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    Honestly even now an experienced player knows were he's been killed from. So I don't really know where the problem is.
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    I noticed many people facing input lag issues and stuttering so i decide to make guide to fix these issues or reduce them as much as possible. this guide should be useful for ww3 and any other games. 1. firstly, disable HPET (High Precision Event Time): for me this was the most effective way to make any game lighter and more responsive. you can do this by: - first, open Device manager then go under System devices and right click on High precision event timer and click disable this device. - secondly, type on windows search CMD and run Command Prompt as Administrator and type: - bcdedit /set useplatformclock false then hit enter - same for this command - bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes then restart pc. - run command prompt again as admin and type bcdedit /enum to check if the changes happened, you should see these at bottom: useplatformclock No disabledynamictick Yes 2.update nividia driver or radeon driver. - in last nividia drivers there is option under manage 3D settings called Low latency mode and set it to Ultra. - i dont have radeon, but i believe there is setting called anti lag which is similar to nividia. 3. ryzen users and SMT (simultaneous multi-threading). - disable SMT in bios, it depends on game, you might gain or lose fps.. how ever the games will feel snappier. 4. disable superfetch. - go to windows search and type services, look for service called SysMain and right click then click properties and change startup type to Disabled 5. disable full screen optimization - navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\Binaries\Win64 or where u installed the game files and right click WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe properties and click compatibility then tick Disable fullscreen optimizations 6. enable high performance power plan - go to power and sleep then on the right corner click addtional power settings and tick on high performance plan 7. disable unnecessary start up programs - go to windows search and click startup apps and remove unneeded programs from startup 8. disable all Xbox services and game bar recording - Xbox services and game bar recording well known for eating resources in your pc - click services on windows search and navigate to last services and you will find 4 Xbox services click on each one right click then properties and change start up type to disable - next go to windows search and type game bar the set record games to off 9.empty standby memory list 10. increase paging file if you have 16gb or less memory ram and getting crashes after while of playing. do this : - go to window search and type this pc then right right click on it then properties then advanced system settings on the top left side of screen. after that, click on advanced >>> performance [Settings] - then advanced again, you will see option called virtual memory then click change. - tick system managed size then click set >>> ok then restart. 11.disable CPU core parking 12. use Windows 10 Debloater to remove pre installed programes that you dont need. link: https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater as for rest check Weedtime post, he almost mentioned everything you need. my spec: gtx 1070ti mini, ryzen 2600, 16gb 3200hz ram and SSD 500gb 860 EVO. . . . it might make your pc way better or worse, test on your own risk .. however, all of these settings are revertible. i highly recommend trying them out. my in game settings: leave an up vote if you find this guide useful please and feel free to ask anything. see you in the field soldier ?
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    I'd really like to see the game in Spanish, and I'd like to help translate it, can someone tell me where I can help? because there are a lot of Spanish speakers playing. greetings from mexico.
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    As much as I like AK Alpha visuals so I don't like shooting it. And in 0.7PTE it is all the same as it was earlier. AK Alpha is supposedly enhanced version of AKM(AK) with improved handling and ergonomy. Unfortunately if there is in WW3 a gun that can be called "ugly duckling" - it's AK Alpha. Its closest analog in game is AK-15. And here on the screenshot u see two 30 rounds bursts. Just to be sure: left is AK Alpha. I was "lucky" to catch the epitome of its kicks when shooting full auto. To be fair on the right AK group is one of the best for it, but nevertheless. U can say that overall recoil is pretty much vertical, but u see how many times bullet trace changes its path if talk about AK Alpha? That's what affects the weapon handling the most(and not some sway). AK ALpha has increadibly heavy kicks when shooting full auto. And nothing in it's customization menu stats can tell u that it would behave that way. These kicks exist even when u r onetapping in single fire mode. And then u see that even on mid distances hits will land to the left and right from the target, leaving it unscathed. On the GIF left groups belong to HK 416. 3(?) times higher horizontal spread for Alpha? Add to this that fact that AK Alpha somehow has the lowest fire rate among all the ARs and u'll understand that currently it can be used only if u want to give enemies HUUUUGE handicap. If u lose firegiht vs AK Alpha on any distance - u must feel that u r teabagged. Just to make it more clear. On pic below is 30 rounds full auto burst from SA80. Yes, it has almost 1.5 times higher vertical recoil(loadouts are the same for all 3 ARs), but it has overall recoil as vertical as Ak Alpha and it's usual spread pattern is the same as as the best of AK-15. But AK Alpha has 570 RPM, AK-15 - 620 and SA-80 - 780. I would love to run more with AK Alpha, but I'm mazochistic not enough to do it more frequently than 1 time in a month. Des, plz, do something with AK Alpha. And by something I mean mostly these horizontal kicks. Let it even be a full copy of AK-15, but at least it would not look so pitiful.
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    Because it isn't bad. It really does matter only on sniper ranges. Pinpoint strafing snipers creates a problem, I called "AWP desease". It means, that weapon, that oneshots you in body at any range is theoretically really overpowered. He oneshots you on sniper ranges, but it's OK, it is his concept. But he oneshots you in CQC, after you hit him with 99 dmg in 5 shots. Can anybody aim in 0.5+(reaction time of enemy)+(aiming time of enemy). Oh yes, he can. I don't argue, that the current concept of sway should be unchangeble. Mb it shouldn't be random. Mb it should be only for 6x+ magnification scopes (like in other shooters). But it not definitly not bad mechanic itself.
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    except when you try to flank you don't shoot anyone to remain undetected? The other arguments are fair, though I'd like you to stop wanting this game to be tailored to you. Like, come on. The game is nowhere near completion and a lot is gonna get reworked. I think this little picture is still better than a killcam...
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    You sound upset and have a shity attitude. And yes I can defend a objective with a Bolter, your statement is untter nonsense and doesn't even apply to any thing. You assume that I only play bolter, I play every thing and have knowledge in all the weapons. I play more with a AR then a bolter. Your shitty attitude and degrading statements dont prove anything or make any points. I am a Warzone player, I do not like TDM and I only play it when I had to. Warzone is not some high and mighty big brain game mode at all either. All you do is kill players on points and then go to the next point. You make up BS about me not doing something that you have no idea I do. You try to say thing like I cant kill players at long range unless I prone and bipod. I certainly can and do kill players at long ranges in the standing position because I have good aim. I out snipe snipers with red dont ARs who are over 100m away with out needing flinch. If you are correct then show proof. So I am not a good player? I'm pretty sure I'm known to be a good player and have videos on youtube showing this. You are just talking trash about the person instead of trying to argue against the points the person brought up. Trying to down play skill as not being actually being skill. But some how trying to saying that a mechanic that takes control of the weapon out of the players hands is some how creating a different type of skill. If you cant control it and are only reacting to it after it has occurred then how is that even application of skill. It is letter ally preventing skill and preventing gameplay by removing your control through RNG. It makes the game easier for bad players by lowering how much skill can affect control of the weapon. That is the only thing that is going on. Sway, Flinch, and suppression are mechanics designed to make bad players feel less bad by nerfing skill with RNG. Do you still say that the gun control changed from .6 to .7 or did you give up and are just attempting to dodges the discussion.
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    The only thing I can agree with is that the name World War 3 can be a bit controversial to some and it's a bitch to search on google. Just like when I search Squad, I get all these pictures from Suicide Squad, real squads in the army and a fuck ton of fortnite stuff. Same goes for WW3, but with real world articles talking about "world war 3 is very close" etc. But that's just a personal preference. If the game get's taken off the market then all the trolls and haters have won.
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    It's topics like these that really irk me. Game is in Early Access. It has a lot of interest. It keeps being worked on. There is no advertising done, and the last form of inviting people to play was the free weekend months ago. At this stage it only needs enough people to report bugs quickly enough, and on a scale big enough, to make sure the game meets its deadline. Saying that, I mean, 3 digits. That's it. 3 digits that care is better than 4 or 5 digits that just play. And then come these genius ideas... Like pulling the game off the market. lol. So what? So there's no one to test? So people can say "hahahaha they failed"? So that the same people who don't care and made the game fail, can have their stupid five minutes of "I told you so"? But in reality they're the ones who sank their own ship? No. This is not what the game needs. The game needs polish, and finishing, and then some advertising. The game barely got 500k sales, estimates say. Is that the entire gaming world? Is that the entire FPS world? No. No, no, no, no it is not. There is plenty of fish to catch, those who didn't hear a word about the game, or are even slightly interested. Want to help the game? Be constructive, rather than destructive. The latter is much easier, hence, most people choose that path. That's what's gonna get this game through. Not doomsayers. Not critics. Not those who whine about mechanics, bugs, glitches, performance or features. It's those who will report bugs, give proper constructive feedback, and, for a bit of the credit, those who play.
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    Hey, thank you for your valuable feedback, you're right, game is not finished yet, that's why we decided for a Early Access so we can finish the game together with the Community - we planning to fully release the game in 2020. Please follow ours Weekly Reports so you will be up to date with development progress. Thanks.
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    He is known for passning his opinions as facts sometimes
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    Nahhh only having vertical recoil with no horizontal kicks would ruin the gunplay No thanks
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    This update is aimed mostly at stability, but we improved some things and fixed a few bugs as well. We've also added more community emblems to the game, available only from a code obtained from the creator / clan. You will have to reapply this code again on Live servers once 0.7 gets there. For safety, don't redeem codes on Live before it happens, it might break your profile. From the gameplay side, we've figured out a way to keep shadows working in dark areas so people don't get an unfair advantage by running low shadows. We did it this way earlier to make lower end GPUs work in WW3 and have better performance at the cost of fairness, but we never intended it to be left this way, and with current performance improvements, we figured that it's time. That said, this change is coupled with disabling per object shadows on low and medium settings to offset the performance hit. In our testing the difference is less than 1fps on low end machines and on both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, but that needs further testing on different machines. So in short, you will loose shadows on your character, but they will look better overall, there will no longer be an advantage when running low shadows and it won't impact performance noticeably. We've also added a long awaited map rotation to the game. Now every time you end a match, all players that are left in the game are queued for another game of the same game mode, but different map. The system first looks for a game that is not empty, to fill it up, but if the number of players looking is bigger than the number of free slots, it will push everyone to a new, empty game. PTE 0.7.2 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Grenades can get desynchronized between server and client and land in different spots, Ammo/Health/Equipment packs still can disappear, [CONTENT] Added a few Community arm patches (hidden by default), [IMPROVEMENTS] Changed low shadow settings to remove glowing characters and vehicles in dark areas and improve their quality, Added map rotation to the ending of the game, [NETWORK OPTIMIZATION] Decreased replication rate for own equipment and capture points, Slowed down with player state replication, Added dormancy for support capture points, [BUGFIXES] Attempted fix for LOD switching related bug that causes ~95% of all crashes (needs confirmation), Voice chat - speaker icon for local talker, BCV and VAB speed and acceleration, Laser dot don't stay on the surface after character death, Fixed rerolling challenges duplicating them, Fixed grenade offset on start of local grenade simulation interpolation, Increased gadgets starvation priority, and lowered relevancy distance, Fixed Moscow loading screen misaligned throbber, Fixed audio engine crash on Berlin TDM, Fixed collision for RPGs on Berlin TDM, Fixed disappearing bushes on Berlin, Fixed some exploit points on Berlin TDM, Fixed broken/dissapearing destroy packs on Berlin TDM, Other minor fixes.
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    We'll be doing a major pass on weapon damage and armor somewhere in the near future, we have a number of ideas how to improve the armor situation. Armor *is* effective, just the differences are too subtle and there is a ton of edgecases where armor can be completely omitted (gutshots et cetera). We'll work those out.
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    Hello, That's awesome news for us, at the moment we don't have good tool to translate files. But we will keep that in mind. If you would like help us in future please e-mail me your details so I can get back to you. My e-mail: tobiasz.rozycki@thefarm51.com
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