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    Ttk has a huge effect on players who have no choice but to play with a higher ping. Personally for me, being forced to play on AS servers with at least 200 ping the game went from being great with 0.3, to being not worth persevering with after the lowered ttk. On the majority of occasions i will be killed by players from around a corner, or players that I know I could have beaten if our pings were anywhere close to equal.
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    In 0.5PTE time to switch between weapons and gadgets was significantly reduced. I think it's twice lesser now. So, all u need - is to wait a little. Patience is a virtue.?
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    Thank you for participating ! We will contact selected members via e-mail ! Welcome on board.
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    This is something we're going to add, but because our game is multiplayer only, some parts of it don't work offline, we require a server running to do this well. Because we can't just run a server in the background, this will require some additional work to achieve, but we will have a way to test stuff for you.
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