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    Hitreg is broken and this is the main issue, so i think Heli should be removed for now.
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    I'll say it one more time: I don't have any problems with HeliDrone or with destroying it. But majority of players apparently does. If we take a look at common WW3 player he usualy doesn't have UCAS-D in his loadouts, no Loitering Ammo, nothing to oppose HeliDrone at all. It's just a running fodder who later would whine on forums that HeliDrone is OP. So, here are my suggestions about how to make the life of the WW3 commoners not so miserable when HeliDrone is above them. First. Strafing. It's clear, that HeliDrone is too agile when strafing. When strafing HeliDrone has 80-90% speed of when he is moving straight. It's TOO HIGH. Add to this that fact that when strafing HeliDrone usually shows to enemies only frontal and lower armor plates. Plus, when strafing, it's silhouette is 3 times smaller than when he shows it's side. See it for urself. Distances are equal. HeliDrone can simply circle around the CP and shoot enemies with it's Zuni HE rockets. And the chances that it'll be hit with RPG grenade are too low to worry about it and it can take too much bullets to be killed wthout being able to escape. So, my 1st suggestion: reduce strafing speed of the HeliDrone 1.5-2 times. Second. Height limit. Current Height Limit for HeliDrone is too... high. This is how map look from 187m. How do u think are there any chances to deal any sufficient dmg to HeliDrone when it's this high? Height Limit for horizontal maps is 190m. For Polyarny it's 165m. Doesn't make any difference at all. IMO, Height Limit for HeliDrone should be 100-120m. It still would be enough for HeliDrone to maneuver, but it wouldn't be unreachable for fire from the surface. And it's my second suggestion: Reduce Height Limit for HeliDrone to 100-120 meters. Third. Out of bounds timer. Heliwhoring players know how to deal with UCAS-D jamming. First 4 secs of jamming when they still have control over HeliDrone they are trying to increase the distance between themselves and enemies and in the last secs they'll simply press Space button. As the jammed HeliDrone procceed moving in the direction it was doing right before being jammed, it'll fly up all the jamming duration. And there is 1 moment. Not only Out of Bounds Height limit is 190m, even if jammed HeliDrone will find itself out of bounds it still would have damn 9 secs to go down. Look at pic(Finally I was jammed!!!). I pressed Space button right after the UCAS-D was callled in. And even so I was still 265 meters high. I tested: if u press Shift+Crl u'll go down 150m in 10 secs. So, even if ur height is 300m u still would be able to safely return to allowed height. Is there need to mention that the chances to deal any sufficient dmg to HeliDrone that is 300+m far from u are close to none? So, UCAS-D against decent HeliDriver is ineffective. When the Space button is pressed right before jamming 12 secs later HeliDrone should be 200-220 meters high. It's a big threat, yes. And here is my 3rd suggestion: make that the Out of Bounds countdown would start when HeliDrone passed the Height Limit and not when its driver regain control over it. If there would be pissing me off HeliDrone, to counter it I'll simply call another HeliDrone with 12.7mm MG, destroy enemy in 20 secs and then I will do the usual stuff. But for commoners HeliDrone is currently rly OP and i don't think that reducing it's HP to 450 would change something. Because mediocre pilots aren't threat even now, but those who know hot to fly usually don't give chances to the RPG carriers and they are the ones who force ppl to whine on forums about HeliDrone being OP.
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    Are you a pretty chill person looking for a gaming group? Well, join the only gaming group that matters, [TSA] - Trash Squad Association - We offer a great place to hangout and play games (no drama, no BS, just fun). We vet our applicants so if you're interested, please contact Prunk or any of the TSA members for more information. From Our Founder (PRUNK): I'd like to take a moment of your time to discuss TSA and our new requirements for joining! First and foremost - You must be 18+ to officially join. We're not going to dig too deep into this so it doesn't become a hassle - but if we think you're underage, we may ask you to verify. Secondly - Applications will be done on a voucher system. If you would like to join - you must have three current and active members of TSA vouch for you. I'd like to keep us a community that moderates itself - so whoever vouches for you will be the first people that talk to you if you start to fuck up. They might even be the ones who decide to have you removed from the clan. So keep that in mind before you vouch for someone and keep it in mind before you ask someone to vouch for you.
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    1. save server filters (within game session or constantly) 2. add server names to distinguish them 3. rename "server locked" in case of ending match to "match is about to end" to make the lock reason more understandable for new players (saw complaints about locked servers from newcomers who do not understand what is it) 4. server queues p.s. I know that it was suggested many times before. I`ve just suggested one more time to make sure that it will go to to-do list
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    Hey there, there's a lot of buzz around The Farm 51's new announcement and we wanted to clear up some things, because there's no need to panic at all. We understand your concerns that with a new title the work on World War 3 might slow down, but there will be no change in our development team at all, since nothing really changed internally. World War 3 team is over 60 people now, with new members being constantly hired. We also still look for new people. The team working on Chernobylite has been doing it for over a year, even before we announced World War 3. There were always 2 games being made, with separate teams that are funded separately and have separate managements. Each project has its own team and there's no crossover. When the team that is now making World War 3 was assembled (from 99% new employees), work on Get Even wasn't finished either. When that team finished up Get Even, they started working on other things, and Chernobylite came out of this work. So, again - we understand your concerns, but nothing is changing at all when it comes to World War 3 development.
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