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    Lon long ago I've made a theme about asking devs to make a second TDM map on Warsaw. After running few times in the Rail Station while playing Breakthrough I decided to reanimate this theme. Copypasted old theme and added few a screenshots of underground station. I do known that I'm nowhere near to have any rights to ask or even more demand, but I demand(!) second Team DeathMatch map on RailWay Station. Just look at these screenshots I've made. Railway is perfect for deathmatch as it is now without any tweaks or remodelling! I started playing WW3 on Warsaw Large map. And my best firefights were exactly here, in hallways and passages of RailWay Station. Изменено 7 марта пользователем tynblpb
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    1. Dobrze, natomiast pojazdy teraz są zbyt słabe. 2. j.w. 3. Możliwość uszkodzenia gąsienic i silnika. Zwiększenie opancerzenia i trochę losowości przy trafieniach (krytyczne trafienie) . Kierowanie ogniem tylko przez pasażera.
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    Tandem HEAT rounds are bigger and heavier than normal HEAT rounds, and for that I think they should drop harder than normal HEAT rounds. The russian RPG scope even has instructions for it: IMO this would make the skill floor a bit higher and give advantage to players who can successfully estimate how high they should aim the RPG.
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    Уже отвечали на этот вопрос - большой разрушаемости не будет (по крайней мере до релиза точно). Максимум дестрой-паки, не более того
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    В игре уже есть система наказания за тимкилы, на экране возрождения некоторое время есть предложение наказать (Punish).
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