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    Hi there, Soldiers! We're back at it, this time bringing you a bit more of what we want World War 3 to be when its finished. We've got a few cool features, some really annoying bug fixes and overall improvements. Strikes got an overall boost with BP price cuts across the board and some other improvements. We've made some changes to the damage model and we're eagerly waiting for your opinions on it, overall the gunplay should feel a lot more tight and predictable, while giving the players more customizability and making armors more powerful against small arms. We're also happy to report that Claymore mines are back, now more visible and with a small delay, so you know what hit you. There's also a hidden mechanic with them, but that's for you to find out. There's also another big change related to gunplay - first pass of wall penetration setup. This worked since the 0.1 release, but needed some work. Now you can punch through even multiple walls if shooting big enough rounds. This is consistent with changes to armors and works based on caliber of the round and it's speed. Each punchthrough reduces the velocity and rounds can ricochet after penetration as well. This is all modelled after the research we did and using real physics simulations (altough tweaked to fit our game scales). Due to our commitment to making the game work well before adding new content, some stuff is pushed back from 0.4 to 0.5, mainly Recon gamemode and Heli Combat Drone. We've decided (thanks to our conversations with the community) that optimization and stability are much more important. This decision was made to make sure World War 3 is working well before we push Recon out and to make sure it's ready. We hope our commitment to better quality over quantity is something that we can all agree is a good thing. As usual, please let us know if you find any issues and keep the feedback flowing. We might not respond to every topic, but we're certainly getting all your feedback and taking it into account. Here's some bonus screenshots of the new content as well! PTE 0.4 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] There is no minimap on Moscow TDM map, Ammo issues are still there, we're working hard on fixing them, Infinite loading is also sometimes happening, this is most likely related to the ammo problem (synchronization issues). If you can reproduce this issue, send us a video recording of you doing this, it will help speed up the resolution, Some weapons suffer from minor hitreg issues, this is also on the top priority list and should be fixed during the PTE testing. It happens when client-side spread is not synced with server-side spread, Some HUD elements are not updating properly, this is because we're optimizing the HUDs, There is some desync when sitting as a passenger in vehicles, New weapon is by default without a scope - this results in negative FOV change when in ADS, Weapons sometimes start shooting by themselves, just like in real life, Crouch weapon positions are not finalized, resulting in lasers not aligning well, [GENERAL] New TDM map: Moscow Senate, New weapon: DMG Nine-Milli, New transport vehicle: Buggy, New outfit: Resistance Fighter, New attachments (pistol silencer is in!), Reworked ballistics system, Weapon dropping and picking up is now ready for testing, [IMPROVEMENTS] Improved camera movement, Reload animation improvements, Penetration and ricochet setup for all small arms calibers and bullet types, Improvements to stats displayed in the customization menus, Held grenade drops after death now, Motion blur strength is now available as slider (0-100%), New collision model in Soldier-Vehicle relation, Improved roadkill mechanic: soldier is now pushed when colliding with a vehicle, Anti-Tank Mine doesn't react to Mini UGV, Punish doesn't work in case of roadkilling allies (this is a temporary fix for vehicle thieves), Commander Voice Language can be changed in Audio Settings, Falling crate with vehicle now can be marked for other teammates, Weapons dropped by dead soldiers can be marked, [GAMEPLAY] Claymore mines are back, Environmental penetration and ricochet setup for all small arms calibers and bullet types. Every bullet type has its own distinct penetration/ricochet behavioural pattern that emulates their real-life performance against different materials. Those values are still WIP, Damage model pass - new damage and armor penetration values for all weapons (this is WIP, we will adjust things during PTE based on feedback): All automatic weapons set at 3 bullets-to-kill at close range with further variations based given caliber's range and AP performance, Armors reworked to provide protection (that is: increases the BTK) against specific calibers: HDPE is effective against pistol rounds, Polyethylen against pistol and intermediate rounds, Ceramic against pistol, intermediate and rifle, Steel against pistol, intermediate and rifle with some protection against sniper rifle shots at longer distances, Increased the damage dealt by leg/arm shots to 75% (was 50%) and hand/foot shots to 25% (was 20%) - This was done in order to make the TTK more reliable/predictable based on weapon shot and the armor used by the enemy. Those values are still WIP, Weapon recoil bugfixed which resulted in minor improvements to overall weapon handling, Assault Rifles had their stability reworked to promote more accurate bursts; will be observed and tweaked during the PTE SMGs slightly reworked in order to adjust them to their newfound close-range effectiveness (especialy SIG was heavily re-done), Screen space for weapons tweaked for the new camera system, there may be a few oddities here to be fixed in PTE and/or once the new animation system goes live, Improved Quad's speed and acceleration, Improved Mini UGV + C4 combo. Now Mini UGV + 1xC4 can destroy IFV, MINI UGV + 2C4 can destroy a tank, UAV FlyEye: price -30% (500BP), UAV Barracuda: price -30% (1000BP), duration + 25%, range + 20%, UAV OTV: price -10%, duration +70%, JAM Reaper: price -15%, JAM X-47B: price 10%, range +30%, Airstrike Hellfire: price -15%, Airstrike Stormbreaker: price -20%, Airstrike Mephisto: price -15%, AA Artillery: increased damage against vehicles +25%, increased dmg against infantry +30%, decreased barrage duration to 10 seconds, decreased spread to 15m, increased price to 3200 BP HE artillery: increased dmg vs vehicles +30%, increased dmg vs infantry +25%, decreased barrage duration to 15 seconds, increased max dmg radius by 30% for each shell, SH artillery: increased max dmg radius by 30% for each shell, increased spread to 30m, increased price to 3200BP, CUAS Loitering Ammo: price -75%, CUAS Quadrocopter: increased unlock value to 10 000, price +40%, Warheads: GTB dmg vs infantry +30%, GTB blast radius -13%, GO1 dmg vs infantry +30%, GO1 dmg vs vehicles +30%, GO1 blast radius -13%, GK-1 dmg vs infantry +300%, GK-1 dmg vs vehicles +80%, GK-1 blast radius -25%, UGV Leviathan: price -25%, HP -10%, operational range +10%, UGV Battle Robot, price -25%, HP +30%, operational range -60%, MBTs: stock price -12%, AFVs: stock price -13%, IFVs: stock price -29%, [OPTIMIZATION] Instanced destructible objects, Warsaw Warzone map optimization pass, Berlin and Warsaw TDM maps optimization pass, Continuous collision, LOD, shader and mesh optimizations across the board, [BUGFIXES] Wall glitching should be reduced greatly, Fixed flying vehicles after dismounting, Fixed calculating global score for the Metagame, Buying a weapon now unlocks all its default attachments, Many, many smaller bugs fixed, [AUDIO] Doppler effect for vehicles, Gearbox simulation for engine sounds, New hit marker sounds, Fixes for destroypack sounds, Gun sound positioning fixes, Radio barks and request fixes, TDM announcer voice, Level ambient improvements, Polish Commander, Better explosion sounds, Ambient sound fixes.
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    Played .4 today and wow what an improvement to the game the patch is, it really has made the game alot of fun to play again and the work you have put it shows. Going to quickly try break down some of the things I am enjoying or need a bit of attention imo New sounds - Love the new sounds, hit markers, explosions, everything sounds tons better Bullet Penetration - Completely changes the dimension of some of the game play and much needed Moscow TDM - Brilliant map, spawns do need work as they are so easy to get spawn camped into Warzone - Gone from being completely unplayable to now decent frames, so the optimisation work is definitely happening No crashes - Played the new patch for 3 hours with zero crashes, although there is server lag/stutter but I know you guys are aware of this New Gun + Claymores - Is literally like a laser once you put a stock and a grip on it, claymores work well but for tdm maybe one per person Gun customisation - still no option to fit all parts purchased Cannot wait for full release onto public servers could be a complete game changer, nice one guys
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    You may not like it, but this is peak performance.
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    You can literally mod the shit outta it
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    Друзья, мы рады сообщить, что Обновление 0.4 выходит на финишную прямую, и уже готово встретить вас в тестовом клиенте World War 3 PTE! В 0.4 немало по-настоящему классных вещей – от исправления неприятных багов до новых функций и возможностей, а также различных улучшений! Так, были подкорректированы Страйки, возвращены долгожданные Клейморы, внесены некоторые изменения в модель урона и баллистику, сделав перестрелки более напряжёнными. Кроме того, после проведенного нами исследования с использованием реальных физических симуляций, в WW3 появляется возможность простреливать стены! Даже несколько стен, если используются достаточно серьезные снаряды. Всё это согласуется с изменениями в броне и работает в зависимости от калибра и его скорости. Нововведение, безусловно, представлено не в окончательном виде и ещё будет дорабатываться (с вашей помощью и советами, разумеется)). Новый режим Recon и беспилотный вертолет из Обновления 0.4 мы решили перенести в 0.5. Необходимо убедиться, что игра после всех январских фиксов работает на должном уровне. Но в качестве бонуса вас ждет новая карта для режима TDM (Сенатский дворец в Москве) и Багги! Со всеми изменениями детально вы можете ознакомиться в разделе тестовой ветки PTE (там же вы найдёте несколько скриншотов): Как обычно, просим вас делиться всеми найденными ошибками и проблемами на нашем Форуме. Вся полученная здесь обратная связь нами обязательно учитывается и безгранично помогает в разработке. Заранее большое спасибо! Работаем!
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    Welcome Soldiers ! Please feel free to leave your feedback regarding update 0.4 Best wishes, World War 3 Team
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    It already is. Devs are from Poland. Speaking of TTK. If u r flanked - it's ur problem how to survive. I'm tired of trying to kill lightweightkits users who run and jump and somehow stay alive. I don't want to kill 1 of 3 enemies inbetween A1 and B1 when I sneaked behind them, but it needs almost half of mag to kill 1 and 2 others shoot u instead of dying humbly.
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    Dla mnie bomba. Zajebisty, jeszcze lepszy feeling. Jeszcze zbyt krótko pograłem, żeby pisać o szczegółach, ale przyjemność z grania pierwsza klasa.
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    Pistols now have a normal rate of fire. They have ceased to be useless. At least the glock.
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    I confirmed this opinion
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    from the first sight, hitmarker (or what is it - idk. Sounds like a loud click) sound is TERRIBLE - why is it even exists? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ptm1uzVd4eZbaVN6PP5BJJxetd1_HsAg "we are winning"/"we are losing" sounds annoys so hard, especially when they comes one by one several times: match starts, 1st kill: BOOOOM WE ARE LOSING, we got 2 kills: BOOOOOM WE ARE WINNING, enemy got 2 kills: BOOOOM WE ARE LOSING and so on... https://drive.google.com/open?id=12NIf4HnRVusrU2OQiuKmoCbW49L-vo0t same for exhale sounds: hhheeee, hhhhuuuu, hooooo, hhhhoooof. Sound like he is pooping hit detection is broken again (sometimes ~15 hits with no dmg) claymore are useless - 1 sec to detonate, low blast radius, too noticable. Kill doesnt count new smg is good
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    And in your opinion, the Bug report section is a good place for this kind of thread? As they SUGGESTED I will move the thread into the SUGGESTION forum section ? By the way, Good idea, I also would like to see matches with weapon restrictions, there probably will be no problem, to run it in private servers in the future.
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    Hi @Roland shooting range is on roadmap
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    Well, I`ve reached maximum rank and... nothing happens clap-clap-clap
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    be great if we had test range for guns etc so we can check out the different parts for guns so then setup gun the way we like it. all parts unlocked . then buy the ones u like.
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    I`ve got a glitch which made my motions sound like a robot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AYuJxPRbtCmWTkbi4DErSB6rXPAArO5u/view
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    I really liked what the developers did with shooting this update. Shooting is very enjoyable now. Yes, there are those who say that they are now being killed more often and faster. But I will say that now I don’t have to shoot half of the clip into one opponent. And it makes me very happy.
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    Nice! And gg's yesterday with the C4 match lol
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    Lot of bugs I have seen. For example, BTR-90 is in "Transportation" and not "IFV" tab. Vepr and Alfa are still to heavy to use with steel armor even without attachments. Or steel armor is to heavy, and GM want to use it only with SMG? TDM Moskow is right move. If the game is wanted to be alive, it needs more maps or game mods. "Buying a weapon now unlocks all its default attachments" AT LAST Audio hit markers seems bad and "cartooon" At last I am on the right side in the game (East)
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    Can we change this TTK before live its pretty horrid. Also gut shots are still a thing which is very very bad with 3 bullet to kill. Overall the patch is good. I dont like how the game is giving more hand outs by lowering the cost of streaks. If its only for testing streak more and will be raise later that's ok but I already disliked how streaks are becoming less of a reward for playing objectives by upping the score you got and now lowering the cost. I like to see how the armor Idea works out but it doesn't matter with a 3 BTK and the super low TTK Trying to make us aim worse to make the 3 BTK viable doesn't work. So many times am I getting a kill at long range with out even having my crosshair on the player at the time of their death. It seems to be less about accuracy and more about throwing lead down range and getting the random hits which lead up to the kill. Patch quality is good but I dont like the design direction of being less hardcore more catering. Like lower match times, raised score, and now lowered BP cost for streaks. I enjoy the update but I cant stand the TTK time and having my aim pulled to the side doesn't balance it out.
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    IDW they wouldn't people sitting at max rank will miss out on stuff if they dont Wipe. Wipes are normal for when the actual game comes out. Give people items and specials for reaching certain ranks in EA then Wipe so we have stuff to do and can have the full game experience.
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    I meant polished ??
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    3 bullets to kill example RoF: 620 (middle of the pack) = 10.3333 bullets in a second 3 bullets at this speed would be around .29 seconds for TTK Average reaction time around .280 fastest reaction times are .15-.19 Latency in game is .030-.100 TTK adjusted with lat .26-.19 for the receiver to experience. This is not a good idea to have the TTK this low. It leads to plenty of issues. Issues and problems: Latency matter much more, cover is worth less now since the person popping the corner onto the cover users will see the cover user before the popper appears on their screen allowing and have less time to react to it. Mush less effort needed to kill. unbalanced guns as Higher RoF is king Less leaway to have variations in gun mechanics. Less variation in Dying before you can react to people that run around corners at you. (very tactical) Not being able to counter poor aiming players. insta death feeling. Narrow shallow encounters that end up in binary situations. .3s poor hit reg caused a artificial TTK that felt good and fair 3 hits to kill is a bad idea, 4 is the lowest that it should be since we have armor in game. The hit box is very big in the first place for 3 hit kills and even 4 hits at that.
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    Fucking legend ?
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    @Ragir still not implemented? As I see now it works even for warzone. No one is playing on PTE rn, and i cant even start a match to check some features. It is really annoying restriction which hinders to test the PTE build
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    What could possibly go wrong? Back at it again with another WW3 video. This time we push all kinds of boundaries - both in the game and out... Here's the video and below I've attached some sneak peak screen shots of next weeks video! Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for weekly content!
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    In-game uniforms should change at a small level based on the equipment carried. e.g. When carrying the MCS, a shotgun bandolier like the one below could show up on a player's chest rig, this could also apply for pistol holsters. Personally, I think this would be much better than adding many more clothing styles, and gives enough variety that the loadout can really feel individual. This probably shouldn't be directly customisable, but change depending on what the player picks as weapons.
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    Attach a scope, drum mag, and a, stock and you got yourself the best weapon in the game.
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    So....For the last month or so, a bunch of friends suggested that there should be a weapons specific server options for TDM. IE, sniper, smg, ar..etc...hopefully you guys can implement this when updating the live servers. I know your base isn't TDM, but there's a lot of us who actually enjoy TDM . Other than the die hards who need to destroy things with their toys, some ppl love this part of their gaming experience. I love my toys too, but I also love a good sniper fight! ?
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    yeah, I seen that. Thanks. I was kinda wasted last night. Plus, I was Looking forward to one of your smart ass comments? ?
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    What you did with shooting 0.4 patch is just incredibly great! I have not received such pleasure from playing for a long time! Please do not kill the shooting anymore. Since it is made now - it is very cool. But I crashed out of every fight. Please correct the crash, please. And reload the machine gun from the tank.
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    Najlepsza wersja jak do tej pory dźwięk jest super altyleria wymiata bez problem brawo panowie
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    8. It's more subjective, but sound when you get shot is just bad... Really bad.. Not to mention polish commander (sorry, but it's very subpar).
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    Yeah hitmarkers sounds. Why and if yes it sounds super annoying. I see no reason for the sound at all right now. Even if they are meant to tell us which armor they are wearing i dont see a point. Hit reg seems broken or the guns are just to accurate anymore.
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    Since the most recent update I have noticed that hit registration has gone downhill. Down a very big hill. I can unload on someone at close range and not see any hit markers at all. Most noticeably with the mg5, I can sometimes put 10 - 15 rounds into an enemy without any hit markers appearing. I am almost always forced to play on asian servers (with 200+ ping) due to them being the only servers populated at my play times so I am not sure if that is part of the problem, however this wasn't a noticeable issue before the 3.4 update. I have also experienced a high amount of rubber-banding since the 3.4 patch, usually I am dragged back to where i was 0.5 to 1 seconds ago, and it occurs approximately every 30 seconds. Like I said I'm not sure if this is due to the servers handling high ping differently, but since the last update the game has definitely become much less enjoyable to play. Game build: 3511736
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    not at this stage but for the future. We will get a vehicle meant for spawning later on down the roadmap.
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    We are aware of the situation that 0.3 caused. We took lesson from that. As far as I know many players wait for game to be stable without often crashes and more important for final product. Thank you for your concern.
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    WW3 has enormous potential. Sure the game doesn't have a big player base, and maybe the last update wasn't that great either. The concept of the game is what is going to keep it alive and so is the interaction with the devs and the community. Just give it time and those numbers will rise.
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    Suggestion: An "I can't hear you" visual icon An icon that shows up when a team member who has voip enabled but, - chose to mute you - doesn't have proximity/squad/team voice chat enabled so anything that you say will not fall into their ears. How: - Have a system of showing visual cues on; who's talking, who has voip enabled/disabled/doesn't have headset or mic - If you have muted someone/squad/team, on the other players' screen it will show that you can't hear them Why: Worried about feature overload and forgoing UX.
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    ok, sorry. Created the post just to check how many crashes players have after 0.3.4
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    Especially if you are a squadleader and got into ambush and 10 guns firing at once and you have to make REPS through radio, thats ducked up and at the end of the day your throat is soar as duck.
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    have you ever fired a gun? Those things are loud, to be precise, eardrum breaking loud so radio talk would be scetchy if you weren't kissing a microphone
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    Not a troll... I actually don't understand... because to me it feels like he's holding it between the lips. Close to the mouth would be understandable but it looks as if he's holding it in his mouth. I tagged it non-serious though. No... hence the confusion.
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    Dude i hope you are trolling. Are you ever been in army and use those things? I am and i dont see anything wrong there, some times the reception is very shitty and you have to shout in it escpecially when wearing gas mask.
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    Getting into a game- When you start up the game you will come to the WarMap with a prominent quick play button Below it are two buttons to click to deselect the game mode you don't want in the quick play selection. https://imgur.com/bpuE31Q Ingame Deployment Screen- When you are in game you will see your loadouts on the left. You can't change any during the match except for the equipment's and grenades. https://imgur.com/tRJ1lLp The equipment's you can choose to use in game are: Health pack - will drop a pack that can heal 2 people up to full by interacting with it First aid kit - will heal around 33 health per use and is ready to use more often then the pack, press LMB to use on yourself or pres RMB to use on others Ammo pack - how you refill ammo on the battlefield Equipment pack is used to repair armor plates and replenish on grenades The mini UAG - is a RC car that can be detonated with LMB or marked by spotting The mini UAV - is a RC flying drone used for scouting and spotting The Semtex C4 - you get 3 bricks of these that are thrown/placed with LMB and they can be remote detonated with RMB. Works on tanks. For grenades you can get two lethals or 3 non lethals. Grenades are cookable and can go off in your hand. In Game Controls- Q and E are for lean. To interact hold F. To use your equipment press 3. To slide run forwards till you get the momentum then crouch. To Lay on your back prone during a slide or hold S then prone. Double tap A or D to switch between stomach prone and back prone which will also face you 180 degrees. Hold R to switch to alternative ammo if you have any on that loadout. X is to spot. V is to change between fire modes Streaks are 6,7,8,and 9 to use. There is no deploy bipod feature in game it is just a modifier while prone for now. Alt is free look. To use a repair tool on a vehicle go up to it press 5 then LMB to use is RMB to switch between the components. You can’t heal the tank with the tool. To self destruct a vehicle hold H, it will start a countdown. In a Armored Vehicle use 1 and 2 to switch between the main guns two ammo types and 3 for the coaxial machine gun. Press C to change between camera views in a Armored Vehicle. Infantry - In the bottom left corner is the health bar and armor indicator. https://imgur.com/bcI9Qxi The health bar is broken up into thirds and will regenerate slowly to the end of the bar it is in. To heal past that bar you have to use medical equipment. The armor indicator lets you know if your armor is still functioning. To repair it use a equipment pack. The armor system in this game works by having a plate on the front chest and a optional helmet on the player model that will reduce damage on that hit box. There are 3 weight brackets to fall into for WW3 loadouts. Light which makes you run really fast and move in all directions really fast, Medium which is a third slower then light, and heavy is a third slower then medium. The mini map will show up in the top left when a ally UAV is active, it is not visible by default. https://imgur.com/C75LXa8 The face can be shot to get around the hitting the helmet hitbox. Battle streaks are obtained in Warzone by earning Battle Points though score earned more by squad objective play. https://imgur.com/oLZciST Team work- There is friendly fire so be sure to not shoot though and to where you throw grenades and place airstrikes Make sure if you have ammo to place it down for friendly's to use same for health and equipment packs To ask for a team mate to use their equipment spot them with X To ask squad lead for a objective to be marked or to take over squad lead if they aren't marking objectives spot them with X Being near a marked objective increases score and battle points a lot and if you are a squad leader having your squad do things on a objective give you lots of points. Spot armored vehicles and call them out in chat based on what objective they are near if you have the chance to You can disarm mines by interacting with them or shooting them. The more allies on a objective point the faster the cap, the game game is modeled around having a team on a objective. Infantry vs Vehicles - Against vehicles without a RPG you want to destroy the the optics with gun fire. Armored vehicles have two, a main sight that is first person usuallynext to the main gun, used to aim and a third person sight that is usually on top of the vehicle and they emit a white glint. (marked in the picture below) https://imgur.com/a/BBKSlvB This will blind the vehicle. To fix the components a player would have to be out of the tank. For a vehicle to heal it self it will have to use a vehicle repair station. You can tell that it's already destroyed if there are no hitmarkers or it looked brownish gray without any lens glint. With a RPG you would want to use a tandem if your load out has tandem rounds for the RPG and aim for the very back on the sides of the chassis or the rear end. Tanks have protective measures like APS that within certain conditions could destroy one RPG While fighting armored vehicle be sure to spot them and keep them spotted as situational and location awareness really help in taking them out with RPG, other vehicles or strikes. Make sure to self destruct unused vehicles to deny them to the enemy, unless it is safe from their use. Customization and load outs: Outside of a match on the WarMap you can go to the customization tab. You buy customization with ingame currency earned by getting a high score in game and ranking up. Score is how you get Exp in order to rank up. Gun customization- First slot is for the main sight Second is for the secondary sight that you will use by pressing [x] Third slot is for the barrel length -mid barrels are the default ones and affects weapons effective range (maximum DMG output on certain distance) -short barrels move the effective range of a weapon closer to you -long barrels move the effective range away from you Will affect recoil as well with long barrels having lower recoil in some cases. The fourth slot is muzzles, made up of suppressors, flash hiders (they work), and, compensator's. The fifth slot is The lower the value the lower the cosponsoring effect you will get you will get. the lower attachments such as bipods and fore grips Lower attachments affect the spread, recoil, ads, and switching in between weapons. The values are multiplied into the weapons based stat to make it lower. Bipods do not currently function and instead provide a recoil modifier in the prone to make recoil almost non existent. The sixth slot is for side attachments such as flashlights and lasers. Press T to use them. The seventh slot is for a extra magazine of ammo such as Armor piercing that increases penetration, FMJ which is default, and HP which does more damage to flesh at lower penetration. Hold down R to switch between ammo types Under the body parts tab you are able to adjust some aesthetics of the gun, some of which can and can’t be used with some attachments. You are able to carry any two weapons on the list in the gun slots. After that you have your helmet and armor plate slot. Then you have your gadgets. Armor customization.- You can choose to wear a helmet to have head protection ranging from light to heavy or no head protection like a hat instead. For the chest you wear a armor plate ranging from light to heavy. The armor will increase in damage reduction the heavier it gets which in turn makes it more durable as well. If you have any request please post below and I might change the doc. I am trying to keep this trimmed down for a very new player to read fast with the more important for jumping into a game parts up at the top.
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    DX12 is not supported and probably won't be for some time. It requires a lot of changes to the game, so it only makes sense to do once it's almost finished.
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