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    I played some BF3 few days ago (Noshahr Canals), and I think, amount of sway in BF3 is nice (very little for low-middle magnification scopes, doing impact only on far ranges). For sniper rifles current sway seems good. Another thing, which I must admit, is colourful picture of BF3, even with infamous blue filter. Graphics in WW3 is good, but only for nearest 5-10 meters, further, all soldiers models look absolutely gray. Lighting is bad too. I really think, that WW3 is game, that will have heavy impact from RTX support, both increasing clear vision, friend-foe identification, and fix lighting.
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    I do not often agree with TZoning but I second the suggestion to remove at least the strong horizontal component of the scope sway. ^^
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    Remove sway and you will probably get some players back and retain them. Right now the game is pretty dead going from high 20's to 110's in playercount. The guns used to feel good a year ago, now they feel like trash. Gunplay is the most important part of a FPS. So far every thing the devs do to fix the player count issue like optimization, didn't work. The player count doesn't change based on if the game is well optimized or not. Animations wont bring back or keep players playing, either. Good responsive gameplay will. Come on think logically the game used to be great. Why is sway even a thing, That's what simulation games do to lower the skill ceiling. Fighting against the game more then the other players with sway.
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    I think the animation and movement update should follow up with a free weekend, where not just one map is free, but the whole whole game is unlocked.
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