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    Hey tynblpb, Thank you for your input, I have forwarded this to QA, and we'll gonna check it out.
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    Atway is 100% right... THE PLAYERS ARE THE GAMES BIGGEST ISSUE. I thought this is a Squadbased Tactical Shooter but... It feels like 90% of the people who play this are just...NO WORDS FOR THAT I could make a list within seconds with A.holes that always insulting and talking BS even when not asked. They dont help you they just act worser than A.i. would do. You ask for Squad to help! Squad tell you to shut the f... up Then i get asked Why u so mad...? EDIT: Another thing are the SERVER CRASHES!! Always the same you play have fun for 20Minutes then other players Freeze and the server crash. WHY THIS HAPPEN????? As to me it is time that the Devs maybe take place and say something to those who still try to play this!! WHAT IS GOING ON DEVELOPERS??? WE THE PLAYERS HAVE MORE CRASH MORE UNSTABLE PLAY MORE HIGH PINGERS THAT CAUSE SERVER CRASH???? im still asking my self why should i send crash reports? It seems useless
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    Hey, Thanks for posting this animation bug. I will post this to dev team, but as far as I'm aware new animations will fix the issue.
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    Thank you for reporting. This issue happens on old warsaw map. As I'm aware enviro team is reworking Warsaw WZ map and this issue is fixed.
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    Thank you @Majestec for helping user with the workaround! I will pass this thread to the QA members to investigate the issue. Thanks!
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    Thank you for understanding! Developers are working every day to bring 1.0 closer to release and you guys will be surprised how many cool things are planned to come with 1.0 and after that.
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