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    Describe "many". We have an average of 110 people playing. Could be 111 but i take a break from WW3 due to heli. How many of those 110 love the heli drone? (not when they are piloting it fully equipped, but even when they are cannon fodder on the ground). Did they really love it so much that they will stop playing cause they don't have their 60+ kill-per-game toy anymore? I hope not. Why they really loved it? For the amount of deepness it adds to the game? (obviously not). Or maybe because it is fun to kill dozens of players stuck on the ground? (big chances). For a newbie a skilled enemy heli is so frustrating is not even worthy to keep playing. They can feed their anger looking at the score, because a skilled heli player will finish with 50+ kills 90% of the times. Number he cannot even dream of at early stages. --- That being said, the main issue of the heli imho is that is a primary threat (if not the deadliest one), and it is on the sky. So you have to stop playing WW3, and start playing "hunt the heli": you have to ignore everything that is on ground level and start bird-watching. Since 99% of the action and enemies are at ground level, the chances that "meanwhile" you will be killed by a soldier/tank/sniper/grenade/ground drone/etc. are very high. Hitting a heli drone is not a matter of a couple of seconds: the motion prediction, the fact that the heli has 3 axis of freedom to move, and the skill of the pilot requires you to aim carefully, and often from an uncovered position, cause you need to have line of sight and line of fire. And you have only one weapon with a specific ammo to do that. Too much time considering how quick the action on the ground is. The nail on the coffin is that all it takes for the heli drone to kill you is a LMB click once you are in the crosshair. If the heli will be removed, i really hope people does not stop playing due to that, because WW3 was enjoyable even before this abomination, and have ton of fun to offer even if you have to move on ground.
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    Also there shouldn't be a hud while in third person
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    So first of all, I want to say that this isn't a rant about people who use the heli. It's there in game, so why not use it. The problem is with the heli itself, which I fear will drive off all new players from 0.6. When the enemy team uses a heli, there are only really three main ways it can be countered. 1. Using the UCAS-D and and RPG The problem with this method is that the heli pilot still has control over the heli for a second or two after the jam begins, which, for a fast vehicle like the heli, may be enough time to get to a place out of range of infantry (this is problematic on urban maps with rooftops). The other problem is that RPG singlestage is not a one hit kill, and most people will be able to hit it once but not necessarily a second time. 2. Use a vehicle like an IFV This one is straight out a bad idea. If you're far away from the heli, the travel time from the vehicle's cannon makes it difficult to aim. Furthermore, the traversal speed of the turret and maximum elevation mean that all the heli pilot has to do is fly it around you (which is easy because it is so fast) and just rocket the shit out of your vehicle. 3. Use another heli This one is also difficult. The person with the first heli is usually pretty good, and the heli strike itself is quite expensive, but it can sometimes be pulled off, resulting in your team's heli now terrorizing the other team instead. The obvious problem with all of these methods, apart from the ones already described, is this: They all require the use of strikes that aren't in the default loadouts (except for the IFV which is the worst option), and even if you manage to damage a heli it can drive off so fast to the repair bay that it's almost impossible to destroy, and this is coming from a player who has been on since day one. What's a new player going to do? Nothing, because they can't really do anything. I don't really care how powerful the heli is, but its ability to move around the map as quickly as it does and repair easily means that it needs a nerf or new players are just going to quit. There are no two ways about this. I can already almost hear the replies of "get good", or "just use a jammer", but as I have pointed out, these are not default equipment, cost points, and often difficult to use. The heli is easily the most powerful strike in the game by a mile, and yet countering it is arguably one of the most difficult things in this game. I know some of you guys on the forums love using the heli, and I have no opposition to the idea of a heli, but it's just way too powerful the way it is now. In my opinion, the solution is to give it a massive nerf, and then buff it bit by bit, because even though losing a heli is annoying, it's the exact same as wasting a bombing run or artillery in terms of points. Let's do this now before players who aren't as dedicated as us decide for the nth time that this game just isn't good.
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    The tank optics in 0.7.3 are much better, mainly because of the color, but all you have to do is get rid of the useless dashes all around the reticle, and change the color to something closer to red, like the original optic.
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    Z tego, co wiem, z nowym systemem animacji wejdzie też nowa prędkość poruszania się, robiąc z Lighta coś jak aktualne medium i w dół - zgadzamy się, że biegają za szybko
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    Tor was not even overpowered. Very strong yes but Tor is a like little chick compared to how strong heli is. Understanding devs is not possible. Even if heli is not OP its still not fun for people who came to this game for the no aircraft statement and how game was about ground combat. Oh well at least there MW coming.
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