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    Approximately 3 days ago something was broken in WW3 and problems with its initial loading have appeared. Didn't change anything on my side in these few days. For example now when initialising and loading game starts to fill all free space of my 16gb ram. If previously after loading I was having ~6 GB of unused and free RAM, not it looks like this. +3.5 GB actually loaded and +9.5 GB cached. Moreover, now game is loading much more slowly. This "loading" stage is now longer, but furthermore "waiting for browser" stage is not few seconds, now game is ~2 mins waiting for WarMap to appear. And then, right before WarMap to appear I for a brief moment see on the screen these strange things. Never before I've seen them. Later, when u r on the WarMap and if u switch to Customization there is clearly visible lag/delay in how game reacts to ur commands and game needs few seconds to load and show new weapons on the customization screen. And then if u try to enter any match, doesn't rly matter what mode or map it's - u'll wait ~5 mins looking at the loading screen when game is not responding and later u'll be kicked back to the WarMap. With this message. But next attempt to connect is usually successful and takes almost no time. RARELY u r connecting with the first attempt. I've recorded my today's attempts to start WW3. All that is written above is on this video. Last part of the video is me seeing that FPS are limited to 60 and no in-game settings allow me to increase this number. For Moscow TDM my usual FPS are 70-90. Sry for quality. Don't know why is video is recorded with these twitches when I'm running. Upd. About FPS limiting to 60. It seems it was MSI Afterburner doing it. So luckily it wasn't bug. As I've said I didn't touch anything for these drastic changes to appear. Tested RAM and HDD. They are working as they were. And reinstalling WW3 didn't help either. I'll try to renew important drivers just to be sure, but seeing other players reporting about problems with connecting/loading WW3 I think it isn't my side problem. And 1 more thing. Both 2 reports about problems with loading WW3 are from russian players. I'm the 3rd. In the week right after the announcement about partnering with My.Games. Deeeeevs? Confess or mb... repent?
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    I have forwarded this to developers. As we need to investigate what is going on. Once again great input
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