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    I dont like the Server merge also the idea to get servers full with 350+ Ping player. In that case bot support would be better XD. I also would like to know how this Ping 150 thing works?? Is it like in good old Bf2 times where in the config the latency was fixed at a value about 100ms?? There was the same problem.Shoot at someone and can not kill them because I have a Ping of 9ms but the config makes 100ms of it. To play ESL or competitiv i had to change the config to my real Ping after that the hitreg was "AWESOME". But I have found a solution against the China high Pingers that you can not kill...!!!! Just leave the game and play Bf4,Squad,Insurgency,ARMA there you dont have to bother with Ping punishment XD See first Shoot first Kill first... For everyone who wants to see my connection speeds HERE: 146.xxx.xxx.xxx | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%| ----------------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ + Cached Name | 0,009 | 0,010 | 0,014 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,011 | 0,031 | 0,236 | 0,040 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,015 | 0,018 | 0,030 | 0,003 | 100,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ XXXXXXXXXXXXX MYLOC-AS, DE...best performance servers!!! 80.xxx.xxx.xxx | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%| ----------------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ + Cached Name | 0,008 | 0,010 | 0,017 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,015 | 0,045 | 0,228 | 0,052 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,016 | 0,019 | 0,034 | 0,003 | 100,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ I do not use Google or other DNS ...to slow But this is ridiculous sometimes No Headshot No kill China player and another China player i was not able to kill with my high ping of 10ms XD Or like this I was shooting He was sprinting and he allready taking hits ... and he is taking more hits but at the end he just stops takes his weapon and instand kills me with Headshot...aaah Yeah Personal record is i shoot him 3times in the face with M417 and than i get instand killed by him with a oneshot ...did not hear the shoot just white light and dead It was like WTF??? looks like this ... I recorded the hole match because it was absolute redicilous how the performance sucks when China players with a ping around 400 join EU servers. As i count in this match was around 16 players from China and in total 30 players It feels as if i am playing with a crap latency... I think maybe this will end like in PUBG where the community try to force a region lock for China...cos of Cheats and Pingabuse... This Patch make me actual play WW³ waaaaaaaaaaaay less than before because it does not make Fun any more... sorry but thats the truth... I personal never get the idea to join an Asian Server with high Ping in ANY GAME EVER!!!!...exception if want to troll people I would like to prefer a Ping lock... ping above 150 NOT ABLE TO JOIN THE SERVER...That would be fair*point*
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    I prefer Dio`s years too but like all Rainbow eras: Dio, Bonnet, Turner and White. In 2018 i was on their tour with Ronnie Romero as vocal and he is awesome too As for BS same here: I prefer Dio years
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    Nice Atway! RIP Dio. Red
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    when u have over 200 FPS and complaining about stuttering shame on you guys
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    Finally we`ve found all (both) these guys who has >200 FPS in WW3
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    I'm going to have to check this to be 100% sure, but AFAIK only Valve can issue VAC bans, we are issuing game bans. Sorry for the mixup! This one is one me, I'll make sure to fix this in the WR as well. As for my absence, I'm taking some time off community work as it's impacting my sleep and work overall and I need to focus on making sure the game is done, I'll come back as soon as possible ^^
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    orly? O_o The first project for me where you can ping devs on the forum, in discord and even in their own game
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    немного треша
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