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    Strange I've absolutely dominated you in a few matches and me thinking... This is tzoning, yawn. I honestly don't think I'm good nor do I care to sit there and practice, have better things to do. And odd I don't remember ever saying that I am good or hot shit unlike you who sits here bitching and complaining about the most trivial things. That's cringe, and I'm sure there are a lot that agree with that. Your thousands of hours seem wasted, why aren't you on a pro team? How come I come here and it's the first times I've heard of "notloc" or "tzoning". Pull your head out of your ass basement troll.
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    Let's not forget that this holds only theoretically when every shot is a hit. I tried to explain once that the TTK can also be increased by letting firefights take place on longer ranges, thus more shots miss etc. (it's kind of mathematical actually :D).
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    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the biggest brick wall of them all? Notloc? Oh. Yeah. I do suppose. This is kinda why I just stayed silent and watched you believe you're right despite the tens of people disagreeing with you. First off, I've seen you come to EU one day and get your ass handed to you at ninth place. Don't even speak about skill. You're mediocre. Second off, what really is cringe is the fact you think someone playing badly is actually capable of being cringy. Third, Point is pretty good. He racks up good amounts of points. And fourth, the most important one and the one which everyone but you and your buddy knows is that you don't know what's a fact and what's an opinion. For example you talk about how the TTK is low cause maths. Whatever the TTK is, it doesn't matter. The math may be right, but it doesn't mean people will like it or not just cause the math is right. Everyone has their preference. Some like low TTK some like high TTK. The math is a fact. The preference is an opinion. Get it in your head before you go on your next rampage because someone touched your sensitive spot.
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    He often says, that TTK is low, because BTK is 3 bullets in flesh. But it's not right. Only 7.62 AR and MGs have 3 BTK. 5.56 and 5.45 AR have 4 BTK.
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    I think, current respawn system is temporary consensus. If we get some day 30v30 Warzone with LARGE map and D1-D2 control points, I would like next respawn system: Squad Leader has respawn beacon, which can be deployed and destroyed by enemies. Players can respawn only on control points, mobile spawn point, or respawn beacon. And there shouldn't be enemies near to respawn.
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    600+ hours and I don't find any issues with the kill screen. As @PartTimeAHole said, I know where the person more than likely is even without it and have found glitches due to people getting into walls and killing me from inside there without the kill screen we have now. This kill screen is good, it will help newer players understand, which is good. I really don't see where and how it "dumbs" the game down, again you "pros" need to learn that after sitting in a spot (camping) for a while people are going to find you easily regardless of this new kill screen or not.
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    Team GiD vs PSS DATA: 20.08.2019 Wynik: 2:0 (3:0, 3:0 w rundach, 150:107, 150:111 w zabójstwach)
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    Unfair advantage make, squad leaders respawn faster than 10 seconds... Therefore, they have an advantage over other pedestrians. Currently, the squad leader respawn time is 3-4 seconds. I recommend raising it to 10 seconds.
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