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    If one is supposed to ADS with MGs while standing I would suggest to increase the ADS time significantly compared to Assault rifles. Thus, they would be less of a CQB run and gun weapon.
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    Many of us don't like how game looks with AnitAliasing Enabled. So we decrease Sharpen to 10-20 and it works almost as good as AA. But there is one flaw. Especially on Smolensk. With enabled Shadows shadows of the grass and shadows on rocks and stones start to "throb" unless AA is High or Ultra. It looks like this. On Polyarny it exists too but much more "mild". So, my suggestion is, IF IT IS POSSIBLE, to make AntiAliasing work for shadows of the grass and on the stones so they wouldn't "throb" anymore.
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    Maybe give the LMG's the same kind of system that the new TOR anti-material rifle uses, not really forcing to prone with bipods, but making it so that it significantly harder to handle without it.
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    Hi Dev's Today i played TDM with a friend and since the game thinks I dont want to play with a friend it splits us in diffrent Teams. There were about 8 People in the rounds We pre build a party, cause the game isnt able to put you in the same team when you join your friends over steam Every game where you can join your friend you are in the same Team, nope WW3 isnt able to do this. Since its start to split Partys whats the next step ? getting kicked so you cant play on same server ? and still nothing done here Sorry for the tone but its realy hard to enjoy a single minute in the game when you get constantly bombarded with s**T (Bad Server performance & Bugs & Balance). greets Xan
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    You don't necessarily need more than 4Gb to run textures which demand more, alot of that workload is shared by your Ram, although it is optimal for the video card itself to handle all the textures, it's not a big problem if it does not. I run MHW over 60fps when the texture pack apparently requires 6-7Gbs of Vram, when I only have 4Gb. The stutter in WW3 shouldn't really be there, it is an optimization issue.
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    WW3 has some of the best anti-aliasing implementation I have seen in modern games. The difference between low and high is massive, on ultra, very few jaggies appear and the image is very crisp. However, this game lacks good tessellation and most textures are fairly low quality, hope that changes some day. The current "Ultra" should be mid-high setting, we need a minimum of 2k textures for "Ultra."
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    это потребует изменений архитектуры - сразу отметается. Да и в целом боты - тупик. Хороший ИИ потребует много ресурсов, которые грамотнее пустить на разработку более приоритетных вещей.
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    After some time on the PTE, we finally got one. It's still not perfect, there are some bugs, but nothing is game breaking and it should be a lot better than 0.8.2. Let us know and happy shooting! Update 0.8.3 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] New Icons for Ammo, Equipment and Med packs to increase visibility, Added Spawn Warnings (Suppressed/No space) for Deployment Widget, Added Markers Objectives Border to ignore progress color, Added new HUD animations and information for Breakthrough, New altitude widget sliders in Heli Drone, Suicide Drone Layout improvements, Static part for tilt widget in Heli Drone, Added new animations for Breakthrough messages, Changed some HUD layouts: (strikes position, inventory widget, player status widget), [BUGFIXES] Leviathan should no longer crash the game, SCAR-H should no longer crash the game, All TPP and FPP vehicle HUDs are working properly now, Anders is back after extended maintenance, Fixed detonation timer not working properly on Breakthrough, Fixed not being able to plant charges on Breakthrough, Fixed opacity on capture point display on the map, Fixed progress offset for capture points, Fixed opening ESC Menu with opened scoreboard allowing you to control the player, Fixing repair station (out of battle zone) placement on Moscow Warzone, Deleting problematic blocking volume and fixing boundaries of battle zone in east side of Warsaw on Warzone, Removed an option to change role on Breakthrough, Fixed Mini Drone icon on the map being visible for all players on the server, Fixed character leaning too much when next to a wall, Fixed suppress effect not working correctly, Fix for Commando not dealing damage, Stop peeking location of the pawn to spawn on, when character already spawned, [MISCELLANEOUS] Added holiday flair to the main menu, Added holiday sweaters to customization, Customization - Added missing flag thumbnails, Customization - character skin thumbnails rework, Added challenge modifier for killing enemies with shots in specific bones (no new challenges yet, just an option for us to add them),
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    Well, I see no point raging in game with 60 people online. I have Battlefield 5 for this. One more analogy: a few days ago BF5 received huge balance patch. The main idea of this seems like: LET STUPID BASTARDS SURVIVE. Now BTK for some assault rifles are 13. 13 BTK, CARL! Why I write it here? It's an example. how brainless TTK increasing turn game in a branch of useless sniper apes, tank jerkers and undying pilots (Heli Drone is nothing, compared to BF5 bombers).
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    It is, and we're still ways off of what we want to achieve. The FPS drops showed up out of nowhere and we're investigating.
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    Same here - old one was better imo. The only thing that should have been changed was strikes bar - it was not really informative and clearly visible sometimes
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    Honestly, I dont like the new HUD at all. It may have more information but it is overloaded and too big. What was wrong with the old one? It was minimalistic and sleek, which fitted the type of game WW3 is.
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    Hello, i would like to know who's idea was to change TTK to so insane amount, 3 bullets - dead, im not a veteran of the game, i have ~100h, i really enjoyed playing tho until 0.8 came in. Right now, i can't play this and i don't want to whine, about the game itself, because i think you guys are doing fine job with new content, but this "balance" of weapons, just made me stop playing. I never liked the game like CoD or Cs where is also quite brutal TTK, right now if there is shooting in a building, the winner is dude who will spot enemy 1st. small chance or dead luck to defend against enemy who already started aiming at you, and that, generate another annoying thing - players who sits in the corner of capturing sector or nearby waiting until someone enter the room, last match i played was on Smoleńsk, capturing C1 - wtf after 4-5 attempt of entering on the 1st floor i said "fuck it" before patch it was more about flash bangs, smoke nades, some tactical way to break in, now its just like "there is a dude so i don't going in" ye, its more realistic i know, but is there an option to create a hardcore servers with that heavy TTK of and the soft ones more arcade style like before 0.8 balance?
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    A couple issues with BRE as is currently: Spawn timer is very low - not inherently a bad thing until combined with #2 Squad spawning - I know I'm in the minority for not being a fan of squad spawning, but in this mode as is its definitely a problem combined with the low spawn time. It means that killing people doesn't actually mean anything if they have a squadmate still alive and they can immediately rejoin back where they already were, making the mode disproportionately favor a squad that is in voice chat and working together so that they can infinitely respawn without any punishment for dying. It is especially bad when one team has players organized in comms while the other is randoms and leads to a very frustrating experience that leaves almost no chance to fight back if you aren't on the team with the full squad. Spawn killing - already mentioned but there are many areas that you can have line of sight on the enemy spawns and repeatedly spawn kill them. This exists both on attacking and defending sides in different areas. Bomb plant/defuse timers - The plant timer is very short and can be done while moving and even from behind cover or around corners. The defuse timer being twice as long doesn't seem right. Possible fixes: 1. + 2. - Increasing the spawn timer would be the most simple way to address the issue but I think there might be a better fix. I'm personally a bigger fan of the idea of not having squad spawns, since the distance to travel between the attackers and defenders points they can spawn at isn't very far. Plus, I think the teamwork involved in making a full push together as a squad from the spawn is more engaging than spawning on eachother right back into the fray. A little downtime for travel I don't think is bad, and combined with wave spawns could actually help randoms work together a little more since they would have to put a little more thought into their movements and positioning rather than respawning on their teammates into a stalemate over and over without any progress. You'd probably have to increase the game time and bomb timers though when doing this. 3. - Just move them lol, no line of sight to them and maybe give a couple different options for each point rather than it randomizing so you can avoid getting spawn trapped when defending for example. 4. - Increase planting timer and lock movement. Because the defuse timer is so long you really only have around 30 seconds max to defuse the bomb, which at the very least feels deceiving since the last 6 seconds are dead. Maybe it freezes timer in the process of defusing or just decrease defuse timer?
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    something like "our MRAP respawned - take it" but it sounds so weird so I barely understood what is it
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    Pretty sure the no kill message is a bug or i atleast really hope it is Also still think breakthrough should be 30 players
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    I've played a handful of breakthrough matches already and it was fun but a bit calm. To few players i think, 30 players would be a good spot. Also I hope the sectors see some changing as breakthrough is very linear with only one path or multiple paths that lead to the same spot.
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