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    I've disabled the visual hitmarkers because I like the realism - PUBG is one of the few mainstream shooters out there (mainstream only because of its role in popularizing battle royale shooters I reckon) that doesn't feature any hit markers. I kind of want an option to disable even audio feedback now that I've noticed it.
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    It is kind of astonishing that so many of you fail to get what I mean. With feedback I don't mean any hitmarkers or kill notifications, I could not care less about them. I mean the feedback you get while playing the game, the feeling of the gunplay itself. Right now it just doesn't feel right. The animations don't convey any weight in the guns and the current gun shot sounds lack some punch.
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    OK, I honestly believe this is a HUGE issue that is plaguing the game and no one is noticing. The maps are absurdly ginormous. It was a good idea. WW3 is a war that would be grand in scale, and grand 60 person battles deserve grand maps. But this game suffers from little to no player count. If the game is on the verge of dying because no one is playing it, then it is too small to support maps of this size. Also the outer portions of the maps (including the areas that have the spawns) are a wasteland of useless area. There are vast areas that players NEVER fight in at all. Some maps have the spawns of one team much further from the capture zones than the other team. These areas have no useful purpose to the game. And the biggest reason that this is a major problem, is that it forces the player to spend endless time traveling form location to location. There is already a low player count. You cannot have players running around empty maps just HOPING to run into someone to shoot. This is the type of thing that is ruining the gameplay experience. Even with the ATV's and other vehicles, the spaces are just too large. And there is usually not a vehicle around when you need one. It would be easy to modify the current warzone maps to cut out the useless dead areas of travel. Either consolidate the maps themselves (ie delete the empty areas in between the spawns and the capture zones). Or move the spawns closer to the capture zones. This would instantly force players up against eachother, and give the illusion of a far more populated game world. P.S. I know that you are planning on bumping the player count from 30 to 60. But doing that won't be enough to eliminate the pointless traveling from spawn to the combat zones. It will only make the battle at the combat zone more exciting.
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    I think I've occasionally found what causes it. I've picked enemy's SCAR-H with thermal scope. When I was killed when ADS with it and spawned later with my kit everything was much darker. So, next few rounds I was dying and dying when ADS with newly attached thermal scope. But no, game didn't want to become darker, no matter how many times I've died. Disappointed I've spawned with my usual TDM kit and voila, game was dark. So, seemingly, u need to die when ADS with thermal scope and then spawn with another kit that doesn't have thermal scope attached and u'll have ur game dark. IF later u will spawn with weapon that has thermal scopes - brightness will be become normal. Game v.81881. Actual for all modes. This is how it looks like. The same point. See the difference in brightness. When playing with normal brightness and leaving ADS stance with thermal scope u can see that next sec brightness is increasing and becomes normal. But when u r switching after death to another kit that doesn't have thermal scope attached something is breaking there it seems.
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    Hello Rivy, I do apologise for slow reply. I have experienced same issue on my Intel rig. I have forwarded this thread to development team.
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