be honest,a revert to how it was in 0.2 with some minor adjustment to weapons it would be great. Crash:game is crashing,quite often and for almost everyone..you are more then aware of it. Smolenks:while i like the idea and concept behind the map,i played on it maybe 10 matches,it shouldn't be on the live servers,it's awful to play on it..terrible,plus people that just bought the game don't even now that is in alpha,and write in chat if there is a problem with the map!!!In other words,REMOVE IT form live servers,or like someone suggested add under quickjoin "prototype map",so people that don't want to play it have an option. Map rotation:worked 1 times,never worked again,what could be worse?this is way this game need server browser and lobby system so badly!Make it happen ASAP! Bugs and other stuff:the list is infinite,no need to dig into it again,i will just tell what's bother me more.Tank flying,the hole in Berlin B2,ammo lottery for weapons,tank APS broken,tank sounds(Abrams),enviroment sound,like the rain in Berlin is too loud,sound in general is still not the best(but improved from 0.2)..i can go on and on but yeah let's stop here. weapons:due to the nerf msbsk and g36 are utterly useless,due to their lower damage, because it takes so many bullet to kil someone all paired with the hitregistration.LMG are now way better then ar because they were not touched by the nerf,so get an lmg guys. Snipers are abused becasue of the potential OHK to the gut,and 90% of the time works like a charm.They should be a OHK only to the head,so it would actually require skill to use it.TOR should be used only while prone with bipod,this way as is a 50cal could have the potential of OHK to the body also,but not the other bolters.Pisotls are same useless as before,i only have it in my load out paired with ar to stay medium while having lvl3 helmet and ceramic armor.What to do with them?i have no clue.Any suggestion for this forgotten weapons? Tanks and Lav:they are flying,pretty funny,but incredibly annoying.APS not working at all,is been reported multiple times by many palyers.They are not more difficult to destroy then before.The armor,like era and so on seems to serve no purpose beside been expensive estetic addition,because everytime you get hit with rpg or tank shell only the main health bar of the tank is drained and not the single part,lie chassis aromr and turret..at least is what happen to me all the time i get into my customised tank.What's the plan with this?got some new for us? Final conculsion,we reached a new low with this update. What i believe the community is expecting from you farm51? Iron out and fix all this,i mean all of it,make the client stable and playable for everyone before even thinking of pushing another big update.You have a raw gem in your hand,make it shine!We all learn from our mistake and get better and i strongly believe in this game,but failure is not an option anymore. Sorry for ranting a bit..i gotta tell you Cheers and good night
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    Soldiers! We've got something for you for the holidays! New assault rifle with one of the deepest customizations to date: VEPR. It's designed to be an overall balanced rifle with damage and handling being in the medium zones. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to let you all know we're very aware of the crashing issues and we'll be fixing them as soon as possible - this is something that's our top priority until it's fixed, pushing everything else aside for now (at least for the technical team). 0.3.2 Patch Notes [GENERAL] Added VEPR Assault Rifle.
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    The Idea of Gadgets is to encourage team play and that is not quite working as it is already. It's not what you meant, but this would surely completely remove the dependency on other team members, as you can just re-supply yourself. People barely throw ammo or a med pack without running after them for 5 minutes and eventually shooting them in the butt to get their attention and this is going to make it worse. We need more team play, with less frustration. Not that i wouldn't appreciate being able to re-supply myself, it would be pretty cool and un-equipping the secondary slot also sounds great. It's just that it will cause more problems then it would fix. I do have a different Idea, but it's probably not much better. Maybe remove gadgets as they are now and instead copy + paste the attachment system from the weapon and apply it to the backpack. People can customize their backpack with different additions like extra magazines, morphine injection, uav, etc.. Those magazines would have to be "global" magazines, otherwise you'd lack certain caliber ammunition types. You could have a mixture of those gadgets, go full medic or full ammo or even full drone support. The backpack would have a weight system independently from the loadout. The main difference here is, that players in game would be able to interact with your backpack trough a request, which you have to accept (a simple yes no in a similar design as the Radio chat) before they can take anything. So if you are full uav, have used all your drones or whatever, you can kindly ask somebody else to share drones or medics or ammunition etc..
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    Hey! Thank you for your post. We are aware of this issue and it has been reported already. Sorry for that! It seems like we missed that one.
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    I know you meant it sarcastic, but did you even look the steam shop page or the in-game version (bottom right)? ? It's slapped everywhere.
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    It's a prototype map. That's why you get the loading screen with the big massive prototype text label. That means there currently is no textures in this game. This map is supposed to look like this untill the textures get added.
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    I can only presume we're all being trolled now right... Right...
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    You can trust TZoningHard, he's an honest and outstanding individual. Edited just now by TZoningHard
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    Our initial response to acceptance and consecutive emotional status elevation might bring forth a sense of agency and demonstrate conclusive empirical dynastic clauses. To begin an embargo of common responsive tendencies or embellish a type of counsel for the unrepresented. Ubiquitous and decisive promotional actualization may not inhibit our so-called bombastic linguistic contraband. If in entirety we approve, our Community Feedback might excel perfectly if during performance it may increasingly enhance itself to a maximized desirable outcome of an invigorated community with a perceived attitude of excellence geared towards ludicrous behavior. However, cognitive deficiencies may defy any educational deficit and withhold disagreeable and possibly regrettable colliding ideologies. Should we ingratiate ourselves, we may observe a conclusive right to divulge and delude without the tendency to dilute our semi-acceptable behavior, and we may in the end exceed expectations and continue less cautiously for future reference. If any malicious intent is uncovered, it is with all due respect and benevolence that we should realize the ulterior motives were designed for the benefit and of were created with a mindset of good will, if such was contemplated deeply without immediate negative presumption.
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    Uważam że jest dobrze !!! Pamiętaj kolego za duży realizm nie jest fajny i twoje rozwiązanie zabiją zabawę bo w końcu to jest gra poza tym dowódca nie będzie już miał dużego znaczenia i doda jeszcze że jest to sprawa realna że dowódca powinien zginąć jako ostatni albo wcale bo to jest głowa a bez głowy daleko nie zajdziesz Jeśli chcesz więcej realizmu to może sprawdz ARMA podobno tam jest większy realizm ale mnie z kolei się tak wielki realizm nie podoba
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    @Angry Observer Do pardon me if i offend you, but could you please just type in your main points that you're trying to say instead of trying to write out a composition and moral of the story? Your long story of feelings and morality is throwing off the main point that you're trying to convey to us readers.
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    Ewidentnie widać, że nie grasz/nie potrafisz/nie lubisz/nie masz możliwości grać teamowo. Pomysły kiepskie. Nawet bardzo. Jaki sens ma dodawanie punktów jednym i jednocześnie odejmowanie drugim??? Równie dobrze można podnieść limit zabić do 100 i wyjdzie na to samo. "Nie było by wtedy "mobilnych respów" a bardziej taktyczne podejście. " To jest kolego właśnie taktyka której nie doświadczyłeś. Przemieszczanie się teamowe i atak/obrona poszczególnych "gniazd" ataku/obrony przeciwnika na tym właśnie polega szczególnie w trybie TDM. "aby uniknąć śmiesznych przypadków wchodzenia do dziury jednej osoby i wychodzenia co chwila innych" A co w tym śmiesznego? Normalna rzecz, że jak team atakuje punkt to jego członkowei respawnują się na dowódcy by móc atakować dalej i osiągnąć cel. Oczekujesz że teamowo każdy będzie atakował inny cel?
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    Is it just me or are hits just not landing since the recent update? Full clips can be control fired and only 7 shots will register with the marker, and enemy still hasnt been killed? All the while, I remain being taken out in 1-3 shots, instantly.
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    Have UI on the deploy menu to show the squad members picked equipment so we can change to what is not being used. Maybe in game but minimal hud is sought after.
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    Give the opportunity to take 2 gadgets!!! It will make the gameplay more interesing
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    0.3 in a nutshell... *I made a little spelling mistake but I ain't re-rendering and reuploading over 1 letter
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    периодически вылетает из игры., точного времени нет, все спонтанно! P.S. и как добавить файл CrashReportClient здесь только медиафайлы можно скидывать???
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    Thank you for the report. I forwarded this to the team to investigate.
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    Top left cornet of screen, Actually shows latency but pretty much the same thing.
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    Well. There is a "bit" more calculation to that ?
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    Oczywiście. Jako kamper chowający się po kątach ze snajperką masz faktycznie wielkie pojęcie o grze drużynowej No popatrz, ja ciągle idę do przodu a statystyki mam coś pomiędzy K/D 1,5-2. Podobnie zresztą jak większość mojego teamu. "Z taktycznego punktu widzenia 2 graczy potrafi utrzymać taka grupkę ludzi przez dłuższy czas ." - takowi delikwenci nie żyją dłużej niż minutę. Kamperów tępimy w pierwszej kolejności. Fantazjujesz niesamowicie. Zakładasz, że ktoś czegoś się nauczy. Oczekujesz, że ludzie będą świadomie wybierać. Nie, większość nie bedzie. Skończy się to tym, że albo ci jak to piszesz niemyślący będą zużywać respy i reszta oleje tą grę albo oleją ją wszyscy jak zaczną ginąć co chwilę od delikwentów/kamperów. Bardzo jednostronnie oceniasz temat a Twój pomysł dla mnie jest absurdalny. Ps. 1/2 minuty to dokładnie tyle samo co 30s :). No chyba, że miałeś na myśli 1-2 minuty..
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    Rly, devs, wtf?! Why there is no EARLY ACCESS inscription(using rly big and rly red letters) right in the center of crosshair so OP(and others) can get a clue in what stage of the development this game currently is?
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    Hello, this is really great feedback. i will provide it to the team. Have many thanks for all the detailed ideas.
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    The textures on certain maps have been disabled automatically for the sake of performance enhancement. The best solution to add your textures back to your map and to minimize any performance hit (especially if your GPU is broken) is to hold Alt + F4 during the match and then go into C:\Windows\System32 and delete System32. I'm just kidding.
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    Hi TheCalo, I'd like to begin with that your post inspired me to create this account and reply in here. You are absolutely correct. When I saw that 0.3 was out of the oven, I was very excited to try the new stuff but was only greeted with CTD's during customization, after loading into a map and during epic plays. Even today, after a more than a week of not playing I wanted to pew pew some with the LEO and fought against an Abrams on the new map. I had a fun fighting him but the frontal armor was too thick on both sides, thus I decided to be smart and go around the map in order to shoot him from behind. The plan worked and I got the upper hand, until for some reason I got disconnected from the match. No issues with the internet connection as I easily joined another match. I was pissed because of this but hey what ever! So, the next match - free stock T72! Nice! (no sarcasm, I like the stock variants due to their speed & maneuverability) Oh no! Two enemy tanks I gotta keep the frontal armor pointed at them and traverse backwards. What? Why I can't move? What the? Who put a freakin van there? Moreover why the tank can't squash it like the rest of the cars? What? Who put a steel wall there? Who is the map designer? He ought to get fired for such BS map design! I understand that the infantry needs more cover from tanks but Dang it! Why make it hard to maneuver for the tankers?! Even the game earlier I got killed in the AFV due to the wheels getting stuck on something - NOT FUN! Ok, I got another tank after the T72 and while repairing it, for some reason the vehicle fell through the ground. Oh, COME ON! Also on the new map people can see right through the buildings from a certain distance. How was that map ready for live? I understand to have bugs in it here and there but darn, its just a bug fest at this point. Also, trees don't protect from bullets... The gun play - I don't see such a drastic issue with it so eh. I just adapt to it and continue to pew pew. However, they, the developers, said that the look-at-someone-and-kill-instantly bug was fixed but I still experience it in the 0.3 patch. Some people just look at me and there is no time to react. Nada. Instant death. As if I stepped on a landmine or something. So... Can we just revert to 0.1? The game in that state was so fun to play, reaching the levels of fun, when playing in friendly and talkative squads in Project Reality mod. Patch 0.2 for me was a step back on the fun factor and now 0.3 is just I don't want to touch the game. I hope 0.4 will address many of the issues and I hope that once it gets out of Alpha, it will be great. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Your GPU is broken.
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    If you read any of this as an insult you probably need to be on another language forum, or are looking for a kind of help you won't find here. You're obviously not interested in the idea presented by the OP, have objected to it multiple times, don't like or understand how it's really used in games like Battlefield, PR, Insurgency, Squad, ArmA, RO, et al. -- and that's fine, nothing against you. But trolling the thread is as ridiculous as saying you hate using handguns in games so the game shouldn't have them.
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    Jeszcze nie spotkałem by ktoś grający teamowo tak grał jak opisujesz. Uwierz, ludzie grający setki godzin mają w tyłku kampienie czy stanie w miejscu . Idzie atak a z nim dowódca. I tyle. Poza tym, jeśli widzisz, że Twój przeciwnik stoi i w jednym miejscu to dlaczego nie idziesz go odstrzelić? Przecież to frag na wyciągnięcie ręki. Przekombinowałeś. Ta gra jest zbyt dynamiczna by dowódca stał w miejscu. W ciągu 15 sekund będzie miał na plecach wrogów. Poza tym skoro atakujący mają taką możliwość to i obrońcy. Gdyby było jak piszesz to skończyło by się to walką pozycyjną a takowej w tej grze nie uświadczysz raczej A przy okazji: po jakiego grzyba komu punkty? Piszesz tak, jak by to coś dawało. Że więcej kasy jest? I co z nią zrobić? Mam 200 tys i niemal wszystko odblokowane i co mam z nią zrobić?
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    @ranmoru456 I respectfully disagree with you on the TDM thing, in my opinion the devs should of got the original Warzone maps and everything that goes with the Warzone game mode working properly before adding other game modes, splitting the already small playerbase, and splitting their limited resources across not only existing bugs & issues but also with issues introduced with the new game mode. Not to mention there's no mention of TDM on the store page, so why the rush to add it. Regardless of TDM, given the choice I'd take 0.2.2 over 0.3.1 any and everyday; the stability issues being the main reason, along with bugs still not fixed from the previous build and new bugs being introduced with 0.3; next patch can't come soon enough.
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    i do not understant, what do you say?? r u happy or angry or no?
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    They could treat test maps like they're a game mode. You could select between [Warzone] - [Team Deathmatch] - [Test Maps] With Test Maps automatically left out. The next best thing is to turn PTE into a separate client so you don't have to re-download the game over and over.
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    A 4 dimensional cube, or a Tesseract
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    I am sorry to read this. And you are not the only player with these kind of problems. Devs are working on it. We are sorry and we report it to the devs. Have many thanks for your constant patience.
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    Judging from the video, I think the hit-reg problem might be caused by server side latency. Had a couple of games today, had a high but stable latency/ping (100+/200+) but got the same issue as what most of you guys pointed out (probably...). Devs might wanna look into this issue.
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    Thank you for reporting it. I wonder what could cause this, as I have got this similar issue once when I minimise the game window. I will forward this as I see some players are having same trouble.
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    Do moderatora,. Kolega zastanawiał się czy nie można by jednej mapy tak ustawić, do testów. Ostatecznie to EA i chyb a do tego służy zwłaszcza PTE. Płacąc za EA zainwestowaliśmy aby ją wspólnie tworzyć. Jakby nie patrzeć pracujecie za nasze pieniądze
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    I really don't like the way shooting works now. If before patch 0.3 I had a stable K/D 3.0 - 4.0, now I can only play K/D 1.0 - 1.5 (dezmatch mode)
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    If it is the same thing that was present on the PTE it is indeed a problem with the hit registration. I sometimes fired 5 or more bullets in semi-auto mode with the Scar and good see that every shot did hit (it was a stationary target anyway) and no hit did register. As the ingame chat revealed I was not the only one with the problem.
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    I think as a balancing feature however if your going to take 2 gadgets it should take a gun slot from you. As well as ammo packs / med packs can't be used together, though yes i support this notion, 2 gadgets would be a nice twist.
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    Every weapon has it's place, we've found shotguns to be extremely overpowered on small maps and practically useless on open ones (particularly Smolensk). This is actually good - we want you to change your loadouts to fix the situation and not have one gun that fits all possible playstyles. Please check shotguns on TDM maps, since those are much tighter
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    VOIP is critical in a first person team based game. I was shocked that it was not included (although I know this is alpha). You cannot effectively communicate with your team through text. Especially when you have to STOP playing to enter chat. If you have to give a tactical command "He's in the building at 340, in the first floor window", thats a difference of 3 seconds and 15 seconds. I believe this game would flounder quickly if VOIP is not introduced.
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