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    Hello, Soldiers! It's been a while, but there are good reasons for it: we're working on some big stuff in the background and we're very excited to share those things with you at a later date. While that is going on, we wanted to make some improvements to the current state of the game, so there are a few big items on the list below. Mainly, the PhysX crash has been fixed. It seems to be a bug in how UE4 handles collision and we can't be 100% sure our fix will cover all cases, but from our internal testing we've had 0 crashing related to this issue. We've also fixed some long standing bugs, like the dark parking lot and some minor issues. There's a few improvements as well, like the new Breakthrough Station sounds, client update speed and the Continue button sending people off to far away lands on a laggy adventure. The last one is just a temporary fix while we work on the matchmaking, so don't worry - it's coming back one way or another. Update 0.8.7 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed the PhysX crash, Fixed Warsaw underground parking lot postprocess, Fixed capture point icon going grey on Warzone, Fixed SCAR-H having no sight in the default loadout, Fixed character becoming invisible when possessing Mini UGV or Mini Drone, Fixed repair station not repairing vehicles if repairing was interrupted, Fixed OTV strike granting too many Battlepoints, FIxed damaging enemy vehicle with suicide drone not adding points when the player is not controlling it at the moment, Fixed not being able to place AT Mines, Fixed Semtex grenades not detonating other Semtexes when exploding, Fixed smoke grenade mesh and marker disappearing halfway through the smoke animation, now the mesh disappears in the moment of activation. Fixed the tablet not hiding after using OTV, Fixed claymore explosion not triggering other explosives, and claymore itself, FIxed not being able to edit equipment configs when using special characters to name them, Fixed some meshes that were clipped through by the camera, Fixed the Battle Robot top speed being too high, Fixed mouse cursor if the game finishes while the player was using the tablet, Fixed thermal scopes not working on Berlin Warzone, [IMPROVEMENTS] New Breakthrough sounds, Added XP notification for repairing friendly vehicles, Improved the invisible character situation (it still needs more testing), Problem with "Continue" after match - temporarily all matches end by sending players to the menu, Improved update speed - might be noticeable after the next patch and it's still not 100% there.
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    There is another one absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug in WW3. Added in 0.6 impact grenade is the least popular. And now I think I know why. Look at the gif below. There is grenade less than half of a meter in front of soldier and few secs later we see that soldier receives heavy but not fatal damage. Some ppl can say "it's RGO - Ruchnaya Granata Oboronitel'naya = Hand Grenade for defensive purposes. And that it's must be used from behind the cover because it has that segmented shell and in reality it's very dangerous in radius less than 10 meters. So, soldier when he is near it should definitely be killed". But I'm talking about different thing! Here look at it again. Do see it? It's absolutely unacceptable! Our soldier tossed grenade BUT grenade pin and safety lever are still attached. Our grenade is safe. It cannot explode! But our soldier still has taken dmg. The only reason is that it was heart stroke. I don't want it! I want my soldier to be killed by a proper grenade, with explosion, not die like a coward! BTW, when u r 2 meters far from impact grenade explosion it'll deal only 20 dmg. Normal grenade for example have lethal radius ~ 4 meters. Now we know why it's like that. Because we are throwing uncocked grenade and it can kill only with direct impact, well, 300 gram metal chunk in ya face can rly be enough to kill someone. So, my suggestion is to fix another one absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug in WW3. I want us to throw cocked Impact RGO grenade and I'm expecting it to be much more deadlier than it's now. Something like 2 meters lethal radius and up to 4-5 meters splash damage. Because otherwise it's simply wasting ur nation resources by using uncocked grenades as baseball balls.
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    Not that long ago I made a theme in Bugreports section about absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug that is ruining my playing experience. As there was no reaction from officials I presume that they do not count it as absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug. But I do! With ur help I'm sure this absolutely disastrous immersion breaking bug will be fixed! https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11389-absolutely-disastrous-immersion-breaking-bug/
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