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    Dear WW3 Community, As 2020 comes to an end in mere hours, you may have noticed Herulf has already handled our official announcement with our wishes as a team. However, I would like to take this chance to reach out my personal wishes to our dearest WW3 community, with my own message. These are my personal wishes, therefore it is a regular thread, and I shall leave it unlocked if you wish to share your own messages with the community too. 2020, a year riddled with memes of how horrible it was, has gone by in a flash. I hope that during this period, you and your families were safe of all troubles going on in the world. During this time, the developers have been hard at work, working on (and reworking) many aspects of the game, some of which we already know, such as the animations, sounds and, to an unknown degree, maps. The fruits of their work may be seen in the closed testing version of the game, of which wave one was completed this month. Wave two will be coming shortly, so make sure to sign up. I hope to see you all there, to play, enjoy and help refine the game we've been waiting for this year which just passed. Coming back to familiar faces here, as well as the discord, has me impatiently awaiting these same faces (But also new ones) being able to try out new and improved versions of the game as they appear before our expected 2021 final version. The devs have been hard at work, but the community has been making their own strides too. We have received many bug reports, from people with great intentions of moving the game forward in the right direction. Numerous detailed suggestions and feedback, which are valued in gold, have also been received, and I would like to extend my own personal thanks to those who spare their valuable time in their hope to mould the game into a better state. Recognition goes out to dedicated Content Creators, who covered all the big, but also the little, bits of news that have popped up across 2020, driving them into further areas of our communities, expanding the reach of these news by vast numbers. It is with a community like this, like our World War 3 community, that I have the best of hopes and expectations out of next year, given the opportunities and events which are to happen in 2021. That said, I wish the best of not only health, wealth, luck and fulfillment of your dreams, but also many updates, patches, and rounds of WW3 to our fantastic community in the new year of 2021. Happy New Year, Polak
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    Bonjour Soldat ! L'année 2020 s'achève, elle n'a pas été facile pour tout le monde. Je suis heureux d'avoir partagé une année supplémentaire à vos côtés, j'espère profondément vous revoir durant l'année qui se profile. World War 3 revient en force avec la compagne de teste. J'espère vous y croiser afin de partager un bon moment. Je vous souhaite une belle réussite estudiantine et professionnelle, une bonne santé, et surtout une bonne et belle année 2021. Sincèrement Hérulf.
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    Witajcie Żołnierze, Ponieważ rok 2020 dobiega końca, chciałbym przesłać życzenia zespołu do naszej społeczności WW3. W 2020r deweloperzy ciężko pracowali aby zapewnić nam najlepszą wersję WW3, jaką tylko można. Można zobaczyć ich postęp w zamkniętych testach, które są objęte umową o zachowaniu poufności (NDA), więc upewnijcie Się, że Się zarejestrowaliście. Niemniej jednak, społeczność przekazywała nam opinie, raporty o błędach i sugestie, więc mam nadzieję, że uda nam się wykorzystać ten entuzjazm podczas wspólnej gry i przyjemnego testowania w przyszłym roku. To powiedziawszy, życzymy Wam zdrowia, bogactwa, oraz wielu aktualizacji, poprawek i rund World War 3 w nowym roku - 2021. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, Wasz zespół WW3.
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