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    To me as well!! Even the Smolensk NO FOG bug still works I also now get hugh FPS drops even in TDM i have to use FPS lock now. Did something changed at the Servers tickrate as??? With every Patch we get a little bit closer to NO RELEASE it feels like...is it on purpose??? As the game was so much fun back at Patch 0.6!!! But now... even more crashes,jumping around people,texture errors still,fall under map in TDM,wrong attachment stats,stupid double reload your weapon after using medkit and many more.There are so many bugs that are so anyoing but game related and important for gameplay.To me instead of fixing the repair pad crash bug other things are more important. FIX bugging vehicles maybe would be great cos they are game related.You can not kill with them sometimes.Or even worse when you get out you are not realy there but you can kill everyone I have this bug since Patch 0.4 Just watch till 1:30 then i teleport back to where i entered the RCWS If you now ask me how i do it...i just get in when somone is driving. Then when i get out i am invisibel and sometimes NOT able to cap flags. Then i start kill people at the flag till i teleport back to where i entered the vehicle. To me it looks like they pay attention to bugs that could be fixed later but real bugs ....Naaa it´ll be fine I dont know how to say but Patches should make thing better i thought??
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    When u lie down on the ground while looking at the A2 CP through the archway - u'll see that the distant wall is disappearing. It doesn't block projectiles and u can attack ppl on the A2 CP. When lying down no-scoped distance starts from 110-115m. When ADS u have to be a little closer, wall is disappearing ~90m far from u.
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    See title. It's happening again. Steam is running. Cheers EDIT: My firewall blocked the game after the patch/hotfix thing.
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    Performance became even worse for me after I might be wrong, but it seems that even in 0.8.6 it wasnt that bad. On Smolensk I got drops down to 30 FPS in average, and sometimes down to few frames per second: like I see someone shooting at me, literally 3 frames, dead. I had the same only when Smolensk was added in 0.6 and wasnt optimized yet. On Warsaw yesterday it was... meeh, playable but not good enough
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