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    Sometimes I'm thinking that having 4 bots that would shoot at enemies in line of sight, follow me and simple orders like "Capture this CP" or "Hold this Position!" would satisfy me much more than having living objects as teammates. And if I would be able to switch to each 1 of these bots and use their loadout strikes there will be nothing more I could ask for. And just a second ago I had a scary thought: Game is ready and devs start promoting. But what about streamers? Would they be forced by contract to play some time without streaming to learn the maps, loadouts, strikes, gadgets and mechanics BEFORE they actually would start showing ppl how game runs and works? Or it would be "some random entered the game and is being pwned" like it was with Zombierus with 10 keys giveaway during the freeweekend stream? It was... kinda pitiful.
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    It would be cool to have editor so people could make maps just like in Red orchestra or Cs GO.
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    @HALCON4 Squad is also made in UE4 and they have a mod tool released on the EGS for map creation and many other stuff. The SDK is very complicated but there are some awesome mods in the works for that game, from different factions with weapons to gamemodes and even the Tournaments rules they use are from a mod in the Steam Workshop.
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    @BoomCZ Farm 51 have plans to release an SDk or MOd tools at later, dono about a level editor, but first let them " try " to finish to develop the damn multimedia Product, it's been a year and this is not looking good , but to your question YES indeed , maybe the community, ( if there's still one ) at the end of this roadmap, will give LIFE again to this game , maybe , just maybe , we can even FIX the damn thing !! make it better , in the MOd community there's a very talented ppl. even devs, and artists from another multimedia products in the market just saying . lol .\ Ya this is just SAD and frustrating. LiBeR PrImUs
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    Hi, comrades! I do not know about you, but sometimes I want to pin down some of my teammates. Some of them, instead of capturing objects and carrying out orders, rush at the other end of the map and hide in the bushes. And very often it is the lack of a well-coordinated game that influences the final result of the whole match - we lose on points. Many tactically-oriented games lack centralized control. That someone helped the troops in choosing a priority goal. I propose to add to the game «Сommander screen». The idea is not new, but it is always relevant in games like the WW3 genre. I must say that I have prepared the concept of «Сommander screen» and tried to do it in the style of the game the pics will be below. But first, I would like to draw attention to the role selection screen that appears in front of the deployment screen. Role selection Icons of different styles, if you have a shield for the defenders, it means that the attackers must have swords. Or, if you have a rifle, then there must be a means of protection, for example, body armor. I propose to start from the classic and understandable identity of all - whoever comes to us with a sword, he will die by the sword. That is, use a sword and shield. {deploy-screen1.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/9khxrhw6vfn9oud/deploy-screen1.jpg?dl=0 I also propose to remove the information about the percentage of "attackers" and "defender". It seems to me that this is unnecessary information that does not affect the gameplay. Role selection screen - Commander. Not everyone can become a commander. To do this, you must be quite an experienced fighter and understand the tactical and strategic features of the world of WW3. Well, or just to reach the level of "Colonel" {deploy-screen.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/zq8xwfmmzvgywjh/deploy-screen.jpg?dl=0 Commander Opportunities A commander may provide various support to all Troops on the battlefield: to send out supplies and equipment, to cause artillery on the area and conduct optical-electronic reconnaissance of the area, and also perform tasks for the electronic suppression of the enemy. Tactical capabilities for units The squad commander may request from the commander: to explore a specific area of the drone; request the dumping of heavy equipment, supplies and medical care; specify the target for the artillery strike; {WIP-section} As long as the Commander has his supply points, he can send various support to his fighters, including heavy vehicles. If Commanders play on the server, then the cost of equipment for other players increases: if there are two Commanders, then the cost increases N times; if the Commander is one (second bot), then the cost increases 2N times; if there are no Commanders, then the cost does not change. Accordingly, for Commanders, the cost is reduced by X if one and 2X if two. Thus, the importance of the Commander and the obligation to fulfill his orders will be justified - if you want to get a tank, then follow the orders! Salaga … {/WIP-section} Information and disinformation When one of the Commanders tries to reset his team’s support, the other will have a chance to interrupt it by trying to guess the square where help will be dropped. Before dropping support, both Commanders will receive a notice of intelligence interception. If the Commander guesses the square, then the other, optional: «Received intelligence information is correct» — the dump area is highlighted by the reconnaissance drone. You can, for example, cause an artillery strike or a bomber to prevent the enemy’s supply and / or destroy. «The enemy misinformed us» — the guessed area was false, the enemy Commander wanted to distract us (for example, from dumping heavy equipment elsewhere). Two times in a row in one and the same area can not reset support. However, if misinformation was used and the trick was over, then you can once again try to send support to the same square. {war-map.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq7cmvzwps0lgny/war-map.jpg?dl=0 Commander position The commander must every N-minute to change its deployment, so that the enemy could not detect it and destroy or drown. Why is that? Because the battery of your portable command module was filled with coffee and you had to redirect all the power to a short-range antenna, and to always receive an operational report from the battlefield, you need to be almost on the front line. So it goes
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