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    Witajcie Żołnierze! Obecnie pracujemy nad aktualizacja 0.8 na serwerach PTE, wraz z nowym trybem Przełamanie (Breakthrought). To nie znaczy że na obecnej wersji na serwerach Live nic się nie będzie działo, głównie wprowadzamy poprawki z problemem replikacji graczy ( wiąże się z tym brak markerów albo nieodpowiednie kolory markerów) no i oczywiście poprawa wydajności. Przygotowaliśmy dla was listę zmian która nadchodzi z aktualizacja 0.7.2. Aktualizacja 0.7.2 Lista Zmian [DEBUG] Dodano TeamManager do debugowania tego co znajduje się po stronie klienta i serwera, ma to nam pomóc w znajdowaniu większej ilości błędów, [NAPRAWA BŁĘDÓW] Wiele poprawek do replikacji druzyn ( brak oznaczeń, błędne kolory ), W silniku Unreal Engine zmieniono jak aktorzy replikują się aby zredukować crash'e serwerów, Naprawiono Serwerowy Crash powiązany z debugiem danych, Poprawki do okluzji dźwiękowej i przestrzenności, Naprawiono brak cząsteczek zniszczonych obiektów na początku rozgrywki, [OPTYMALIZACJA] [UE] Naprawiono ścinki OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() na wątku renderowania, [UE] Naprawiono ścinki wątku renderowania kiedy aktualizują się parametry skalarne materiału, [UE] Poprawki do przeładowania assetów, które już zostały przeładowane ( zredukowanie ścinek ), [UE] Wyłączono potwierdzanie w kilku aktorach, [UE] Wyłączono obliczenia DoF (depth of field - głębia ostrości) dla zdalnych pojazdów. - Zespół World War 3
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    Hello, Soldiers! We're currently working on 0.8 patch on the PTE, with our newest Breakthrough game mode, but there are some things that the current live version could benefit from, namely fixing the problems with replication of players (resulting in missing markers or having wrong marker color) and, of course, performance. We have a few fixes coming your way, so let's dig in. Update 0.7.2 Patch Notes [DEBUG] Added TeamManager debug printing on server and client side to find more problems, [BUGFIXES] Multiple fixes for team replication (missing markers, wrong team colors), Changed how actors replicate to reduce server crashing, Fixed a server crash related to debugging data, Fixes for audio occlusion and spatialization, Fixed destructible objects not having particles at the start of the match, [OPTIMIZATION] Fixed OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() hitches on the render thread, Fixed hitches on the render thread when updating material scalar parameters, Fixes for reloading assets that were already loaded (reduced hitching), Disabled ticks on multiple actors, Disabled DoF calculations for remote vehicles.
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    A suggestion for a small improvement to Moscow TDM Blue - new walls Green - potential new pieces of cover The idea is to allow players who spawn on either main corner to push to the other along the outside of the building The wall of sandbags at the front of this picture would be removed, allowing access to the other end of the building and the archway entrance to the open centre This area would now be open on both sides, and some pieces of cover added to allow for firefights along this corridoor
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    Hey Folks Time for another "Weapons that could enhance WW3" post and this time around Mother Russia provides us with some love with the OTs-38 Stechkin Revolver. She is going to provide us with even more love when it comes time for the Special Weapon post, but we will get into that when its time comes. Now I know some players have been really wanting to see Revolvers added to the game, so when I was searching for new pistols I had not recommended already, I put Revolvers at the top of my priorities when looking for something new to suggest, and the OTs-38 is definitely something new. Primarily in the sense that I had not recommended it before, it didn't make my original honorable mentions list, and it has some pretty unique characteristics to it. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the OTs-38 Stechkin. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The OTs-38 Stechkin - Real life information behind the OTs-38 Stechkin. Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game Pistols and suggested Pistols with the OTs-38 Stechkin. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the OTs-38 Stechkin should have. Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the OTs-38 Stechkin should have. ---- Section 1 - The OTs-38 Stechkin Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the OTs-38 Stechkin. OTs-38 - by Оружейная Фабрика (Arms Factory) - Hope you speak Russian because I sure don't. Extra Information sources. OTs-38 Stechkin - Wiki OTs-38 Stechkin - Gun Wiki OTs-38 Stechkin - Modern Firearms Created in 2001, the OTs-38 Stechkin is a 5 round, sound suppressed, double action revolver created by TSKIB SOO (Central Bureau for Sporting and Hunting Arms, a division of the famous KBP organization, located in Tula, Russia) by request of the FSB, the successors of the USSR KGB. The weapon features both a integral suppressor & Laser Sight and when fired the weapon produces almost no sound and absolutely no flash. Firing 7,62×42 (SP-4) caliber rounds of ammunition, the OTs-38's rounds are loaded in by a special flat clip that holds the 5 rounds together, and when reloading keeps the empty cases from falling out onto the ground to avoid leaving any traces behind. However, reloading the OTs-38 is rather strange as it's cylinder doesn't just slide out to the left or right like a normal revolver. It slides to the right, then goes forward, and upwards a bit. Also unlike most revolvers, when the OTs-38 is fired, the rounds come out of the lower barrel instead of the upper barrel where the Laser Sight is located. This is to help minimize muzzle climb while firing and maintain a degree of accuracy. The ammunition was tailored to deliver wounding effects at up to 100 ft (30m) and have a practical (potentially fatal) effect at ranges below 30 ft (10m.) ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons In terms of playstyle, the OTs-38 Stechkin would be a highly specialized weapon like it's real life counter part. Favoring players that prefer to sneak around the battlefield, avoid getting into face to face fights, and generally flank the enemy while delivering quiet death. It would ideally not be a great sidearm for Players that are playing purely Defensively by letting the enemy always come to them or going highly aggressive on the offensive, primarily because of a limited capacity, only really being effective at very close ranges, and a moderately slow reload speed due to it's strange reloading process. Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the OTs-38 Stechkin vs. other Pistols. Like always the color coding works as shown below. Green - The gun is better compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Yellow - The gun is equal or competitive compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Red - The gun is worse compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and avoid making a massive amount of variables to take into consideration. OTs-38 Stechkin proposed and compared stats. OTs-38 Stechkin Effective ranges: 15m (36 damage.) Damage decreases at 16m - 135m (18 damage) G17: 60m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 75m - 135m (20 damage) Ragun: 60m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 75m - 135m (20 damage) Lebedev: 60m (31 damage.) Damage decreases at 75m - 135m (27 damage) (S) VP70M: 30m (29 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 135m (20 damage) (S) MR73: 25m (46 damage.) Damage decreases at 26m - 135m (30 damage) OTs-38 Stechkin Weight: 2.00 G17: 1,33 Ragun: 1.55 Lebedev: 2.35 (S) VP70M: 1.80 (S) MR73: 3.10 OTs-38 Stechkin Recoil: 0.55 G17: 0.95 Ragun: 1.0 Lebedev: 1.1 (S) VP70M: 0.75 (S) MR73: 0.55 OTs-38 Stechkin Spread: 0.22 G17: 0.3 Ragun: 0.2 Lebedev: 0.25 (S) VP70M: 0.30 (S) MR73: 0.2 OTs-38 Stechkin Reload time: 3.6 Seconds G17: 2.6 Seconds Ragun: 2.6 Seconds Lebedev: 2.6 Seconds (S) VP70M: 3.6 Seconds (S) MR73: 3.2 Seconds OTs-38 Stechkin Rate of Fire: Depends on the Shooter G17: 600 Ragun: 600 Lebedev: 600 (S) VP70M: 450 (Semi) / 2000 (Burst) (S) MR73: Depends on the Shooter OTs-38 Stechkin Caliber: 7.62x42mm SP-4 G17: 9x19mm Parabellum Ragun: 9x19mm Parabellum Lebedev: 9x18mm Makarov (S) VP70M: 9x19mm Parabellum (S) MR73: .357 Magnum OTs-38 Stechkin Muzzle Velocity: 300 m/s G17: 375 m/s Ragun: 360 m/s Lebedev: 319 m/s (S) VP70M: 274 m/s (S) MR73: 674 m/s OTs-38 Stechkin Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 8 / STL: 12 G17: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 Ragun: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 Lebedev: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 10 / STL: 14 (S) VP70M: HDPE: 6 / PTLN: 7 / Cer: 11 / STL: 15 (S) MR73: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 8 / STL: 12 With this out of the way we move on to special features which we have a little to work with. ---- Section 3 - Special Features Integrally Suppressed - Because the OTs-38 is Integrally suppressed the weapon should always be rather quiet. Integral Laser Sight- The OTs-38 should come standard with a built in Laser sight that projects itself outwards from the upper barrel. Reduced Muzzle Climb - Because of the design of the OTs-38 with the round coming out of the lower barrel rather than the upper barrel like most revolvers, the OTs-38 should inherently have a rather low muzzle climb. This was an intentional design concept behind putting the firing barrel on the bottom rather than the top. ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything like that. Just a quick mention of what customization options the OTs-38 should and should not have access to in my opinion, Primary Sights All Pistol Options Barrels None Muzzles None - Integrally Suppressed Side All Pistol Options Magazines None Ammunition All (Gun) Ammunition Types optional As for cosmetic bodyparts, there really isn't anything that I could find personally. But, I think the Devs could make some custom grips for a little something extra for People since the OTs-38 is really light in the customization department. Sort of the price of being a highly specialized weapon. And with that this brings the post an end. I hope everyone likes my suggestion for the OTs-38, or at least the general idea of it even if not exactly what I'm suggesting. I know some People are wanting to see some Revolvers added to the game and while I did find some with the RSh-12, Taurus Judge, and Unica-6 in my old pistols list. I could not in good faith ignore the OTs-38 as the whole point of these posts is to find weapons that are factually different from what we currently have in game. So, since I already recommended the RSh-12 & Taurus Judge once before, it just felt natural to push the OTs-38 this time around as it's both a Revolver which (again) players have been wanting and it's a Revolver that essentially has a built in suppressor which gives it that unique characteristic that I try to find for these posts. Next post will be the Sniper Rifle post and after that will be the Special weapons post before I start the cycle over again. Till the next "Weapons that could enhance WW3" post is made... Have a good one folks!
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    New patch, new bugs. As alway. Now when throwing down medkit, it disappers. But goes on cooldown. Also sucks in Warzone. Huge fps drops to 30-40, sometimes less. Minimal details, gtx 1070 ti. GG. Srsly.
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    We're planning on merging regions together before 1.0. If we can't do it by then, it'll happen a bit later, but it will happen for sure.
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    Всем привет! В настоящее время мы работаем над Обновлением 0.8 для РТЕ (с новым режимом Breakthrough на борту), но есть кое-что, что мы хотели бы добавить на LIVE-версию уже сейчас. Например, исправление проблем с репликацией игроков (из-за которых мы в т.ч. имели пропадающие маркеры или их неверный цвет) и очередной вклад в копилку улучшения производительности. Подробнее: Патч 0.7.2 — Список изменений [ОТЛАДКА] Добавлен TeamManager debug printing на сервер и клиент для более детального обнаружения проблем. [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ОШИБОК] Многочисленные фиксы для репликации команды (отсутствующие маркеры, неправильные цвета команды), Изменено то, как реплицируются акторы, чтобы снизить краши сервера, Исправлен краш сервера, связанный с отладкой данных, Фиксы для окклюзии аудио и ориентации в пространстве, Исправлены разрушаемые объекты, не имеющие частиц на старте матча. [ОПТИМИЗАЦИЯ] Исправлены заминки OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() в потоке рендера, Исправлены ошибки в потоке рендера при updating material scalar parameters, Фикс для перезагруженных ассетов, которые уже были загружены (снижение рывков), Отключены тики на нескольких акторах, Отключены вычисления DoF для д/у транспорта.
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    @soldierqr A spróbuj wyczyścić pamięć podręczną steama. Możliwe że coś ci się zbugowało
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    We'll take care of this before release, the alpha tester patches will be sent as codes to people that registered and got into the alpha tests. We'll have something for Early Access players as well
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    Here we go with another one. This patch is making some serious changes to vehicle hitreg and some other aspects of the game, so we want to test it on the PTE before pushing it to Live, to avoid any problems. Anyone that can, please help us test this feature, it should make the Heli Drone register RPG and bullet hits properly. We are aware of the Heli Drone being hard to shoot down, but it might not be so OP once you can actually hit it - so let's test it! Nice. PTE 0.6.9 Patch Notes [GAMEPLAY] Airstrike rebalance: prices and damage (Hellfire and Stormbreaker), Decreased bonus points for vehicle destruction, [BUGFIXES] Hit registration from characters also applies to vehicles - Heli Drone should be now hittable with RPGs, Waiting for level to load after spawn - Vehicle will not simulate physics in time of waiting, shouldn't fall through the world, Fixed crash on strike drop, Vehicles can no longer drive on surfaces that character can't step on, Fixed VOIP audio volume slider not working in settings, Incorrect positioning of sounds, Added walkable slope to radar curb that was blocking player movement on C1 on Smolensk, Added new material to collision meshes for correct grass footsteps sounds on Berlin and Warsaw, Some fixes to Juno Grip availability in customization, Fixed applying skins on Boxer, Fixes for Leopard 2 PSO armor Updated Buggy's collision so it can't climb walls while driving backwards, Fixed flickering markers, [IMPROVEMENTS] Loitering Ammo camouflage, Quadrocopter now can fly through the windows on Smolensk, Added extra covers on Smolensk, Created some additional magazines for better fitment, Proper HUD naming for vehicles, [OPTIMIZATION] Maximum texture size reduced on all levels for objects that had it set too high, Added simplified version of bushes on Polyarny, Foliage draw distance fixes and other fixes on Polyarny. Collision and stream distance fixes on Polyarny, Removed unnecessary props, [OTHER] Deleted engines customization option (it wasn't doing anything), New military nets on Smolensk.
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