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    It would be cool to see some weapon specific features like sights. An example would be the M4 carry handle ironsight, for when the M4 carbine is added. A further example would be the G36 base optic which has a magnified scope and red dot built in. This would be cool as it offers more customisability and gives users more factors to take into account when choosing a weapon.
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    Roger that,thanks for the quick response-Have a great week-end
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    No idea, not every email is received, also we don't have 24h support, there is an IEM this weekend, so it's gonna take some time, try to catch Ragir on discord or send him a PM here, but after the weekend anyway as they're busy and until Monday no one gonna answer to you.
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    RPGs should have a 150 meter kill radius against unarmored people, just like real life. I don't particularly understand the argument against the dot. It isn't enough to be incredibly obvious, and definitely isn't on the same level as a full crosshair is. Plus, movement speed is high enough in this game that hipfire is incredibly common. I often don't even use my sights much at all up to around 10 meters, and then considering running head on with someone with the collision glitching being able to actually shoot at someone who is a foot away without looking down your sights shouldn't need a laser to know where my barrel is. The whole point of a crosshair or the dot in this case is to make up for the lack of depth perception and the resulting spacial orientation that allows us to make a good general estimate of where the barrel is pointing without having to line up our eyes with the barrel. Considering the current hipfire spread as well, it definitely doesn't really seem like an issue at this point.
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    Warning: Recon is being tested with a closed group of community testers, it will be available after testing is complete! This time we've got a weird one, we're pushing a part of the patch to test Recon, so not eveything is available in this build. We'll keep you posted on next week's proper 0.5 PTE patch. Some new features are included in this version, however, like Heli Combat Drone or Warzone warmup.
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    If it's innapropriate I recommend reporting it to steam. In games names come directly from there.
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