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    Just a thread where you can post your artworks or screenshots from the game.
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    DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Lighting at Warsaw basement garage needs tuning GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 4726915 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): go to basement parking garage SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
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    I know that customization system is being reworked and we saw some screenshotes from the new one in weekly reports, but tbh i dont like "lists of everything" in customization, but visual clarity. I think im not alone here Like something like this one i photoshoped (dont judje it - its just 2 mins photoshop to explain the idea) where you can see your weapon with all attachments at once and click on an attachment opens list of available ones. Also this will make "weapon builds" sharing much easier Thoughts? yeah, here is a trigger which is not available in the game to customize. I just added it for fun
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    Oh I didn’t know that well umm... maybe he’s rusty? So he gets less rusty as you play or something?
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    Seems strange. My experience about BF4 is, that recoil and spread are absurdly high. Especially spread, you cant operate with assault rifles above 50 meters, when maps are like 1x1 km. That forces people to camp with DMR, which ever class can use. And tunnel maps... yes Metro-Locker is the biggest map cancer ever. They should be played 10x10 max, not 32x32.
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    If anything like this will be implemented I'll delete WW3. I'm serious. Curse EA and DICE and DICE that introduced progression system in BF2142, where u were starting with main weapon, alternate weapon and ur class gadget. Grenades? Well, u can unlock them by earning points. But r u sure u want grenades? There is defibrillator for assault as 1st unlock. Or a shotgun. So, playing BF2142, if u want to have decent soldier, u need to spend ~6-8 unlocks. But there was a problem, if u were playing infantry and have full packed assault class, when trying to play Conquest, u'll find urself on the battlefield with only SMG, repair kit and Rocketlauncher. Okay, I'll drive tank then. And there are mines all over the map. Oh, u want to defuse them? Defuse kit costs 1 unlock. But unlike on the start now 1 unlock costs not 100-200 points of progression(today 15000-20000), now u r lieutenant and u r going to grind 3000-5000 to achieve next unlock. And 55000 of BF2142's max rank when u have everything unlocked now will be 5 000 000. So ppl, who were late to the party were not only outclassed but outfarmed too. It's genuinely wrong to give gameplay/gunplay advantage to players who've spent more time in game. Hello BF3 with aircrafts with only aircannons in loadout. I love current WW3's system: u like it - u have it. I don't want to "grind points to unlock the challenge completing that would allow me to buy a weapon". The only progression system I'm agree to see is like this: Ur ranks do not affect unlocking ur weapons/vehicles/strikes. U can pwn dem noobs while staying private for a year. But if u want to rank up to sergeant - u must play on all maps and some amount of BPs. Lieutenant - u must play all game modes on all maps and some amount of BPs. Colonel - win on all maps in all gamemodes at least 1 time. General? All above and all unlocked weapons/ strikes/vehicles and at least 10 kills with all of them. I'll happily play as a Lieutenant or Colonel at max and DGAF about all this progression and dickmeasuring. There is a question though. Will devs launch a stats site were all the dickmeasuring could be done?
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    Hello everyone, we've fixed today major bug in server code. This improvement should increase server stability. We still have some problems with PhysX and we working on it. Hotfix Patch Notes [BUGFIX] Fixed server crash when entering vehicle on repair station.
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    Hello again! We've had some major reworks completed this week, so able to push the newest update your way, with some cool fixes. There also has been some hardware changes on our machines to make sure the game is more stable, so let us know if you have any issues. Update 0.8.6 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed Anders PhysX crash, Fixed Quad and Buggy summon limit, Fixed not gaining XP for repairing friendly vehicles (they still don't show up on HUD, but are calculated properly now), Fixed Breakthrough Radio Station being marked after destruction, Fixed Breakthrough Radio Station being marked as objective after destruction, Fixed Breakthrough Station markers interfering with using strikes via map, Fixed Zuni rockets not dealing enough damage to destroy UAV, Fixed UGV summon limit not being counted properly, Fixed some minimap markers staying on the map after parent object is destroyed (Mini Drone, UGV Battle Robot, UGV Leviathan), Fixed canted red dot reticle not appearing after switching from main one, Fixed Battle Robot max speed, Fixed TPP/FPP HUD for Drones, Fixed friendlies appearing on compass widget as red markers, Fixed overlapping HUD when in vehicles, SCAR-H: Fixed wrong default handguard appearing after clearing the CASV handguard, Fixed Screen Space Reflections setting being reset on game restart, Fixed music volume setting being reset on game restart, Fixed debug .dll files being included with shipping build, making playing on Windows 7 crash the game, Fixed Battle Robot with radar map circles staying on the map after BR is destroyed, [IMRPOVEMENTS] Changed some hardware on the server hosting machines - let us know if this helped! Markers rework (this is a WIP, please let us know about any bugs you find), Added "Bombing Kill" and "Artillery Kill" to kill feed icon list, Gadget refill progress bar will now autohide when not updating, Improvements to air vehicle HUDs.
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