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    Simple, Exchange the spastic click and spawn on squadmate for squad leader placing a Squad style rally point / BF style spawn beacon. How many times does a player spawn on a player who is in combat or spawn and then is immediately attacked. Or has an a unaccounted for enemy spawn on the player that they are fighting that kills them. Based on map size its kinda impractical to cancel spawns for situations that that would cause this. Give It a mini radar to prevent spawn camping and then players can see others dying on the point so they cant not spawn into a trap. Squad leader will place the rally point/beacon which will promote squad cohesion and a logistics of spawn element in the game. Makes the game more strategic and tactical. Would also make the game more interesting where you can go hunt down spawn beacons. There can be a whole bunch more nitty grtty cooldowns and other requirements latter on. This with objective spawns, homebase spawn, and mobile spawn is all you really need.
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    Затонувший Дракон, частично Шанхай, Гуйлинские пики (горы, а не крыши, но принцип тот же). На Зоне затопления кемперить на крышах это просто наносить ущерб своей команде, Кровавая заря тоже самое. Это то что я смог сходу вспомнить. Для дрона-вертолета можно поставить контейнер в который заходим и получаем доступ к стоящему на нем вертолету.
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