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    Yes, I'm sure it's a bug. Tried to find it with search and didn't. When somebody forces to explode some gadget like AT mines, Claymores etc. and if in their AOE is staying the teammate, if that teammate was killed - it will be counted as TK and killed person will have the right to punish that one that has planted explosives. EVEN if it was successful suicide attempt, when he was himself triggering the explosives, like on the gif below. If in release version there will be something like kick for excessive TKing implemented, while this bug will stay like this, some ppl(me) will start abusing it to get rid of ppl they don't like. For example sniper lying down somewhere far from fight with Claymores around him. I will happily ruin the round for him. So, to save this guy's gaming experience I hope that devs make so that when some person is forcing the gadget to explode - this explosion and dmg dealt by it will "belong" to that particular person and not the person whom that gadget belongs to. With that if u, for example, will force AT mine to explode by shooting at it with sniper rifle and explosion will kill someone from enemy team - it will be urs fully deserved kill. In the same if it was the ally killing ally, it will be him who will be punished for TK and not the guy who has planted it and now is doing his job on another side of the map and while knowing nothing.
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