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    Currently u have quite poor choice of instruments if u want to adjust the HUD to ur liking. I'm talking about WorldMarkers part of Gameplay Settings menu. At this moment u can make so that all the icons in ur FoV would disappear. U can make so that names and distances would disappear. U can make ALL the icons simultaneously big or small, opaque and transparent. And... that's all. U want small and transparent CP icons and big and opaque Soldier icons? Or u want simply turn off CP icons as they are the largest objects in the HUD? Currently u can't do it. So, hoping it's only temporarily, I'm making suggestion. Devs, could u plz make that we would be able to adjust size, opacity of CP and Soldier/Vehicles icons separately or so we could simply turn them off? Something like on the pic below?
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    Currently, when u r in the vicinity of ur SquadLeader and he is giving orders, u can hear him/them. BUT when he is far from u, the only thing u hear is short tinkling sound when the order is changed. Majority of players DGAF... And even more. IF we look at commo rose we can see there part where SL can give direct orders via Radio. But I'm afraid these "Radio" messages can be heard again only when squadmember is near u. For all others it's only another text message in chat window. Those who are near u - they are near u. Those who are far away - DGAF about another chat message even though it's from their SL. And then u need to kick them out of squad... So, devs, could plz make that the "RADIO" messages in the Commo-rose would be actually RADIO messages in game? Add to them the same effect as the VOIP has and I think it'll fit perfectly. And I hope when players would hear their SL shouting "Come HERE!" at least 1 or 2 would actually pay attention and do what they were ordered to. Because currently I don't think squadmembers actually pay attention to chat messages. If all other RaDio Messages could be vocalized I think it wouldn't make the game unenjoyable as it was with commander "enemy infantry spotted" spam in BF2/2142.
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    GAME BUILD ID:4526046 DESCRIPTION OF BUG 1.) TDM Spawnsystem at the start since the last patch multiple people spawn somewhere outside of the map and can shoot or you are stucked outside the map and need to suicide to spawn on the map. Would be nice if you would play your own TDM maps a bit more often to see the obvious problems. Tip: Autospawn at start and not a second earlier, no shooting before the start let the enemys spawn on other side of the map not like in warsaw where the enemy is in shooting distance when you spawn bottom floor (didnt have the sapwn since last patch but it exists). 1.1) TDM spawn in the round maybe switch more often to prevent spawn camp and would be nice if you dont spawn around the corner of an enemy. 2.) Ammo capacity 50er Magazins for Assaultrifles only comes with 2 mags (50+50) , the 60round comes with 3 (60+120) mags, 30er mags come with 4 mags (30+90), 10 rounder comes with 8mags (10+70). count the ammo of each and dont hit yourself to hard with the facepalm. 3.) Additional Ammo FMJ was it ever working ? will it ever get fixed ? 4.) customize weapons if you klick on a weapon then to another one the stats of the weapon can change up to 3 times (by clicking on the same weapon) the damage graph and the stats are changing. 5.) Weapons are bugged Scar-H (heared its already known) --> no sights working DMG-ninemil is shown with attachments when you first customize it and ingame it got nothign thats shown (no muzzle, no sights) 6.) loading in maps or Loading between maps/Games freezes Steam overlay, never seen before in any other game. 7.) ingame vision fading to black after spawning. when you spawn the screen sometimes fade to black and after 1 sec its back to normal 8.) Music is set to 0 if im in the Menu and i hear the music when i start the game, i need to make it louder then again back to 0 to get rid of the music.
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    It would be cool to have editor so people could make maps just like in Red orchestra or Cs GO.
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    There are a lot of complaints about this issue on Discord, you're not alone.
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    I like this in insurgency but I think it’s fine either way.
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    No, it's a way to not make hipfire random like it is right now, you also have to be aware of where your gun is pointing at all times (mount a laser to make it easier, but it costs 2 inventory points (or weight in WW3) and could give away your position). How does this counter quickscopes, this hipfire mechanic is very inaccurate in quick engagements if you aren't experienced and you won't hit anything at medium to long ranges (5m is already pretty hard). In I:S you almost always win if you are pre-aiming, which is a GOOD thing for a tactical game like this. Having played I:S quite a bit I can say this mechanic is way more satisfying than the random hipfire most games use. If you die because of it you can say it's because of yourself, not because of the RNG hipfire bullshit.
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    We're going to support modding in some capacity, but we first have to finish the game. At this time there are some things that are being developed purely for this purpose, but it will take some time to release and we can't really promise stuff yet. Making maps might sound like something fun to do, but we're putting almost as much time into making sure they perform well as we do into designing them, it's not just a case of 'put stuff where it's cool to put stuff'. You have to take into account lines of sight, how you block view so you don't have to render as much (see: wall of Warsaw or Moscow, hills on Smolensk), you have strict limits as to how many draw calls you can have and how heavy they are (we try to keep it at below 2000 drawcalls). If you don't know what a draw call is, you will not be able to make a map for World War 3. And even if you know, there's a full PBR pipeline to get to know, a lot of lighting physics, there's physical materials, setting up of the spawns, the bullet penetration. Let's take the last one. There's literal thousands of objects on our maps, like 15 000. You have to make sure each of them has the bullet penetration set up correctly, so click each of them and set it up. How much time will it take you to set it up? Like a week, 8h a day most likely? And that's actually one of the easiest steps. Yeah, making guns will probably be easier, right? So you make the model and make sure it's set up for the customization system, so every attachment you want to fit on it, fits on it, and there's like 700 of them. You have to split the weapon into parts ofc, it's not a single model. Texture it, make sure it works well with other guns and their textures. Remember, there's skins, you have to make sure those work as well, there's a 100 of those. Now, you have to also animate the weapon. That's a new animation for each pose. How many poses are there? Well, there's base poses like prone, crouch, walk, sprint, back prone, but each of them also has stuff called aim-offsets (when looking left or right), so that's already 15 (I'm not an animator though, so I bet I'm missing something important). Now, that's just for simple idle animation. Now add reloads (there's 3 of them per pose, so 45), add animating of the weapon movement in each of the poses and in ADS, that's 45 + 45 + 45. the last 90 is set up in the editor using curves, so it's a bit faster, but getting it to look good is actually not that simple. Now, add sound design, so it works with the rest of the weapons in the game: that's FPP sounds, TPP sounds, far TPP sounds, tails, sounds for each of the environment sizes (small room, large room, outside and probably a few more). Reload sounds as well, don't forget, those also have to have variants. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE Did you know suppressors change how the weapon sounds? Yeah. And you have to make particles like muzzle flash too. This is even without considering balance and game design. All this said, we're fully behind having mod tools, but mod tools also require development time. If we want to make them usable for normal people, it will take more time. And making tools for a game that's still being changed a lot is also not smart. TL;DR; Making games is hard, making tools takes time, be patient
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    I have seen some (probably newer for older rifles) handguards with attachment rails for the M16 As for the AK-47 they could maybe(!) add a special foregrip and the AK-74 does have a rail underneath the right handguard. Side mounts I don't really care about, they don't really give a bonus most of the time, especially since the flashlights work with the world lighting instead of being their own light source. But yeah, most of the variations would be for roleplay, like playing as special forces (MP5SD3) or a certain country. I for instance want the C7(NLD) or C8(NLD) for Dutch Armed Forces roleplay Variations for Colt assault rifles are found here: https://www.coltcanada.com/upgrades.html
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    As the name suggests, the ability to make weapons look like other weapons from the same manufacturer / family by changing body parts. Could be only cosmetic, unless the devs decide the body parts (or only certain body parts, like the Fake Stock) will change stats, too. E.g. AK-15 could convert to older AK's, maybe even the RPK? M4 mws could convert to a M16 or C7 / C8 SA80 (L85 A3) could convert to heavier versions like the L86 lsw G17 could convert to G19, G20, G22, however many versions there are of the Glock (not G18, that one's full auto (although? )) IF ADDED (pls :)): MP5A3 > MP5A1, MP5A2, MP5SD1, 2, 3, 5, 6, MP5K, UMP This way you could cosmetically maybe double the amount of weapons that are available to players without having to add as many guns with stats and balancing issues
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    Omg that's so cool, I love that mod. Mad respect! Congrats on the accomplishment! I hope the Aussie mod gets the same treatment, that mod also looks very promising. I only hope for a Dutch Armed Forces mod just like in PR, but hey, I live there so I'm biased. Modding support keeps games alive bb.
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    @HALCON4 Squad is also made in UE4 and they have a mod tool released on the EGS for map creation and many other stuff. The SDK is very complicated but there are some awesome mods in the works for that game, from different factions with weapons to gamemodes and even the Tournaments rules they use are from a mod in the Steam Workshop.
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    Those still don't seem worthy of an entire 0.X update, unless there are significant performance improvements, which they also stated will be done mainly only the update before the 1.0 release. Also, I don't think people realize that after 0.9 1.0 isn't necessarily the next step, they can go further with 0.10, .11, etc.
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    Create a private polygon mode, so you can practice and test weapons and vehicles, before entering multiplayer. A sort of private offline polygon. Preferably even before having to buy them
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    In the works but planned closer to release. Next
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