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    WW 3 really is an outstanding game; one example of the attention and thought given to design is like other games you can call air strikes, including the track of a strafing run. While many games have done this before, what can suck about being on the receiving end is it's blind side obliterating death that no amount of skill can obviate -- but in WW 3 you have radar warning of incoming air-to-ground attacks, you then hear and then can see the flight path of the incoming plane, so if you're attentive and you move for cover, you can survive. There's lots of attention to design in WW 3 like this that really makes the game more skill based, fun, and an impressive work; many that some of us may take for granted, and others may not be aware of -- please chime in and add anything you love about the game that adds some nice attention to detail and outcome, it's almost certain some of us are missing things that can make WW 3 even more fun!
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    Here we go with another one. This patch is making some serious changes to vehicle hitreg and some other aspects of the game, so we want to test it on the PTE before pushing it to Live, to avoid any problems. Anyone that can, please help us test this feature, it should make the Heli Drone register RPG and bullet hits properly. We are aware of the Heli Drone being hard to shoot down, but it might not be so OP once you can actually hit it - so let's test it! Nice. PTE 0.6.9 Patch Notes [GAMEPLAY] Airstrike rebalance: prices and damage (Hellfire and Stormbreaker), Decreased bonus points for vehicle destruction, [BUGFIXES] Hit registration from characters also applies to vehicles - Heli Drone should be now hittable with RPGs, Waiting for level to load after spawn - Vehicle will not simulate physics in time of waiting, shouldn't fall through the world, Fixed crash on strike drop, Vehicles can no longer drive on surfaces that character can't step on, Fixed VOIP audio volume slider not working in settings, Incorrect positioning of sounds, Added walkable slope to radar curb that was blocking player movement on C1 on Smolensk, Added new material to collision meshes for correct grass footsteps sounds on Berlin and Warsaw, Some fixes to Juno Grip availability in customization, Fixed applying skins on Boxer, Fixes for Leopard 2 PSO armor Updated Buggy's collision so it can't climb walls while driving backwards, Fixed flickering markers, [IMPROVEMENTS] Loitering Ammo camouflage, Quadrocopter now can fly through the windows on Smolensk, Added extra covers on Smolensk, Created some additional magazines for better fitment, Proper HUD naming for vehicles, [OPTIMIZATION] Maximum texture size reduced on all levels for objects that had it set too high, Added simplified version of bushes on Polyarny, Foliage draw distance fixes and other fixes on Polyarny. Collision and stream distance fixes on Polyarny, Removed unnecessary props, [OTHER] Deleted engines customization option (it wasn't doing anything), New military nets on Smolensk.
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     29.05.2019 22:00 CEST PTE Server Boys and Bois! Team GiD and The Farm 51 wish to invite you for the third version of "Breakthrough". The previous two versions received a great interest from the community, and the experience from the previous games gave us a great deal of information, which helped us (At least we hope) to create the best formula yet. Here, I would like to yet again thank TF51 for the ability to organize this event and everyone who helped us organize. Especially: @Ragir - For all sorts of dev help we wouldn't be able to do anything without, @DareQQ - For being a great organizer and making it happen, @Lugresky - For the image work, help in organizing and for organizing the Social Media, @Mike4r - For help in times of crisis.  Like always, we're reminding you that the main goal of this event is fun, and that the event is organized by the community of WW3. Map and General Information: We will be playing on Polyarny. This time, the rule will be clear and simple. The entire game will go on with no pause to capture points and re-positioning the Mobile Spawn Points as this time, everything will be set up before the game.  GREEN AREA - The area is marked with a green line. This area is only available to the attacking team. ATTACKERS MSP - The area where the attacking team has to set up their MSP, it will function as the second spawn area. A1 - Area the attacking team has to take over. It will function as the third spawn area. RED AREA - The area is marked with a red line. This area is only available to the defending team. DEFENDERS MSP - The area where the defending team has to set up their MSP. It will function as the second spawn area. B2 - The area which the defending team has to take over. It will function as the third spawn area. The areas will be captured in the following sequence: B1 > C2 > C1 > A2 (The directions are marked on the map with yellow arrows.) Rounds will take 30 minutes maximum. (Not including the set up.) General Rules and Actions After Joining: After joining the server, the attacking team takes point A1 and sets up their MSP In the area marked on the map. On the opposite side, the defending team captures area B2 and sets up their MSP in the marked area. We wait for everyone to go onto the server and then after the organizer's sign, the defending team takes over point B1. After B1 is captured, the game begins and the attacking team has 30 minutes to capture all objectives. THE DEFENDING TEAM AT ONE POINT MAY OWN TWO EXTRA POINTS EVENTUALLY WHICH WILL BE THE OBJECTIVES FOR THE ATTACKING TEAM AND IT IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST TO HOLD THESE OBJECTIVES EARLY. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU'RE HOLDING B1, YOU MAY STRAIGHT AWAY TAKE OBJECTIVE C2, AND IF YOU LOSE B1 YOU MAY TAKE C1. IT IS IN THE BEST OF THE DEFENDING TEAM'S INTERESTS TO CAPTURE THESE OBJECTIVES. THE ATTACKING TEAM DOES NOT NEED TO WAIT WITH THEIR ATTACK UNTIL THE DEFENDING TEAM CAPTURES THE AREA. The attacking team wins as soon as they capture all objectives ending at A2 . The defending team wins if in the 30 minutes they manage to hold at least one objective. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO: Re-position and attack MSPs. Simultaneously attack two objectives. Take back a lost area as the defending team. Enter enemy team's territory by crossing the red or green lines. Use the BTR which is located at C1. IT IS ALLOWED TO: Use any strike, vehicle, drone etc. Move around the map between the red and green lines, this area is available to everyone. ! ! ! ORGANIZING DETAILS ! ! ! We invite you from 21:30 CEST to the official WW3 discord, where you will be divided up by the organizer and will receive your server password. The amount of spaces is limited. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ASK YOU TO KEEP CIVIL IN THE VOICE CHANNEL, TO NOT CUT SOMEONE SHORT. DURING THE EVENT WE'RE TRYING TO FOCUS ON HAVING FUN TOGETHER, AND NOT ON THE GAME'S PROBLEMS, ITS DEVELOPMENT, OR YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KEEP TO THIS RULE WILL BE ASKED OUT OF THE VOICE CHANNEL AND THE GAME. If you are interested and will likely show, please reply to this topic and let us know. See you there! o7
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    So when the drugs are coming in the game. Still waiting for type of drug to be used in battlefield. Just pushing it my character veins. Freaking Doom or some house music start playing, while my character is 2x faster(runs,reload, throws etc) and screen to be with lucid colors. The drug would be on use for 10 second or more , with 1 min or more CD. And lets make it even more freaky on every 1/100 The music would be different (doom OST maybe) and would give you rage. The screen would be red. See blood in exchange of drops of water on the helmet would be drops of blood. How about 1/1000 chance the drug makes you deathless for 10-20 second.With music from the deepest part of hell, like sound that player can't stand, people screaming for help and your enemies to be with skin of the reaper(*OR*The marks of your teammates disappear, so they will not know who is foe or ally), literally would make some people have nightmares at night.And this time with really muddy and dark screen color but again with drops of blood on the helmet. But if you took too much damage well..... after those 10-20 sec *INSTANT DEAD* It would happen really rare, after all 1/1000 chance. So no need to worry being too arcady.
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    Devs, do you plan to add them in the future? I like them in BF5 but I think it would possible to make them faster to give control as soon as possible. I know many hates them but game looks better and WW3 wants to be more realistic opponent of BF.
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    My idea for more hate in WW3. Add enter/exit animation to WW3 and add weight dependant animation like it's with jumps from decent height. So, when u r with heavy kit, when u r exiting the tank and jumping of the turret to the ground u'll spend 1-2 secs standing up after ur feets've touched the ground.
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    Wtedy pewnie trzeba by było to doliczyć do masy loadoutu i nie byłoby fajnie, a tak to zdejmujesz gadżet z czołgu dopiero
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    <Removed> <Removed> David, part of telling the game to go **** itself is to not return to it. Clearly the Game, the Devs, & Polak have such meaningful free real estate in your head that you can't just simply leave and stay gone. /weedtime
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    U set Video Settings all-high if not ultra and say that u have sometimes not enough FPS? ? Try to lower settings. My WW3 if we talk about crashes continuously crashes after 10-15 mins of playing with Textures higher than Medium. And stuttering + lags were hard on full server in 0.4-0.5 with Textures higher than Medium.
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    ostatnio wszedłem na pusty serwer i patrzę a tam "warm up" rozgrzewka - fajnie że można pochodzić i postrzelać ale jeszcze lepiej jakby w punkcie mobilizacji na ziemi leżały do wzięcia wszystkie moje bronie + dodatkowe magazynki byłaby prawie strzelnica tanim kosztem
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    Hi Dev's just want to bring to your attention there's like 12 Asian servers which have all the maps and just 3 servers for Aussies / New Zealand which play the same two maps Dev's we really need Map Rotation to keep the dream alive! Hitting Continue; Map goes for 2 maps then rotates to new map or Dev's just rotate after each round Or ! Vote map after each map Ping for the Asians servers is > 250 for Aussies worse for New Zealand players, while Aussie based servers are < 60 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/2530372519570467146/
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    Much more important imho because it effects game-play, would be to have some control of where you exit a vehicle -- currently the vehicle exit plops you into the game in very unpredictable locations -- not something you want from an infantry vehicle for example...
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    I confirm that bug. I can add more: sometimes random spawn occurs when you select to spawn in friendly vehicle with squad leader. Sometemes even in just friendly vehicle w/o squad leader (driven by anybody else).
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    Juz wiem ze w środę zachoruje i do pracy nie ide, taki dziwny zbieg okoliczności ?
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    In Podpowiedź....w oczekiwaniu na start ktos może wsiąść w tą BTR na C1 i ją wywieźć na punkt B1 za budynek i niech tam sobie stoi i nie skusi tych co nie czytali instrukcji...dmuchać na zimne Ten event zapowiada sie ciekawiej....już wyobrażam sobie gdy powstanie mapa specjalnie pod dany tryb ...jak jakiś powstanie z testowania eventów przełamania. Sił i dużo zadowolenia Panowie Organizatorzy !!!!
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    Just a little piece of food for thought: if we're going to be using "the game is based on teamwork, so it should take a team/squad working together to take out a heli drone" as a serious excuse, then where is the teamwork required in manning the drone? The teamwork excuse has at least some ground in the case of ground vehicles which require much better positioning skills and are in general more vulnerable (easier to shoot/hit, land mines, airstrikes, artillery), but a heli drone pilot doesn't really need the same level of coordination and support to do their job effectively. Vehicles are a "one man army" construct in this game, so as far as I'm concerned there's no reason why solo infantry shouldn't be able to combat them on their own.
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    Yeah sometimes the West Coast US servers have better ping than AS for me in Sydney, maybe they should be in South Asia as well?
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    It was the best option in WW3... and you disabled the servers for 64 players.... lol... good luck with future of ww3... Bye
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    second suggestion: save filters
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    Community Event has ended, please keep the eye on General Discussion , for the continuation of Breakthrough event!
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    Brawo The Farm51 ! Szczegolnie za tego drona co kosi wystkich na serwerze, wbija jakis pro ziomek staty ma 70-0 i nie da sie grac... Zayefajna gra wszyscy mieli dosc i wyszli bo co to za frajda robic za fraga z powietrza gdzie nawet jak rpg trafisz to lata dalej... Za chwile serwery znow beda puste, jeszcze raz brawo za ten zayebisty pomysl z tym dronem. Na razie uninstall jak ogarniecie cos z tym tematem to sie sprawdzi w przyszlosci.
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    Hope it will never happen. Stop camping cancer
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