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    I don't know what is wrong with the game, it could be the fact that tanks have been rendered useless with rpg spam, mines, and airstrikes/artillery, but in most matches I play now, my team is doing very well, and is well ahead of the other team, until about 25 minutes left of game time, then the enemy team starts spamming strikes, and simply dominating, and no matter what my team tries, the other team is simply capping faster and holding more objective. It may be due to some squads not doing what they are suppose to and letting down their other teammates, I don't know. Perhaps the game needs a team balancing feature, or a rework on strikes because I think they take away from skill and tactical based gameplay, I just don't enjoy the game as much anymore. It is not because I am not doing well, I easily place top of the board with over 20k score, but in the end, the matches feel rough and lack fluidity. About half way into the game around 2500 score, it's mostly a defending game, running back and forth between your objectives because 1 or 2 enemies are trying to cap them alone. And something needs to be done about Tanks and how their threat level has deteriorated, offensively they work fine, but defensively they have become very week. RPGs are already a huge threatto them, one man can easily take down a tank by sneaking around corners and shooting at its bumper, but C4, mines, have also become very effective, if you factor in the optics can also easily be destroyed, tanks have become very weak overall. They went from holding their own and providing enough support to help their team hold a position, which a skilled tanker should be able to do, to be effortlessly bullied and forced off objective with their optics shot and RPG spammed. Perhaps better smoke grenades is needed, since the tank smoke grenades are an inferior version of infantry smoke grenades. I don't want tanks to be one man armies and just going around and looking for easy kills, this would take away from the skill/strategy based gameplay. However, in their current state I can say they are far worse, something in between would give a better experience. Suggestions: When capping and enemy objective, it takes much longer than capping a neutral objective, I remember in Battlefield games, you would have to neutralize the objective before making it your own, it would effectively take twice as long to capture an enemy point. I think this is a huge problem right now, because a solid team would be advancing after capturing 2 objectives, but immediately the enemies would be directly behind them, such as A1 on Warsaw, as well as flank spawns which are imbalanced on most maps. It forces the teams to constantly run back and forth, sometimes I don't know if I should defend or continue advancing, since I don't know what the other squads are doing, it causes alot of confusion and "strategy" simply doesn't work as either decision ends with being finessed by the enemy team, you lose your objectives while advancing to take their objectives, it's just a circle of chaos. I think it would help if as squad leader, I knew what the other squads were doing, so I can plan my next attack/defensive. Airstrikes/Artillery, very annoying, perhaps airstrikes can become an overall squad command, executed by the leader, it would cost a sum of the overall squads score and it would be very effective and strategic, whereas right now all we have is spam. Is the enemy team already capturing your last captured point? Good, then spam artillery until we have the time to go and defend the point... It's not a fun gameplay feature, it is just tedious and annoying. Having it be squad based and much more expensive, would make it less and more strategically, not spammed continually. Guns/Recoil: I know the current recoil system was done to force burst firing, but in honestly I never had a problem not burst firing, people were already bursting past 50-60 meters, which is realistic enough. Instead weapons feel very inconsistent, and you will sometimes find a sweetspot, like right now the G36 has become top tier, accuracy, recoil and rate of fire, making it miles ahead of most other ARs. The recoil system we have before was much more favorable, as most people I have talked to have agreed. Armor: The change in the armor system didn't do anything fruitful, it has become very hard to equip the heaviest steel armor, you can maybe run an smg if you try to equip it, while nothing else works. I think armor should belong to class, AR-Medic class should have light armor, AR-Ammo should have the option to get medium armor, Snipers and LMGs should be able to equip the heaviest armor, to prohibit this aggressive sniper bs, and have them focusing medium-longe range instead of 1 shotting you in hip fire like you see in TDM, and LMG's should be encouraged to prone more and I know the true LMG players to prone, but it should be more fluid in being a wide open target with heavy armor, tanking damage and laying down 100s of rounds either attacking or defensive objectives, this should also help mounting the bipod on any flat surface. These are all things that should really be no brainers in smoothing out the gameplay. Maybe there should be classes, I know devs don't want that from the launch, but perhaps we need it, classic BF types of classes, so each squad gets one or is encouraged to get one, instead of 5 dudes with med kit and AR, or 5 dudes with ammo pack and PKM. Also the guys that equip Sniper and AR should have some type of penalty besides speed, perhaps they are slow and have the lightest armor at the cost of being able to engage at all ranges. Perhaps no more than 2 of the same types of specialization in a squad, so if 2 already have med kit, the others have to choose something else. Also, the armor plate should cover the entire torso, no more gut shots please. Either use armor piercing for the chest, or aim for the head. Tank Squad: I was also considering a specialized tank-expert squad, which will be automatically assigned at the start when the first player gets one of the stock tanks, his team will be assigned with following the tank driver, giving it backup, fending off RPG spammers and helping it capture/defend points. This would be easier to do when the player cap is increased to 40, you will have 3 regular squads and one specialized tank squad, and the tank squad should have an increased ability to repair the tank and resupply it some ammo. I normally have trouble when I am a tank and my team has capped all the objective on the outside and I am also squad leader, I cannot reach the objectives inside structures, so instead I would be happier if my squad followed me outside the structures and helped to look out for enemy team attacking outside objectives. Alternatively, if a team is losing badly with over 1000 points behind, perhaps they can be given tanks in flank spawn, to try and win back some objectives. Anyways, I hope some of these things are considered or devs have much better ideas that they have planned all along. I know the focus is on upgrading engine, reworking animations, and preparing for free-weekends, these things must be fixed to bring this game into a positive light. It is already a good game, but I don't play it seriously, and you can't, half the time it feels like something is wrong or not working as intended.
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    Every match in Warzone is somehow unbalanced. I've never seen, both teams having almost same amount of points. Like, one has 4800, another 4900, do they are rushing to hit 5k. Always in the beginning of the match lost team has around 700-1000 points. I don't know exactly, how it works, but I think, if one team has too many points, players in this team must wait more time before spawning, or increase cost of their Score Streaks. Also it'd be nice, to make objectives, that are nearest to spawns a non-vehicle area. On Berlin its common, when dominating team just riding on streets near spawn and don't give enemies any options to strike back.
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    INB4 someone asks about female characters and then sexual orientation attribute.
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    Doesn't work sadly. Although it does add a new entry in the Windows Defender FW menu each time you try to run it(ended up with 4 entries pointing to "WW3_launcher.exe"). Apparently the only region I can get into is "NA/SA", not even "PTE". But I did notice that there are two entries currently, one came after starting in "EU/AF" region and the second one after running in "NA/SA" region(which worked). After that running the "Play WW3" and "AS/OC" didn't add a new entry(and didn't work). Perhaps it's due to the flags given to the executable? @weedtime Maybe merge these topics if you see fit? So that if a solution is found it can be used by all. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9531-authenticating-error/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9338-ww3-stays-at-authenticate-for-hours/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9454-game-stuck-on-authenticating/
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    I'm currently working the logistics to host an event with the help of a limited time private WW3 server (Thanks F51) but in my time hosting WW3 game nights, I've found that it's nearly impossible to time and host a legitimate NA v EU event. Time zones are the main issue. Second is ping. We learned recently that ping is generally worse connecting from NA to EU because of the distances between servers (Connecting from west coast to EU servers is more intensive that EU connecting to our east coast servers) and because of these issues, mixed with the early access stage of development we're working with in the current built of WW3, I think we're a ways off from an event like you're suggesting. I would love to see it happen and I'll make sure to keep active here and let everyone know when we're ready to host our clan battle event as well.
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    It's time for a lotr quote:
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    A thing for sure
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    For sure not, since the game runs smooth af and has barely any other issues. diversity should be one of the primary points to focus on. 100% serious...
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    Yes thats what we def need right now. Also include women and disabled people, furthermore would be awesome to play as an lgbt lesbian/trans soldier. TY
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    Currently we have magic magazines, meaning we fire two shots, hit reload, and our ammo count goes down by two. What I propose is this: We keep this as it is with the standard reload. But...if we are in a panic and under pressure, we double-press reload, and we dump the mag and slap in a fresh one, but the bullets not expended are lost. We do however have a reduced reloading animation so we are back in the fight slightly faster. There is no need to charge the weapon. This is limited to pistols, SMG, AR and BR. Snipers and shottys are excluded so extreme long and short range wepons are not OP. It does not work on an already empty mag on any weapon.
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    I think even 2-3 sec timer will be enough. From my last experience on Warsaw: I was capturing B1, an enemy came from A1, I damaged him a lot and he went flanking B1, I left a CP literally for a second to kill him, turned to the CP back and an enemy respawned right in front of me. For him it was really bad experience - died right after spawn Some later I was capturing A1, got to the point, then went to check a spawn behind boxes, which is out of CP. So i left A1 to check it, got killed from behind by enemy spawned on A1 while i was out of capture zone. This time bad experience for me... Well, as I said it makes the spawn mechanic much worse especially for newcomers who dont know how it works
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    So I checked and there isn't a post requesting these googles style wich are one of the most common in the military. Please add smoke, yellow and clear variants
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    Jesus, really? Ethnicity? What does the skin color of a player model have to do with getting involved in the game? Ridiculous post. 9/10 characters have their face covered, if that characters skin was blue, wouldn't have made a difference.
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    and I have been thinking many times for this but i thing the game deserv much more attention in other aspects right now .
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    Lepiej późno niż wcale o7
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    Yes the pump shotty able to cancel reloading. you should be able to not have to completely finish the reload before you are able to fire. This is the advantage of pump over auto but it is not in game.
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    I have another question about reloading animations, So on the mcs (the pump action shot gun) every time you reload you pump it, after loading any amount of shells for example if you load one after firing only once you pump and if you fire five and then reload five you still pump why is that? Is it a bug? It also makes the mcs reloading difficult, I’ve died multiple times because of the pump at the end. From playing other shooters I assume I’m gonna load in x amount of shells and then fire but Instead I pump (when I shouldn’t need too) and that messes me up. I also tend reload to often with it becuase I’m used to games that allow shot guns to shoot while you reload (R6s and csgo specifically) world war 3 doesn’t do that, but if I get in all the shells and live I still have to pump it even if one shell is in the chamber. Which makes reloading more difficult then it should be in a fire fight. Can you help me out here @Ryuzaki?
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