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    If the Title sounds negative to you, you are in the right track. Be prepared. The game in this state is broken in every single aspect. Not just a small bug that is fixed with the next patch. It is fundamentally broken. From weapons to customization to vehicles and graphics. Weapons and customization is a good point, let's start there. For those that don't know - When i first started playing (Back in 0.2) there was hundreds of customization options. I mean hundreds. It was a dream, really. You could literally build your own weapon from pieces - how epic is this. You got a few options now, but nothing like it was before. You are limited by basically everything. All attachments are rendered useless, as the only thing you want to have is the lowest recoil and weight. Everything else will make you ineffective in combat due to the poor balancing of the attachments. By the way: Half of the attachments are broken. You have to purchase standard barrels that come with the weapon, otherwise you can't change it, but if you just choose a different handguard, you are automatically equipped with a longer or shorter barrel - without paying extra. A smart bypass, but that's not really the issue. It's kind of frustrating to buy everything over and over. By the way: Today i bought the new "Battle Rifle" M whatever. It's basically a SCAR with different texture. No unique feeling to it, apart from oh. The scar isn't working at all. Why is this weapon even in the game like this, help me understand? The scar is not the only weapon. When i was using the AK-15 i noticed a weird behavior when firing. It actually made me laugh to be honest. How could you mess up a weapon so badly, that the recoil pattern goes DOWN instead of UP? I mean seriously? I was shooting, without moving the mouse and the weapon was going down. DOWN. How can you brake something like this? Okay so the customization system is pretty much ruined. No freedom, just pick best in slot and go and oh don't pick the SCAR. I don't know how many times this weapon was broken and then fixed and then broken again. What about the graphics? Did you see the graphics in the above video? That's everything on maximum. Below is another example. Maybe it's not very well visible from a video, but this is in full hd and i can't even tell, if the cone (you know the orange white cone street workers use) is a 3d object or painted to the floor, because there is no sharpness whatsoever to it. Just look at the paper, the edges or anywhere really. It starts hurting your eyes after a while. Did i mention, that i got spawn camped after both of these videos? In the first one they can drive a Tank up to where you stand and literally kill you as you spawn. The second one not that bad, at least no vehicles, but they can easily walk up the corner or the door. Let's be fair. I mean okay it was my own fault i was being pretty dumb standing right in the middle of his sight, without any cover, but that's not the point tho. I noticed, that i have only 3 Strikes now and the interface for it looks complete garbage. In fact the entire interface looks bad, in every aspect. From small easy to see buttons it went to fully clustered screen with text basically everywhere. The weapon and strike overview used to look very simple and optically ok. One look at it and you knew, what you wanted to know. Now you have to scan the screen for what you want and find it in between everything else. There is no simple overview anymore, everything looks kind of complicated. But back to the point. Strikes or more precisely vehicle strikes. Yeah i called in a tank, because that's the only logical thing to do apparently. I emptied the first "round" and after that the vehicle was basically useless. The turret got stuck in "reload". I could switch the weapons to the machine gun, which did basically no damage and was highly inaccurate, but the primary weapon was broken beyond repair just from reloading. Oh if you are wondering, what i mean with "the only logical thing to do": Basically everybody has a tank or Artillery strike, because the other ones are not worth the slots. You used to have 6 slots, now you got 3 and you don't really want to have a quad copter that you call and it instantly breaks for no apparent reason. An honorable mention goes also to the marking system. I tried to not swear throughout the whole topic, but: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I mark an enemy yes, then the marker appears and sometimes it will stick to the enemy, some times it wont. That alone is confusingly enough. Some times it's a square with a transparent inner and some times just a red blop. Some times it's shared with other players and some times not. The whole system seems to have a "random" modifier applied to it. It's like i'm playing some sort of gambling. A few dozen times i marked an enemy, the marker didn't move with the enemy. The enemy is now behind a wall and suddenly the marker teleports to the edge of the wall and remains there, blocking my vision and confusing the crap out of me. When the marker is moving with the enemy is everything but fluent. It's moving with like 1 fps and looks like a slideshow, before it finally gets stuck on a barrier, wall or even on a teammate (funnily enough i actually shot one by accident for this stupid behavior). It's okay if you are trying to not make it a "wallhack", but honestly if it gets stuck on a road sign barrier, that i can clearly see trough then you missed the mark there. The entire system is useless, confusing and blocking. A few other things that i noticed, but not worth uploading a video for it: There is still cheaters, despite everyone claiming the game has none but 100% there is aimbot cheaters I still get the "Connection to the server has been lost" error sometimes I get stuck on simple objects like a bench Some of the sounds are like in slow motion they are probably free samples downloaded from some dodgy website by the sound of it Having "no helm" weights the same as having level 2 helm, but doesn't grant the armor bonus I had to re-buy the M4 Tank (for like the 4th time?) Squad gameplay is 100% broken. Nobody is playing as a squad All of these things were noticed and recorded in 5 matches within maybe 1 1/2 hours of playing. I didn't test 0.7, because i was busy and honestly. I won't test 0.9, because it'll be shit. Sorry i have always tried to be constructive, i have always tried to give example solutions and Ideas. The community here is completely ignored. Things that never should have happened like the customization changes were made without the opinion of the community and things that were really garbage but wanted got brought in. What is the consequence? The game was great at 0.2, it was fantastic. I would have played it for ever, maybe even spend money on it. After testing this patch i'm sure i won't come back again. Every decision that has been made ruined the game more and more and lack of focus on important things i have never seen in any other beta ever. No other game would even allow a broken weapon to be picked, it would be so easy to just disable the weapon, but nobody cared. At the end, there is 30 players left. From over 3000. That's it for me, goodbye.
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    for US thats mostly likely true, same for AS i believe. For EU, as i mentioned above, there are always few servers (although unfortunately its not enough to have full servers for all maps to have a choice which map to play) Welcome
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    Hello and welcome Hope to see you in game!
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    hey, playerbase is not big right now, but on EU you will be able to find a couple full servers anytime
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    Got you DNS Server list THESE ARE ISRAEL DNS SERVERS!!!! Just copy/paste into DNS Bench and let it run ...then cahnge DNS to the best DNS Bench finds and test.
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    Bonsoir HugoOuPas et HUGO44400 Tout d'abord merci de votre post. Je vous invite sincèrement à créer tout un topic dédié à une nouvelle initiative d'un week-end gratuit. De l'argumenter sur ses avantages, de possibles spécialités de ce dernier, The Farm51 et moi-même sommes totalement ouverts aux idées En parallèle, il est important de savoir que le jeu n'est pas encore sorti, et que son développement est à jour. Cependant, un week-end gratuit ne serait-il pas intéressant après une MAJ de contenus ? Je vous laisse développer votre idée, si vous avez besoin d'informations complémentaires, je me tiens à votre disposition sur le forum et notre Discord. Cordialement Hérulf, responsable FR
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    @weedtime, tested with rocket pods. Dunno what to think. Tested with Hydra HE rockets. 1 rocket is enough to destroy Flying Eye, But when it's Zuni AP(in the bug report I was flying with them) it looks like this(gif below). I always thought that for Zuni rockets with their 120 dmg 1 rocket would be enough to destroy 50HP Flying Eye, but it's not like this. First rocket, if we would believe to what green square shows us, deals no dmg. Same with ZuniAP vs Reaper. First rocket deals no dmg. I'm generally confused. HydraHE rockets deal dmg with every hit and 1 rocket is enough to destroy Flying Eye and 3 - Reaper. It's just now I for sure know that I would not bother myself with attempts to destroy UAVs with Zuni rockets.
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    The amount of ignorance and intolerance is unbelievable and i'm not surprised at all, that the community numbers are so low, when everybody gets greeted with "noob" and other stuff that almost looks like a hatemail. @Devs - This dude is destroying your forums and he has been doing this ever since i first saw a post from him.
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    @tynblpb You completely missed the point with the attachments. As you already said, certain attachments have for example 0.7 recoil. Now the thing is, 0.7 recoil is better then 0.9 recoil. In mathematics it's the equivalent of 0.7*1. So the 0.7 is the best and that is exactly the problem, because there is a "best item", when there shouldn't be. It leaves this one item as most valuable option and all other items that have for example 0.8 are not worth using because of this. 3 People have tried to explain it to you and you always answer with "noob", when you never understood what they were talking about. Your tutorial which you are so proud of an keep bringing up is completely useless in the case of the blurry graphics problem. The fact, that i can change all settings entirely (i.e. have AA on or off) doesn't make a difference in terms of how blurry the game is makes it clear, that the problem has nothing to do with the in-game settings, instead it is a problem with the graphics engine. Again just to make it absolutely clear: Even if i followed your tutorial all the way trough, do exactly what you did - i still get a blurry image. I can not say it any more obvious then this. One thing you are right about is the Patch Notes. You said i didn't read the patch notes and that is correct. When i want to test a game, i don't go and read up about months long history of patch notes, just to find out that i shouldn't use a vehicle that easily could have been disabled. For your information: It takes what 1 minute to disable an attachment / weapon / vehicle in-game, so people can't select it. But it hasn't been done, instead new players are greeted with a broken piece of the game, which gives a bad reputation and this game has an undeniably and irreparably bad reputation despite it being early access - because the main focus is on things that were never necessary like the new ugly hud that hurts my eyes.
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    And again, I don't see why you have to bring up your tutorial again. Settings should be as clear as possible, if people need to look up a tutorial for them, you messed up somewhere. The point is not "There is a tutorial for that" the point is, it is not explained well enough. When someone points it out, it will eventually get improved. You answer on the contratry does the opposite. Define more? This changes are meaningless if they are telegraphed poorly. There something called "UI" that should explain this things. If people tend to miss this, it is poorly designed. It has nothing to do with "You are not good enough" etc. I mean come on, you have for example multiple types of grips. Yes, there are slight differences between the types but what are the differences in one type of grips? Why should I change bodyparts besides looks? How much impact does weight really have? Is there any benefit for swapping my sights besides clearer ADS view? Do attachments have any downsides? Or is a fully decked out gun, better in every possible way than the stock version? This is the stuff that players want and need to see. Like I said, if it is not explained well, nobody will notice this. Besides, attachments were kind of broken. You either had some, it did not even matter which one you picked, and any gun was an acurate laserbeam even in full auto, or you had none and had some actual enjoyable guns. The point here is not "attachments vs no attachments" but "attachment1 vs attachment2". So, you insult random uninvolved people, even in completely different topics, because some other guys insulted the devs in the bugreports? No man, there is no difference. You are on the same level as those guys.
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    Dude, I think you don't understand how a game is supposed to work. Something as trivial as settings should not need a tutorial and be as clear as day light. And even if the game is in early access, players should not need to study it for hours before even knowing what is going on behind the curtain. Honestly man, you are only trying to invalidate any kind of criticism both on Steam and here on the forums. I don't know whether you are 15 years old or just immature but most people you are insulting have some valid points, there is no need to act like an asshole. Heck, you are even insulting people on simple suggestions. I said it many times to you on Steam already, you are turning people away. The community is already pretty small even without your efforts and the game is desperately in need of more people providing feedback. But thanks to you we slowly get the reputation of beeing some kind of fanatics, not allowing to say anything remotely negative about this game. I mean what do we have now? Yes, we have a solid foundation, a couple of good maps, that have still some problems, though. We have good customization, which is pointless however, since most weapons and vehicles don't really feel that unique and more like a copy with different visuals. And no, some tiny percentenges don't count. Most of the attachments on bodyparts are just useless. We have an pretty bad ui in terms of user experience. We have qustionable performance. We have bugs, that were in the game for some time already. We had a switch too an really ugly hud. And we have clunky movement, that, however, gets fixed in the near future. You know that is true, yet you insult and belittle anyone pointing that out as if your perfect little bubble that you live in is about to pop. Please do us all but mostly yourself a favor and stop looking at suggestions and critisism if you can't take them well. You are ruining the day, for all people involved with your attitude, including yourself.
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    That seems odd to me, considering that it sticks to vehicles even behind walls and sometimes also to persons. However if it is really meant to be like this, then it is broken anyway, as it sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't. I can't find the clip for it, i probably deleted it already, but here is one scenario: A dude was hiding behind a concrete barrier as cover and kept popping his head out. I marked him and the marker was kind of stuck to his head, but at the same time wasn't. Every time he looked up again the marker moved position to his head, even when he moved left and right. Then he crouched and the marker was stuck on the edge of the barrier, completely blocking my vision. It's like this kids game with the hammer, where you got to hammer the thing in time before it goes back down.
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