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    Use the forum search, this has been talked about quite a few times before and the devs are unlikely to add any revive system, so in short you die you ded. In my opinion knowing that if I die I can't be revived and that if I can't stay in the fight my squad will suffer, I am more careful about how I play. I like to think this is one of the things that slows the gameplay down a bit. You might not agree but strategy and chaos are on a teeter totter of sorts. The more chaos you have and the less room for strategy and vice versa. If people are hopping back up off the ground it would add to the chaos and might throw off the balance.
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    Zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych w Piątek (19.07.2019) o 22:00 na PTE PARTY gdzie zagramy na serwerze 60 slotowym!!! Aby wziąć udział w zabawie i teście obciążeniowym musicie posiadać zainstalowanego klienta World War 3 PTE. Łogiń ?
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    There were was a lot of cheaters at Last night. One of them even admitted it in the chat.
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    we have announced it for Russian community as well Hope it will help
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    wow, thats a good enough and tcomprehensive analytics i think, no reason not to trust... F51, make a singleplayer please. If it will not get paid off, mr. XWSL will cover the costs
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    I agree backpacks make you take a break. However, many players just ignore them and run around with 2/3 or 1/3 of their health for some reason. Also the health backpack gadget is useless now that you always find one is capture points. Most players just wait to get to a capture point to get their health back. Thus, the slowing down process doesn't happen as there's always a break after you've killed everyone in the capture point. I'm sure the devs added pickups in capture points because of the lack of teamplay in the game. Also there's still the tactic to fight and heal : if you get hit you can't heal anymore for a few seconds, the only difference is that you keep your gun ready to shoot while you heal. Yes it is weird and unrealistic but so far that's the best healing system I've seen between health pickups and auto regen
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    Es ist nur ein kleiner Teil dessen, was in der Roadmap als 'Maps' steht. Es ist auch nichts Neues, denn es gibt solche Objekte die ganze Zeit auf jeder Map. Deswegen wird es wohl nich auf der Roadmap erscheinen.
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    Enemies are just going to double tap anyway so you don't need to do anything. I'm against this idea, it's not a milsim like ARMA or Squad. Also, you are going to get shot when reviving or healing your teammate. The maps are wayyy too small for this kind of system. Friendly down > you kill/down enemy > enemy chooses to respawn > he will be there in less than 20 seconds and kill you while you're treating wounds. Or he has friends with him and they kill you when in a unskippable quicktime event. Unless respawning after dying is going to take way longer it's not worth the hassle. Overall it drastically changes the flow of the game. Right now it's fast paced and intensive, this system would halt the game in its track.] I want NO revive system. as for the rest I get all that, but I just don't think it fits, maps are pretty small and especially when server sizes go up there will be an enemy around almost every corner. You won't get the chance of reviving because everyone with common sense goes to help when they hear gunshots closeby. But be my guest let's throw this in the tests on PTE and see if it works, which is way too big of a concept to not be sure about to implement. So I don't think they are gonna add a test if they are not planning on implementing such a feature.
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    Maybe change it with the voice lines, right now it's just different languages with a few variations. They could make a 'tactical' or silent voice pack. I kinda get annoyed when someone throws a grenade at me while he hasn't noticed me yet and then my character yells at the top of his lungs "GRENADE GTFO!" or if a teammate gets killed then I yell MAN DOWN/SL DOWN! All while trying to flank with my squad and trying not to get noticed.
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    Hello, I find a bug if you want to wear a helmet and a gas mask. 1.Select gaz mask. 2.Select British Beret. 3. Clear Facewear. 4.Select helmet ( It happens that the mask disappears and that it is after having selected a helmet ) I hope it will work for you too. I wanted to share my discovery.
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    You don't like anything. What you capricious, however! But the record of the match and should not prove anything to the сomplainants. It is for moderators/admins. For those competent people who can make the right decision.
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    doesnt work. I heard so many times something like "hes a cheater and even streams it!!111" Even if you will show him how to play on his PC sitting right in front of him, he wont change his mind. Just because "who plays better than me is a cheater"
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