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    I know tons of players including myself that once TDM was released we played nothing else and if TDM servers werent populated they wouldnt even play the game as Warzone has alot of running issues for alot of people. I feel this game mode has been a bit neglected and really is the most promising mode for alot of players. With 0.6 coming to the live servers soon I feel this will bring a few people back to TDM as the game is now alot more like it was pre-christmas patch. Is there any future plans for TDM? Also some good ideas were said recently that a TDM/Domination mode would be absolutely amazing. I love the faster, high action gameplay and hope we get some players back Also we have had a name change on twitch as people kept thinking we was a rap music page and I am now under the name of crispeay thanks!
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    It's April 29th now and the giga patch is supposed to go live this month. Will it go live tommorow? Or is it being pushed back?
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    I'm re-posting all of the video's players left on the Official Discord Server (#Send_Tickets channel) because it was mentioned by Rozmo the support bot is broke. It wouldn't be fair to all the players who reported bugs and not seen by the right people. - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ViteKuuu [GiD] Posted on Discord Yesterday at 12:16 PM -new Przechodzenie przez płyty drewniane po drugiej stronie to samo - 1, 2 błędy na B2 na dole - 2, Zblokowanie się między schodami a sufitem i szpara między ścianą a sufitem - 3, Zablokowanie się między drzewem a skałą - 4, Palenie się na kamieniach, ogień przechodzi z innego pomieszczenia C2 - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - grzegorz75jan Posted on Discord Yesterday at 5:14 PM -new WW3 PTE 0.6.5 Blokowanie się w skałach na Polyarny przy A1
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    To be honest, I dont mind TDM or Warzone, when their isnt enough people for Warzone I go on TDM, but recently, their isnt any players to play with, most time when I check their is 5 people playing the game, so no point loggin in. And like it has been said earlier, adding a new mode, such a RCON isnt a good idea for now, the player base is too low to support 3 modes.
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    I'm with you that 0.6 can change that, <Removed>, the game suited tdm so well and like I say I think they underestimate the amount of people that played the game only for this game mode. New maps would be a great start, also introducing the mini map into it, but like you say ideally we need the player base first. TDM would be a perfect test base to start dropping bots in so people can atleast play /NDA weedtime
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    So you have no idea the amount of people that played the game for just TDM, to be good it is alot more than mindless garbage play that's for sure. Obviously you struggled. Lots of the best WW3 players used to play and kick arse in TDM Also Smolensk is probably the worst example, let's hope that's not a taste of things to come. Polyarny, Warsaw, Moscow I would of agreed
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    It was first and only time when happened.
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    30mm, 35mm and 40mm bullets damage tweaks - they will score one hit kill only with precise shot, 40mm pocisk fregmentujący zabije piechotę tylko przy bezpośrednim uderzeniu ?!?!? Chce to zobaczyć na żywo. Toż to jest żart... Czyli Wolverin i inne Ajaxy stają się kompletnie bezbronne wobec RPG i piechoty. Bo przy braku żyroskopowania wieży i działa bezpośrednio w gościa trafisz raz na 50 strzałów będąc w ruchu. Czyli pozostaje jeżdżenie czołgami albo 57mm na wieży i wyżej... Jeżeli bierzecie się za balansowanie to sugerował bym robić to całościowo, a nie wybiórczo. Rozumiem, że event na biegu i ludzie patrzą no ale... Generalnie nie wiem, w którym miejscu został znerfiony Heli dron bo nadal trafienie RPG go na strzał nie niszczy. Obniżenie jemu HP nie rozwiązuje problemu. Czy heli dron ma mapę trafień (tak jak pojazd trafiony od tyłu w burtę) ? Jeżeli nie to czas to szybko zrobić. Trafienie w którekolwiek śmigło powinno znacznie więcej HP zabierać niż trafienie w resztę elementów. Można 3 magazynki z 7,62mm wywalić z hitmarkerami, a ten se leci dalej. Jammer nie jest rozwiązaniem, bo bywa duża dysproporcja w grze i liczbie przejętych punktów jak i ilości BP. Musi być możliwość zestrzelić Heli Drone'a
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    I think that problem with heli with hitreg. Its not balance problem. Check Especialy 49 sec
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    1) Ammo. I understand, that you, guys, tried to make ammo pack useful. But I don't think, the lowering starting ammo pool is a good decision. As well as you have lowered ammo pool, but haven't decreased weapon weight for missing ammo amount. Maybe two things can solve the problem of usefulness of ammo pack. a) Magpool reloading. b) Some kind of reviving. Ofc, I'm against BF3-4 system with infinite and unrestricted revival. Both two things increasing ammo consunption per life. 2) Mobile spawn point. I have recently destroyed MSP with assault rifle, while destroying its RCWS. Don't think it is OK. 3) Respawning New respawn system causes chaos. You shoot an enemy and his friends budding from him right under the fire. At least, it should be prohibited to spawn on player, when he is in combat. 4) Heli drone. Still OP. I shoot at him 3 RPG missiles. The first hadn't registered, and the other two only slightly damage it. 5) Laser sight. Seems near to perfect. Simple improvement, like this, make the game good.
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    I know this thread is a bit dead now, but seeing how VOIP has been put in now I would like to see some things added: When a player speaks (including yourself), you should see their name/profile pic next to a speaker symbol like in CSGO. I was screaming like an idiot into my mic on PTE today and couldn't tell if anyone could hear me or if VOIP was working at all. Developers should release a 'how to use VOIP' video, it seems a bit confusing right now, and it would be nice to see an easy to follow tutorial because it seems to be completely missing from the HUD right now and most people won't go delving into the settings menu Use a different default key to the radio key, because otherwise people who haven't followed the game in a while will think that voice is just another way of saying radio message when the prompt comes up
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    And to think I was actively trying to keep the post on the smaller side lol. I could see that being a good choice if some variant of the M16 is added to the game as well which will further that difference between the two weapons. So yeah, full agreement there if the M16 gets added, otherwise I would just leave it alone so Players can 'make their M16' without it actually being the M16. We will see what the Devs do though. :) I had forgot all about that handguard matter because I dropped cash on buying a new one right away lol. I use it as a CQC weapon, a quasi-Squad Automatic Weapon for fire support, and a burst fire DMR mainly myself. So I've managed to get use to the recoil already, but I will agree that it could seriously cheese a new player who buys it as their second rifle and don't have a spare 10k around. I think having the stock handguard have a light stat buff wouldn't be too big of a deal, as a matter of fact you could tie that light recoil reduction into it to make it a tad bit more manageable than it would be regularly. I've already started on that dedicated post, so we will see what ultimately comes of it when that is finished. :) I wouldn't mind subsystems being added that effect the performance of the Unmanned Drones. The Helicopter Drone could have- Tail Rotor - Damaging it makes it harder for the Drone to turn. Main Rotor- Damaging it makes it so the Helicopter Drone cannot fly nearly as high Optic Feed - Damaging it scrambles the visual feed for the Drone like it would for any other Vehicle Left Weapon System - Damaging it makes the left weapon incapable of firing. Right Weapon System - Damaging it makes the right weapon incapable of firing. We already have this stuff for the IFVs, AFVs, and MBTs so I don't think it would be a big deal to have it on the UGVs/UAV. But, I can think of some extra stuff that can be done, but it all ties together, so I'm going to save that for the dedicated post I'm making. But, I do think subsystems would be good if the Devs want to go down that path.
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    Yeah because sitting in a tank camping an objective requires genius level intellect. Just because something is too HARD for you to do, doesn't mean it's stupid. Also, on selfish playstyle, it's a game mode where the team works together to reach a specific goal, in TDM that's the kill count. Warzone supports people like yourself that like to sit on a rooftop on Smolensk 300 miles away from the actual fight and fire off drones to get kills to even out their K/D at 1. Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you're right. <Removed image> - offensive weedtime
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    .6.4 Airstrikes now receive bonus BP for destroying vehicles, Additional points for destroyed vehicles - exceptions for Quad and Buggy, You already get a bunch of points for killing vehicles why are you giving more handouts. 3 RPGs gets me 800 points for low effort work already. People are not going to suddenly think that they should use streaks on tanks more just because it gives them BP. Just lower the score over all already. Stop making the game easy mode. Make people work for something and they wont get bored and quit. Number one issue with this game is that its easier then it was at launch and a whole lot more boring. You arent making room for casuals the game already was pretty casual in the first place and need more skill ceiling. Even core and casual players will get bored of a easy game eventually.
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    WAY TOO MANY VEHICLES Well, we have 1 tank, 1 IFV, 1 MRAP from the start for each team. We have 1 neutral BTR-80, we have limit of 2 more tanks, AFVs, IFVs. For small maps like Polarny vehicles spam is real
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