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    For the Greater Good, Balance and in the name of Ragir's Playable Realism! This is how actually belt fed LMGs operate IRL. Bolt is in rear position and when u pull the trigger it starts moving forward pushing cartridge into the chamber and only then shot occurs. SO, the idea is to make it closer to reality and add short (0.05-0.1 sec, TBD) delay between u pulling the trigger(read: clicking LMB) and the actual first shot. It will fix current LMG-meta when ppl run with LMGs that have highest DPS, biggest ammo count and are able to perform OHK. The only downside is weight. With this feature being implemented it will be disadvantageous to run'n'gun with LMGs relying on ur reflexes and twitch aim. How it will look like if being implemented u can check even now by taking DMG Nine-milli and Glauberit as this particular bug is perfectly displaying the suggested feature. P.S. IMO, easiest way to balance LMGs.
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