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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): I am able to manipulate the "Customize" menu to allow attaching side scopes that are not suppose to be allowed with the stock scope. (this video is unlisted, you must have the link to view) GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 4565438 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): >Change primary sight to a small sight i.e. fast fire red dot sight. >change secondary sight to a large scoped sight. >go back to the primary sight and press clear. > you now have the stock sight with a previously restricted secondary sight attached. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): n/a CRASH LOG (if any): n/a comments In the video I say I was running 0.8.3 but as I was preparing to record it must have updated to 0.8.4. however the bug IS still present. Also. I was playing with this load out for a while before I realized I got to it via a bug, and I really like this setup. So if you want to make this a normal part of the game you'd have my vote.
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    Best way to make the best move is to learn from others ( i mean copy the best from all and improve it , develop it and even add new brave ideas ) .
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    When some time ago Gepard-AA appeared in game many were asking: what is the purpose in adding this vehicle? AA-vehicle is a little too much to counter 1 HeliDrone. And then we've found that now all the non-global UAVs can be destroyed. But when u were actually trying to destroy them - it was almost impossible to do it. So, I've spent some time on PTE trying to destroy UAVs. 2 most often used UAVs are Flying Eye and Jam Reaper. Here are their stats. What interests us are Health and Altitude. And if Health is close to what I've seen in game, their flight altitude is completely different and was confusing me in my first attempts to take them down. Actual Altitude for UAVS is: Flying Eye ~ 65m (corrected data - 75m)Jam Reaper ~ 175m(corrected data - 200m), Barracuda ~ 200m. Was tested on server with latency 60. And knowing that Flying Eye's flight Altitude is puny 65m75m u know that there is almost no meaning in big lead angle when shooting. When Flying Eye is observing ur location and is somewhat above u need to place ur crosshair ~ half Flying Eye's size ahead of it. Look at gif. With its presumably 50HP pool it is destroyed in no time. A little note: all UAVs start to fly strictly from the point that is to the East from the designated point. Gif shows that too. Jam Reaper in game has its real life measurements. This thing is huge, but because its altitude is 175m from the ground it looks like it's only a little bigger than Flying Eye. And from my impression it actually has ~ 200HP. So it's not that easy to take it down from the skies. But nothing is rly impossible. And again, the heavier is ur gun - the less bullets u need. With x2 alternate scope it's the easy: just cover half of the Reaper with ur scope's rim and start shooting. It wouldn't take that much time to destroy it. It's important: all above is actual for shooting UAVs that are above u. When u r trying to shoot UAVs that are not circling around ur position there are TOO MANY variables u need to take into account for ur fire to be somewhat effective. So better don't bother or use global jammer. Say Yes to clear sky above! Shoot'em UAVS! @weedtime, now u know how to do it.
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    Likely this isn't related to the patch 0.84 itself, but at least to me servers felt a lot laggier than they did over the weekend. In the first match the servers crashed. In the second one my game crashed. ^^ A small edit: I would also say that superbullets are again more of an issue. Usually one bullet "got lost" in the match I played today (or the hit feedback is just bad). Even with a Scar-H which fires not so quickly out of three bullets displayed in the death screen only two gave feedback. Another edit: After a couple of days I think I have hardly played a full round of Warzone without either a server crash or a ctd. This was better was 0.83. Is somebody else having similar issues?
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    First one after the break! The biggest problem right now is the random server disconnects which should be fixed in this patch, but we can't be sure as this is a bug that isn't manifesting in internal testing. Let us know if 0.8.4 helped! Update 0.8.4 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Possible fix for disconnects (needs further testing), Fixed a server crash, Fixed F5 crashing the game, Fixed Scar-H rail not accepting attachments, Fixed client vehicle ammo not reflecting the real value on the server (reload bug), Fixed other players rubber banding shortly after respawning, Fixed text messages overlapping on the Breakthrough HUD, Fixed incorrect widget position of Squad List Widget, Fixed missing vehicle HUD for 1st person on some vehicles, Temporary fix for death markers (skulls) being left on the map indefinitely, [IMPROVEMENTS] Switched drone and air vehicles to new HUD system.
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    Tanks and other armor can be a pretty hard obstacle if the enemy team does is right, so I suggest to add a feature to let your squad focus on the armor instead of an objective which might be defended or attacked by said armor. The armor might not even be on a specific objective, which in some cases makes your squad ignore the tank in general: "If it's not attacking me, I better ignore it." Add a sizeable bonus in BP as well if the addition doesn't change much to make it more appealing for players
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    Last 2-3 days Latency was jumping from 80 to 180 as it was half of a year ago. Was something changed on the server side? Tried HeliDrone after a long break. Well, even though it's heavily nerfed and now costs almost 8000 BP u still can give butthurt with it, . Some guys were trying to get in the HeliDrone when I was repairing on the platform... 250kg bombs are still destroying HeliDrone when u r trying to drop them.
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    A squad leader option to mark a high value target (HVT) would be cool.
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    In honor of @Ragir's D&D game.
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    HUD: I still think, it can be smaller (and symbols thinner). Ofc it more informative, but also MORE clunky. Optimisation: Less microfreezing, than in 0.7, but also less FPS, than 0.6. Strikes: Well, reducing count of active strikes will reduce its spamming too. Or not? We'll see. No kill message: Well, I hope, now kill and damage bounties are merged and you won't get cheesy 50 XP for lasthitting. Fixed lighting after match: No more acid-drugged colours. Hell yeah! MAP ROTATION WAS BROKEN FOR ME!
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    My own music I love many facettes of musicstyles. From Classical, Electro, Jazz, Pop to Deathmetal.
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