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    Still pretty powerful. You could now feasibly run a LMG/sniper loadout and have a pistol to cover in case you are shot during the LMG reload time. Besides A lot of my loadouts feature two kinetic weapons that aren't pistols, AR/SMG, AR/Sniper, LMG/SMG, shotgun/AR. It would be pretty unfair to be forced to carry an extra pistol when all of those combos cover those combat roles.
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    Wait for 1.0 for you judgement. It is a game in development. Many people think EA means a finished game but it means witnessing a game being built.
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    I can't say for sure because I don't know but it seemed pretty likely that a commander mode with strikes that must be earned in the way you described will be added. Here's a link to the post where is was discussed. If added this would make squad leader strikes redundant. As for reviving it seems unlikely to be added. I think this is a good thing though. Stick with your sqaud and watch over each other, I try not to let anyone die because I know they cannot be revived. In games with reviving you tend to use your teammates as bait which isn't really teamwork.
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    Even Master Chief could only carry 2 weapons at a time. I think more than 2 weapons would be a bit op. I get it, though. I've been in CQB and my main weapon ran out and instead of reloading I instinctively changed weapons only to put a rocket into my RPG... And that's a good thing: I chose to have an RPG instead of having a sidearm for a reason: it's my AT class, not my Anti Infantry class
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