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    I've said this in the Steam forums as well. With 0.6 patch, the game is so stable and smooth. Sure, there are still rough edges that will get ironed out as the game evolves but I think F51 showed everyone that they are committed and serious about building a great game. There are plenty of players all day long now in the USA after 0.6 patch. Very nice! If F51 keeps this up, I am sure we will have a CLASSIC shooter in our hands that will define the future of other shooters. Thanks F51! PS - I am very dismayed with all the FAKE NEWs being spread by people who don't even own the game. If they play 0.6, I'm sure they'll realize how great the game has become.
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1739485311 I f...ng finished it! Started before the 0.6 and when all others were playing I was typing.? No more! I'm free! I can play WW3 all I want!
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    As we got reduced ammopool, then maybe add an ability to restore ammo by dropped weapon of same caliber? And not just by walking over it but interacting with it within a few seconds /discuss
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    Heyo, we're still not 100% sure about when the animation rework will be finished, we've got it working 90% and we're redoing the animations now. The new system smooths out the camera a lot, especially during vaulting (it's weirdly smooth now) and when moving (you'll notice some weird camera movements after you turn or stop, jitters in camera when crouching and laying down etc.). It's now working, but we need some more time to redo the animations to use ones from the mocap sessions. Might be 0.7, might be in a few months, I can't say for sure, nobody knows.
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    17.05.2019 - 22:00 CEST PTE Server Ladies and gentlemen! It is my pleasure, after looking at the success of the first "Breakthrough" event, as well as a rising interest within the community, to announce that team GiD and F51 wishes to welcome you for a second round of the event. Please read the following rules and information, and if interested, please reply down below. Thank you. Last time we had a lot of fun and I think the majority would agree, however we also had some things not go our way so it was decided to be improved upon. Just like the first game, we focus primarily on having fun together as well as to see how far WW3 could develop. We're not looking for toxicity nor awards. We play for a good, fun time. Also, once again, spaces are limited, please keep in mind. Map and general discussion of the game: The map this time around was chosen to be Smolensk. Also, this time, we will be slightly changing the rules of the game in comparison to the first time, namely, this time two objectives will be attacked simultaneously, points designated in their own areas. (Areas A, B, C). Taking an area requires the attackers to capture both of the objectives in the area (For example, capture of A1 and A2 in the area of A). The defenders have to defend these two objectives until both of the objectives are taken. After taking the area, the defenders retreat to the next area, take both of the objectives, and afterwards, the attacking team may, only then, proceed to attack. The map has been divided with a red line and labelled with text: ZONE A – First area of defending/attacking. ZONE B – Second area of defending/attacking. ZONE C – Third and last area of defending/attacking. NO-GO ZONE FOR DEFENDERS – Defenders are not allowed to move in this area. Sequence of Attacking/Defending: First we wait for everyone to join the server. Afterward, the defending team takes over objectives A1 and A2 and set up their Mobile Spawn Point in area A. The defending team only moves in their area. The attacking team, however, has access to all of the map, as long as any unauthorized objectives are not being taken. After losing objectives A1 and A2, the defenders move to area B. In this moment, the attacking team halts their progress and does not attack nor shoot. After the defenders take points C1 and C2, the attackers may begin again. WARNING – the defending team must remember about moving their mobile spawn point so that it does not occur midgame that they left it somewhere in an area they cannot and or may not access. The defenders move only in the area B. Just like the previous situation, the defending team captures objectives B1 and B2 and set up their moble spawn point. The defenders move in area C (plus moving through area B from the spawn to get to area C) Winning conditions: Defending team – Holding at least a single objective until the end of round time is reached or either side gains 5000 tickets. Attacking team – Taking over objectives B1 and B2 in area C. Game rules: Mobile Spawn Point – It is forbidden to use this vehicle as a weapon. It is to serve only as a spawn point. Both teams are not allowed to destroy the other team's MSP. STRIKES – All are allowed. VEHICLES – All are allowed. Thank you for reading, and once again, reply if you are interested. Biggest thanks to organizers DareQQ and Lugresky for organizing this and letting me handle the EN part, as well as Farm51 for allowing this to happen yet again. Also another thanks to the people who played last time, hope you guys enjoyed yourself and will return for more. Hope to see you there, Polak
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    Jest możliwość osadzenia tej mapy w nocy ??? wyglądało by to epicko ;D Podobnie jak warszawa na TDM.
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    It is the most popular mode after Conquest and TDM in modern Battlefield games. The WW3 maps are very big so there will be a place for good level design and for a lot of points at the map. I think that is the best variant for the fifth game mode in WW3 (only five modes is planned in the roadmap as yet).
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    It's in a white list.
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    @weedtime I believe I was somewhere in the spawn on our side
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    This is where we need to stop for a while and say this: you're not even good, not even mediocre, whenever I played with you you always had bad K:D and poor amount of points, no matter where you played, Live or PTE you always ragequitted and said how bad this game is and shitted on it and it's developers, without giving any good feedback and how to fix problems except for bragging "how good you are" and how developers should change the core gameplay of the game to more realistic like Arma because you want this game to play like that. I have no clue how have you never been banned on Discord yet David, but I am gonna repeat myself once again: You're literal persona non grata and the most despised user since your criticism isn't even valid but straight up shitstorm. I can agree if it comes to Helidrone that it has really bad hitreg but that doesn't mean that you need to immediately attack the developers and change the whole gameplay of the game just because you want it.
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    No, this is a community organized event, recon is separate.
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    I'm pretty sure this is not the only spot of the zone where it does that, you might wanna check the other corners Good luck
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    My dude, thanks for that great shout out, absolute love out to my man David. Fun fact: The heli wasn't dodging and wasn't moving because I jammed it at the start of the video, that's how it works. You can even see it here Now, remember that song Stan by Eminem? Stan is a crazed fan who loved Eminem before Eminem kinda went quiet on him because he was busy, and in the end, Stan decided to go too far and hated Eminem. In the song, that is. So, Stan calm down, try to understand, that the game does want you as a fan. See you soon, Polak
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    About your RPG comment, then use tandem, also UGV Light cannon good against heli even at range
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    Any camos/skins won't be fixed for now until we implement new customization menu. So some of them won't be displayed correctly.
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    Hi Akan, the community is testing a rush-style mode with what we can do ourselves on warzone ^^ It is fun but it still needs more tweaks. We got it with devs permission and they're saying that they're eyeing the mode because of its popularity. Devs however said that other work must be done before adding in a Rush style mode. If you're interested, I'll post both links below. We'll do a V3 some other day with the dev's permissions.
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    I think healing should make you vulnerable. If you play with a squad tell them before you heal so they can cover you and don't do it in open places.
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    Pretty self-explanatory question, the new guns that we got in the form of the SCAR-H and the L80 have pretty good reload animations, the SCAR being a bit better, but the other guns lack behind heavily especially when it comes to bigger mags (50,60,75), sometimes it looks really weird, or it looks like the hand is going through the mags, small stuff like this. So when is the re-work/tuning of the reload animations coming ? Also vaulting, movement in general is clunky to see especially at the start of the games as it feels that you could go through some stuff and get placed into weird position. Never really feels like you're controlling a person, more like a pancake. I understand that this takes time, so - just asking Cheers
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Basically you can go trough the roof but the textures are there. Have no clue what the map name is though. Took a clip: https://streamable.com/wwhwc GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Shown on video. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): No related to it. CRASH LOG (if any): None. Yup, i died at the end !
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    Killing with handgun is only really possible if they are A) a noob B) low on health or C) you have a good position where they can't see you. Handgun loses a straight up fight 9 times out of 10, so you have to be sneakier with it.
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    Salut, Mon petit problème est apparemment réglé, donc je pense qu'on peut fermé le topic. A+
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    Well, devs have changed weather on Moscow when adding 0.4 patch. If u didn't see how it was - search for old videos. That means that it's possible to change weather. I've already asked about it. But I'm sure for now they have enough other work to do.
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    Right now, whenever I launch the Quadrocopter while in prone position, I end up in crouch position. Can this be changed so that I remain in prone position even after I launch the quadrocopter? For example, I am in prone so I would be hidden out of enemy view......then I launch a quadrocopter...then automatically, I end up in crouch position so now I can be seen by enemy and get killed. Thanks.
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    But at least in the main menu there could be something more than a random drum hits I will mute after 2 minutes so I can put my own music on. Trailers already have cool themes, why cant we have them in game
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    I mean playing Alpha Test with 3 lasers and 2 flashlights was kinda fun! Imagine if we had Tarkov weapon system, 3 PEQ-15 on picatinny rail, under barrel you have laser/flashlight combo grip and additional laser on your sights. You dont need to shoot at anyone annymore, just blind them and they probably will make job for you ? Five laser uber lightsaber combo
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    exactly! Because first aid kit/mini drone/c4 are small gadgets and packs or UGV are big. But in terms of gadget slot they are the same.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Using the 200 round box on the UKM, with AP rounds secondary ammo, when using AP the second half of the box (100 and below) bullets don't do any damage, or register at all. A buddy was getting the same symptoms (bullets not doing any damage/hitting) when using the MG5, but I'm not sure what the situation for that was and I didn't try to replicate it on the MG5 as I did on the UKM. GAME BUILD ID: 3829460
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    Rcws on vehicles also no damage at times. I can unload 100 rounds into someone and no damage
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    Sounds good, keep us in the loop as usual.
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    Would be good to see fix of player's arm going through LMG box magazine before then
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    Hello, Thanks to the kind acts of Farm 51 (Special thanks to the main "Director" Ragir), the Polish community members @DareQQ and @Lugresky have set up an event and are inviting you to the event which will be today at 22:00 CEST. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IF YOU'RE INTERESTED. I am a middle-man as we need players (Many unexpected dropouts occured) and I have been asked to spread this message to the further community. I did not set this up, however I do warmly welcome and invite you. Also, apologies for the Polish on the images. They are taken from the original thread. "Przełamanie" means "Breakthrough". REMEMBER: The purpose of this is fun and testing of the capabilities of a different game mode. Green area = Area available to attackers. Red area = Area available to attackers AND defenders. Red hatched area = Area available to defenders when they hold C1 and C2. Respawn Broniących = Defender Respawn Respawn Atakujących = Attacker Respawn GENERAL RULES AND GAMEPLAY SET UP: Event "Breakthrough" is based around two different teams (attackers v defenders) . It will be on PTE, Warsaw Warzone and the areas were marked on the map above. Green area is ONLY available to the ATTACKING team. (Defenders cannot move in that area.). Red areas are available to both teams. Around 22 CEST, we are meeting up in discord voice channel to receive the password.. After everyone logs onto the server, the defending team takes points B1, B2, C1, C2 and goes to point C2. Readying phase begins. In the readying phase we do not shoot each other, also both teams have the time to set up their mobile spawn points. After the readying phase, there will be a countdown in chat and the game will begin. DEFENDING TEAM The Defenders must defend their objectives. During defending: The defending team cannot move in the green area and will only move in the first two areas to their point. E.G. If C1 is held, defenders can only move in C1, and C2. If C2 is held, defenders can only move in C2 and B2. As soon as they lose a point, they fall back to their last point, and they can move in that point and the point before that. After taking areas C1 and C2, the defending team cannot move in the red hatched area anymore. After the attackers take point B2, the defending team may capture points A1 and A2 The defending team cannot retake their captured areas with the exception of A2 (This can be recaptured after the attackers take it over, and if it is recaptured and help for 5 minutes, the defenders win) Defenders are allowed to use Jammers everywhere on the map ATTACKING TEAM The attacking team has to capture all the objectives, going in order of the yellow arrows. They can only win by taking A2 and holding it for 5 minutes before the time runs out or either team reaches their max ticket count. The attackers: May move on every area of the map Must take points in the order of yellow arrows (It is forbidden to take a point after the one you are currently attacking and you may not take two points at the same time.) The order is - C1, C2, B2, B1, A1, A2. Have to defend A2 for 5 minutes to win. In this time, the defenders may recapture this objective. If the defenders recapture the area, and then the attackers take it back yet again, they need to hold it for the full 5 minutes again, no matter how long they held it for beforehand. The attackers must only use jammers on the currently attacking area. MOBILE SPAWN POINT: The mobile spawn point can only be used as a respawn point. You are not allowed to use it to kill or wound. Remember to use it only in the areas you are allowed to move in. STRIKES: The following strikes are not allowed. Any fighting vehicles, IFVs, AFVs, Tanks. Any drones; UGVs, quadrocopters and the heli drone. All other streaks are allowed WINNING CONDITIONS: Defending team: Strong defense and holding at least one point until: 5000 points earned by defending team End of time 5000 points earned by attacking team (Points earned by the attackers go against their convenience. It means they must attack each point quicker than the last one, as them gathering 5000 points proves they are not able to capture the points quickly enough.) Attacking team: Win after holding A2 for 5 minutes. If you are interested, you are welcome. Please reply to this post if you are interested. Please note a lot of the spaces are already taken therefore not everyone will be accepted. You will be contacted later if you may or may not make it. REGARDING ORGANIZATION Beginning at 22:00 CEST on the PTE. We gather on the official ww3 discord voice channel. You will be divided into two teams which will go to two separate voice squads. (voice squad #1 and #2). After the division, you will receive the password, which will allow you to join the server. The password has to be entered before the game is launched so don't launch it too quick HOW TO ENTER YOUR PASSWORD Go into your steam library. Select properties under WW3 PTE. Set launch options. Enter password given on discord. Start the game. Enter the server. The password you receive will assign you to a specific role (Attacker/Defender) EVENT We will definitely play two games so that people can get a feel of the attacker and defender position. If we play more depends on the management. First game will be played strictly under the above rules. Second game we will modify to test the abilities with such a gamemode - We lift the ban on score streaks, so you can use whatever the game allows us to. Relating to this, I recommend everyone set up their loadouts ahead of time so they don't leave their team waiting. BETWEEN GAMES I recommend leaving 10 minutes time of break between games. Do not go AFK after the first game, simply turn off the game and you'll receive the second password which will assign you your next role. After you receive it, turn on the game and wait on the WAR MAP screen. You will receive info at the end of the break and then we'll go onto the server REMEMBER WE ARE NOT PLAYING FOR GOLDEN AWARDS, BUT FOR FUN AND THIS IS OUR TEST TO CHECK IF THIS MODE COULD APPEAR OR WORK IN THE GAME. Now some words from me for the end. The above is mostly translated from the original Polish announcement. The original plan was to have everyone on discord but this was not expecting English speaking people to show up, hence this might be changed, or there might be a second voice channel which I will be taking care of. Be patient, it will occur, just maybe not exactly the way it was originally planned. Thank you for reading, and the credit goes to @DareQQ and @Lugresky once again. Wouldn't have happened without them. Many thanks for letting me do this guys. Also another thanks to @Rozmo for being kind enough to pin this. I hope to see you there.
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    A little short notice but awesome idea!
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