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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): K / D score / play time etc. have been reset. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 4526046 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): I play on an Asian server. I have been playing for 100 hours.
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    Can i get a Blanket and some hot drinks for my Sniperscopes cause its shaking if it were freezing. Seriously how,..... how is this even possible. GAME BUILD ID: 45260646 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: G29 or Tochnost + any scope with more then 2x (its there buts its hard to notice) - just spawn on Berlin and aim. and its on ALL maps but the worst its on Berlin .
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    Resets are part of Early Access. Thanks.
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    Hi mates, I wish you an happy New Year 2020. I hope professional and student success accompany you during this new year, maybe the love Cya later Hérulf
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    Ah alright that makes more sense. I'm personally not bothered by it, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Either which way works for me when it comes to something like that, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything just because it takes me a second or two to get off the redeployment screen. Only at really close/generally close ranges. Up to a certain range the guns work with hit scan detection (or whatever the technical term is) and after a certain range is met is when you need to start taking all the variables into consideration such as bullet velocity, drop, and etc. I will agree that I think some of the capture zones need to be a little larger. However, I would treat that on a case by case basis rather than just expanding all capture zones (just generally speaking mind you.) There are some that are already pretty decent size to begin with such as A1 on Warsaw. I'm afraid I'm on the opposite side of the tracks on this one. Why exactly does this need to be a thing? I know the Developers are not trying to make a Milsim, but there is a degree of realism that is being aimed for, and switching weapons while running isn't exactly an easy task especially when you're using multiple large weapons. I could see Pistols being swapped to fairly easy, all be it maybe a bit on the sloppy side while running. But, larger weapons like SMGs, Shotguns, RPG-7s, and etc would be quite the pain in the ass to switch to after slinging whatever other large scale weapon you have on you.
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    Дорогие друзья! Подходит к концу очередной год, и мы невероятно взволнованы, думая о планах, предвкушая их свершения и то, сколько всего интересного принесёт 2020-й! Вы сделали прошлый год таким особенным для нас, и мы очень хотим, чтобы наступающий год стал особенным для вас! Пожалуйста, проведите его максимально весело и продуктивно, а мы будем держать кулачки за каждого! Всё получится! С Новым годом!
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    (1). Constant crashes to desktop happen randomly (many people I play with have the same issue). (2). Server will boot everyone out of round back to War Map at times. (3). Endless loading screen after deploying into game from server browser (seems to be random - others I play with have same issue). (4). Spawn bug - You re-spawned back to main or another objective regardless if you selected squad lead before hand. (5). Player counts - NA servers are dead, no one to play against - EU ping times are high for NA crowd to play on EU. (6). No master server for load outs & XP... Grinding for every server region is just plain stupid (everyone I play with feels the same). (7). Map size and max player count in game - Many of us wish larger map versions return with 64 player servers. (8). The dreaded "fucking" heli-drone - Now there's news of another one added in near future (Really? WTF!). (9). Overall quality of the textures have gone down hill - Sure, it's for performance reasons - but many things look bad now. (10). LOD has been reduced for distant meshes and textures for the potato crowd - People with higher end systems are stuck with the ugly because there's no way to turn up the LOD at those distances - It'll be argued that people with potato systems can't see things with higher detail at distance so it would be a disadvantage for higher end systems to have better LOD's... That said, the environment's, meshes, and textures at distance look like shit compared to other games in 2018-2019 (it just looks bad - first & last impressions). (11). The lighting is bad in many ways (more specifically, the eye adaptation - or auto exposure). The speed in which the camera adjusts from well lit areas to a darker one is slow. The result is a very visible "pumping effect" when the camera transitions from light to dark areas (even looking at bright or dark walls can trigger this). (12). Lastly - Content (not weapons and stuff, but maps). Many of us are just bored to death playing the same small 3-4 maps "day in /day out". New weapons and toys are great to play with - but - if there isn't a major push to add new maps, it's all for not (because it's become stale).
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