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    lol reducing the movement won't do much. The maps currently aren't big enough for transport vehicles to be needed most of the time.
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    Welcome AmonGoeth, Sad to hear that you are not happy with the state of the game at the moment. Game is in Early access and it's under development. Please have a peek on our Weekly Reports, we do write about upcoming patch and some info regarding how our game works. When purchasing a Early Access title you must be aware that game is not stable and you will expect crashes. I hope you change your opinion once, game leaves the Early Access.
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    That's why there is quad bike strike...
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    I hope that slower movement speed would finally force players to use these 2 quads in the bases. How many times I've seen quads staying abandoned when team is baseblocked but nobody cares to sit in them and flank the enemies. Especially on Smolensk... So, I'm all for reducing the movespeed.
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    We'll be testing the changes, they will be ofc on PTE as well. Currently the players are absurdly fast which can lead to a number of issues in the gameplay, as it's done to minimize the "clunk" due to the poor movement system currently in place. However, given how much more fluid the new one is, the old speeds will be a total overkill. Even now you can sprint so fast as a light that some vehicles like quads loose their significance. The differences between speeds will be the same as they were before (+/- 15% faster or slower). Currently the light is between old heavy and medium but it's all up to testing and feedback.
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    To be honest I miss the times where the Squadmates could spawn on the squadleader but the squadleader could only spawn on flags/base. It gave so much value to the squadleader and loosing him had really a impact for your push. Thats how frontlines developed. Once your SQL died you had to start the push anew. Now the SQL is the first to go in and the disposable one because he can spawn so fast on anyone anyway. And you can't just wipe a squad by killing him. They will just keep comming as long as just 1 guy stays alive.
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    If @mardell & @waltran think that an AR & SR pair build is OP, they've never seen the darkest side of WW3. Seen some people running around with a MG5 & TOR build back in ver 0.1 days. Or even worse, Vepr 12 & RPG (back when those 2 weapons were really OP). Not to mention there were no weight restriction in place, so wearing the heaviest armor doesn't make too much of a difference than the lighter ones in terms of movement speed. I get that being killed by a unseen camping sniper is frustrating, but it's also part of the learning curve (map wise). On the plus side, those campers are probably not helping the team a lot (if any) other than provide cover or spotting the enemy. If you think that there's a sniper covering, let's say an open road in Berlin, just run and slide or throw a smoke down the lane to provide cover (basic concealment tactic).
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