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    17.05.2019 - 22:00 CEST PTE Server Ladies and gentlemen! It is my pleasure, after looking at the success of the first "Breakthrough" event, as well as a rising interest within the community, to announce that team GiD and F51 wishes to welcome you for a second round of the event. Please read the following rules and information, and if interested, please reply down below. Thank you. Last time we had a lot of fun and I think the majority would agree, however we also had some things not go our way so it was decided to be improved upon. Just like the first game, we focus primarily on having fun together as well as to see how far WW3 could develop. We're not looking for toxicity nor awards. We play for a good, fun time. Also, once again, spaces are limited, please keep in mind. Map and general discussion of the game: The map this time around was chosen to be Smolensk. Also, this time, we will be slightly changing the rules of the game in comparison to the first time, namely, this time two objectives will be attacked simultaneously, points designated in their own areas. (Areas A, B, C). Taking an area requires the attackers to capture both of the objectives in the area (For example, capture of A1 and A2 in the area of A). The defenders have to defend these two objectives until both of the objectives are taken. After taking the area, the defenders retreat to the next area, take both of the objectives, and afterwards, the attacking team may, only then, proceed to attack. The map has been divided with a red line and labelled with text: ZONE A – First area of defending/attacking. ZONE B – Second area of defending/attacking. ZONE C – Third and last area of defending/attacking. NO-GO ZONE FOR DEFENDERS – Defenders are not allowed to move in this area. Sequence of Attacking/Defending: First we wait for everyone to join the server. Afterward, the defending team takes over objectives A1 and A2 and set up their Mobile Spawn Point in area A. The defending team only moves in their area. The attacking team, however, has access to all of the map, as long as any unauthorized objectives are not being taken. After losing objectives A1 and A2, the defenders move to area B. In this moment, the attacking team halts their progress and does not attack nor shoot. After the defenders take points C1 and C2, the attackers may begin again. WARNING – the defending team must remember about moving their mobile spawn point so that it does not occur midgame that they left it somewhere in an area they cannot and or may not access. The defenders move only in the area B. Just like the previous situation, the defending team captures objectives B1 and B2 and set up their moble spawn point. The defenders move in area C (plus moving through area B from the spawn to get to area C) Winning conditions: Defending team – Holding at least a single objective until the end of round time is reached or either side gains 5000 tickets. Attacking team – Taking over objectives B1 and B2 in area C. Game rules: Mobile Spawn Point – It is forbidden to use this vehicle as a weapon. It is to serve only as a spawn point. Both teams are not allowed to destroy the other team's MSP. STRIKES – All are allowed. VEHICLES – All are allowed. Thank you for reading, and once again, reply if you are interested. Biggest thanks to organizers DareQQ and Lugresky for organizing this and letting me handle the EN part, as well as Farm51 for allowing this to happen yet again. Also another thanks to the people who played last time, hope you guys enjoyed yourself and will return for more. Hope to see you there, Polak
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    Owszem przydatny system. Byłby dość dobry w formie zwykłego "pingowania" jak to miało miejsce choćby w stary Warcraft 3 lub oznaczania konkretnego kwadratu z siatki dzielącej mapę.
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    Voice should be instant on for the squad ( with option to mute trolls ) and the squad leader should have an option with push to talk to team or to all
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    This tutorial is for players who have problem with infinity loading screen when they are trying to join a match. If you have this infinity loading screen (need to close the game by Alt +F4) please try this steps: After starting the game go to customization menu First change all cosmetics items (cammo, uniform, helmets, gloves, emblems etc.) and set all 3 soldier reaction Go to soldier equipment section In every of 6 soldier equipment slots you must change primary and secondary guns (the best option is to set defeault guns like AK-15 as primary and Lebedev as secondary in every 6 slots) If you want to use VEPR make sure that you change the stock magazine for one of that are on the right: In all 6 soldier slots set STRIKE'S (all 4 strikes on each soldier slot) In all 6 soldier slots set Frag granade and first aid kit Exit the game and start again Try to join the match If you can join the game, from that moment you can easilly change all your equipment like you want. Cheers and don't forget to get feedback if that method work for yours problems. o7
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