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    Yes, we know. patch ATM. But it's too long already. Initially game was supposed to be released summer 2020. New movement/animation was presented 10 months ago, when it was ~8-9 month in development as there was note about devs working on new movement in early May 2019. Add to this that fact that there were no new maps for 15 months already and all this time they were working on 4 maps to add. New weapons, vehicles, strikes - almost nothing new in last 15 months. Or presented, but postponed. So, 0.1 to 0.6 path was 8 months long and second period is now almost twice as long. So Yes, my bet is that game is basically finished and devs are porting game on consoles for a wannabe proper AAA release. And game release is postponed for new consoles to be released too. Because currently the only modern modern-day shooter for consoles is CoD Warzone. And with Halo flop TF51 can try to catch some attention of console crowd. Still, I can always be mistaken but then I can not find any excuse why release was delayed aside from a little forced "devs want crowd to forget about WW3".
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    are you guys really considering this thing???? its not even finished on PC for fuck sake
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