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    Right now there isn't really much motivation for other allies to come up to your tank and repair it as it doesn't award any points, perhaps this can change?
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    Playing against snipers is hard. The only thing I have a harder time against is pistols. Wait did I say hard? I meant easy. Honestly snipers are the least of my concern in any match. If you stagger your movement and zigzag when crossing open areas they usually won't hit you, and once they have been found it's a pretty easy flank and kill most of the time. This is an L2P issue, nothing more.
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    Yes, this and a request repair option in the communication radial.
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    it will be nice any indicator at spawn screen of tank limits. I have Tank crew and now i must spawn with him to see that tank limit is full.
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    They wanted to give anti infantry equipment like SH shells more purpose by lowering other blast radiuses.
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    Title pretty much says it all, huge suttering and lag spikes on every server I went in, I did check my connection and with a gigabyte connection Im not the problem, eveyone ingame complains about it, and add really high ping, no servers under 100ping
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    Witam, gram w WW3 od samego jej początku i chciałem zapytać, czy zmiana dotycząca widzenia wszystkich członków drużyny przez np. ściany ma pozostać? Osobiście o wieeele bardziej podobał mi się system wyświetlania tylko członków własnego, 5-osobowego oddziału. Nadawało to większego poczucia przynależności i mam ogólne wrażenie, że było lepsze. Taka luźna sugestia P.S. Trzymajcie tak dalej! Jestem pod wrażeniem rozwoju tego tytułu.
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    Hmmmm, Battlefield 2? Pressing crouch button allowed gunner with MG on the top of the turret to crouch and thus be invulnerable to the infantry firing.
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    Then you really don't know much about balance Also thanks
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    I went 72-0 in BTR so i guess BTR is also OP according to your logic
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    OMG, a soldier with both assault rifle and RPG-26! Really OP and unrealistic (ofc, it's not). Also, you can find photos of soldier with FN FAL and RPG. Or soldier with PKM and RPG
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    To chyba dobrze? Czy nie? Teraz troche łatwiej, tym bardziej, że znaczniki z opóźnieniem delikatnym się pojawiały. Mnie tam bardziej przeszkadzają stałe znaczniki na punktach, bo często i gęsto niepotrzebnie zasłaniają widoki.
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    IMO, there is a enough nerf for Heli Drone. Before patch, it was really OP, but now it is easy enough to lose it. If we weaken it even more, it will be comepletely useless. So what is the point of having an expensive toy which can be destroyed after 15 seconds?
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    they take 1 dmg per bullet or something and I use a 75 round drum. if it's disabled with a jammer, it's the easiest kill ever A soid RPG hit should do more damage. Until they fix it, I won't bother with anything besides my rifle. I see the point of high scores being thrown around as justification for nerfs to the heli drone and I can't help but wonder if the real issue isn't the lack of knowledge in the general player has in handling the drone.
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    I understand the concerns regarding the balance but I am strictly against restrictions on the weapon choices as the free choice of my loadout is one of the key aspects of WW3. Besides, I don't think that either of the pairings you stated is op. Maybe you can explain how you get to this conclusion?
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    Or maybe make the top spot less suicidal, nobody wants to sit in a spot that dooms them to be shot by a sniper they could never fight back against. Maybe a ducking mechanic with the ground button or something. Being able to fully get inside as a passenger and close the hatch would be cool.
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    In my opinion, every tool with which such a K-D ratio can be achieved is OP. and unbalanced... But congratulations, nice achieved results.
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