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    If we're being semantic, we paid for a licence. But I know I didn't pay for cosmetics. My paid license was not to access cosmetics, it was to access the game. If a person no longer needs a paid license to play this game, those of us who did pay for a license should be refunded. If my.games disagrees, I may initiate a chargeback. Regarding whether "in-game currency" refers to the current currency used to purchase upgrades or a new real-cash transaction, that is unclear, I agree. But that's not my fault. If my.games wants to be vague and imprecise, I'm going to assume the worst given all of the other red flags.
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    That’ll be a nice addition if we have a coastal battle ground, similar to Operation Overlord (D-Day). Imagine such a huge map. But the map should be an iconic landmark.
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