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    There is no map rotation in the autorotation. Once you get onto a Moscow TDM server, you will be rotated onto new Moscow TDM server each time, this is by design. We could in theory make some kind of map/gamemode voting, but that's something for the future. Rest of the suggestions, like joining a queue/spectator and so on are all considered and some are planned for sure, it just will take time, since there are bigger problems currently. We'd all love to have all this in, but the game is not yet finished and we didn't even have a server browser a month ago and autorotation two months ago
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    We've got a hotfix for you. Some server browser improvements and animation fixes, as well as temporarily hiding TOR sniper rifle from future usage. This is done because we're going to add more mechanics around this weapon and it's not possible to balance it right now. We've also added a Japanese translation to the game and made some audio changes. Here we go! 0.4.1 Patch Notes [GENERAL] Added Japanese localization (in-game and customization menu), Temporarily removed TOR to rebalance it and add it later, [BUGFIXES] Fixed two major crashes, Fixed infinite refresh in the server browser, Fixed inappropriate errors being send to server browser (no more 'server is full' when it's not), Fixed Chinese customization menu localization not working, Fixed DMG Nine-Milli idle crouch animation, Sprint reload animation fixed, Fixed gadget count not refreshing on HUD, Fixed strike deploy masks sometimes not showing up, [AUDIO] New Quad sounds, More differentiated footsteps, Lowered amount of bass in far gunshots.
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    Yes, this is how this is now setup. Yes, we're working on it. It will require some time to make sure the base tech works first, but after that we can have servers like Warzone - All Maps or so. Look above
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    sooooooo much shit talking here........like fuck.... yall need to just chill, if ya don't like what he's saying just don't respond... I read the whole thread, and I still don't know what I read
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    In TDM we have a lot of spam like "we are losing"/"wea re winning", since 0.4 it comes amid annoying sound. i suggest to change it: this announcements should appear only when any team reaches 10th,20th,30th and 40th kill. When the winning team reaches this point, announcement after another team for this point will be skipped once the losing team reaches it too: Team A gets 10th kill: Team A gets "we are winning" message, Team B gets "we are losing". Team B finally gets 10th kill too: nothing happens, because team A got it first Team B takes the lead and gets 20th kill: Team A gets "we are losing", Team B gets "we are winning". And so on. In this case the sound will not be so annoying as it is right now and will really helpful
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    i keep seeing these in the loading screens are we ever gonna get it?
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    So I've been reading through other threads and what not, and with Farm 51's development of 2 Chernobyl games, What would be the possibility of seeing a Chernobyl Warzone or TDM map? Either Pripyat or Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. However I think having a map that is the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant building would be absolutely awesome! Especially if they were to incorporate a way to have the first half of the match be the plant before the explosion, and then the 2nd half of the match AFTER the explosion. Maybe it's just me? But I think that would be absolutely awesome and a unique game map idea.
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    Did you guys play apex legends ?? they have nice Commands for team its was great idea to put same commands engine to the game used middle button mouse simple and fast .
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    Pretty much what I've done after creating this topic.
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    I personnaly find that this update is great. My only concern before was the TTK that I found a bit too long with the G36. In TDM I sometimes had to insist on an enemy to take him down but now it's just fast & precise. Love that ! I'm like other players here, and I prefer the short TTK with a complex gunplay instead of an easy aim and very very very long TTK (like Quake Champions, Doom or Apex Legends for example). Short TTKs are best for games with a realistic feel like WW3, cause it feels more real and no players will spend their time rushing around not playing the objective at all cause that sould make them easy targets. The more it goes, the more WW3 feels like a perfect mix between Battlefield and Insurgency Sandstorm. We'll see what will happend with the Recon Mode added. Hope the TTK will remain the same, and the map will be cool... That's not a bug but it's very useful. You can do the same in Ring of Elysium, BFV. In fact you can sprint when you crouch so you can move faster while staying covered, it's not an awkward animation. If you want to go from crouch to full speed sprint you'll have to manually stand up and, only then, sprint. Just think of the sprint key as a speed modifier that you can activate when you stand or when you crouch walking forward.
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    I warned you about this Tzoning. From the day you and I disagreed about the game needing server browser. Your response to me was that my opinion didn't matter because there's a logical way to do things (btw, everyone seems to enjoy the server browser tyvm) and I thought you were just in a mood. But here I see it again. You actually believe that your opinion is better and that mostly everything else that is not your opinion is inferior. I told you that it would help if you learned that you've just got to agree to disagree on some things. In case its not clear - this game was brought into early access so that it could be built around what the community wants. Not what you want. WW3 is not a game that will ever be catered to what you alone want. WW3 is not Tzonings side project.
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    TTK feels pretty good to me right now. 0.4 is a step closer to a more enjoyable experience.
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    For me TTK from 0.4 is balanced
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    0.4 is here! It comes with many improvements in game stability, camera movement and game balance. It also comes with heaps of new content (which is being produced with no relation to bugfixing, artists don't fix bugs!). We've been focusing on fixing the game before creating new problems, but that doesn't mean all work in all departments has to stop - don't worry, we're listening. I'd like to reiterate what has been in the 0.4 PTE patch notes, that due to us focusing on performance and stability, some stuff is moved to 0.5. We think that this is a good decision, because there's no point in releasing more stuff when the game is still not working properly. 0.4 marks the start of our commitment to "quality over quantity" approach - we'll see how it pans out. That all said, dig into those juicy patch notes - you might need a snack and a drink, this is a long one! 0.4 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Infinite loading is still happening sometimes, this is most likely related to the ammo problem (synchronization issues). If you can reproduce this issue, send us a video recording of you doing this, it will help speed up the resolution, Some HUD elements are not updating properly, this is because we're optimizing the HUDs, Crouch weapon positions are not finalized, resulting in lasers not aligning well and other visual bugs, [GENERAL] Server browser, New TDM map: Moscow Senate, New weapon: DMG Nine-Milli, New vehicle: Buggy, New outfit: Resistance Fighter, Weapon dropping and picking up is now ready for testing, Chinese localization added, New attachments (pistol silencer is in!), Reworked ballistics system with wall penetration changes, Polish commander VO, [IMPROVEMENTS] Penetration and ricochet setup for all small arms calibers and bullet types, Improved (smoothed) camera movement, Reload animation improvements, Improvements to stats displayed in the customization menus, Held grenade drops after death now, Motion blur strength is now available as slider (0-100%), New collision model in Soldier-Vehicle relation, Improved roadkill mechanic: soldier is now pushed when colliding with a vehicle, Anti-Tank Mine doesn't react to Mini UGV, Punish doesn't work in case of roadkilling allies (this is a temporary fix for vehicle thieves), Commander Voice Language can be changed in Audio Settings, Falling crate with vehicle now can be marked for other teammates, Weapons dropped by dead soldiers can be marked, Updated strikes stats in customization menu, Updated stats for warheads, Weapon sounds polish pass, Removed waiting for players from PTE builds (will stay as it was on Live), [GAMEPLAY] Claymore mines are back, TDM timers tweaks (wait times etc.), Helmet balance pass, Global hipfire accuracy decreased due to lower TTK, Vehicle and strike limit increased, Vehicle armor endurance increased, Environmental penetration and ricochet setup for all small arms calibers and bullet types. Every bullet type has its own distinct penetration/ricochet behavioural pattern that emulates their real-life performance against different materials. Those values are still WIP, Damage model pass - new damage and armor penetration values for all weapons (this is WIP, we will adjust things during PTE based on feedback): All automatic weapons set at 3 bullets-to-kill at close range with further variations based given caliber's range and AP performance, Armors reworked to provide protection (that is: increases the BTK) against specific calibers: HDPE is effective against pistol rounds, Polyethylen against pistol and intermediate rounds, Ceramic against pistol, intermediate and rifle, Steel against pistol, intermediate and rifle with some protection against sniper rifle shots at longer distances, Increased the damage dealt by leg/arm shots to 75% (was 50%) and hand/foot shots to 25% (was 20%) - This was done in order to make the TTK more reliable/predictable based on weapon shot and the armor used by the enemy. Those values are still WIP, Weapon recoil bugfixed which resulted in minor improvements to overall weapon handling, Assault Rifles had their stability reworked to promote more accurate bursts; will be observed and tweaked during the PTE, SMGs slightly reworked in order to adjust them to their newfound close-range effectiveness (especialy SIG was heavily re-done), Screen space for weapons tweaked for the new camera system, there may be a few oddities here to be fixed in PTE and/or once the new animation system goes live, Improved Quad's speed and acceleration, Improved Mini UGV + C4 combo. Now Mini UGV + 1xC4 can destroy IFV, MINI UGV + 2C4 can destroy a tank, UAV FlyEye: price -30% (500BP) UAV Barracuda: price -30% (1000BP), duration + 25%, range + 20%, UAV OTV: price -10%, duration +70%, JAM Reaper: price -15%, JAM X-47B: price 10%, range +30%, Airstrike Hellfire: price -15%, Airstrike Stormbreaker: price -20%, Airstrike Mephisto: price -15%, AA Artillery: increased damage against vehicles +25%, increased dmg against infantry +30%, decreased barrage duration to 10 seconds, decreased spread to 15m, increased price to 3200 BP HE artillery: increased dmg vs vehicles +30%, increased dmg vs infantry +25%, decreased barrage duration to 15 seconds, increased max dmg radius by 30% for each shell, SH artillery: increased max dmg radius by 30% for each shell, increased spread to 30m, increased price to 3200BP, CUAS Loitering Ammo: price -75%, CUAS Quadrocopter: increased unlock value to 10 000, price +40%, Warheads: GTB dmg vs infantry +30%, GTB blast radius -13%, GO1 dmg vs infantry +30%, GO1 dmg vs vehicles +30%, GO1 blast radius -13%, GK-1 dmg vs infantry +300%, GK-1 dmg vs vehicles +80%, GK-1 blast radius -25%, UGV Leviathan: price -25%, HP -10%, operational range +10%, UGV Battle Robot, price -25%, HP +30%, operational range -60%, MBTs: stock price -12%, AFVs: stock price -13%, IFVs: stock price -29%, [OPTIMIZATION] Instanced destructible objects, Warsaw Warzone map optimization pass, Berlin and Warsaw TDM maps optimization pass, Continuous collision, LOD, shader and mesh optimizations across the board, HUD optimization, [BUGFIXES] Fixed some weapons spawning with 0 ammo when player has multiple weapon copies in different loadouts, Fixed spread desync when server receives 3 or more shoot requests at once (should reduce hitreg issues), Improved player count calculation serverside, should reduce problems with server overfilling and autorotation, Wall glitching should be reduced greatly, Fixed flying vehicles after dismounting, Fixed calculating global score for the Metagame, Buying a weapon now unlocks all its default attachments, Fixes for strikes collisions with soldiers. Server will now properly close when 0 players is left on them. Many, many smaller bugs fixed, [AUDIO] Doppler effect for vehicles, Gearbox simulation for engine sounds, New hit marker sounds, Fixes for destroypack sounds, Gun sound positioning fixes, Radio barks and request fixes, TDM announcer voice, Level ambient improvements, Polish Commander, Better explosion sounds, Ambient sound fixes.
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    Why is Steam reserving tons of GB (60+) for a few MB or GB Update? Sometime its not possible to load the Update because the HDD is "out of space". Got this Problem only with WW3. Can anybody help?
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    The 0.4.1 patch made the game stutter a lot more for people. Have been asking in in game chat and discord and have seen a lot of reports of stuttering and framerate drops after 0.4.1 patch but it was ok during the 0.4 patch yesterday Also no it's not because we playing max players because when 0.4 came out on Thursday it was fine with max players but after this hotfix, everything got worse
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    Maybe move this button from all variants to the left side - there is no need to duplicate this button
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    So there is an answer to your problem
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    As far I noticed, after the patch, the same day, when the player count reaches 18vs18 servers start struggling somehow, the red/orange icon of the server performance start flashing and also the ping went from ~40 to ~140. As the player count was exceeded 20vs22, the server crashed every match in WZ at least.
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    Might not be the right place to ask, but to me 20v20 sometimes feels a bit too clustered at some spots on the maps. If it also leads to performance drops maybe 16v16 is at least for now the better option on WZ medium?
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    This might be related to new player count on maps, upped to 40. With player cap also being kinda wonky and letting in more players than it should, this could impact performance. There's also a bigger vehicle spawn limit and strikes cost less, which also can contribute to overall framerate. Please take a look at your fps when there's not many players on the map and if it changes depending on player count. If it does, we can balance it out a bit with player counts and limits.
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    Miałem się wypowiedzieć na temat aktualizacji ale widzę, że wszystko zostało już napisane Jedynie co mogę to się pod tym wszystkim podpisać
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    Maybe yes maybe not. For me the morphine animation is balanced ATM. You can restore 33HP faster then using medpack so why doing it more faster?
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    Why not? And tactical spoon But for real. Combo sights and magnifiers are something that is missing on WW3. I looking forward to see them on game. Also I would like to choose where secondary sights are mounted (colimators, iron sights) e.g.
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    I can’t tell if your being sarcastic or not?
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    I can already see the "Nerf this" or "Remove this" posts the moment these hit the PTE. Personally, it wouldn't bother me to have them in as I'm not one to care what I kill with/get killed by in game. But, that is just me.
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    In my opinion the Moscow TDM map needs to be removed until it is optimized. There really is no reason why I can play a large warzone game with 40 people on ultra with a solid 60 FPS while recording, and then all of a sudden only be getting 20-30 FPS with 20 people and not recording on that map.
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    Nice video, well made and I like the commentary. First video I've seen from you, but I suppose there'll be more to follow now, your content is very well made. I also agree on the TTK, I like how it's made the game more difficult and promoting positioning and thinking. The ballistics are cool, too.
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    As the Title says, here's a short compilation of "Peekaboo" moments with tanks on Berlin
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    The problem will be investigated, but I guess on Monday Devs are already informed about the problem.
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    I think it's not the patch itself which made the performance worse but the fact that we finally play on full servers.
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    Brazilian Favela - Let the God of Rage drink deep from the rage this kind of map would generate.
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    I just quote one of our favorite Developers So thanks to him @Borreh Original topic
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    >Posted a question to the developers on what they would like to do with the TTK in the future. >Got everyone's personal opinion on it even though there are other topics asking for that specific opinion. >Got the battle arena for "I love the TTK" vs " I really dislike the TTK". >Last comment I got was the actual answer. >Thank you @weedtime LMAO /Too big image, double-click, you can resize weedtime /I liked the original weedtime, pls no bully
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    We have multiple ideas as to what to do with armor, but first I'd rather have people play the game a bit longer. Armor is dependant on the weapon used now so the reason of it feeling "worthless" is that a lot of players may take light armors and expect them to protect them against assault rifles - Which is not the case by design. We're all up for an armor buff but first we'd rather be sure the current balance is UP and it's not just the case of players not understanding/being accustomed to the new balance.
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    Ah we finally get to the point, So that you can enjoy it. See: There are players who enjoy the game as it is now. Then there are players who enjoy something totally different and it is all fine. You wouldn't believe it but if just seen players complain about the armor being too strong so that you need to many bullets to kill someone. I do not follow that argumentation and I would say that this is a small minority but still these players exist. And they all play for fun! Fun that is what games are about. Maybe you are so hardcore that you have forgotten that I don't know. But if there are enough players enjoying a certain kind of gameplay or to be more specific TTK as in this case and have fun playing it that is all the argument you need for justifying this TTK. Your language is quite rude and while you claim everybody else is just having an opinion and you are the only one knowing better you blatantly fail to see that you view is just as subjective. Yes your arguments and numbers are correct. But you are all the time using the same argumentation which applies to a very specific situation. Close quarter engagements without any cover. Seriously just try to get familiar with the thought that you do not know the one glorious and golden answer to anything and there are players that are considering themselves also hardcore players (ffs I still do not know what you mean by that besides putting hundreds of hours into a game) and prefer something different from you. Might be as hard for you as controlling a modest recoil but just try it. Sometimes pracitce is all you need
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    Me too. I prefer it over the old one.
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    It has a rough start but its EA. Give it some time. They are young and learning. If you are frustrated take a step back and play some other games and come back in a week, maybe 2 or something. Always helps when I'm frustrated. Farm 51 really tries to do everything they can and I think once they are done with the game the population will skyrocket. Maybe not the same amount as a AAA title but it will attract a lot more players.
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    Hey there, there's a lot of buzz around The Farm 51's new announcement and we wanted to clear up some things, because there's no need to panic at all. We understand your concerns that with a new title the work on World War 3 might slow down, but there will be no change in our development team at all, since nothing really changed internally. World War 3 team is over 60 people now, with new members being constantly hired. We also still look for new people. The team working on Chernobylite has been doing it for over a year, even before we announced World War 3. There were always 2 games being made, with separate teams that are funded separately and have separate managements. Each project has its own team and there's no crossover. When the team that is now making World War 3 was assembled (from 99% new employees), work on Get Even wasn't finished either. When that team finished up Get Even, they started working on other things, and Chernobylite came out of this work. So, again - we understand your concerns, but nothing is changing at all when it comes to World War 3 development.
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    Hey there, this time another batch of fixes, with a big one we think is finally figured out: the 0 ammo bug. Let's get to the notes! PTE 0.4.3 Patch Notes [GAMEPLAY] Vehicle and strike limit increased, Shotgun range nerfed, Tweaked HMG mag capacity, Boxer and Abrams armor prices update, Vehicle armor endurance increased, [BUGIFXES] Fixed some weapons spawning with 0 ammo when player has multiple weapon copies in different loadouts, Fixed spread desync when server receives 3 or more shoot requests at once (should reduce hitreg issues), Fixed splash damage on vehicle projectiles, Fixed weapon firing automatically when player jumps, Fixed air vehicles not colliding with ground vehicles, Fixed exploding vehicles not dealing damage, Fixed some impact effects getting stuck, Some fixes to guided projectiles, Fixed localized content stretching server browser, Fixed carpet bombing, [IMPROVEMENTS] Warhead stats display in customization update, Server browser improvements: displaying join errors, default sorting, locked servers are shown by default, Reduced damage received by Buggy upon collision, Better Buggy setup for character collisions, Improved player count calculation serverside, should reduce problems with server overfilling and autorotation, Buggy wheel collision updated, Server will now properly close when 0 players is left on them.
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    Its only 28 bucks, turning it to 15 or 20, wont change anything. But the player base will gradually increase, we are just in very early build.
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    Ammo submachine gun Sig is 666 bullets. But it can't firing.
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    Agree with this, once its in a better state then I am sure its nothing a few open test weekends wouldnt fix
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    First devs must fix game. After that they can do marketing things like promotion or sale.
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    I dont see a need for a price drop when they are just gonna raise it in the end. Why try to bring more players to the game that's not in a great state.
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    There was one during the steam winter sale, that when I bought it.
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    I don't know exact numbers but there was a topic in "Tutorial" subforum in which author had made a spreadsheet with the numbers which were pretty close to the real ones. Also, to dispel any doubts hitbox multipliers is only one of few major systems which are determining final damage amount. We also have our armored helmets, with various bullets having their own damage, speed and penetrability of different materials. Please remember that the damage system is not final, and there will be many changes in the coming months.
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