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    As someone who is extremely anti-Censorship, my only hope is that the Developers give the Community the tools to wage their own battles (I.E Report options, ability to mute/ignore People, etc) and in turn stay out of the fray between members of the community unless certain circumstances call for action (E.G Realistic Threats, Giving out People's Personal Information, and etc are happening...) But, the moment the Developers start trying to dictate the social behaviors of everyone in the community outside of those very select few that are truly needing to be kept in check, is the moment I start siding with the People I normally rather not interact with, and speak out against the Developers.
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    Some more PTE patch notes, this one has a new map overlay. You bring it up with M as usual, but it's see-through and using ADS while having it up will temporarily disable it so you can shoot and get back to map checking. We're going to add more visibility options to this map as well. Apart from that, more Heli Drone fixes, some VOIP UI added (for muting people) and other improvements. PTE 0.5.1 Patch Notes [GENERAL] New mini map and map overlay (optimized and more reliable), Added VOIP UI under [TAB], Server browser improvements: added colored game modes, fixed checkbox click area, [GAMEPLAY] Time to kill tweaks, Combat Drone: weapon balance pass, Artillery damage tweaks, Added pitch and tilt widget for air vehicles HUD, [BUGFIXES] New features for Combat Drone's movement, Fixed impact zone placement in air vehicles, Fixed aiming offset for Combat Drone machine guns, Correct shell particles for Combat Drone machine guns, Removed one extra ammo when reloading for Combat Drone rockets, Potential splash damage fix for RCWS heavy cannon and grenade launcher, Added some missing translations to the server browser, Correct widgets net role check - should reduce map desynchronization problems, [TWEAKS] New materials for Heli supply drops.
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    *Stats of the Vepr are based on 0.5.1 PTE version* Vepr AR supposed to be versatile and fun weapon, but it isn't to be it at all now. There are some issues with Vepr have I found. 1) Weight. I know, it's a bug, but this simple bug hasn't been repaired for over than 3 months. Not a powerful assault rifle with the weight more than general purpose machinegun is a nonsense. That's the main reason, why Vepr is rarely seemed in the game. 2) Additional ammo. It cannot be reloaded with AP or HP ammo. It is also a bug, and it is didn't solved. 3) Wrong name. When the most weapon in game has it real-life counterpart, Vepr has not. It seems to be something, like AK-74, but it isn't. 4) Strange damage for its caliber. Vepr has 5.45x39 round, 1317 J muzzle energy and has 32 damage. When most of NATO assault rifles in game has 5.56x45 round (more), 1725 J (G36) muzzle energy (more), but only 30 damage (less). So my suggesion are: 1) Remove the bugs. That is the most important. 2) Rename Vepr as AK-200 and redesign. You can use Beryl stock, that is already in game as default, so there will be not a lot of work to do this. 3) Make the damage lower, than 5.56 AR and compensate it with lowering of spread. New AK-200 AR should find its niche in the game as versatile mid-range assault rifle with low damage, but very low spread, with that you can shoot with long burst or automatic fire without losing aim and presicion. Same as ARX-160 in Battlefield 4. Thanks for reading, vote and comment=)
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    I do agree the mg5 is a little strong right now. I just hope if they adjust it that they wont take away the damgage or the firerate. I would agree with recoil increase so you have to really master it or use a bipod to make it this strong. To be honest I played now for 160 hours and never encountered someone I would have suspected to be a cheater. I just think the game is just too small atm to have someone actually invest in some kind of cheat.
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    I envy your skills, but then again, you're using a rather overpowered gun (although I think the MG5 is rather useless if ammo conservation and stealth were the name of the game) and a setup that can handle 60 frames in most of the battlefield. I try not to complain about hackers since such reports can be abused. Hackers do seem to stick out fairly obviously for gameplay (Warmode and Modern Warfare 2 were my worst experiences with them), but then again, this game has so many bugs it can be blamed on insufficient bug reports or whatever.
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    I can foresee some people complaining of censorship, but those memes they chose did touch on sensitive and political topics which this game shouldn't get too involved with if it wants to see more players. It's already getting a lot of flak for a variety of gameplay issues. Best of luck to the devs out there.
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    Thank you for trying to make this game more open to potential players, not just the typical audience of first person shooters that give the genre a bad reputation. Issues surrounding gender and sexuality are highly sensitive right now and shouldn't be a topic of jest, and graphic depictions of suicide as well.
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    Problem is that those fixes are taking like forever. Before 0.3 the game was quite stable, sure it wasn't working well on older computers but it was solid and stable. Since 0.3 there are constant fixes which go nowhere it is almost 3 months and player numbers are dropping, reviews are down and game is slowly dying. There is little new content sure we got two TDM maps but they are versions of maps that already exist. Smolensk was a huge fiasco, there is no Recon, no Smolens, no Arctic Map. How much time devs need to fix it ? A Year ? 6 months ? Because they already have had 3 months to iron this version out. Right now there are still game-breaking bugs, there is hardly any new stuff and players are not longer playing WW3. Another fiasco with 0.4.4 patch yesterday was just another evidence that devs might not know what they are doing, as since launch it's like one step forward, 2-3 steps backwards. And I've been with them since before release but it's hard to have anymore faith
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    We plan to encourage accuracy and headshots, yes.
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    We're already testing a slightly increased TTK, it's not as tanky as it was before but gives the players a little bit more time for reaction.
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    We're currently testing a revised TTK which is slightly longer than the current one. It still gives the feeling of a more hardcore BF-style game but you have noticably more time to react. We're still ironing stuff out but it will probably go live with the next update. Truth be told I'd love to add a hardcore mode with 1 hit kills for both infantry and vehicles (save for armors, APSes and everything else we have) and just make everyone happy but we can't divide the playerbase like that at this point
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    As another long time FPS player the game is unplayable on a competitive level. There's numerous reasons why low TTK is bad for competitive games that are not opinions but tied into science such as reaction times and lag. There are decades of FPS development before this game show are range of playable TTK For BF fans like my self the vast majority of us do not like the Hardcore modes of BF, The majority of us do not play Hardcore modes and the competitive players and tourneys almost never do it on a hardcore mode for factual non opinion based reasons. Less good aim is needed in HC, positioning is less needed since the game is far to twitch based now which means that you can easily kill multiple people in no mater what disadvantaged position you are in, the main tactic is to use the lag as you pop cover so you can safely kill enemy before they see you, and you always have to play with ping in mind as it determines all fights between good players instead of who outplayed the other or who shot better its who exploited the lag better. If the majority of BF fans don't play Hardcore mode when available so the majority of BF players who looked at this game as the alternative and are waiting for release would hate this TTK. I really loved the game at launch and if they will not fix the TTK at least give us the option of two game modes because this is unplayable and will be unplayable if you take a look at the history of FPS game dev for competitive multiplayer. I'm am against having two modes but if there is not competitive TTK then the game is not worth playing at all. Its sad and funny about how many HC player asked for this when the game was not yet released because they though it was going to be to hard for them to play core with the rest of us but now that they got what they want to hell with the rest of us. Pretty much this forum, there are good points as well which is the reason I posted this video.
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    This update introduced a server crash, we're reverting and fixing it! Hey there, we've got another one of the stability patches, another batch of crashes is fixed. We know this might not be the most glamorous patch, but we're still making changes for 0.5, but we are pushing stability fixes to live as we go. This is most likely last of the stability patches for now, next one should be 0.5. 0.4.4 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed a bug that allowed players to use the drones to spawn in spots they shouldn't, Fixed another batch of crashes.
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    Heloo. I love this game and i have great idea. I think the Game Modes like in BF3, BF4 and Killzone makes this game really really great. Mixed Mode : one game and four or five missions in random mode like in Killzone on ps3. What you think? Sorry for my englisch.
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    I don't care about bugz. I don't see any gamebreaking bugs. For me. Plus, I don't rly care about new weapons. I have my Pecheneg and MSBS-B and don't rly need all other guns. But there are 2 things that keep bothering me. Maps. I'm a little tired with current maps. I've found it when I rolled all over the Berlin with destroyed optics and nothing stopped me. I almost can run now with closed eyes. Ppl saying something about Smolensk map being bad etc. I don't see them playing. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つGiff it back! Give us more maps or let us play current in other way. Dunno is it hard to implement but why don't u do "floating zone" Warzone. I mean, u've made Warzone LARGE maps. BUT! For last two months we are playing Warzone normal. And in the same time u can fit almost two normal Warzones in 1 WZ Large map. Why don't u split 1 WZ Large map in 2 different warzones? For example Berlin. We can fit 1 Warzone map in the middle and left side on the WZ Large map(green line). And the novelty of this map will be firefights in the park. All WW3 maps are urban warzones and only one map with trees was Smolensk, that is now not accesible. Or we can use the right side of the map(red line), and those, who play TDM, will say that it'll be good for CQC firefights map, but(!) it'll be Warzone and not simple TDM. And there will be even undeground part with metro station. Left - trees, right - metro. And finally. We can turn map 90 degrees(see yellow line with quadrants as bases) and we will see that now two opposing sides are fighting for highway. Middle of the map is perfect for vehicular combat, but enemies can allways be flanked by infantry. With this each map can be seen from a new angle and have some "fresh air" in them. And second thing. Optimization. In 0.5 PTE on empty or almost empty server my FPS are 15-20 higher than they are in 0.4 version. But I didn't play on fully populated server, so can't say waht it will be. Because in 0.4 my fps on full sever drop to 30-40 and sometimes even less. I checked my CPU and GPU. CPU utilization 40-60%. And 1st from top is GPU. I don't know what are these drops to almost 0% but I don't like them. I want game to run smoothly and don't rly care 10 or 20 guns are available. So, resuming. I'm all for optimization IF(!) it can be done once and for all and wouldn't need much attention later.
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    I think that game needs about 2-3 more maps in all modes and maybe one more quicker mode to keep community interested. Every other addon should be postponed till most bugs are fixed.
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    can you split your activity like 80% bugfixing and polishing the game, 20% adding new content? What the point of new content if nobody can (or want to) play (literrally or just because dont want to play due to bugs)? Bugfixing is in priority imo
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