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    No problem, if you guys give me Moscow I can do the same for it ?
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    Played 1 round on Berlin Live. Called in Anders 3 times. 1st time was destroyed without any problems. But second and 3rd... 2nd was short lag after my Anders was destroyed. Toggled FPS counter On to show how FPS drops to red zone. And when thew match was about to end my Anders was finally destroyed for the 3rd time. With HEAAAVY lag. The gif below is 1:1 time speed, so all the time in the upper right corner are red digits it's 1FPS. This is the loadout of Anders. I think it has some meaning because after that I've tried Anders with 57mm gun and even though it was destroyed 2 times there were no lags. SO MAYBE it's Anders with 90mm gun. I'll try it later with various turrets.
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    It's normal, I don't have any more information, nothing to worry about. ?
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    Thats how I though this game was going to be. Strikes do ruin the game. once you use them the mystery is over and they are lame. Not only being lame they effect the game too much like UAVs do. Takes away the fun of actually playing the game. I miss the game at launch when a person was launching only a few strikes per game. Not its spammed everywhere and takes away from the game. Rebalance the strike cost and lower the score you get so the game isnt mostly about spamming strikes/UAVs.
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    Im curious why did you guys add the heli when you wanted to make the game ground focus and were against it in the first place. I dont want this to end up like BF where you have to stop playing the game and are forced to do AA every time a heli is up. Like forcing people to carry a tandem at all times is annoying, also when you have to carry ammo to restock it aswell.
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    How about reduce flinch instead. Its pretty bad for skill based gameplay. The way to balance snipers is to not have them full on torso shots and make the target smaller not add juggling to the game.Its already hard to use snipers after the TTK nerf since the window in time of when a sniper can win is so tiny and any mistake means you are screwed for the next second till you can get a follow up shot. The flinch you already get from the game right now is a nightmare. Snipers do have issues but the issue is that the target is too big but the target has to be big because the TTK is extremely low. Shotguns are legit worse up close as in under 3-5m as you can miss very easily and any follow up shot makes you wait while ARs can just spray as any mistakes they make matter less for the outcome. Shotguns are a meme gun in WW3 right now. Its something you do to challenge you self because you have to completely dominate the opponent to win with one unless you get very lucky because the RNG is double sided. IDK why flinch is even on the table minute amounts could be ok but this game has too much already dont add more. Stop adding stuff please. Why cant you just make the guns not random. BF1 was straight garbage because of the random gunfire mechanics. What happened to the game where it would be recoil and skill based not random cone of fire. The Randomness is very real and takes away the fun in you actually playing the game.Not saying pin point accurate but when you can even predict or control the gun its pretty boring. There isnt a reaction to the action of the gun possible for the randomness.It recreates the RNG cone of fire mechanics of other game like BF1 which was nerf skill and dumb down the game. Like fix the root of the problem not force players to have to mod to counter BS mechanics. Good gunplay shouldn't be something that you have to customize into the game. You make all criticism of the mechanics sound like their only opinions and players have no evidence against these crap changes. I thank you for at least digging up old builds, This new build is complete trash and only gets worse each update. Just keep the core game simple with less of these handholdy changes that stupidy the game. Also please do not lower the speed to where heavy is the normal weight. If you want lower the speed a little maybe but heavy is unbearable and would just make the game more brain dead with every one being so unreasonably slow. Please stop messing up the game just revert already. This game has become a dumpster fire of mechanics and you guys just reasonable evidence based feedback and add more trash to the fire.
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    A więc ... 1. NA działku Boomerang wydaje mi się ze amunicja HE nie nie zadaje splash dmg. 2. Nie wiem czy to intencjonalne ale niektórych piechociarzy musiałem trafić dwa razy zanim ich zabiłem amunicją HE z działka Boomerang. 3. Nowe zielone linie celownicze na działach w pojazdach moim zdaniem są za grube ciężej się strzela do małych obiektów ponieważ są przez ów linie zasłonięte. 4. Na działach oraz działkach np. Boomerang dodaliście cienkie zielone skośne linie które obrazują gdzie aktualnie wycelowane jest działo, jest to mało precyzyjne. Ciężej wycelować jeśli działko nie jest wycelowane na środku ekranu. przed patchem 7.0 dało się kogoś ustrzelić, teraz jest to trudniejsze, co wynika z nieprecyzyjnych skośnych linii. 5. Ten problem istniał już przed patchem 7.0. Jeśli na działku np Boomerang mam 2 rodzaje ammo, np HE i AP to nie mogę się czysto przełączać miedzy amunicja tzn. W lekkich pojazdach można się przełączać miedzy 3 rodzajami ammo" np HE, AP i ammo do karabinu maszynowego. Jeżeli przełączę się na 2 rodzaj ammo np AP to nie mogę powrotem jednym kliknięciem wrócić do 1 rodzaju ammo np HE. Musze przełączać sie jakimiś sposobami na ammo karabinu, spowrotem na AP i potem mogę dopiero na HE. Jest to niewygodne i upierdliwe.
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    For now we just seperated (today in fact) horizontal and vertical recoil modifiers for attachments, and we'll be adjusting the grips and muzzle devices so that some of them will be more specialized in what they improve. So you should be able to find attachments cominations which will make the guns more enjoyable for you to play. Muzzle devices, grips and barrels will have bigger and more varied effect on weapon behaviour. We'll probably add pros and cons for each so that they will make one thing better but another worse, and it's always a tradeoff. We'll be taking a closer look at weapon behaviour this fall once the new anim system is in place. We'll probably dig up an ancient build from 0.2/0.3 era, compare the feeling and see what changed.
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    This game hasn't been released yet, and which idiotic behavior you mean?
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    They never said they are gonna be the same; light is gonna be slower and heavy a bit faster, that's it. (please don't use cancer for this, very unnecessary) What are you talking about? CoD has had flinch in every game and do you see people complaining? It'll just create a slightly bigger skill-gap and makes it a bit more realistic, you wouldn't just stand still when you got hit by a bullet would you. Randomness? You shouldn't spray and pray my dude, aim then shoot. If the recoil is too much then take a smaller magnification scope. Well I'm sorry this game isn't being tailored to your preferences, if you want that please go make a game yourself. The devs are doing their best and people like you who just shit on every little detail they don't like doesn't help anyone in the slightest. As they said, every change will first be tested on PTE and they move on from there; if people don't like the way the extra flinch impacts the game, they'll either scrap the idea or rework it. The devs are not just doing things blind and they are definitely not deaf when it comes to feedback, you'll just have to polite and concise. For playerbase, they haven't even started promoting the game big time with advertisements or anything.
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    They will All of the pros and cons of weights stay the same. We're also currently going to try different camera flinch effects for loadouts, with heavies being less punished for being hit than lights. It's a miniscule difference at the moment but it's there, we'll see how will it fare. We can also swap it around so it will be another upside of being a light. Curious what you guys think about this. Which reminded me: Heavies have the biggest camshakes for effects like jumping and falling, so light loadouts will also have a small advantage here with less screen noise when staying mobile.
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    To be honest I miss the times where the Squadmates could spawn on the squadleader but the squadleader could only spawn on flags/base. It gave so much value to the squadleader and loosing him had really a impact for your push. Thats how frontlines developed. Once your SQL died you had to start the push anew. Now the SQL is the first to go in and the disposable one because he can spawn so fast on anyone anyway. And you can't just wipe a squad by killing him. They will just keep comming as long as just 1 guy stays alive.
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    Hitreg is broken and this is the main issue, so i think Heli should be removed for now.
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    This is the key sentence right here. Put simply, it detracts from the overall experience of the majority of people in a match with the way it is now. I've put a suggestion in the #suggestion_box in the official discord that players can vote on - considering the vote is 26 yes and 0 no, I think it's safe to say that it is a fair way to balance the heli without making it useless. This is what I posted: Weight system greatly impacting heli speed. Heli has different weights depending on armor or not, and which armament it's equipped with. You'd be able to have light and fast with low armor and machine guns, or a heavy hitter with rockets and armor (current heli basically) but make it much slower to compensate. You could do any combo of them, but rockets would be much heavier than the machine guns so you couldn't have a "light and fast" heli with rockets, even without armor it would be "medium". This would make heli that are only using machine guns (which I've never seen a single person complain about them being too strong) still usable and about where they currently are in terms of balance, but it would make rocket users much easier to kill to counterbalance their overwhelming offensive ability. Balance isn't as simple as throwing blanket nerfs or introducing counters. Nerfing the heli overall would reduce the effectiveness of everything, and adding a hardcounter like a stinger would have the same effect, and would potentially make the heli useless entirely - which wouldn't be fair to people wanting to use the heli - it is a cool drone when it isn't spamming rockets endlessly with zero effort, after all.
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    One more thing: the reward for destroying heli is ridicoulus. 65 BP only! For much work so small effort.
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    Thing about that is that you also need to think about how it is for the pilot. Only having 1 mag of rockets and then having to fly all the way back to Base and rearm everytime will be very frustrating and annoying for the pilot and just takes away all the fun. Sure it fixes 1 thing but creates another problem. And we all know that people will still complain about it even if you made it like that
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    Nerf rocket itself probably will not solve the issue entirely. As Atway rightly said, rockets are so easy to use that if you (let's say a "huge" nerf) half their damage the operator just have to click lmb 2 times instead of one to get the same result. Actually the heli drone has just no purpose, other than kill tons and be annoying. One good solution imho could be to drastically lower the ammo count, paired with longer reload time at base. This way the heli should tactically work like a heavy damage/burst tool, to clear a position for his squad when needed. I can live with actual rocket damage, but give the drone like 6 or 8 total. Enough to kill an entire squad, or a tank (depend on rockets mm). Heli comes, unleash hell and go away, what happen next is a ground - level business. A sort of jdam but way more precise and more versatile. To make it a "burst" weapon, instead of this anarchist "camping the sky harassing everyone for minutes" thing that it is now.
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    Just wait for the next patch. 1 Tandem = it's over. [TWEAK] Heli Drone decreased HP (600 to 450), increased armor thickness against bullets
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    Nahhh standard should do like 80% or 90% damage but only tandem should 1 hit from full HP
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    +100500. TTK is quite good, i`d make it even lower a little c'mon, its TDM - enemies are literally EVERY-FREAKIN-WHERE! You cant even be sure that there is no enemy behind you even if you`ve looked around 0.00000001 sec ago
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    The post is mainly directed at Gutshot: It's true that there are some technical issues atm but I am pretty optimistic that these can be fixed. Besides that I find it very interesting that you call the forum community poisened by "ultra biased fanboys" - you need to explain that to me. If I am not mistaken, this thread (and several others) was opened to express critique on the current state on the game by said community. So who and what are these biased fanboys? Anybody who doesn't repeat "the game is dead" in every post? Am I an ultra biased fanboy who dares to have a lot of fun with the game despite the technical problems? I mean no offense, but you and TZoning seem far more biased than many of the more positive/constructive members of the forum at the moment. Making the claim, that every positive feedback is "false" and comes from "biased fanboys" shows severe lack of respect for the opinions of others and of the insight that your very own opinion is just as subjective as others. Just in case you might have failed to read it: Many (not everybody of course) here in this thread agree that the armor system could need some tweaks and reworks and I would say most of the suggestions hint to a slight and conditional increase in the TTK. To improve the consistency of the TTK maybe changes on the hit boxes are needed. At least I would propose to decrease the size of the gut shot area and let ceramic and steel plates also protect your sides so that armor comes into play more often. Many agree that teamplay atm leaves a bit too desire and that's why there are different suggestions on how to work on it. Nobody likes the technical problems but afaik the next large update is focused on the engine update and the improved server performance which hopefully comes along.
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    Just finished a Match with me and Fullback playing in the same squad (he's really an amazing guy!) Was surprising how easier is discuss a topic in a voice chat, and we discover we basically agree. Still different view angles, but both very valid! Still, it's hard (especially for people that does not speak english very good like me) to explain things in a forum. So if people are still interested in this topic, it would be nice to arrange a sort of "podcast" on one of the voice channels in the WW3 discord, maybe with one of the devs too, because something really good and constructive could come up!
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    Of course teamwork can be a game design choice, but we don't want to sacrifice the gameplay tempo and accesibility we have now. Yes, teamwork needs more work (this sentence hurts) but we don't want it to be as important as it is in Squad et cetera, where you can't have fun without constant communication and a well-organized team. Per attachments: I've meant the balance, not their implementation. Putting attachments on the top rail is a cool feature but I doubt we'll have the time to do it in the foreseable future (you never know tho). Currently we're working on a new attachment balance that will put focus on specializing your weapon for specific roles, e.g. CQB/secondary, main universal, long-range etc., with a bigger weight difference between different builds. We're still early into this iteration but you should see more options as viable than before. Some attachments will also have bigger impact than others, e.g. the barrel length will be the prime defining factor of your preffered engagment distance, with short and long barrels offering specific and noticable pros and cons for different situations.
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    I want to add that despite above criticism I have tons of fun with the game. Today I played the first time with a squad of friends and they all had a blast
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    True but those games are significantly more hardcore/realistic than what we aim for. We're still adding in features and mechanics that were missing since launch. You may say the game is "losing its identity" but what was at release wasn't even the final identity we aimed for anyway - With mechanics still adjusting it will take some more time before the core experience will finaly solidify. We might have done things differently in terms of launch from today's perspective, but what's done is done. Important thing to note is that we never adjusted anything with the intention of "dumbing down" the experience. Many of the changes you see are us finishing up and slowly polishing WW3. The game lacked a lot of simple quality of life elements, but some of them seemed to add to the gameplay's depth, as silly as that seems. Case in point: Bugged ammo resupply caused a huge need for ammo packs, which led to increased temwork element. Expect a lot of gameplay touch-ups to come once the new movement system is done, we're still iterating and nothing is set in stone. E.g. damage model/armor system will probably get another pass, weapon attachments are currently being rebalanced with bigger customizability and role-fitting in mind, amount and location of supply points will likely be reduced (it's possible they'll be removed from cap points altogether and added as separate points of interest), teamwork is likely to get a closer look as well.
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    Tell that to Arma, Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency, Insurgency: Sandstorm and SWAT. You can't accomplish anything without teamwork, communication and coordination, The team which is better at it always wins the game.
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    I don't see a point keep topic like this. I mean, topic doesn't really break the forum rules, but there is no purpose keep this topic where other users will be rant on the players which can't behave in polite manners on the in-game chat. I'm closing it down.
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    Well can we make the tandem a one shot on it? It's goddamn hard to hit a chopper which is moving and then you actually manage to do it!!!..... and it does 75 damage...
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    What isn't fair here? If u have personal grudge against sniper who has killed u once - take mini drone, search for him, kill him. It isn't that hard.
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    I understand the concerns regarding the balance but I am strictly against restrictions on the weapon choices as the free choice of my loadout is one of the key aspects of WW3. Besides, I don't think that either of the pairings you stated is op. Maybe you can explain how you get to this conclusion?
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    That's why I would like to see Battlefield V's system, where a strike costs up to 45000 points, but the entire squad contributes to that score and only the squad leader can call it in
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    heli is just a BIGGEST game mistake. Thats it -999 points to gryffindor
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    Here for anyone having a problem taking out a Heli-Drone either because you can't catch it to unload MG mayhem or the UCAS-D is just too rich for your blood. I got a solution for you that will have you knocking Heli Drones out of the sky without much effort and you can do it from your main base. Ready? Just ram that black end into the face, side, or brown end of the Heli Drone while using shift to increase or letting off shift to decrease your Drone's movement speed. Your team won't thank you, but you will know you just took the Angel of Death out of play for a period of time. Happy Hunting folks.
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